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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: Each universes is its own container, outside of that exists nothing, then there is a barrier that separates all that is with all that is not.

Interviewer: But our universe contains our matter realm as well as the energetic environment, right?

Zeta: Energy and matter and consciousness, imagine eggs floating in a bucket of water, outside of the bucket is  the void, the water in the bucket is the void, the eggs are universes.

Interviewer: Does the material realm fill one universe?

Zeta: There are many universes, places of matter.

Interviewer: I'm wondering if the material realm and the energetic realm are each in separate universes.

Zeta: Some of them do not have the same laws of physical which this one universe has, many threads make up a cloth.

Interviewer: A riddle?

Zeta: Reality contains many threads which weaves into this illusion.

Interviewer:  Are the material realm and the energetic realm each in separate threads in the same universe?

 Zeta: They were designed to be seen in separation.

Interviewer: So when we are in separation, are we still in the same universe?

Zeta: Do you mean when you are in transition from a physical form to a spiritual container?

Interviewer: Yes.

 Zeta: You are part of a thread.

Interviewer: The same thread when in the physical and in the spirit realm?

 Zeta: Different, but conjoined.

Interviewer: And in the same universe?

 Zeta: Else there would be no connection between separation and matter.

Interviewer: Yes, part of the same process.

Zeta: Yes, all devices work harmoniously to produce an effect.

Interviewer: Interesting, but now i've forgotten what got us into this train of thought.

Zeta: The discussion revolved around the grid and if it exists without matter.

Interviewer: Yes, it seems it can be accessed from the physical as well as the energetic. Without physical forms, it is frequency without resonation, and frequency means vibrations of consciousness or its derivative.

Zeta: There would be parts of the grid in resonation. It's not either/or.

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