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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: Indigo and crystal children, are they a real phenomenon, do you think?

Zeta: They are just words.

Interviewer: Words often mean something.

Zeta: Many ET are here as humans.

Interviewer: Well that has been suggested as being behind these kids.

Zeta: Yes, but they make special what is normal.

Interviewer: One could argue that humans are different depending on point of origin.

Zeta: Yes, different, not special.

Interviewer: That's semantics.

Zeta: Special infers better than, different infers the ability to come to an understanding of who one may be.

Interviewer: I see what you mean, special often means poorer than as well, as in mentally challenged.

Zeta: Those human structured words can be taken as derogatory.

Interviewer: Yes, we are always looking for politically correct wording.

Zeta: Humans seek within their filtering systems, not understanding what is not part of that system.

Interviewer: Very true, if someone is able to communicate telepathically, I would say they are different from most of the rest of us. Some might say they are special.

Zeta: If a person doesn't know their true self, although they are able to be telepathic as they are not in understanding of who they are, they are the same, just not accessing who they are. So many human forms are not in connection with who they are, but they know and seek as they are in difference.

Interviewer: If we were in connection with who we are, we would all be telepathic?

Zeta: That would be one ability, yes, and some would say special as they don't see the separation.

Interviewer: So is it possible that some points of origin would have an advantage with respect to connecting to who they are?

Zeta: There is no advantage, all human containers are with consciousness.

Interviewer: In that respect, the human spirit world is the same as, say, coming from the zeta collective?

Zeta: The collective are not in transition, that is the only difference.

Interviewer: Was that always the only difference, or did the zeta transition at one time?

Zeta: All cultures have difference.

Interviewer: But cultures change.

Zeta: Zetas were never humans.

Interviewer: Is it possible that spirits from the spirit world will eventually not need to transition, like the zetas?

Zeta: It is possible that human containers will one day not exist. The human spirit form is seen as a rudimentary form.

Interviewer: How can that be if there is no difference other than the need to transition? How is it more rudimentary?

Zeta: Experience.

Interviewer: Could spirits use the human container like they use the zeta container without transitioning?

Zeta: The experience of being, and of being in transition, the understanding of who self is, with no need to transition? No, as physicality needs to be in awareness of self for the being to move from one container to the other. And also a container has a need to be created.

Interviewer: Is it not possible to be in awareness of self when in the human container?

Zeta: Yes, and then transition.

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