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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: How many non-terrestrial consciousnesses are represented in the near-earth environment?

Zeta: The individuals obviously are to be in separation from themselves at that point. Now, those beings that are living in a physical existence are able to separate their consciousness and be in a separate state of existence in another physical dimension, or another physical reality. So you could say that there is a being with a consciousness in one place, that being can also be in separation by its consciousness in a separate place as well, so it is a splitting of consciousness process. So when you ask about how many different types of beings there are, it's difficult to determine if you are talking about an energetic existence or a physical existence.

Interviewer: Yes, but if they existed physically on their home planet and they existed here in their energetic version then could we not count only the ones that are in existence here in their energetic bodies?

Zeta: So from me to you, energetically not an astral form process, the problem would be if you had a thousand beings that were currently moving through their process in an energetic form, some of them would be waking up and others would be going to sleep, others would be consciously moving here energetically, so it would be a constant process of change in regards to who would be here at any point.

Interviewer: I see, yes, ok I can understand that. There was another track that we were starting to follow about the communication device that a Zeta was trying to alter. Was this device the recorder in the room?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: It was an attempt to use the recorder to communicate by affecting it directly.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Was there any significance to the particular communication that we received?

Zeta: We thought that you might find it amusing.

Interviewer: Ah, because it would remind us of other things, of the movie perhaps, the close encounters movie?

Zeta: The one all the humans like, yes.

Interviewer: Yes, so that was strictly for our amusement, there was no more significance to it than that.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: There are some questions I had about the synthetic quantum environment and to clarify a little more about what was going on there.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is the experience of an energetic human body in a synthetic quantum environment identical to that of a physical human body in a physical environment? That is, does it feel the same?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: It does, ok. Is there some way that I could tell if I were in a synthetic quantum environment or the original physical environment? Is there some test that I could do?

Zeta: If you've given me information too of the level of awareness for the test, you would need to clarify that you are in a separation.

Interviewer: But if it feels the same to be in an energetic environment as in a physical environment, how could I tell which environment I was in?

Zeta: You would need to be told.

Interviewer: Ok, there's no way I could tell for myself. All right, there's another question regarding the human spirit realm. Is it similar to the synthetic quantum environment?

Zeta: Not of our making.

Interviewer: Not of your making

Zeta: The container as you call it has been created by the Anunnaki.

Interviewer: Yes, but the process would have been different from the way that you make the environments?

Zeta: Yes, that it is.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: There is a device that is used to create the unfolding of the special process and then once the cavity, I believe would be the word, is created, it is then populated with the correct molecular image, I believe, that will then represent the environment that was to be used for exchange of energy and information.

Interviewer: This is the process that the Zetas use?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, yes.

Interviewer: yes, but the Anunnaki process is different?

Zeta: How they create their own environment is up to them.

Interviewer: Yes, but the process is different than the one that you use?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: I have some other questions about the relationships among the races.

Zeta: Yes, continue on.

Interviewer: Ok, one question was whether or not love and compassion are the prime motivators in all non-human race relations? Perhaps there is another way of saying this.

Zeta: There is experience, my friend, and there is communication and there is relationship, too, and many of the humans are currently are in relationship with their original family members, and so to be purely thinking that the human race considers itself one type of entity is an untruth so. There is a much broader viewpoint in regards to the existence of many races living in this physical realm. But of course we have compassion, and we love our children too, and we never harm any being, my friend.

Interviewer: So when you deal with other races then it would be true to say that you think you would want only the best for them.

Zeta: In all things my friend as at no point would we ever harm each other or any other race and would not harm any other being unless we were forced or provoked to defend ourselves, my friend, which has happened before.

Interviewer: Yes. When non-human visitors, when they visit earth, have they ever been abused by human groups?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, yes.

Interviewer: It has happened, eh?

Zeta: Yes, some have.

Interviewer: Are there now non-human races in the earth environment that have selfish interests and wish to exploit the human race?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, yes.

Interviewer: Would they be members of the Zeta race?

Zeta: No, my friend, no.

Interviewer: Can you say who they are?

Zeta: One race that we will say who they are is what's classed as the, by your earth tongue, as the Draconian and Reptilian type processes.

Interviewer: Ok. There's a question about our own human race. Is there a group within the human race that is able to regularly visit physical destinations in space? Do they have the technology to do that?

Zeta: Are they able to move from this physical reality to another part of the universe, is this your question?

Interviewer: Yes, to another physical reality.

Zeta: Not at this moment, my friend.

Interviewer: Not at this moment?

Zeta: No, my friend.

Interviewer: Ok, I have some difficulty understanding what energy is. I believe that there is an energetic body, and a physical container, but it's hard for me to understand what the energetic body is in terms of what I know. And, so I have some questions that perhaps will clarify that a little. Based on what you have said before, energy is defined by vibrational states. What property of energy determines when someone is vibrationally aligned with someone else?

Zeta: Now the problem, my friend, is that we have no comparable words to discuss with you in this human tongue what is seen by us to be a rather simple process. But as the words do not exist to formulate the correct response, the only words that we are able to come up with are in regards to words that you would understand being frequency, energy, and resonation.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: But suffice to say my friend, the physical entity is able to exist within and enter the environment and, in doing so, your higher self is connected directly to the etheric self. It is much a consciousness.

Interviewer: The etheric self is much a consciousness?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: It is difficult to compare the energetic body to anything in the physical world that I know.

Zeta: Yes, my friend. What you see was you are able to understand this state of separation of self, then you are able to  move pure consciousness or facets of the consciousness process away from the physical entity and live two I existences and experience in all things. So coming back to your initial question about how many beings are in existence in one point of your timeline would mean that there would need to be an understanding of what beings have moved their consciousness from their physical entity to a point on the timeline in a physical reality which would be quite difficult to do. Because consciousness is not there would you say. Physical construct (etheric version of the physical?), it is more malleable my friend and is able to change itself.

Interviewer: Yes, it can move around a lot more easily than the physical.

Zeta: The physical is like a brick, my friend, and the consciousness is like a pure air.

Interviewer: So it's hard to localize where it might be at any given point in time.

Zeta: How am I speaking through a medium like him if I am not here?

Interviewer: Yes? So you are there.

Zeta: I am here, my friend, but how am I here?

Interviewer: You are here in your energetic body?

Zeta: I am here in my thought processes, my friend, and so I move my consciousness to the consciousness of the being and am able to speak through him now. I have my mannerisms as well xxxx and am able to represent myself fully in discussion for many of the public sitting processes, and also have access to certain levels of information in regard to what is allowed to be discussed with you.

Interviewer: There are limitations of what you are able or allowed to discuss with me?

Zeta: The limitations are of your own mind my friend, and so when dealing with you, my friend, when you explain to a child there are specific things that they must learn. You need to always talk from the basic concepts xxx, and it is not relevant to a young person you are speaking to them of matters which are not able to be comprehended by their mind. It does not mean that we will not try to discuss if we perceive there are entities able to in some way understand what is being said. But each being is discussed with at the level that we perceive they are able to understand.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Or else what is the point of the discussion.

Interviewer: Yes. I'm still a bit intrigued about the sounds that you were creating on the recorder. Was there a purpose for this, are you thinking of using that device to communicate?

Zeta: We are looking at whether the functionality of the recording device can be use to pass a message external to the ...

Interviewer: And how would this message be encoded. Would it be speech?

Zeta: This is yet to be determined. This is the first time we have had the ability to work some xxx xxx you.

Interviewer: I see.

Zeta: This will take much time. Discussion will down the universexxx (throughout the collective?) as to how to proceed.

Interviewer: You are still determining how you should proceed with that?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: All right.

Zeta: Would you not do the same?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Would you be cautious often in everything that you did.

Interviewer: Uh-huh, but you've been doing it for a while, I assumed that you may have already come to that point.

Zeta: When you see what other beings, expressing themselves, my friend, in public forums, you may make connectionxxx. There is much information that is coming but what relevance is all of this?

Interviewer: Sorry about jumping around, but it's difficult to know what to ask. Can we go back to something you said before when we talked about, I think we were talking about free will, you said "so would a human perceive they had free will if they were carried to a place according to the will of the global consciousness process. This is why it was stated there is an outcome for the human race and the mixture of the many beings of the collective human form will design the ultimate micro outcome, but the larger way that the race moves to that point will be determined by a smaller group". I wondered when I heard that, what is that smaller group that you were referring to?

Zeta: Were you believing that the individual races has a decision making process you are able to be, then if you went there, entities in the human form as a politicalxxx entity, also we see as all the experiences as we recall them, the entities that we reformxxx the physical exist in xxx a wholexxx and non-physical existence into this one planet for the experience being in your human bodies. Obviously I do have a level of consciousness that of course, you will see that many beings xxx many races and many different partsxxx of entities and mexxx, and so all of these are working as a collective entityxxx, although you think there is no collective process, there actually is.

Interviewer: Ok, still not clear on who that smaller group is that you were referring to.

Zeta: If you are looking for a simple example, we will give you one. If 100 people lived on your planet and 50 of those people were from your spiritual process, and 50 were from other realms and planets, then the beings who know a level of consciousness that had not been xxx xxxx xxxx process, would have a higher level of connection back to their point of origin, and so to build a collective consciousness by the human race would often be determined by the 50 beings who were of the other race.

Interviewer: Ah, I see.

Zeta: So you in fact as a race are being supported into your collective consciousness process by many entities.

Interviewer: ok, I understand. How do you define the human race since so many individuals have a different point of origin. Is it just the individuals who have a point of origin in the human spirit world that would define the human race?

Zeta: The human race is a set of containers, my friend, and for any entity to exist in the new form, they must seek to be and seen to want to become human you see. If a male and female physical entity want to be humans, allow the process of the child to come to her to have a consciousness that exists from the entity outside the realm. In the spirit realm context, permission must first given by the entity and consciousness to move in conjunction with the male and female to exist in the physical realm. But to exist as humans my friend is just the physical form, nothing else.

Interviewer: Yes, so when you talk about the human race, are you also including those that have a point of origin outside of the human spirit realm?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Ah, so you define it by the physical container.

Zeta: Only by the container.

Interviewer: I see, that clarifies that.

Zeta: This is your intuitionxx workxx

Interviewer: Well, yes, its a matter of definition and it helps a lot.

Interviewer: There are supposedly a change in the global consciousness of the human race. A lot of people feel that it's happening. Is it due to some kind of external influence that we are moving through?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, there are many entities that are supporting you it's a physical race into your roomxxx understanding yourself. The collective consciousness of this race is moving on a, I would not say predetermined process, but much of what is happening is already being seen. But, of course, yet we believe a future event will cause matter to become non-matter, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: This is not studayxxx what will go take place is that many people on your planet who are able to understand the developing consciousness will be able to move into a process of understanding themselves. In this, this will xxxx to be, new processes with the ability to communicate with each other and also with other races, and this is the point of the shift in consciousness.

Interviewer: And is the shift being encouraged by some kind of external physical influence as well?

Zeta: The encouragement of everything is internal.

Interviewer: Ok, good.

Zeta: The encouragement is supported by upbittensxxx, because you see once you are in axxx, is it for you to contain my xxxxxxx by the process of one consciousness of the human race. It allows you permission to join in with the collective consciousness of the human race and to also change it. And we will continue to do so. (Pause) I see you ask us nothing more when we exist.

Interviewer: Yes, I have questions about your past if you would be willing to talk about that.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: I understand that long ago you existed on a planet that was attacked by another race.

Zeta: We still exist on that planet, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, that planet, though, has been changed drastically I understand.

Zeta: Yes. And will never recover.

Interviewer: Are you now at peace with that race that attacked you back then?

Zeta: Peace, my friend, peace is a tenuous word, is it? Peace. Sometimes there is an unsteady truth between races, that if one comes to another, that all may be as friends. Yes, many races have attacked each other. But we have come to the understanding that it is no longer beneficial to be at war with each other.

Interviewer: So there are no more wars as of today?

Zeta: As of today, no, not  since our stand against the reptilian process.

Interviewer: They were the ones who attacked you?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: And they are also here in our earth environment at this time?

Zeta: Some are, yes, but so are we too.

Interviewer: But the reptilians were the ones you mentioned we should be wary of.

Zeta: As in all things, my friend, you must be aware that you could be visited by any being, you understand, yes, and so it would be wise for your people who are working with that race to be aware in the back of their minds, they may not be working at for the ultimate good of your race.

Interviewer: Are all countries of our world, of the human race, are they all involved in making deals with this race?

Zeta: No, some of your countries are working on deals, and some countries are not working with any beings.

Interviewer: Do you know which country is working with the reptilian?

Zeta: I will not be saying that.

Interviewer: No? Ok. And why would you not be saying this?

Zeta: Because you would be reporting it.

Interviewer: Yes, I might.

Zeta: You would, my friend.

Interviewer: And this would not be good for the world to know?

Zeta: It would not be good for you.

Interviewer: It would not be good for us.

Zeta: No, we will not tell you anything that would cause you harm.

Interviewer: Ok, so this could cause us harm if we knew?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Ok, that's fair. There are stories that there are races from other places that are attempting to help us heal our planet. Is that going on?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Ok. This is done in collaboration with governments?

Zeta: You see, your basic premise is that the human race is in xxxx of the planets, but you are not. You are, and have been placed here in a high container. Many races existed before you did come here, then those races are the ones that are governing the planet as you say.

Interviewer: So we are not special in that regard, and so other races can come in and do things that are good for the planet even if we don't know that they are doing it?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: I see.

Zeta: The reason for the increase in consciousness is so that, being, changing consciousness for the human contact ultimately realize that there are more things outside of its own reality, and that others are able to assist, is it he interested is it he is in connection with another race, will be aware that being acts with xxxxx xxxx. If you have an understanding that much more is going on around you, then you will be xxx xxx. Use in a different capacity.

Interviewer: If I had an understanding of what was going on, I would, sorry I...

Zeta: If you were generally at a better understanding of what was going on around you, then you would be treating each other differently.

Interviewer: Is this better understanding about to happen sooner rather than later? The involvement of the extraterrestrials for example?

Zeta: There is a perceived time line of 30 years.

Interviewer: 30 years?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: And what will happen in those 30 years?

Zeta: Of course within 30 years the planet will be under siege from the ever increasing population. Much of your planet's natural processes will have to make way for providing sustenance for the race. And this is an unsustainable process, and so much of your technologies that are currently being hidden from you will need to be brought out. It will be placed into operation.

Interviewer: Do you have some idea when these hidden technologies will be revealed?

Zeta: Very soon, my friend, within the next ten years.

Interviewer: Ten years, I see. I was hoping it would be sooner than that.

Interviewer: Where do you exist when you are not talking to us in this way?

Zeta: I am at my planet.

Interviewer: This is in your physical form?

Zeta: Yes, physical form.

Interviewer: And your energetic body is there as well?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: So you come here at the speed of thought, I guess.

Zeta: Yes, of course. So if I am sitting currently on my planet place, and in connection with this human, what is the fastest form, thought flight. But if I wish to become a human there, I would simply be placed into a process of sit state, and then will move to a human contact to become a human.

Interviewer: Have you done that?

Zeta: I have not done so. It will be my turn soon.

Interviewer: sS you plan to do it?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: I see, ok. Do you have children?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: How many do you have?

Zeta: We all have one child. Each child is made up of the genetic material of the parents of it, and that is the child.

Interviewer: And then you do not have another one until that child becomes an adult?

Zeta: There is no other child.

Interviewer: You only ever have one child!

Zeta: Yes my friend, that is so at the same time a double pair of our race will have a child and those two children will be mated for their lives, my friend.

Interviewer: Ok, and how long is your life?

Zeta: Each physical contact will be able to support a existence comparable to earth of 1500 years.

Interviewer: And in all that time there is only one child produced from a pair.

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Is this a biological restriction or is this imposed by societal rules?

Zeta: You have many children because your life span is very short, and you need to propagate the new physical container to accommodate the existence of humans. But if you were to live for one or two thousand years, you would not need to have many children.

Interviewer: Yes, that's true.

Zeta: Now you see I wouldn't yetxxx believe it. It has been a interesting conversation.

Interviewer: Yes, can we do this again?

Zeta: Yes, of course, when the time is right.

Interviewer: Yes, I'm pleased to have had this conversation with you.

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