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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: There was a discussion in regards to memory screens.

Interviewer: What was the issue? Has this to do with abductions?

Zeta: Humans who visit craft, all memory is in a constant state of change as is consciousness, so a memory must overlay a portion of a living consciousness. So to meld the memory to the consciousness process, it must relate to the physical in some way to be a more successful melding process. But as you and others have seen, it’s an easier process for some to remove the memory, and this then uncovers parts of a process.

Interviewer: How are our memories represented?

Zeta: In flow, somewhat like an energetic stream, bound intrinsically to the consciousness of an entity.

Interviewer: Are they like everything else part of the energy field?

Zeta: Limiting words...but we will try. Yes, which field you are discussing, your astral realm process.

Interviewer: The same energy underlies all does it not?

Zeta: Energy in this state of existence in this universe, in this physical state of existence, but not as energy in a interdimensional state of a state of consciousness in a non physical realm. Consciousness, in this universe, with these states of physicality, which is the underlying structure of what is, then accommodates consciousness. The form of consciousness is reliant on the level of frequency of the consciousness. The astral realms, as it has been called, is denser in the lower forms and less dense in energetic existence in the higher forms. It would be hoped that ultimately the realm would transition to a different state of existence, thus allowing other life forms to interact easily with the collective human consciousness.

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