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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: Who created the spirit realm?

Zeta: The other races created the spirit realm. As you know and has been stated, prior to the existence of the human form, the spirit realm entities did not exist. Many of the animals existed, were here before the humans, and other races populated the earth. There were many other races who lived here well before the human race were. It depends on the race as to what spirit realm is required for them, what type of transitional process is required for them. Some entities do not require a container to be helping them, and of course did not hold entities that do not require the holding states, as they are unable to self-terminate or to be terminated because they only move through frequencies.

Interviewer: So as soon as humans started occupying this planet, they started occupying a spirit realm, is that correct?

Zeta: The spirit realm is a singular container for this one race, each race has its own spirit container, else if you spoke to a spiritual entity, they would have a complete understanding of all of the races, because they would interact with many of the races, but at a certain level within the construct of the spirit realm.

There is connectivity between all of the nominexistence. That is how the information is transferred back to the source entity. There is hierarchical structure within the multiverse.

Interviewer: (asking about the vortex, need vortex to come through, here we have a natural vortex, how did that process happen?)

Zeta: From a telepathic point of view, there is a level of harmony required, and so there is much harmony in this physical environment. We believe that many humans think that a vortex is a funnel-type device, but generally, it is a descriptive process that is utilized to give an understanding of a process. And now, it would be more accurate to state that what exists between frequencies is an intermediate layer of a connectivity between the two which allows a crossing over or a crossing between the formations.

And so let me explain or give you a valid xxxx xxxx. If this is a room, there is a room on the other side of that wall, if a door is placed in between the rooms, then we may enter through the door from one room to another, and so that would be the vortex process. This is all quite difficult to explain.

Interviewer: Would it be like where the frequencies could come more together?

Zeta: The frequency of this area compared to the frequency of where we are, these are different. The intermediate process is one which establishes a connection that allows transference between the areas of frequency, a stepping down from one frequency to another. I do not believe that the words exist to make the statements that are required.

Zeta: And now I will answer your question in regards to frequency. Someone has asked the medium, how do we know what frequency is when we have no time, as it is a calculation based on a segment of this. Frequency is defined by us by the level of consciousness that an entity holds, and so as you move from one frequency to the other, your consciousness is placed in an expected state. No numerical values are able to be given to what frequencies exist between us and your realm. Often we have noticed when the medium is playing with the recordings that are made between us and themselves that there is a frequency-based process where he is able to do different types of words that appear on the screen which show a level of volume I believe it to be, or have you said amplitude. Now, before us, one's consciousness defines the frequency, we have only ever used that word as a comparative process to try to give some meaning to the difference and to provide some comparison between your race and ours. Do you understand what I am saying?

Interviewer: Yes, thank you, I have a question to follow-up though.

Zeta: Yes, of course, I was being pressed by other zetas to answer your question because they felt that it was important.

Interviewer: Yes, I think it is fundamental and that is why I raised it. So when you talk about frequency, you are using the term as an analogy (yes) for another process, but it actually increases the confusion I think for humans who have a definite understanding of what frequency is (yes, of course), and you also increase that confusion by talking about resonation, because we would understand two different frequencies as resonating or being in harmony or not, and that reinforces our idea of what frequency is (yes)

Zeta: Because you live in a frame-based thought process. If every time I spoke to you and I only spoke of consciousness, consciousness being in harmony, then you would not understand what I was speaking to you about, so we have come up with a very obviously impractical way of speaking to you in regards to the frequency process. We understand that your time segmentation process allows you to calculate accurately between frequencies. It is like comparing two incomparable processes, and so we have adopted your language to try to create some understanding between us.

Interviewer: So that means that two different levels of consciousness can be more or less compatible with each other (yes) and that's what you mean by resonation?

Zeta: Yes, of course, and now we will always speak to you in that level rather than using your understanding of frequency.

Interviewer: I guess we should keep that because you've used the term in a number of different places.

Zeta: Would you like to keep the standard discussion process as it is used?

Interviewer: Yes, I think so, now that I understand that…

Zeta: Well then we will concur with that. I will explain to you that myself and another entity would be in consciousness, but a different consciousness, and so the frequency between us would be different, because the consciousness would either be of an expanded or contracted nature, But when I make that statement, that gives you no indication as to what is the mathematical basis of consciousness for the standard way of calculating the consciousness, whereas when we first met the human we were able to say that generally the cyclic rate of the etheric body was 8 cycles per second according to the ticking of the clock within the room, but this is a highly inaccurate process that we have allowed ourselves to become part of, but if we are to communicate with humans, we must adopt some of your thought pattern.

Interviewer: Ok, this gives me permission to think about frequency as an analogy rather than ...

Zeta: Yes, thank you, I think it is time for us to move past the very rudimentary understanding of what is.

Interviewer: I'd like to change to a discussion of the astral realm which you have already told us much about, it is forming the human collective consciousness (yes, of course), and its contents are the thought forms that are created by humans on earth.

Zeta: By the containers that are populated by consciousness (yes) that you call humans (yes).

Interviewer: There are a couple of statements that were made about the astral realm that I don't really understand. They suggest some interesting things and I wondered if you could expand upon them. You have said in the past that the realm exists in a state of pure consciousness, and the constructs in the astral are bound in synchronous existence. I can guess what that all could mean, but I prefer that you explain it to me yourself.

Zeta: You as a human civilization are mostly operating at the same level, and all of your thoughts as you know are entered into a collective mind. That collective mind, whether the thoughts are based in a… no matter what the thought process is, I was about to speak in terms of a lower type of thought or a higher type of thought, but it is irrelevant.

Interviewer: Can I interpret this to mean that all the astral constructs are created using one frequency of consciousness or one state of consciousness?

Zeta: I would say that that is an accurate statement, yes, and I would say that the reason that when you (how would I explain this), if you had a container of water and you were to place a colour into the water, one drop at a time, now initially as you are placing the drops of colour into the water, the change is indistinguishable depending on the volume of the water. At some point, if enough colour is placed into the water, then perceptible changes are eventually seen, do you understand? Now with the astral, or the collective consciousness, or mind, it is that the thoughts that are placed into the collective mind are creating one entity that exists as a stand-alone entity, and no longer would require a supporting mechanism such as a neural container, because consciousness creates consciousness. And too that as many more entities will be into the human container, that these processes and experiences are adding to the colour of the human collective consciousness, thus increasing the consciousness that comes into existence.

Interviewer: So the colour is gradually changing?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, and that is that once it has reached a certain colour, and we are only using an analogy, you will be accepted by other races.

Interviewer: Ok, that leads into a... we were also told that it's possible for the astral collective consciousness to be restructured by a single thought or collective thought of one mind.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Can you explain what that would mean?

Zeta: The collective mind is able to change itself once it becomes self-aware. Remember that consciousness… I will give you another analogy, unfortunately. When one of your children are born, they are in some way aware of their existence, and as they grow into a functioning power, their capacity to understand by comparison and experience then gives them a much better understanding of their own consciousness. The collective mind of the human race is developing the capacity to understand that it has the… it is becoming self-aware. It is not just a … there are many words I would like to use but, I do not know what communicatenation is.

Interviewer: Concatenation?

Zeta: Yes, it is not just a concatenation.

Interviewer: the total is greater than the sum of the parts?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So this sentence that I quoted doesn't suggest that the astral collective consciousness can be changed, as it says "restructured by a single thought or collective thought". This suggests to me that there can be a sudden change in the, say the level of consciousness.

Zeta: Yes my friend, because if the human population one day decided that it was to change, then the thought process, the combined collective thought of the human race, would, that one thought, would automatically create the capacity for the collective mind to be charged into action, to make a newly given mind.

Interviewer: You're talking about a tipping point? (yes) I see.

Zeta: That is why many beings are here supporting your collective consciousness because it is at this point a rudimentary level of consciousness which is not yet self-aware.

Interviewer: But at the tipping point, this one thought which causes the change… I'm trying to understand how this all relates to the individual human containers and the way they behave.

Zeta: Your mind answers the question, I believe. Your mind is full of countless thoughts. What is your predominant level of … if the predominant thought is one to harm, then one's actions are based in harm, but you are not designed that way. Your design, your predominant thought process is that you are to be compassionate and to do good for others. You have capacity within your construct to do harm, but do not, and so the collective consciousness has within it the capacity to do harm, but the predominant consciousness is that it is to be born of love.

Interviewer: After this tipping occurs, or this sudden change in the collective consciousness occurs, does this feedback then to the behaviour of the physical containers?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: So a lot of people will be dragged along with the change to become more compassionate?

Zeta: Yes, but there will also be many humans who choose not to be influenced by it as well. That is like your mind which has the capacity to compartmentalize many of the individual functions. And so as your mind is able to provide automated functions that you are locally unaware of, so will be the capacity of the collective mind also allow to have automated functions which will allow others to not participate within the structure.

Interviewer: But there will be a change in the predominant behaviour as you put it.

Zeta: Yes, of course, and then, of course, the other races which view you on your daily basis, will actively interact with the collective mind of the human race.

Interviewer: So that is what is stopping them from interacting with the human race?

Zeta: Yes, the colour is wrong, my friend, to use the analogy. It is still much of a rudimentary form, and any entities which exist within the astral realm will be isolated. They just don't understand that they are to be isolated.

Interviewer: So that is foreseen that they will lose the fight, so to speak.

Zeta: Yes, they will lose the fight, but they don't understand that. They do not have the capacity to have the energy to understand and be self-aware.

Interviewer: Are these the entities that are called the collectors?

Zeta: Yes, my friend.

Interviewer: I guess what we have just been talking about is what a lot of humans call the ascension process - the sudden change in the predominant behaviour of the collective consciousness?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, but their belief is based in the change according to the DNA structure of the physical body.

Interviewer: Yes, I guess most do. Do you foresee that the time for this shift in frequency of collective consciousness is near? Do you think it will happen soon?

Zeta: It is not as near as you prefer, or others are told it is so. As you add the colour into the water, it changes slowly and, depending on your life span will determine the viewpoint as to whether it was to take a quick time or a slow time.

Interviewer: The shift can be either fast or slow because, even though we call it a tipping point, it does not mean it will happen quickly.

Zeta: Yes, this is true, so there will be a tipping point, but of course then that is the catalyst for many things to happen. I will not be specific about this, because we are moving into the area of prediction, and we will not be drawn into that.

Interviewer: Are lei line energies useable by other entities?

Zeta: They are the doorways between the realms.

Interviewer: Is there a hierarchy that is aware they are not just a spirit world as another illusion?

Zeta: There are many consciousness that are aware of that. Unfortunately for us we have to continually use analogies because there is no other way to explain what is taking place. And so, you have a building which has many floors. The entities which are existing at the higher part of the building are able to see from a better vantage point. Now, the entities which exist in the bottom part of the building have a view, but it is a different view. The view that you now have as a human being, may change as you gain experience. If each of the floors in the building are various experiences, then as you move through your experiences you will gain a different viewpoint.

And so, for many of the pastings? within the spirit realm container that have a better view because of the experiences that they have had, understand that they have access to other consciousness, and other, and now resolve interchange, an interchange is where a physical entity would transition from one state to another.

Interviewer: Is there a development itself for the people who are actually there? is that similar to what you are talking about?

Zeta: If you choose, you have free will, and of course that is a different discussion. You have free will in all things, up to a certain point.

Interviewer: Are there people there who are aware of the illusion, and there is more going on

Zeta: Yes, because they are able to interact with other levels of consciousness that have come from other containers, and so at that point of exchange of interchange there is much information placed between the containers. But you must remember that this is a very limited discussion, and that much consciousness does not live within the spirit realm. Many entities have nothing to do with the spirit realm and the spirit realm concept.

Interviewer: It's not as simple as putting people into one box.

Zeta: Yes, I was trying to impress upon you that one box is a very limited viewpoint.

Interviewer: Have extraterrestrials always helped our ancestors get to where they are?

Zeta: Yes, you were created by extraterrestrials.

Interviewer: (where did apparent hi-tech come from thousands of years ago?)

Zeta: There was much more interaction between the races and the external races that we have today. Much of your technology excludes races from interacting with them.

Interviewer: Why did that die out?

Zeta: It was seen that a child must learn to walk. But they have returned.

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