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Monday, 28 September 2015


Medium: The Zetas have exceptional control, they have a faceted consciousness process and are able to compartmentalize a connection like a SQE in their etheric body. So if the connection becomes tainted or distorted as a source energy coming to them, they can just shut it down, whereas I would have to metabolize any connection through the physical body.

Interviewer: Interesting, so the etheric body can change by passing energy to the physical.

(A Zeta comes…)

Zeta: The body of matter is used to filter the different energies coming through the etheric body.

Interviewer: This must mean that the body of matter can be a more or less effective filter depending on its state.

Zeta: The level of wellness a body has would determine its physical response to any encounter.

Interviewer: So there must be an optimal state for both the physical and etheric bodies so that they can affect each other in a positive way?

Zeta: The etheric body is an intermediary process, it becomes a filter for all energies.

Interviewer: It seems like everything is a filter, physical and etheric.

Zeta: Yes,  you filter food and water, energy, emf, emotions.

Interviewer: Is this the nature of the energetic environment.. if anything changes it is because a filter of some kind is encountered by a process?

Zeta: There is interaction in all processes.

Interviewer: I have some questions stored. May we consider them?

Zeta: If you wish.

Interviewer: I wonder about man-made nuclear explosions - fission and fusion - do they have unforeseen effects on higher dimensions, and what are these effects?

Zeta: They are contained within their own spheres of influence.

Interviewer: Do you mean each dimension? So a nuclear explosion would not have effects on etheric bodies, for example.

Zeta: As an intermediary process, the etheric body would be unchanged, but from a physical process, the body would be reactive to the energy of the device.

Interviewer: A while ago we talked about the development of a human fetus. I was left wondering - is a physical disruption to the development of a fetus like an abortion, a serious impediment to the growth of that entity, or is such an event always foreseen?

Zeta: Why do you say physical disruption?

Interviewer: When the fetus is removed before it can survive on its own, this would be a physical disruption.

Zeta: Yes, that is a fact.

Interviewer: Presumably, the spirit chose that fetus as a vehicle for experience.

Zeta: Yes, spirit did or the race, to incarnate. There are external forces that are beyond a race or spirit being's control, that will not stop an abortive process during the process of development.

Interviewer: If the mother were killed while pregnant, would the spirit be expecting that?

Zeta: Not all things that happen are foreseen. There is a basic randomness to all effects.

Interviewer: So when someone plans a life before incarnating, it is not always certain that that life will complete as intended.

Zeta: Correct, even with our abilities we are unable to guarantee an outcome. Even a thought can change a process.

Interviewer: Your ability to see the future is not absolute then?

Zeta: The future - as you may call it - on any time line, exists now and cannot be guaranteed of an outcome. You assume hot water comes out of your tap, but there is a dependance on many things to produce that heated process.

Interviewer: You said once that it would be ten years before new technology is made available to help the world. This, too, would be your view at present and could also change?

Zeta: It has been seen that in ten of your years, certain changes will be in influence for you as a race
but, as stated, not all is seen or known.

Interviewer: Ok, new topic. There is some talk on the internet about political federations or councils representing various races in the galaxy. Do these exist?

Zeta: Ones we know of exist.

Interviewer: What can you tell us about them?

Zeta: There are many races who seek to support this planet and surrounding life forms. They seek to bring changes to life that may be beneficial to a race of beings.

Interviewer: Do these races cooperate in their efforts?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is there a structure to the body that organizes the cooperation?

Zeta: Yes, the Pleaidians (humans’ name) are the facilitating body, the Annunaki are represented by other races as are we. There are interdimensional and matter races  as well.

Interviewer: Why does your race not represent itself?

Zeta: We are technical and do not require voice.

Interviewer: Do you carry out the wishes of the facilitating body?

Zeta: Yes, and do all races. No race is not working in some way for the benefit of all races.

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