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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: What is the best way to come to know your guide?

Zeta: The guide is to expose themself to you, it will take place. If your work requires it, then your guide comes forward into your reality, they will do so. You through meditation and focused intention can clear the pathway for the guide, but you cannot force a guide to come through no matter how much you desire the process. If a guide is not to manifest into your life, it will not.

Interviewer: Can that process take sometimes years?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: A guide can also give an energy signature so we can be aware of that portion of its vibration.

Zeta: That is if a guide is wanting to expose themself to you. If they do not, no amount of force will bring a guide through. So there is really nothing that you can do apart to provide the intention, and the clarity and the stillness, the opportunity for the guide to come. They would have come anyway, but the potential that you provide the guide is greatly enhanced when you meditate and offer clear energies, clear mind. There is no way to force a guide to come through. You will understand that all humans have intuition. A guide will speak to the intuition within your etheric body and provide you with a form of guidance. You will sense what is required, do you what is right or wrong, what is right for you or wrong for you. Some have guides that come through, but of course the journey that is undertaken is often because the guides themselves wish to provide experience to themselves and do that through the medium. It is a matter of only giving permission for the guide to come and then offering the correct environment for the guide to operate in.

Interviewer: Can meditation be being mindful of what is happening during the day?

Zeta: To be mindful is to be aware, it is to provide opportunity in the now, to be present. The potential of mindfulness is that you will understand the comparison. If you are aware of your energy and you are mindful of your energy, then you will understand the difference when the guide’s energy appears because you have a level of observation. But meditation can consist of many things, meditation can consist of the mindfulness of the breath, changing the brain wave patterns from one state to the next, clearing and filtering the distortions that are emanating from the mind. When this process is cleared, the guide has much more potential to come and speak to you because you are in a state of resonance with the guide. You are not forcing your focus.

Let me give you an example. To view a flower, you are mindful of the flower, you are observing the flower, you are experiencing oneness with the situation. Your mind is absorbed in that now component. Where is the guide? If a guide wishes to influence to show you beauty of the flower, or to provide a lesson, the potential is there in the moment. But how often do you succeed in being mindful of every single nuance of your daily existence. This is where your breath work will aid you in providing the stillness to the energetic patterns that exist within your framework, will provide a still mind for a guide to come and speak to you, and through you if they wish to. But it is not only guides that wish to speak, there are often other beings that wish to come such as the spirit entities and other races. So you can bypass working with your guide and work with another entity if you wish to do so. But of course, as with all things you must validate what they wish to do, and it may be that the guide on some level has supported you to work with another entity anyway.

Interviewer: Is it the guide who determines if the other entity speaks to you or not?

Zeta: No, you determine, you have free will. This is why you must understand that humans get themselves in trouble. Often humans say, you cannot get in trouble because your guide will not allow it, but this is not true. The guide will allow you to have any experience that you wish to have unless you are in a communicative relationship with them and can hear from them and ask them, “should I do this?” and often the response will be, “what do you want to do?” If you were a guide, knowing that the reality that your physical human existed in was but an illusion, would you really be providing them solid advice in regards to what should take place, knowing that it was an illusion of existence. You may be a driving force for experience for your human, but for a guide to make decisions for you would be based in the work that the medium were to do. If you were to be exposed to a situation that could possibly be dangerous in the illusion, and you completely rely on your guide, your guide would need to advise you as to what was correct or incorrect, because you have been asked to work in that area [speaking to a sitter/medium]

Interviewer: Would a love feeling help the healing?

Zeta: Yes of course, at the beginning of every sitting with the medium, at a certain point in the music the medium experiences much love. That is the point where the spirit people may enter the room. When you provide an atmosphere of love, you are protecting yourself and your sitters, are providing a proper environment for your spirit friends and other energies to come. This love is a protection mechanism, it negates others from coming who are less than on the love frequency.

There is no need to fear anything if your intention is one of the highest.

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