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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: what is the mechanism that causes levitation in physical mediumship seances?

Zeta: A field is created around a device - let's say it's a table, and the consciousness of the entity that is in control creates a… imposes its thoughts on the field. And now, what is in the field? And then shifts the etheric body of the table, the physical matter follows the etheric body, but you will notice that your hands that are attached to the table are not in any way affected by the levitation process. There is space between all things, and although you are touching the surface, you are not touching a surface. Then of course there is the other way of doing it. And there is no other way but to explain it and the consciousness of the medium is extracted and what is seen that a very fine matter propagates through consciousness, it then attaches itself to the table and the table is moved. The cord, as you call it, may or may not exist. It may be said to you that there is also another way to look at the table levitating. A group consciousness, a group of entities may impose their will and their thought process upon the table, and the combined thought that the table will lift manifests a change in consciousness around the table, and then the table will shift. And of course the last way is to poke it with your finger.

Interviewer: The first two ways both depend on spirit moving the etheric form of the table, and then the physical components follow?

Zeta: Yes. You should ask more questions related to your seance room process. Obviously you have much illusion as to what is taking place.

Interviewer: Yes, I have an idea in my mind which may or may not be correct about what happens. The medium in a seance talks about a field existing between or among the sitters, and my understanding is that thought processes can modify what goes on in that field.

Zeta: Yes, I will talk about that now. Who here who has sat in one of your sitting processes, has felt much pressure that they were going to black out, or to be dizzy, or to be unwell? That is the will of the medium, the consciousness of the medium colouring the field if the medium is not in the correct state of control, and the spirit people that are creating the mechanism for your show, as you call it, you will feel that the consciousness has a real effect from the medium.

Interviewer: And this can happen even though the sitters are sitting outside of the field, or are the sitters in the field?

Zeta: The sitters are in the field, but initially when the field is created, depending on the residual energy, the field will gain exponentially in regards to its capacity to move beyond the structures of your walls, as you have experienced.

Interviewer: The field I sensed outside of the structure?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: There is something that happened in that seance that I would like to ask you about that involved an apport that fell from the medium's hand into mine, and I believe that I saw the apport form just below his hand. Can you explain what went on there? The medium has some ideas of his own. He sensed some kind of circular energy flow around himself, through the earth, and back to himself. Is this consistent with what you know?

Zeta: Is the medium necessary, that is the problem. And no.

Interviewer: He is not necessary in that process?

Zeta: But what is necessary is the consciousness of the medium, and so the perception is that when the medium's physical orifice, as you may say, is positioned within the capacity of the spirit entity's consciousness, it would be seen to be that the apport materializes. But it is a meeting point of the minds, basically, but the overall capacity of the apport production process is based around the spirit entity's ability to control the population of the etheric body.

Interviewer: The etheric body is populated with what?

Zeta: Whatever is required.

Interviewer: Ok, he suggested that there is some kind of fine matter flow in a big circle going through the earth, then back up to the location where the apport was to form.

Zeta: That may be a perception that he has, yes.

Interviewer: It's not necessarily correct?

Zeta: It is not necessarily incorrect, but it is a perception, because apports are created without a medium being present. It is the point of consciousness of the spirit entity that will manifest the apport.

Interviewer: So the apport can be formed by a spirit acting on its own?

Zeta: Of course, yes. Do not believe that all influence for a medium to succeed, also all entities that work with their mediums, work within the capacity of the medium. Much is dependent upon what is possible. There is no strict guideline.

Interviewer: Does your race form apports?

Zeta: No, why? Why build matter?

Interviewer: It could be done to influence human behaviour.

Zeta: Unless you are saying that, if I was to move my consciousness to another point, and then recreate myself, then I have teleported myself and created an apport. I am saying that a part of my consciousness would obviously be in its original position in the container, else what would exist in the extended state of existence but a shell of a container with no consciousness. And this is why no animated objects are apported.

Interviewer: Let's see if I understand that. You can project your consciousness to another point (yes) and create a physical apport.

Zeta: I will explain so that you are not feeling like you are struggling with that. I have projected or extended my consciousness and populated the medium's form. Do you understand?

Interviewer: With your consciousness?

Zeta: Yes, the humans have called that a trance process, but of course spirit people, and that is not an understood concept for spirit people, because it is a belief structure that humans have. The spirit people end up able to accurately project from a distance to move to a trance state so they populate the medium completely, with their essence, their consciousness. They do not understand how to place it till separation, and so of course, they have another way there. You would project yourself, I would say, if you have an out-of-body experience. Do you understand what I am saying?

Interviewer: I understand what that is.

Zeta: That is the concept. What if in that state of being and separation, that you were able to repopulate or reconstitute yourself. Would the matter available be that frequency?

Interviewer: As another physical being?

Zeta: Yes, you could be any shape that you require yourself to be, because the etheric body is known to you as a process of separation. I do not send my energetic self to another point, I send my consciousness to another point, and this is a difference because when the spirit people create forms, they are taking images of what exists, or there is nothing. What may exist in the consciousness of the universe, and create and populate that into a physical item, this is why as the medium's friend has stated, that sometimes there is a decay in the apport process because the frequency is unable to maintain its level of the combination of that.

Interviewer: And the apport would then disappear?

Zeta: Yes, but to its old state which never existed in the beginning, as matter is a combination of varied substances to perform a function.

Zeta: But I have not been being nice, how are you?

sitter: I'm very well thank you

Zeta: how are you?

sitter: pretty good.

Zeta: Is that appropriate for the discussion? The other sitter was saying that it's nice to acknowledge the entity.

Interviewer: Yes, that is an appropriate thing to say, yes.

Zeta: Your protocols are very difficult to understand.

Interviewer: Yes, sometimes we have trouble too.

Zeta: Do you understand so far what I have discussed with you?

Interviewer: At a certain level I think I do.

Interviewer: There are a series of questions that I would like to ask you at some point, it doesn't have to be today.

Zeta: I have some homework for you.

Interviewer: You have some homework for me?

Zeta: Yes, take five of your questions, and ask us for the answers, and then in the sitting, we will ask you for your answers to your questions.

Interviewer: You will ask me for the answers to my questions, interesting. Does that mean you think I know the answers at some level?

Zeta: No, not at all, but we would like to see how much influence we can place upon you, and so this is our experiment.

Interviewer: All right, that's an interesting experiment

Zeta: Of course, we like our experiments like you do. We are a very technical race. Everything for us is experimentation. This gathering is an experiment.

Interviewer: There is mutual benefit, I'm sure, because your information is useful to us too.

Zeta: If that is important to you.

Interviewer: Yes it is, is your experiment important to you?

Zeta: It is based in what will ultimately become a combined race.

Interviewer: I see, then it is important for us to learn much about what you know in order to facilitate that process, would it not.

Zeta: No, this is all based on protocol. Others will discuss technical information. But if our race does not understand how to navigate your complicated social structure, then there will be disagreement and a misunderstanding.

Interviewer: So the purpose of answering my questions is to learn how to communicate with us or talk to us, deal with our social protocol.

Zeta: Yes, not to give you any information, that is just a byproduct of the communication. We are learning about the way that you think.

Interviewer: Ok, I understand that.

Zeta: You see if I now speak to someone else, they will speak differently, so we need to understand through discussion how complicated you are, because you do not yet have the collective mind where you all think the same, but still hold your individual aspects. And then you believe that they are very important. And you do not understand that they are not. Unless you are producing a service for your civilization, you are not. Each entity provides a function. If you are not providing a function, then you are irrelevant.

Interviewer: Well, my function here is to learn about the nature of reality as you perceive it.

Zeta: We have found that many of your race are, without being derogatory or wanting to diminish what you may perceive as important, many of your race are in addiction and are not supporting the race through the proper process, and so they are to become irrelevant and will not have discussions with us because we have nothing to learn from them as they are obsessed with their own consciousness, betrayed by what they desire, what they see which is to hope they can bring back transition.

Interviewer: You will bring back transition? Yet that will happen without any contribution from you, is that not correct?

Zeta: That is correct, So, why would you come to a race and quite often to speak to a person with addiction. You should understand why many of the humans are experiencing addiction. Only seek entities of clarity such as yourself and others who are not in addiction, because a person in addiction is following the path that the chemical or the psychological process is guiding them on. And so you do not need to understand the human but the molecular structure of the addiction if it is based in matter. I don't believe that you understand what I am saying.

Interviewer: Well I understand that there are many people who are very ego-oriented, that they want to understand things to promote their own position in society or to gain wealth, and so on, and often some of this information that they discover remains hidden for…

Zeta: That is the ego-based process, but I am talking about your beverages and your chemical substances which humans induce. It is seen by us that many of you are in addiction to these substances.

Interviewer: Oh, you're talking about drugs and alcohol.

Zeta: Yes, that is the name for it. And so if part of your population is addicted to something, then of course their behaviour is based on structure, the molecular structure of what they are ingesting. We have no need to discuss with them to understand the protocol, as they are not a desirable function for a race. This may seem rather harsh.

Interviewer: Yes, it does, but the rest of us would understand that. Why would you want to talk to a person who has no interest except in where his next drug dosage is coming from?

Zeta: Yes, you will see in the future that this will become a major issue for your human population.

Interviewer: Yes?

Zeta: And now I am to leave.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you for your insights.

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