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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: And so, why are you producing the energy?

Interviewer: I want to make contact with the spirits in the spirit realm and also where you come from.

Zeta: But you can't produce the energy and not have any contact, and so it is the opposite effect, that it is when you are initially contacted by a being or entity that you feel a drawing sensation from him as if something has been activated, and so it is from there they are activating the connection between you and them.

Interviewer: When I feel it, I am being acted upon by….

Zeta: Yes, you are influenced. Now of course, the human has the capability of producing a vast amount of energy, and so one may find that the etheric body is moving to an increased size when they are building their own energy, that they are not in contact with another entity, and that is their training, and so they must learn to differentiate between what is of their own making and what is activated by an external entity, and this is quite simple to determine if you are not sitting and focusing but it is a random act, and you will certainly feel that you are being acted upon by an entity.

And now, interestingly, you were able to sense the energy and were able to walk away from the dome or the shield, whatever words the medium has made up for this process, that you were able to sense the energy of that, the increase in the size, you were being influenced by the shield that was being created near the sitting. And now, of course, the closer you came to it, the more your etheric body reacted to the shield, and the further you moved away from this device, the less you felt. But that is not the same as when you are being acted upon, because you are able to walk away from the shield, but with an entity you are not able to walk away from it.

Interviewer: Later that evening, we did go back to the seance room and there was an entity there that acted upon me, and it followed me back to the house. The sensation was somewhat similar.

Zeta: Keep going with your story.

Interviewer: The sensation also came this morning when I was holding a small stone that I had a previous experience with. Was that acting upon me, or was I simply creating my own energy?

Zeta: You were acting upon it, but continue on with your entity story.

Interviewer: Me and another person, we went back together and she was reluctant to enter the room. I went in and immediately felt a warmth and pressure acting upon my body. We turned around and headed back to the house, and I could feel the same sensation accompany me back to the house. Before we entered, it went away. I don't know anything more about what was following me, what its intentions were or anything like that. Can you enlighten me on that?

Zeta: Let us go back to the beginning of your story. Who entered the room first?

Interviewer: I entered the room first.

Zeta: What did you sense?

Interviewer: I felt something kind of hit me, there was sort of a whole body feeling. I guess I would describe it as slightly warm.

Zeta: Were you in fear?

Interviewer: No I wasn't at that point. I don't think I was ever really in fear. If there was fear, it was generated by the emotions of the person with me.

Zeta: The other person, yes. So what did you determine from this? This will be difficult but what would you have determined if the other female was not with you?

Interviewer: I would have still felt the sensation.

Zeta: But what would you have felt?

Interviewer: A presence, I would have felt a presence without any emotion to speak of, I think.

Zeta: Would have you been fearful?

Interviewer: I don't think so, there was no tendency, I was interested, I was surprised, and I wondered what it was, but there was no cause to fear as far as I could tell. I don't know what would have happened if I had stayed longer or if I had felt more happening. It's possible that it might have generated some fear, I don't know.

Zeta: What did the medium do?

Interviewer: We went back out to take another look, and when we went back to the room where this happened, neither of us could really feel much of anything. The entity, whatever it was, seemed to have departed

Zeta: But what did the medium do then?

Interviewer: I don't remember exactly.

Zeta: Would you like me to tell you?

Interviewer: Yes, please tell me.

Zeta: You turned on the lights, he told you to turn them off, he then walked in the dark up to the cabinet and opened the curtains and stood there. Do you remember that? (no) That is what happened.

Interviewer: Okay, and what did that accomplish?

Zeta: It shows you that what you focus on you create. What you believe to be true, or do not believe to be true can affect you. We have told the medium that we will not allow him to be taken over by any entity, and so he does not hold the level of fear that another may. I believe that you were influenced by the other female.

Interviewer: By her fear?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: And this created the entity?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Oh, I see.

Zeta: The energy obviously existed in the room, but the energy itself is just a neutral process. Quite often humans scare themselves, but that does not mean that an entity cannot come, but you must, if that takes place, stand your ground. It does not mean to rush in foolishly and get harmed.

Zeta: This is a training from the intuitive spots xxxx. Quite often many of the entities that are believed to exist, do not exist at all, or exist only in the mind.

Zeta: You need to look at that summation rather than conjecture, but with the energetic presence that has built up by us and others, and the energetic dome, the forms the functions xxxxx. And xxx xxx xxx the spirit people and other races… You may feel what you wish, but if you are not in any way physically affected then the entity comes from within, but if an external influence is placed upon you such as a migraine, as you call it, or you are unable to see, or there are many ways to determine this but the influence is then, apart from being generally xxx, then you are being impressed by the energy, impressed in an egotistical way. They are trying to impress upon you their presence, they are trying to influence you by their consciousness.

Interviewer: What motivates them?

Zeta: Because they are much aligned with the physical realm, and of course depending on who they are, they seek to control, and if they can control you through fear, they have you.

Interviewer: So the migraines and things like that are an attempt to engender fear?

Zeta: What does it tell you that there is a lack of control, and so if the medium is suffering from a migraine, that you too a attack xxxxx, but then the medium has nothing to fear. Initially, he may have been many years ago. It is because he has waited too long to do something about it, but a person who is not trained would feel helpless that they were under attack and would call for their guides who somehow would come.

Interviewer: What would be the purpose of the so-called attack? We eat because we are hungry, the entity would give a person a migraine for what reason?

Zeta: They would not understand that they were giving you a migraine. They would understand that they were able to associate with what was once their physical form, the pleasure of being in the physical. But it manifests in the human being as a different type of xxx.

Interviewer: can you describe to any degree how you moved an entity off?

Zeta: Yes of course, I understand the question. I moved into the presence of the medium, the frequency that I hold is much different from spirit people. They are unable to maintain their level of consciousness when we are around so they must leave our environment.

Interviewer: So there is an incompatibility between their state of existence and your own?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: And yours is, because its a higher frequency (yes), overrides the other one?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: So if we wanted to be able to do that ourselves, we would have to learn to raise our frequency, raise our level of consciousness.

Zeta: Yes, or to be in tune with a guide entity that was already at that level, or a loved one that you knew could somehow raise your frequency. Or to, as you say, be with love.

Interviewer: So we can call on any loving entity that we can think of, and that would be sufficient.

Zeta: If you felt the… let me think of a way of explaining it. Do you love your wife?

Interviewer: Yes, I do.

Zeta: When you have emotional content for the love, and so within your chest parameter you feel a certain emotion, you feel that you love your wife, and so there are two different situations. One is where you are asked, do you love your wife, the other one is where you actually feel the emotion of love, that strong emotion. That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency, because the emotional body is resonating in conjunction with the etheric body, and that's the frequency that you are emanating is based, has it's core basis in the emotional of love.

But you do not need to be in love to defend yourself. It is a matter of acting upon your thought process, understanding who you are.

Interviewer: How can understanding who I am fend off energy that I don't want to experience?

Zeta: I will give you an example once again. Did the medium tell you he had a visitor that came into his dream state? It was a grey entity as you call it.

Interviewer: Oh yes, yes.

Zeta: How did he defend himself?

Interviewer: I don't recall the details if he did tell me, on how he defended himself.

Zeta: He remembered who he was.

Interviewer: He did say that much, but I didn't know what that meant.

Zeta: That was enough to drive the entity away.

Interviewer: And what does it mean to remember who you are?

Zeta: It means to understand who you are outside of your physical entity, and not to be lead astray by the local consciousness. And so, if you spend much time in meditation and seek the inner part, as we say to many, you will find that you have much power over xxx too, and go on many journeys to exist in many states, because once you, if you ever are able to leave your physical body at will, you will need to know who you are, so that if you come upon other entities, you may stand in your energy.

There is no need for confrontation, but these things are a matter of xxx. There is no confrontation when you stand within yourself. If another entity that was a higher vibration frequency than you would come to you, then you would sense love from him. You would not be trying to defend yourself from a loving entity, but you would be allowing your frequency, your emotions to increase as you become one with the entity. But the opposite applies when the entity comes to you. It sees you in some respects as a higher level frequency entity and tries to join to you as you join to another loving entity. And so, if you are unable to withstand the joining process, because many times when we have encountered the spirit people that have not transitioned correctly, but we are able to withstand joining to them, so we can explain to them what is taking place.

Interviewer: So, in order to know who I am, I have to understand that I am a loving entity?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, and act accordingly.

Interviewer: So when I ask a very loving entity to help me and I resonate with it, how is that different from a lower level entity, a lower frequency entity, wanting to resonate with me.

Zeta: Because the capacity of the consciousness of the, and we will use your human constructs, if you were to see an angel, and you felt the love from the angel, you would understand that you were increasing in frequency and emotional capacity. But the angel, or the entity that is appearing as the angel, would be sensing a lower form coming towards it, but the angel would not reject you because it understood that it has greater capacity to give you experience, and to even possibly change you.

But a human would struggle to allow a low frequency entity to come to it, to be xxx. They would perceive it as some sort of attack. But if you knew who you were, you may link to the entity.

Now I will tell you another story.  The medium was faced with a spirit person in the house and did not want to link to the entity because he believed that the entity would somehow possess him. After three days of fighting the entity, he decided to allow the linking process to take place, and he found it was a small child that was trying to communicate with him. But because the child was much close to the physical, the medium felt like he was being attacked. But once the medium understood what was taking place, his perception changed of the situation, and he started speaking to the entity, and of course straightaway a physical manifestation started to occur around the medium, the headaches, the blurred vision all stopped. But he had to be brought to a place where he understood what was happening.

Interviewer: But he linked to the entity before he knew what it was (yes). If it had not been a small girl, but rather a more powerful low-frequency entity, could he have broken the link at that point?

Zeta: He would have had to use his guides to … There was much preparation, we were standing in the background of what was taking place. He had alerted us of what he was to try to do.

Interviewer: So it's not an approach that could be used by everyone.

Zeta: Well if you inadvertently had moved to places where these frequencies are, then they will attach themselves to you, and you may not understand why or how to get rid of them.

Interviewer: So you would need to have the help of your guides or whoever else was willing to help.

Zeta: When a child is to build something, they are shown by an adult how to construct it properly. If the child built it by himself, it would not look like what it xxx xxx.

Interviewer: So proper guidance is useful, as you say.

Zeta: Yes, of course, but as in any situation a guide will always allow their friends to get into trouble, as you say, or the perception of trouble.

Interviewer: Hmm, and not stand in the way of their learning.

Zeta: That is correct, yes.

Zeta: Why have we had this conversation tonight?

Interviewer: When you want to go somewhere, it's always useful to have a roadmap and understand where you're going.

Zeta: Yes… we are now finished with our discussion. We have given you the understanding of the basis for connection. That is much better than any answer to a question that you could have thought of. You now know the difference between your own energy and other's? You have been give an experience of different kinds of energy, some which existed, others which did not. You have been able to sense energy. The rest is now up to you.

Interviewer: Thank you.

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