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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: I have a number of questions related to previous things that we have discussed.

Zeta: Continue.

Interviewer: One thing that I have wondered about is the purpose of our physical existence here. It occurred to me that the creative process is not the same here as it is in the energetic realm, and I think that freewill is more easily obstructed in our physical existence than elsewhere. Is that the reason why people incarnate in physical form, so they can interfere with each other’s desires.

Zeta: Amusing question, to interfere you say, why?

Interviewer: Well, we often do that, one person wants to do one thing, and another person we know thinks we should be doing something else, and we can’t just wave a wand and each have our own way.

Zeta: Much simpler for you, yes. For the spirit people that come into the human form, they desire experience to leave the energetic realm and to move to physical is much excitement for them, to go on a journey.

Interviewer: Is the excitement because they have to deal with other people’s wishes and desires in conflict with theirs?

Zeta: There is a dynamic environment within the physical, yes, and of course the spirit people do not have the potential to experience the physical within the spirit realm.

Interviewer: In a related thing, in the energetic realm where the creative process is more straightforward, to my way of thinking, how are conflicts resolved between two beings at the same level of consciousness? If one wishes to have an environment one way and the other wishes to have the environment a different way.

Zeta: Then they split off and both environments exist.

Interviewer: So then those two beings will not be associated with each other any longer?

Zeta: If it is a spirit realm entity, yes. Then what is to take place is the imagery of the two beings integrated into each other’s reality.

Interviewer: So multiple versions of each …

Zeta: Correct function, ah… speaker has changed.

(A different Zeta has arrived…)

Interviewer: I understand that in the energetic realms that experience is very similar to what we have here in terms of our sensory processes. We cannot really tell the difference. I wondered if the sense of touch was the same in the energetic realms as it is in the physical.

Zeta: For spirit people, yes.

Interviewer: Just for spirit people?

Zeta: No, a clarification is for spirit people.

Interviewer: all right.

Zeta: What are you asking, for what race?

Interviewer: So sensory experiences are different for different races is what you seem to be saying.

Zeta: Of course it depends on the transitional process, not to have one common theme.

Interviewer: Can I ask a different question now? Someone in another sitting asked if a human could touch a physical Zeta being, and they were told that the human would be burned. What precisely does that mean? There are several ways of being burned and I wonder if you could elaborate on that. Is it a chemical burn?

Zeta: No, etheric body of Zeta, every entity has etheric template, frequency of etheric template to interact with human etheric template, increase in frequency for the human then translates to physical changes in the cellular structure, and cellular structure representation of burnt skin.

Interviewer: I see, I understand that.

Zeta: Good.

Interviewer: There was another question related to the method of propulsion you described for your craft. There is what you call the cylinder method where 3-dimensional space is rolled up into a cylinder form, and the craft moves from one point to another, across what I interpreted as the seam of the cylinder, and then the movement would be through this higher dimensional space and the craft would then appear instantaneously at some distant location in three-dimensional space. Do I understand that correctly?

Zeta: Yes, correct, the craft is to create a distortion, but continue on.

Interviewer: Well I was wondering how three-dimensional space could be rolled up.

Zeta: A craft is to create distortion.

Interviewer: Yes, but that space may contain other objects which have an etheric body form.

Zeta: Now, other objects exist yes, so can only jump. A craft to create a distortion to pull one into an infinitesimal point towards self. Of course other etheric fabric-like sheet, if you pick up you have point in fingers but of course sheet attached, not to occur near matter objects such as planets, in empty space. Irrelevant if other matter, fine matter is distortion. Also much more safe to travel.

Interviewer: So the cylinder method of travel is only used in empty space?

Zeta: Because as explained to you before, must travel before time to a point, create jump space, and then travel and continue on. Never to create a point of connection near a planet, too dangerous, yes.

Interviewer: I see. I interpreted some features in photographs of the craft as a property of this method of travel, and I guess that must be incorrect then. I noticed near the craft a kind of toroidal shape in the atmosphere.

Zeta: Etheric representation of physical capacity of propulsion system, yes.

Interviewer: But I’m not correct in believing that this is a consequence of the cylinder method of travel then?

Zeta: No, because too close to planet, yes.

Interviewer: Yes, can you explain what this shape is associated with?

Zeta: The shape is a distortion in the energetic fabric of the environment, because it is multidimensional, it is able to make craft move in all directions.

Interviewer: So its the etheric form of the craft?

Zeta: Part of the craft, yes.

Interviewer: I see, so it moves and the craft follows? Would that be how it works?

Zeta: Both happening at the same time.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: No separation, not either or. To instruct craft via telepathic process, instantaneous, go there, yes, straight away.

Interviewer: In the photographs it appears that this etheric form then is separated in space from the craft itself,

Zeta: There is no separation, it is imagery.

Interviewer: Both exactly one and the same object.

Zeta: Yes. Your physical body has etheric template, yes. They are the same, but in separation both occurring at the same time.

Interviewer: But my etheric body can be spatially separated from my physical body at times.

Zeta: Always connected, never to be completely disconnected.

Interviewer: So that’s the same as with the craft.

Zeta: All things, yes.

Interviewer: All right, thank you, that’s good.

Interviewer: You said at one point that the astral realm is an intermediary process in the transition to the spirit realm. Do you recall someone saying that? I wonder if you could explain how the astral realm is used for people to transition.

Zeta: Because the physical body of a human contains consciousness which is thought. All thought is connected to the whole of the human mind. To transition, you must transition through the thought process of your own mind, instantaneous, but still you must include the process.

Interviewer: So does the spirit disconnect from the astral realm on its way to the spirit realm?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: Ok so that’s why it has to go through the astral realm.

Zeta: Because you are in it, you must go through it.

Interviewer: Yes we are in it now.

Zeta: Correct function. One more question then I leave.

Interviewer: There are what we call etheric symbols on the medium’s arm, and I was wondering how they perform their function. Do they behave like conscious entities? How would you activate them? Or why would they perform a function?

Zeta: Firstly, why do you ask?

Interviewer: Because other people have suggested in other contexts that artifacts, supposedly extraterrestrial, have been discovered that are sort of like our computer code except that the code and the function are the same thing. Its hard to explain.

Zeta: You know the human container also has a completed programming. You call it programming to arrange symbology to provide functionality to computers. I will talk at that level for you. We can interchange in discussion. The technology is functions, you understand functions.

Interviewer: Yes, an action performed.

Zeta: Yes. So in computer code, a function provides a response. Now a function, many functions, each function has according to its structure a symbol. Now, I can perform multiple functions within one category. Symbology related to race, our race, but not to be used by a human. It would cause chaos as seen by the removal of the pulse.

Interviewer: So the invocation of the symbol on the medium’s arm is the way the function is performed.

Zeta: Yes, provides technology, activation of function, function produces outcome.

Interviewer: This reminded me of the creative process, and I wondered if the symbol itself is a conscious entity or conscious being executes a creation.

Zeta: All levels have consciousness, nothing is void of consciousness.

Interviewer: But would the symbol have an intent?

Zeta: An intention, yes, to connect telepathically to… A symbology must illuminate symbols through consciousness.

Interviewer: All right, that is the limit of my understanding so I think we should leave it there for now.

Zeta: But still an interesting conversation to be able to talk to you about this. And now to take it one step further for you. Now, of course, multidimensional matrix like a, have you seen a honeycomb?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Same process, a function interact and bind together to perform functions of interdimensional nature, to close portals, yes. Portals are a difficult process, so must combine function because portals are a point of origin must be calculated, also point of entry into physical realm, then of course a potential amplitude of portal, a calculation function, yes, and then how to close must be calculated and then to present a portal with solution once calculated to place arm out and present portal with solution, and then portal close.

Interviewer: So all these functions are performed sequentially?

Zeta: Instantly together yes.

Interviewer: They are combined into one function.

Zeta: Yes, because has technology has capability to draw information from etheric realm in regards to many things so, but must have technology because to support humans and this container in function must have technology, yes. Finished now.

Interviewer: Thank you very much.

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