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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: I have several questions as you requested. There was one time when a zeta communicated visual information telepathically to me. It happened unexpectedly when I was in a relaxed state. Is it possible for us, you and me, to have a 2-way conversation telepathically without my entering a deep altered state?

Zeta: This is not the process that has been discussed between us.

Interviewer: My recollection was that I would ask five questions and I would answer.

Zeta: So what is your answer? Do you understand what I have said?

Interviewer: I did not come in with a prepared answer

Zeta: Would you like to terminate the discussion?

Interviewer: Did you want me to come with a prepared answer? That was not clear from our arrangement.

Zeta: Are you able to with your capacity to think through to an answer now? Yes you are being tested.

Interviewer: Well, it is obvious from past experience that you can communicate with me. The question is, can I do the same with you?

Zeta: You have not trained yourself to accurately functional thought process, but in the future is you were to train your mind, and I would suggest to you that you use the remote viewing process to train your mind to do so. This is very close to the same mechanism as the connection process.

Interviewer: Thank you, that's helpful.

Zeta: That is helpful, yes. What is your second question that you will answer yourself?

Interviewer: The question has to do with the conjoining of objects. They conjoin and resonate to form one object out of a number of objects, that's my understanding, for example, a being and its environment. So the question is, how does a conscious entity keep its identity as an individual when it conjoins with objects in the environment.

Zeta: You will need to explain your question more thoroughly (all right), you will need to provide an example.

Interviewer: Yes, we are sitting here in this room, (zeta: you are sitting in this room) and so are other beings and other objects like that table in front of us, and it is my understanding that at a fundamental level, where everything is represented by frequencies, that objects are not localized as we normally experience them, but they are distributed, and that means therefore that the representation of the table is conjoined with the representation of myself, for example. So now, if I were to move outside of the room and leave the table behind, that representation of both of those objects would have to be separated in some way so that I can leave the table behind and perhaps conjoin with other objects in the environment in the space outside the room.

Zeta: Yes, so continue, now I will hear your answer, I nearly told you the answer then.

Interviewer: I suspect that we as beings have a consciousness that belongs to a special class of consciousness that is self-aware, that is what we have been told, and my expectation is that this special class of consciousness has its own boundaries which allows it to unconjoin, the opposite of conjoining, to leave the resonations of other objects, the frequencies of other objects, allow them to separate from this special class of consciousness.

Zeta: Wait for a moment… All matter has consciousness. Your table as you say cannot speak. Why is that? Does it have a mouth? (no) Does it have the organs to support a connection process? (it does not) So how would it communicate with you?

Interviewer: I would conjoin with it.

Zeta: Yes, and so now, you believe that there are different levels of consciousness, but if you were, for example a stone, a crystal stone, are you able to communicate with this entity? You see, human beings believe that if you cannot speak or somehow indicate your intentions, then your level of consciousness is in some way different to them.

Interviewer:I don't think that is quite the definition, to my mind, what distinguishes us from inanimate objects which was the nature of the consciousness that they contain.

Zeta: No, I will say to you that these supposedly inanimate objects are conscious things, and that  the difference is in the level that you communicate with them, as you are only a construct of matter as they are a construct of matter.

Interviewer: Yes, at the level of matter, but at the level of consciousness there is supposedly a difference. We have been told that there is a special class of consciousness from which souls were derived, and this consciousness has self-awareness. It knows that it exists.

Zeta: There is self-awareness, yes, but I think this is a little bit complicated, and we are using a very simple work. Your table is aware because it is made of matter, and matter at its basic level is consciousness. It can not communicate because it does not have the required physical components. I cannot in some way speak to the table, although I can sense the table as you can sense frequency from a stone. If I was to hold a stone in my hand, or a table or a chair or any other item, I would receive information from the energy of the item.

Interviewer: But the question was, how does the representation of that item separate from the representation of one of us, for example? If all is represented at a fundamental level by frequency resonations (yes) then those frequency resonations have to shift when we rearrange those objects.

Zeta: When you move, are you conjoined with the table?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: How?

Interviewer: By the resonations of the frequencies that represent the table and myself.

Zeta: And what stops you from leaving that resonation?

Interviewer: Nothing stops me, but I don't understand how things change in the frequency representation, that when we do change the arrangement of objects…

Zeta: It is the rearrangement that is the issue, or the rules are different analogy.

Interviewer: They are still unitary objects. The table is a table whether I stay or not, and I am me whether I leave or not. But at the fundamental level when I'm with the table here, I resonate with the table and everything is one in a sense …

Zeta: No, now I understand what you're saying. Do you believe that you are of the same frequency as the table?

Interviewer: But the table also has a number of different frequencies in it.

Zeta: Yes, of course, as do you. So you are a shape shifter, they call you. Matter is able to be in disassociation with other matter.

Interviewer: Yes, the question is, how does that happen at the level of frequency? Why is one set of frequencies, why do they stay together in order to make that object, as opposed to half of the frequencies of the table and half of the frequencies of me splitting off and becoming an object?

Zeta: That is an amusing question.

Interviewer: An amusing question?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: That's the crux of the problem.

Zeta: It's no problem, because at the basic construct of matter, it is held together by consciousness. The source entity, if you wish to say, understands form.

Interviewer: So it is my consciousness that decides, determines what components of the overall representation stays together in order for a table to remain a table.

Zeta: I find these questions amusing, and not because of any reason, but the perception is that there are … this is consciousness playing a game with itself, this is consciousness seeing itself in separation, this is the local consciousness having a level of thought believing itself to be in separation, filtering the other aspects of itself and hiding from itself. So it's rather amusing that the consciousness believes this to be so. Can you control who terminates?

Interviewer: When I terminate?

Zeta: Yes, without killing yourself, my friend. Step out of your body now and die. Can you do that?

Interviewer: Apparently not, no.

Zeta: No, but you can, that is the difference.

Interviewer: I can step out of my body and die.

Zeta: Yes, of course you can.

Interviewer: The body might die, but apparently my consciousness does not die, so what dies then?

Zeta: Matter disassociates itself.

Interviewer: Yes, I can understand that I might have been too focused on the physical.

Zeta: But we like to talk to you.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Zeta: Is everybody able to understand what we are saying or is it of a nature that is impractical for the sitting process? Do you have any questions that the others may understand rather than us talking to each other?

Interviewer2: On that subject, is the table of a different consciousness when it was a tree? It's changed through the life of the table.

Zeta: that is a very good question. The tree, the matter, is reformed to take shape. And no, it does not change, but what does change frequency is a reconstitution, and so if the matter was somehow completely pulled to pieces and then mixed with other substances, then it would recombine as a different type of energy. But of course, its consciousness itself would remain like a fabric that cannot be changed. And so it is consciousness seeking to find itself in separation, and presenting itself on many layers of understanding.

Interviewer3: May I ask when we hold a crystal or we sit with a tree, and we close our eyes and just blank out our mind and our thinking, and we can have some impression of some feeling come through, is that due to sitting with the crystal or the tree?

Zeta: There is an interlinking between… there are two stages to this. Of course we always try to simplify the process. And so, if you were to stand by a tree, or a human, or whatever, the etheric body of the entity, as all matter has a secondary body, would interlink with your own, and would perceive information from the field of the entity. But of course now, what if you want to connect to your crystal. If your crystal is a long distance away and you wish to connect to it, of course you cannot move into its proximity because physically you are a distance from it, and so how can you access it?

Interviewer3: By a thought pattern?

Zeta: Yes, because you move into the interconnected consciousness of all things, and so you can also gain information from that field, that body, that field which holds the information … there seems to be a request coming through for you (the first Interviewer) … There was discussion in regards to what was said to you about… the information that was given to you is not important, do you understand what was said?

Interviewer: That the information that you gave me was not important?

Zeta: No, I was saying that was part of a conversation, but that was the stream that I have received. Was there not an issue between you and the medium in regards to what was said? The information that you have been given, you somehow perceived to be false.

Interviewer: I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what I perceived to be false.

Zeta: You were talking about the human experiment, that you were able to place information into something to see if it worked even if it was inaccurate information. You still do not have the recollection of the conversation.

Interviewer: Were we talking about the experiment that you said you were doing?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: I was concerned that since our objectives were different, you were primarily interested in studying social interactions between your race and ours (yes), and I was primarily interested in finding out new information about the nature of reality, I was concerned that the accuracy of the information that you gave me might suffer because our objectives were different. The question is, can I still depend on the accuracy of the information you give me.

Zeta: The discussion is the conjoining frequency, if you wish, the discussion must be accurate because, if it is inaccurate then we will not get the correct results from you.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you, that clarifies that.

Zeta: There seemed to be some energy in the fabric of the room that was a residual effect from that conversation which we had.

Interviewer: Thank you, I understand now.

Zeta: Have I ever demanded anything of you?

Interviewer: No, what I've done has always been for reasons that I thought were beneficial to all.

Zeta: For the others that have spoken with us, have we ever asked anything of you?

sitters: No, no, never.

Zeta: Have we only given?

sitters: Yes, yes.

Zeta: We have also stated that you must secure your own truth in regards to all things. Any entity that comes to you and states that you must believe what is said, then you are in error. Challenge all things and then use your intuitive abilities to find your truth.

Interviewer: And that's possible because you've told us that all is illusion.

Zeta: That is an interesting conversation.

Zeta: You must understand that you are one race, or perceived to be one race. There are many other races which we interact with, and there are many other races that interact with you as humans. But whether your perception is, or whether you are able to understand that you are being interacted with is of a different level of consciousness.

I would say to you all that, as a basis for discussion, hold your frequency until you understand, when another comes to you and changes your emotional state, and they are, and you are, allowing your frequency to change. That would manifest itself as a level of happiness within a human form. When you allow others to change you, you are giving your will over to another entity. And now the other discussion is that, of course, all is illusion.

sitter: I feel I'm struggling a bit and I need to understand why that is.

Zeta: Wait for a moment. How are you struggling?

sitter: Feeling nauseous again, just wondering because it never happened, I wish to know why.

Zeta: Yes, I will explain to you why. There are many spirits that are trying to interfere with the sitting. We are fending them off, as you say. There have been many spiritual entities that have been brought into the house, and other spirit teams  have been in this area which also have residual energy, Now, as we are able to speak to you, we are able to hold the passage of the energy at that frequency level so that you are unaffected by it. But each time we allow the level of conscious that changes in regards to the medium's body, the residual energy and the other entities are trying to influence the room. They wish to speak to their loved ones. They are not a harmful entity at all, but quite often they come to view what is taking place. Wait for a moment... Is that any better?

sitter: Yes I think so, the beings left…

Zeta: Is that any better?

sitter: Yes …

Zeta: The other sitters are used to the very strong energies that come. If you were to sit with us continually, you would build capacity to withstand the entities that come around you. And so, I will give an explanation. As the other entities are trying to influence the frequency, to rebuild the amplitude of our connection to the medium, it then causes a physical response within your body because the frequency around you is changing. The spirit people do not mean any harm, but if they are able to influence the field that we are in, then… I will give you an example so you will understand this. If Two Crows, as he calls himself, enters the field, then you will suddenly feel much different because he has the capacity to move in and out of the energy of our race, and you may feel dizzy because he is a spirit process. But he is also much aligned with us, so he is able to move in and out but still, his level of energy will be magnified by moving to this level at this point.

I think the technical aspects of what actually takes place in this process is because they are not obvious in xxx most sitters, and it is only the medium that is in some way aware of what is to take place. So, the medium has consciousness, yes, and the medium's consciousness is in some way not with him, but any changes that are significant, the medium's local consciousness will step forward, and he will demand to know what is the problem. This is a safety mechanism that has been put in place. I must then respond to his questioning process, and so we will stop and start a sitting, which shows you that the medium has much control over what is taking place. The mediums that state that they are in some deep trance are actually influencing their own sittings because the capacity of the conscious minds influence the entity that is speaking through them. The entity becomes part of the subconscious mind, and so it is often seen that the medium is speaking from himself. But many would be unaware that they are speaking from their own mind because the subconsciousness has the capacity to bypass the local consciousness.

Do you expect your guides to have some control? (I do) Yes of course. Should they be able to help you? (yes) What if they are not helping you? How many guides are able to perform the function that they wish to because they have not grown into that level of understanding, such as the John Collins entity. I would not be able to withstand a imposition from other spirits. There is also the process where extraterrestrial, as you call them, or other races try to break through to the sitting, so we must also fend them off as well. Sometimes it's not worth the sitting because there is too much consciousness focused on the process. A, and I do not like to use this word, a master guide should be able to control what is, and if your master guide is your higher self, then there should be finite control in your environment.

Zeta: What have I just done? The sitter was in discomfort, the energy changed in the room, the door was opened, the framework of the sitting has changed, the spirit people have been ejected, and now the energy is returning to normal. Should a guide be able to do that?

s: I would think so, yes.

Zeta: Yes, you must be able to feel safe with your guide, you must trust your guide, you must build a relationship with your guide. If you are under attack, as you say, then you must be able to speak to your guide, else you will be at the mercy of many entities. But you must also understand that you need to work with your level of consciousness in regards to the energy that you hold.

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