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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: What is your questioning?

Interviewer: We have seen a photo of a woman's arm with deep impressions of fingers on it. The woman says she and family members have been abducted by an ET. Can you confirm this?

Zeta: They resemble the beings who are called the Alpha beings. They have visited  this place once, and are of a hostile nature.

Interviewer: What is the ET's purpose when they abduct the woman?

Zeta: That is for that race to determine.

Interviewer: Is the deep impression on the arm a sign of lack of respect for the woman?

Zeta: It is a sign that they were manipulating her into a position. Respect for a form is a concept.

Interviewer: How can the woman come to understand why this is necessary?

Zeta: Some are seen as easy prey by some races. The intent of a race, the final carriage of what a race will imposition on another is what is seen to be their own agenda.

Interviewer: What can this woman do to interfere with the abduction?

Zeta: We will seek to interfere as you reference it, via another race. We do not speak for other races, communication is always a preeminent process in our ability to integrate into the human form, we seek communication always with our own.

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