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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: I'd like to start with a question about something you mentioned in the medium’s book.
You mentioned a number of times the term 'spherical realm'. I’m wondering if this is actually what you meant, are the realms spherical?

Zeta: No, they are a description of what exists in a mechanism of flow. But for the purposes of discussion, we have discussed and given the analogy of the spherical realm as what you can visualize the presence.

Interviewer: The energetic environment I understand is multidimensional.

Zeta: Which energetic environment?

Interviewer: The one underlying all of reality.

Zeta: There exists no formal shape or geometry for the basis of energetic consciousness. How can energy be in a construct my friend? How can it exist in some form of geometry, pattern or shape?

Interviewer: All right, so when you say that there are such things as spherical realms, what did you mean?

Zeta: It was an analogy for the purpose of discussion.

Interviewer: Ok, it's just an analogy for a space.

Zeta: Are you able to encapsulate energy?

Interviewer: Well, say for example, the spirit realm, does it have a shape?

Zeta: Its borders, my friend, are defined by its frequency.

Interviewer: Ok, but do things have form in this energetic space?

Zeta: No, my friend, they are very fluid.

Interviewer: Ok, so if there is no form then what defines an object?

Zeta: Its frequency.

Interviewer: Its frequencies. Yes, you described an object as a waveform, and this waveform then would consist of multiple frequencies?

Zeta: Yes, of course, but between each boundary or realm as you would say, there are delineating frequencies that are conjoining.

Interviewer: Right, so they are related in some way.

Zeta: All things are related.

Interviewer: But when you say conjoined, does that mean they are harmonics perhaps as we know them?

Zeta: There is no imbalance in energy between realms.

Interviewer: There is balance in energies. You mentioned at one point that the etheric body has a base frequency. For humans it's just 7 or 8 cycles/sec while the zeta race has several, one of which is 16. What does it mean to have a base frequency?

Zeta: That analogy is in relation to the level of resonation that a being would hold energetically.

Interviewer: There is a level of resonation you said, is this resonation between a number of different frequencies?

Zeta: Explain your question.

Interviewer: Well if I have a base frequency of say, 8 cycles, and there is resonation, does that mean that the base frequency expands to multiple frequencies which resonate.

Zeta: Only if the frequency is changed.

Interviewer: The frequency is changed, the base frequency?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So one frequency defines the etheric body - the base frequency, or are there multiple frequencies?

Zeta: One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the energetic body which you are calling the etheric body. The etheric body is in a constant state of change in regards to the level of frequencies that indeed is able to …now defined by… now, many of the frequencies that are within the intermediary process of the etheric body are also in a state of change and flux. At any given point you may have what would be considered eddies, my friend, if you have the analogy of whirlpools in water.

Interviewer: Whirlpools, ok.

Zeta: Do you understand that the etheric body is not a static energetic existence?

Interviewer: Well it's always changing to reflect what is happening to it.

Zeta: It is in a constant state of change my friend, as the thought processes permeate the etheric body and change the frequency of what is, as does the higher self when it is to bring about change to the physical body, also through an act of thought changes what is the resonation of the energetic body to the physical.

Interviewer: I guess I still don't understand what you mean by resonation then. I assumed that it meant there are multiple frequencies that were somehow related.

Zeta: I thing we need to start with basic concepts.

Interviewer: Yes, yes, you're right, and one basic concept is resonation.

Zeta: Now, at some point, you are resonating, my friend.

Interviewer: What am I resonating with?

Zeta: You are resonating my friend, you have a resonation too. Some would say that that is your frequency.

Interviewer: They're not the same though, are they?

Zeta: Only when frequencies are conjoined, my friend.

Interviewer: What does a conjoined frequency mean?

Zeta: It means to us that it is in resonation, so if two entities are to come together, two different frequencies, then the frequencies of the two entities must change so they can be conjoined and resonate together.

Interviewer: Ok, so it's not a frequency spectrum then, it's a single frequency that each entity is defined by.

Zeta: For connection purposes, but you see, you need to open your mind and, as there are many energies that are in existence, then for them to come to being to exist for connection purposes, there must be some point of interconnection in regards to the process of frequency and resonation of frequency. Much as each of the races have a base frequency for connection, and then depending on the entities within that race would depend on the level of frequency that they hold.

Interviewer: When you say that there is a base frequency, that implies that there are other frequencies as well.

Zeta: For each race my friend, yes.

Interviewer: Within the same entity?

Zeta: I will give you an example, my friend. One facet of the zeta race would hold the base cyclic frequency of 16 cycles. Now, the Anunnaki, my friend, they hold a different base frequency, and this is the signature whereby the race is defined. And within that race would be many different frequencies, much like your human earth species.

Interviewer: So then, within us there are many different frequencies as well?

Zeta: You have the ability to change your frequency.

Interviewer: I have the ability to change my frequency

Zeta: Of course, my friend

Interviewer: But then it's still just one frequency then, is that correct? If I wanted to match your frequency, I would have to raise it from around 7 and 8 to 16, is that correct?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: It's not enough for me just to raise it to 8 which is ah, well your frequency is twice 8, so would there be any connection or resonance between 8 and 16?

Zeta: We are trying to think the way that you do my friend, and it is difficult for us, but there must be a meeting of frequency, and in doing so, one must reduce, the other must increase.

Interviewer: Ok, until they are equal.

Zeta: Yes, of course, when they are in harmony together.

Interviewer: So, simply being an integer multiple is not sufficient.

Zeta: No, my friend, you would be out of resonation if you were at 8 cycles and an entity was at 16.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: You must match the frequency.

Interviewer: Yes. If there is a single frequency in my etheric body, how is all the information that belongs to me encoded in that etheric body?

Zeta: We have stated that there are many frequencies in the etheric body.

Interviewer: Ah, but I thought you also said that there was only one with the frequency of 8 cycles/sec?

Zeta: In regards to connecting, my friend.

Interviewer: Sorry.

Zeta: We are discussing connection, my friend.

Interviewer: Ok, so those are different things. If we don't talk about connection, but rather about information encoded in the etheric body…

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: There are multiple frequencies to do that?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Am I correct?

Zeta: Yes, because you see, can you speak to your higher self?

Interviewer: I don't think so, at least not consciously.

Zeta: Yes you can, my friend, yes you can speak to your higher self, but can you hear your higher self speaking?

Interviewer: Perhaps.

Zeta: Why do you believe that?

Interviewer: Why do I believe that? I don't know, sometimes ideas and thoughts come for which I don't know the origin.

Zeta: Is higher self of a different frequency to you?

Interviewer: I would expect… I don't know that. You see, I don't know that. It could be and it might not be.

Zeta: Higher self is of a different frequency, my friend.

Interviewer: The higher self is a different frequency?

Zeta: But it is bound intrinsically to the etheric nature and body. They are bound to the physical. Now of course, if you have one frequency in the physical, multiple frequencies in the etheric body, and then the highest possible frequency that you are able to be determined by, that attachment is a active flow of energy and frequency between the physical and the higher self using the etheric as the intermediary process. We said to you before that the etheric body held many frequencies.

Interviewer: Are those frequencies related in some way? Can they be anything, any value?

Zeta: Those frequencies can be any value, my friend.

Interviewer: So they don't have to be harmonics of a base frequency?

Zeta: They are not in many cases harmonious at all.

Interviewer: Oh.

Zeta: I will give you an example that may suffice. Do you have skin on your body, my friend?

Interviewer: Skin on my body. Yes I do.

Zeta: Do you have pustules or sores on your body anywhere.

Interviewer: Ah, not right now.

Zeta: But have you had them before or seen them? Do humans get sores on their body, my friend?

Interviewer: Yes they do.

Zeta: How is it possible that there is an injury to the skin that relates to a sore on the body. The injury or sore is obviously of a different nature to the normal state of the cellular process of the skin, is it not?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: But it still exists, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, so it must be represented somehow in the etheric body as different.

Zeta: It is represented, yes of course my friend, as it is represented in the physical as a different representation of cellular structure, it is also represented in the etheric body as a different state of energy and frequency.

Interviewer: Ok, and can you describe that state of energy and frequency that makes it different?

Zeta: It would be a… I will give you an analogy my friend. Have you seen the river? Have you seen the swirling whirlpools, my friend, in the river?

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: Much of the etheric body is in a state of constant change and movement, my friend.

Interviewer: So, are the differences in the state of the body represented in the differences in the swirling of the etheric body?

Zeta: What takes place in the physical is a direct representation of what is happening in the etheric body.

Interviewer: Yes, there is a one-to-one correspondence, but they are different, so they are not exactly the same the way information is encoded. I'm trying to understand how the sore or the lack of a sore… how is that different in the etheric body?

Zeta: Because the point at which the interchange occurs for the etheric body and the physical body which is integrated completely xxxx set in the structure is moving a frequency that is of a different nature to the rest of the area.

Interviewer: Can we talk about shape with reference to the etheric body?

Zeta: If you wish.

Interviewer: It has spatial extent, so are you saying that different parts of the etheric body swirl differently than other parts when they change?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Ok, does this swirling have a frequency associated with it?

Zeta: Depending on what the entity or thought process or external references to the etheric body will depend on the type of frequency it is.

Interviewer: Are there many swirls in the etheric body or is there only one?

Zeta: There can be unlimited swirls in the etheric body, my friend.

Interviewer: Unlimited swirls, ok. So the etheric body consists of a very large number of smaller swirls.

Zeta: Yes, I will give you an example my friend. If you are as they say, grounded, then you have spent much time possibly in the meditative state process. The state of mind that you hold will be much aligned with the etheric body, and the energy that you resonate at between yourself and the etheric body. Now if your mind is much in turmoil then you can expect that much of your etheric body will behave, reflection of your thought processes.

Interviewer: I see, so the turmoil is seen in very many more swirls in the etheric body. If you're in a proper meditative state, then there is only one swirl?

Zeta: No my friend, for you to bring the etheric body into complete state of harmony requires for you to be completely out of your physical entity.

Interviewer: I didn't follow.

Zeta: Well you see, my friend, are you able to stop thinking?

Interviewer: Sometimes.

Zeta: Every thought has a conjoined process which links to the etheric body.

Interviewer: Ok, we conceptualize things in the energetic environment as having shape and form, and you said I think a little while ago that there is no such thing as form, there is only energy?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: So our concept of form is an artifact of our 3D existence, is that right?

Zeta: In this one universe, yes my friend.

Interviewer: Objects are represented by frequencies, so there are still different objects there, I assume, so they must be represented by different frequencies, is that correct?

Zeta: In this physical reality, yes.

Interviewer: But there are things that have form in the energetic environment too. The way you described the grid, for example, it is very well organized and there is a visual representation that you left with us, I think. Is that just an analogy?

Zeta: The grid is defined by the individual entities that it is, so if you had a cup my friend, the cup would have a grid that was associated with it. But for the grid to be in its true state, there is no form for the grid. We have brought to you and others discussions that related to concepts that only could be talked about through analogies.

When we discussed the grid with many of the humans, for them to somehow formulate a picture in their mind, we must somehow relate that to their filtering processes and the way that they think you see.

Interviewer: So the visual representation you left us is for our convenience. It's not really the way it is?

Zeta: That is correct, my friend.

Interviewer: I see. But in a universe where there are only frequencies, how are objects distinguished?

Zeta: As they are represented in matter for the things that are of matter and for things that are of a non-matter state, they are defined by their frequency.

Interviewer: Oh yes, but there are a large number of objects in the universe, and if we want to distinguish between them, then there has to be an equivalent number of discrete frequencies, is that correct?

Zeta: Yes, of course. This discussion you see is based around the concept that there are only two states of existence, in a matter or a non-matter. But there are many other types of existences.

Interviewer: Would it be correct to think of the matter state as being a special case that belongs to the same family of objects as non-matter?

Zeta: What do you mean by the special case?

Interviewer: Well everything is composed of frequencies, every object. Could that be said to be true of the matter realm as well? That material objects depend for their existence on being a particular frequency?

Zeta: I would say that that is a correct statement my friend, and would relate that to the way that you are in harmony with yourself. But you are only a temporary state of existence.

Interviewer: You made a comment once that you were able to learn about someone else's frequencies, someone that you had never met by talking to a teacher, or communicating with a teacher. What does that mean? Does the teacher then simply pass you the information about this other entity?

Zeta: Where was that statement made, my friend?

Interviewer: You said, “When we are in communion with energies who are of different waveform nature, we are taught different ways to interact with beings in realms that we have no access to yet. Just as you would go to a teacher and learn a new skill.” I'm wondering what do you mean by that in terms of what we've been discussing about every entity having it's own frequency? What are you taught?

Zeta: When we are to interact with another entity or race, we seek out entities that are able to be associated with it.

Interviewer: In the etheric body, is there information represented by the relationship between different swirls as you call them, their relative positions or motions?

Zeta: Before you existed my friend, you understood that you required many lessons. Much of the manifestation of the lessons that you bring to yourself from the higher self entity are represented in the etheric body by a different frequency process. As what is thought but consciousness.

Interviewer: So information from the higher self is represented in the consciousness in the etheric body.

Zeta: Everything that you need to know you have brought with you, my friend.

Interviewer: Everything I need to know I have already?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: I tried to work out how things work based on what you have already told us, and it seems that I was not quite correct, so everything I need to know I may not yet have.

Zeta: You view all things within a formal structure or framework. You find great comfort in placing things within defined parameters.

Interviewer: Would you feel free to change the subject?

Zeta: Yes of course, my friend.

Interviewer: I'm afraid we're not getting all that far with the current one. There are some things I've wondered about in the past that you might be able to help me with. Some of our eastern philosophies talk about something called kundalini energy. Are you familiar with that?

Zeta: They are concepts my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, and it is described as an energy that rises through the body.

Zeta: Once again, these are mechanisms for filtering for the process of trying to understand what is form, and so for an entity to bring himself into flow. They may believe that they have somehow brought this process from within themselves. But let me ask you a question now. As the physical body is a temporary state of existence, where would the supposed energy exist within a physical framework?

Interviewer: I'm not sure if it exists in the physical framework. I would have guessed it affected the etheric body more than the physical.

Zeta: Do you see that it is basically a belief structure?

Interviewer: A belief structure? It may be, although the effect is apparently quite real to people who experience it.

Zeta: Why do you believe that is?

Interviewer: Because everything is an illusion?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, I understand that.

Zeta: You understand that, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, I've been thinking about that for sometime now. I understand it intellectually, but I don't know if I've actually lived it, yet.

Zeta: You are living it now, my friend.

Interviewer: I don't think that you are an illusion, I experience you as much as I experience anything else in this world, so you are as much an illusion as anything else, I guess I could say.

Zeta: And then when you pass over, what will you think then?

Interviewer: When I pass over?

Zeta: Yes my friend, what will you think then?

Interviewer: It will be a different existence, it would have its own reality or set of illusions, if you like. It would appear more like an illusion because there seems to be more subjective control, effect of the mind, on the environment than in the physical.

Zeta: So you as a consciousness will have a different understanding of your state of existence.

Interviewer: Shall I go on to a different subject?

Zeta: If you are finished with that one, yes.

Interviewer: I hear stories from people who have been contacted in the past by extraterrestrials who have been taken on journeys to other planets, and planets like venus, for example, which we know does not support human life, and yet they say they have been there. Do planets like that have an energetic form that they might have visited instead of the physical?

Zeta: All matter has a representation in the etheric, but much of the travels that are undertaken by humans are much of the mind and mainly based in the astral process, as in the consciousness of the human collective mind, they are able to simulate any environment.

Interviewer: Ah, so they could have gone anywhere. There's a man in Switzerland called Billy Meier who claims to have had life-long contact with ETs. Are you familiar with his case?

Zeta: We understand the Pleiadians, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, it was the Pleiadians that are visiting him. Billy Meier says that the Pleiadians that he has encountered are the only ones who have ever been to earth - only extraterrestrials. Would you agree with that?

Zeta: He's very amusing, my friend.

Interviewer: He's very amusing, ok, I understand. Switching topics again, do you recall that in a previous conversation we talked about the auditory clicks that you created in the sittings that you had over there? And you said that you were doing it as an experiment in communications. I was wondering if you had made any progress in that experiment.

Zeta: We have not.

Interviewer: Would you like suggestions on how that experiment could proceed? Would that be of any value to you?

Zeta: You may suggest my friend.

Interviewer: Ok, it occurred to me that with those clicks that you presented to us, you could time them so that they represent long or short intervals, and these could be used to generate binary data, and binary data could be used to encode visual images or could spell words, which we could then decode. So it would be another means of communication. Would this be of interest to you?

Zeta: Wait, my friend …. (long interval)
This has been a difficult sitting, my friend. There have been many external influences, my friend. You have your female with you.

Interviewer: Yes I do.

Zeta: Can she speak, my friend?

Interviewer: Yes she can.

The female: Hello.

Zeta: Hello, my friend.

Interviewer: I think she is unprepared.

Zeta: Is your wife in good health?

Interviewer: My wife, yes, she does have some problems. She is starting to be affected by osteoarthritis which affects the joints.

Zeta: And has she had any gall-bladder problem?

Interviewer: Not any more, she had her gall bladder removed last year.

Zeta: Because there is an energy around that area.

Interviewer: What could that mean, do you think?

Zeta: The loss of an organ, my friend.

Interviewer: Yes, so you can see that.

Zeta: It was perceived as an area that would have been in a different energetic state than the rest of the physical body. And of course there seems to be some issue with the neck, my friend.

Interviewer: She was in an accident a number of years ago which might have affected the neck.

Zeta: I see my friend, and you have never told me of this have you?

Interviewer: No, and she has had another problem all of her life where one of her ears is not functioning.

Zeta: Yes, you have told us my friend.

Interviewer: I massage her neck fairly often and that makes it feel better.

Zeta: You are a good man then.

Interviewer: Ah, thank you, I try.

Zeta: Does she have any problem with water retention?

Interviewer: No, we don't think so.

Zeta: It seems there are some issues in the lower part of the leg.

Interviewer: Not that we've noticed, it hasn't been a problem for her up to now. She's had pains in her legs but they’ve typically assigned it to osteoarthritis. Is there anything that you could do about that, or would we have to prepare for that first?

Zeta: It would be interesting to see if she develops some type of water retention issues in her lower leg area.

Interviewer: Which leg?

Zeta: Left leg, my friend.

Interviewer: In the shin area or the feet?

Zeta: From the foot up to the knee, my friend.

Interviewer: We'll have to see what develops because right now it looks ok.

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: Can you tell us anything about the state of the world. There seems to be a lot going on and we're wondering whether there is anything to worry about.

Zeta: That is a very complicated question. Your world is always in turmoil, my friend.

Interviewer: Do you foresee any major calamities happening, that would affect a lot of people?

Zeta: We do not give predictions for the planet.

(There was a small difference between the sizes of the lower legs in the direction indicated by the Zeta, and there has been an ongoing issue from the whiplash suffered in the accident.)

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