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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: Is the consciousness held in the etheric body?

Zeta: Initially the three states are in separation, higher self moves to integrate with a physical container, the etheric body is the field which allows the blending, and once the body terminates, the etheric form is absorbed by the originating consciousness.

Interviewer: So the etheric form ceases to be as well after transition?

Zeta: It is absorbed, as it is no longer needed as an intermediary process. All energy transmutes.

Interviewer: When does the energy body start growing after conception?

Zeta: At the point of conception, as the genetic material from a human is transformed, so is its etheric form. Every thing holds an etheric state as every thing has consciousness.

Interviewer: So at the beginning the etheric body has the shape and size of the fertilized egg, and continues to change as the fetus grows?

Zeta: Yes, form is an illusion.

Interviewer: So the etheric body does not control development of the container?

Zeta: The genetic structure controls the development, but the originating consciousness then applies its consciousness construct to the etheric body, thus creating the container, for experience. And this is why humans can have deformities as it suits the higher self, for its lesson and awakening, and comparison of self to have varying containers comparison.

The other issue is the etheric form being influenced by external forces, other energies, as in if there was a physical disruption to the development of the fetus. So the development environment is not a perfect one.

Interviewer: So you see consciousness as biasing the container's development, not controlling it.

Zeta: Biasing, yes.

Interviewer: The etheric body starts at conception, then dissipates some time after transition.

Zeta: Transmutes.

Interviewer: Ok. The container's health is determined by the etheric body's condition during life, so it does have a controlling influence?

Zeta: Consciousness needs a form to interact with the container. Now, once formed the consciousness of a container can also create - what you focus on you create. So two forces related to the container are at work,
the local consciousness - experiences, etheric form as an intermediary, with many layers - and the higher consciousness. As the etheric body is closely aligned with consciousnesses - both local and higher self - it is embedded with many layers of information.

Interviewer: Can the intention of consciousness shape the etheric body, thus affecting the health of the physical body?

Zeta: Yes, and so it is seen to hold many layers of separation in both directions, from as seen within and seen without of the container. This is how states of unwellness come to a container, and also how a container can be in a state of wellness by the act of conscious thought.

And now to discuss another topic?

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: Friends. Friendship is defined as a "respect for another being, as one would respect self, but never interfere in the learning of another”.

Interviewer: Sounds good, my dictionary  says "a state of mutual trust and support”, not so different.

Zeta: Trust is a learned response.

Interviewer: Friendship must be earned.

Zeta: And that is why it is a learned response.

Interviewer: Yes, so why would the Zeta race prefer to be called friend sight unseen.

Zeta: As it is an act of kindness towards another race, and a flag that determines what state a being may come to another in.

The definition allows for non-interference in a state of learning.

Interviewer: You could respect another being sight unseen, but you might not trust.

Zeta: Initially when beings come together, a energy word is used to bind, and friend is a word many humans accept.

Interviewer: Even though there are differing definitions.

Zeta: Friend...

Interviewer: Yes?

Zeta: The word allows an amicable instruction to be given between two races.

Interviewer: Are you saying I think too much when thinking about what it means?

Zeta: The conversation yesterday, between you and this one (the medium), existed in why, "why would not a friend come to another's aid, when asked”? But, as seen, interference in a journey is not a process adhered to in a circumstance, unless the higher self requests it.

Interviewer: And that is why you will only answer a question, not offer new information without a question?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is the definition of friend that the medium gave suit you as well?

Zeta: That is my definition.

Interviewer: Ok I understand, it suits me as well.

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