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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: I want to understand more about the collective.

Zeta: I am an individual. The collective operates as a combined level of consciousness. How to explain the human consciousness? Are you seeking defined parameters for the collective mind?

Interviewer: It was mentioned last night that they are trying to do that to the earth people as well, so I just want to know whether the decision takes into account everybody's feelings, everybody's point of view, or is it majority rules, or does everybody think the same because you're part of the collective?

Zeta: We do not all think the same, but where the matters of a race's survival are of the utmost importance, the elders are the ones who be the ultimate decision-based process, but there is agreement on any collective scale for the survival of a race. Each performs their own function.

Interviewer: When they ask us to become a more powerful collective, how are they doing that?

Zeta: You are not to become a zeta collective. You are already part of a human collective mind, but the incarnation of many races into the human form and container is based around the premise that you are able to evolve into a higher operational consciousness as a race.

Interviewer: We're still going to have free will?

Zeta: You believe you do not have free will, is that what you are saying?

Interviewer: I was worried that they were going to try to take away our free will?

Zeta: Who is we and who is taking away your free will?

Interviewer: The government, I suppose.

Zeta: is your government creating the collective consciousness of the planet?

Interviewer: No.

Zeta: Then why are you blaming them for?

Interviewer: I thought they might be trying to take more control, to get us to do more what they want us to do.

Zeta: But is that going to change the spirit realm process? What will it change?

Interviewer: You're saying that our collective is the spirit realm.

Zeta: No, not at all, I am saying that the collective consciousness of the human race is creating the collective mind of the race, and now of course, there is interconnectivity between all things, but you are affected only by the thought processes that affects within the collective mind of the human form. When you transition from the existence of a human container, you are then free to move into your spirit realm process and next state. I want to say that the human collective mind is being shaped by all thoughts, but I also wanted to say to you that do not blame your government for the way that you think.

Interviewer: That's not what I was worried about.

Zeta: Who are you worried about?

Interviewer: Didn't you say that the government wants control over us?

Zeta: Your government controls through their normal government's processes, but the underlying manipulation is by a smaller group of human beings. Are you not manipulated by your religious processes? Are not your many structures based around what you fear?

Interviewer: In my study of what the zetas have told us, I've tried to form a coherent model of what might be happening in the consciousness realm, and I think what I would like to do is have some kind of confirmation that my ideas are correct.

Zeta: And what are your ideas?

Interviewer: You often talk about a spirit's state of existence, and that the state of existence is characterized by a highest possible frequency, and different people have different states of existence, therefore there is a variability in this frequency. This consciousness, when it creates something, it uses this highest possible frequency in order to do so. Now, let's say that I wanted to create an object using my thought processes, I would use the frequency available to me in my state of existence, and I would change that frequency according to the object  that I want to create. Then the result of that would conjoin with the original highest possible frequency, and the resulting resonation would form a representation of the object in the grid. This becomes what I would consider a public representation, and if someone else comes along and is able to generate the same highest possible frequency, they can also experience the thought form that I have placed in the grid.

Zeta: That is correct, yes. I do agree with what you have said.

Interviewer: Thank you very much.

Zeta: Let me add though that the consciousness of an entity is creating at it's highest possible frequency, and so, once the, we will say object, although the object could be many forms, then another entity operating at that frequency or higher would be able to access the object, but only beings at that frequency and above.

Interviewer: Right, so this means that a being operating at a high frequency and creating objects using that frequency, uh, someone operating at a lower frequency would not be able to experience the same thing.

Zeta: No, not at all.

Interviewer: And is it true also that this scale of frequency that is used to create is also correlated with the ability to love? Higher frequency entities are more able to love?

Zeta: I would agree.

Interviewer: So that means then that a being can avoid interacting with low frequency beings simply by increasing their state of love.

Zeta: But the being that is in love would not avoid interacting with any entity under that frequency.

Interviewer: Right, because a high frequency being is capable of …

Zeta: It is the dominating process.

Interviewer: But people often talk about low frequency entities and being in fear of them, and according to my way of thinking, the best way to deal with a low frequency entity who may wish to harm is to project your love onto this entity.

Zeta: If you are able to produce that frequency.

Interviewer: Yes, if you are able.

Zeta: But you would be, if you were in fear of the entity, you would be at an operational level that would equal that frequency.

Interviewer: Exactly.

Zeta: As you would be in fear, but if you were in a frequency that was higher than that of the other frequency, then you would not be in fear of it.

Interviewer: Right, so the best defence is to be able to love this entity that you fear, or that ...

Zeta: That you do not fear.

Interviewer: So that you do not fear it anymore.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: Good. In other discussions you have told us how humans when they incarnate are able to exist in many different time lines simultaneously, and I still have some questions about how that process works.

Zeta: Continue.

Interviewer: When a spirit in the spirit world decides to have another physical incarnation, and is able to exist in a number of different time lines, it is still one entity, and I'm wondering how one entity can exist in multiple timelines. Is the consciousness of that entity duplicated and so can exist (yes) oh it can, so it's an exact duplicate?

Zeta:I would say though that the similarity has two forms.

Interviewer: There are differences?

Zeta: The similarity has differences.

Interviewer: So they're not precisely the same?

Zeta: No, that is based upon the mistake that much of the discussion we are having is based on theoretical models that we have discussed with others amongst our race. There is no guarantee that what is said on this subject is known to be a truth.

Interviewer: Is this because the zeta race does not participate in this process?

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: I see.

Zeta: There are only probabilities in the xxxx.

Interviewer: Is one of the reasons a zeta may wish to be incarnated in a human container the possibility that he can experience the existence of multiple timelines?

Zeta: That is a very complicated question because it has a multi-faceted component to it. Let me explain. The collective consciousness of the race is based on multiple frequencies. Now, if you as a zeta entity are in operation within one of those frequencies, if you were to incarnate, as you say, into a container, the timeline that you incarnate to, the real issue is, my friend, that the time lines are not what you believe them to be. They are not segmented by your time process. They are based on dimensional aspects and frequency. So when the discussion of a timeline is due, there is a deception that they are a segment related to each of the incarnations. But what is taking place is that you are in operation in frequency, and depending on frequency will depend on the type of interaction that you will have with your perceived reality.

Interviewer: Are the different timelines, were they created using different frequencies?

Zeta: They exist in frequency.

Interviewer: So one might differ from the other because their state of existence, the frequency that was used to create them …

Zeta: Say that again?

Interviewer: If you had two time lines, would one have been created using a different frequency than the other?

Zeta: Yes, but there is also the ability of many races to create a mirror image of a current timeline, and then place functions within the timeline to understand the perceived probability.

Interviewer: Now this being in the spirit world who wants to live another physical existence, I understand that the broad strokes of this persons physical existence will be predetermined before he is actually born? Would that be correct?

Zeta: I will give you an example. That medium in front of the other medium was predetermined to exist within this timeline. Wouldn't this reality, the broad brush strokes, as you say…

Interviewer: That was part of what was predetermined.

Zeta: It was.

Interviewer: So each of us chooses a particular point in time that would fulfill the requirements for that life, I understand.

Zeta: Much of the spirit realm is in chaos, but a lot of chaos that is there according to your ability, that it is a tumultuous process of development, whereas the zeta race, the plan what is to do with the incarnation, they are precise insertions into the container.

Interviewer: But I understood that that is what a spirit entity does as well before the incarnation, the decision is made as to what the lesson is to be learned in this life. So that would involve also specifying to some extent what kind of life that person will lead.

Zeta: Yes, my friend, but remember when you are having discussions with us that you may be speaking about the human existence, and the point of origin entity may be a spiritual entity as you say, we will also indicate to you that we are talking about our own race as well.

Interviewer: But in the context of the timelines, the use of the timelines are different depending on the point of origin.

Zeta: When a spirit entity decides to incarnate into a physical form, it may be based on the personal experience that the entity wishes to receive, whereas when the collective consciousness entity from the zeta race is placed within a human form, it is a planned process and not by the individual. It is based on the collective will of the race, whereas your spirit realm does not have that level of control in regards to what is to manifest. Else there would be no war, the operational frequency of all humans will be at a level of love, as you say.

Interviewer: There is one question that I couldn't resolve; that is, the timelines presumably are used by many different entities born at roughly the same time, and I'm wondering how the needs of so many beings can be satisfied simultaneously. They are not born simultaneously, the timeline is continuously being modified by the beings that already exist there, and yet a timeline is chosen as a vehicle for a new entity to experience something. It sounds to me like a huge optimization problem which I don't see how one would solve.

Zeta: Can you give me an example?

Interviewer: If you have ten beings who are already living a physical existence, and there is a new entity wishing to be born with certain objectives in mind, and a copy of that individual's consciousness is placed into a particular timeline …

Zeta: Is it a spirit being?

Interviewer: Yes, it is a spirit consciousness, and there are already ten other spirits existing on that timeline who came there, were placed there, before any knowledge of the new being wishing to experience that timeline is in place.

Zeta: Are they all the same entity?

Interviewer: No, they're different entities.

Zeta: Continue on.

Interviewer: By inserting the new entity, you are changing the timeline for the beings that already exist.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So the beings that already exist had their own objectives for being there, and when they were born the new entity we are talking about was not yet thought of, and so by the new entity being born, the conditions are changing on the timeline that is being experienced by the ten other beings.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: So in effect, the new entity is interfering with the objectives of the existing entities.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: Is that an issue that the spirit world is concerned with when they introduce a new entity?

Zeta: I do not believe that the spirit realm has the capacity to understand that technical issue.

Interviewer: So when you're dealing with billions of people, the chances of the new entities objectives being realized are probably …

Zeta: Minimal at best.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: That is why when a decision is made to insert a extraterrestrial, as you call it, into a container, that there is great thought placed into what will be the purpose, what is there to offer, how can there be change.

Interviewer: But if that problem can be dealt with by an extraterrestrial, then why not by spirits in the spirit realm? The problem is the same.

Zeta: Because, as stated previously, when you were to incarnate into your form, there was not a collective decision made by the spirit realm as to what function you would perform.

Interviewer: So it is easier for the collective to solve that problem than for an individual, I think that would be your answer.

Zeta: There are many levels of thought that must take place before a decision is made as to what type of insertion there will be. There are many levels of thought that must take place for the spirit realm to move to other levels of existence. This is why many of the spirit teams, as they are called, are now aided by a distant race.

Interviewer: Are there some extraterrestrial races that have more expertise in guiding the planning of a new human physical existence?

Zeta: Do not believe that you are the only race existing within the universe. There are many races that are supporting many civilizations.

Interviewer: Yes, but with particularly humans, it seems almost as if there is a Human Project that extraterrestrial races are helping to move forward.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Our containers apparently were, if not created, at least developed by the Anunnaki, there are stories about other races contributing to human culture and knowledge, and now you're saying that there are extraterrestrial races that actually guide the reincarnation process. So are these things all connected in some way?

Zeta: There is connectivity in all things.

Interviewer: Yes, but in this particular case, were these three kinds of, we might say, intrusions into human development planned together to make things turn out a certain way?

Zeta: If only there were such a level of cooperation.

Interviewer: It's more random than that, eh?

Zeta: Unfortunately, yes. May I ask a question? Do the other sitters understand what is being said?

sitter: We're all listening intently.

Zeta: Are there any questions in regards to what has been said? Because this is a group discussion and we do not wish to make you feel unwelcome.

sitters: (voiced satisfaction with the process)

Interviewer: In relation to the time lines again, we agreed earlier that they differ in terms of their state of existence, they were created using different frequencies, and I was wondering if an entity or a being such as you or such as I, or a version of me living on one timeline, and I manage to develop to the point where I was able to project more love onto other entities in the timeline and the timeline itself. By doing so, I would exceed the frequency that was used to make …

Zeta: No, you may not change, you may not move outside of the… if you can imagine that everything is encapsulated within a tubular form, that you are a conduit. No matter how hard you try, you cannot influence the other conduits, else there would be chaos.

Interviewer: I thought this might be a way for all the timelines to eventually merge or converge to a high frequency state of existence, if it were possible for all entities to ...

Zeta: There will always exist low frequencies.

Interviewer: There could never be more than one representative of a particular spirit on one timeline. All right.

Interviewer: Can we travel in time using the different timelines.

Zeta: I want you to imagine this. Your mind from when you are born to when you transition is experienced by using a segmented fashion, and so it is divided into seconds, minutes, hours and days. You perceive that your life is a movement from one segment to the next. Do you understand? And now, if you are able to move your consciousness outside of that process, and understand that if you were to view your life from any point of view so that - I would need to speak in your language using your technolog - if you were able to at the age of thirty to view your life when you were five, it would seem to be that you were viewing now. If you then moved to the segment of the fourteenth year of youth, you would be viewing the now. There is no past, there is no future, there is now. But, consciousness is able to create an expansion around self, and thus what seems to be created in the future is actually an illusion of consciousness. So when you set the intent for something to take place in your tomorrow, you are changing the now, so that when you arrive at your now, the change has already taken place. But you would need to be a master of your consciousness and understand the ramifications of the changes.

Interviewer: (the Scole experiment, it was closed down because someone from the future played with time - what happened there?)

Zeta: I understand the concept that you are discussing with me, the now that was and then yields to the future. They tried to change the now which was supposedly in the past, but these are a concept of consciousness and do not exist as time is an illusion.

Interviewer: It's not possible for us to go back into our past now and change it, or would that create a different timeline that is a different existence altogether?

Zeta: I believe that there are some entities that are not of human form that would be able to go into the past now and change the future now, but the question would be, without being the observer of your own timeline you would not understand that you had made the change, because the change would have occurred in the past now.

Interviewer: So if we did it, we wouldn't know we did it.

Zeta: That is correct.

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