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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: We need to get a handle on how energetic forms are manifested in the physical. A Zeta gave us a hint already, but the mechanism is unclear.

Zeta: Are you speaking on how a being would manifest consciousness into a physical form once it has travelled across many boundaries? There are also many states of physicality, many states of matter. Each state of matter is like a thinner and thinner lining or sheet. The gross matter of this physical reality is where humans live. The other "linings" are not seen. They would be seen to be like a silk fabric, interwoven between the gross matter. Once a consciousness has  "thought" to a coordinate, it then intermingles with the finer physicality drawing to itself the molecules of the process. Accompanying this is the energy of the existence - the energy bound to the matter - and the combined process of matter and energy form a materialized form into the gross state of matter. This has been called by the spirit realm, "ectoplasm”.

Interviewer: What is the matter in the finer physicality from which the molecules of the process are drawn? Where does that come from?

Zeta: They have always existed as part of the fabric of this universe. Your ability to see the light spectrum is inhibited, but you have the ability to understand that the scale of range of light is significant.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Not all matter is in a combined state, as in existing as a solidified form. Much matter is in a non-combined state.

Interviewer: Is an electron an example of matter in a non-combined state?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So matter elements like electrons, for example, exist with source energy?

Zeta: All states of matter exist with energy and consciousness. The finer matter is the non-combined  -  non-formed matter utilized to create - to draw to a consciousness a framework of materialization or materiality.

Interviewer: Is the non-combined matter a particular organization of source energy?

Zeta: It has a non-organized state.

Interviewer: We were told that all is energy, suggesting that fine matter is of the same substance as source energy. Is this so?

Zeta: If you were to break down all of matter, it would be seen to be consciousness. Consciousness holding itself into conscious states creates matter. This is seen as certain elements, some of a finer framework, others of a gross process. As you breathe in oxygen, you bring this to yourself as an act of consciousness. As a consciousness would bring to itself finer matter, it creates a process of materialization.

(Medium: I was able to see gossamer fabrics interwoven between the physical landscape of reality.)

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