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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: We were talking about apports. We were wondering if there was a limit on the size of the apport.

Zeta: That is dependent upon the ability of the spirit team as to what control of energy is capable of.

Interviewer: Would it help if several mediums sit together and combine the energy? That might help to get something big?

Zeta: I did not mean the combined teams would be preventing the apport.

Interviewer: But we never hear about it really big, not a quantity, more like a size, like a chair, of an apport, this don't happen.

Zeta: And may I ask why you are not able to ask your spirit guide that question?

Interviewer: I thought I'd save the question for you

Zeta: Why.

Interviewer: I don't know, I never thought of asking the spirit person, maybe I will, to see if they have the same view. They might have a different explanation. Also, I would like to ask is it possible to apport a living being like a cat or a dog, or smaller like a mouse or a fly? Or would it still exist?

Zeta: I do not have a mouse to apport, but if you have the technology you are able to transfer it.

Interviewer: Would it have a soul?

Interviewer: The reason for the question is, an apport is something that is manifested and copied from something that already exists. Under those circumstances it would not be apported without a soul.

Zeta: Let me explain something. It's just that your question is amusing. When we wish to place ourselves into another physical environment, we are able to form our consciousness to that point, and then create a process of materialization, but that is consciousness moving against itself, and then populating that. And so then you ask that question, a question of ethics then becomes the real discussion. If you are to transport a living entity with consciousness, you will not be producing the consciousness of the entity. And so it will be a rejected entity. It would not have life. It would arrive dead.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Zeta: And not that we have done this.

Interviewer: No, of course not.

Zeta: Why don't you ask your spirit…

Interviewer: I will.

Zeta: …to see if they have any understanding. We would be very interesting to see, I would appreciate the information.

Interviewer: I will do that.

Zeta: It would depend on who you ask. You would not be able to ask any medium in this room. It would have to be a medium who has not heard the answer to this question. The subconscious mind would simple replicate what it has heard.

Interviewer: You have told us much about how apports are made. There is another phenomenon that is somewhat similar, which I don't understand how it works, and that is teleportation. In some physical mediumship sittings, an object will be moved from one location to another, where the second location is in a sealed enclosed space. Could you explain how an object can be moved from one location to another, the same object, not like an apport which is a copy. This would be the same object that disappears and reappears at a different location.

Zeta: Give me an example of this story.

Interviewer: This phenomenon occurred in the Scole experiment. They described how a tennis ball on the table reappeared inside a sealed aquarium, a glass container.

Zeta: But do not your spirit friends dematerialize and then re-materialize.

Interviewer: Perhaps they do, do you have a mechanism for how that is done?

Zeta: Do you believe that all of the apports are copies of another entity?

Interviewer: This is what you have told us, I believe.

Zeta: There is no guarantee that the same process is followed by the spirit.

Interviewer: An apport can be made using different processes?

Zeta: An apport may be dematerialized and rematerialized. It does not necessarily need to be a copy. It would depend on the spirit's intention. And what about an apport that has never could have existed, but is created by a spirit entity, and then materialized.

Interviewer: This is all additional information that you did not provide us.

Zeta: I cannot provide you all of your information. You would like it all.

Interviewer: I know there could be a second stage. You told us how they are made with copies.

Zeta: I told you that you have now reached a state of maturity, and now we can discuss other matters. So just when you thought that you had it all, we will increase that level of knowledge.

Interviewer: Ok, can you explain then how that pingpong ball appeared inside that sealed container?

Zeta: The etheric body was moved to the other physical location, and matter then followed (if that was the process).

Interviewer: That means then that the matter did not pass through the intervening space. Where did the matter go as the etheric body moved from one location to the other? Is the matter still in our physical world somehow?

Zeta: There would be two ways to accomplish this. One would be to repopulate the etheric body within its container and discard the previous matter, or to, in some form, to reconstitute the matter and allow it to pass through the container and then repopulate the etheric body.

Interviewer: How would the matter…

Zeta: Matter through matter?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Because what you see has some… can for a time become be considered mumble mumble. Had not there been stories of mediums who have passed through matter? Maybe you should read…. (about this)

Interviewer: I'm not familiar with that particular case.

Zeta: And maybe you should be.

Interviewer: And maybe I should.

Interviewer: Please explain the energy system (etc)

Zeta: I am not any energy from any of the sitters, I do not require any energy. I require the medium to allow assimilation. I have my own energy. My local consciousness uses the human container as a vehicle for communication. The consciousness of the medium is overpowered by my consciousness. The local consciousness believes itself to be somewhere else, but it is asleep.

Some mediums believe that they are in such a deep state that they are away from themselves, but depending on the entity, depending on the training that they have been given, will determine how the local consciousness and the understanding that it has of its awakened state is then true to being so.

But then the protocol that your guide will teach you for induction so that you may have yourself placed in a state that is receptive to allowing your guide to come.

Why is that seen by any guide? And now, quite often a desire for us to feel energy so that it validates the experience is required. So the energy produced by consciousness of the new etheric body of the medium that is now populated by a different consciousness is expanded to, and thus there a energy difference. Other times, all that is required is a minimum of connectivity between the entity and their medium.

The medium may be somewhat aware of what is being said, but would not be interfering as they have been trained not to interfere in the stream of information. In doing so, the etheric body  of the medium is not expanded into vicinity of the sitters. And so, a little energy is required, the more that they are consciousness, expands and xxxx and the etheric body, the more draining it becomes for everybody. And this is where a spirit people will then start to draw energy from the sitters, because you have a frequency and have decided to participate in the sitting process. And so, if it is a purely spiritual encounter, your spirit friends may draw from your natural vitality to replenish the medium.

Basically, the less you exist, the more the guide can accomplish. That is the fear of letting go, because the belief structure is that there must be some level of control, but the truth be known that a medium must work for many years with a guide before this trust is built, and the medium can properly let go.

Now, many times, a medium has buried within his consciousness, emotional turmoil, it has imagination, it has the trauma, damage, so the deeper you evoke the consciousness is driven to allow the guide to come and to control, the more aware the medium becomes of these internal turmoils hidden processes. And so mediums often wonder why the more they are entranced, the more issues seem to come to the surface. Do you understand?

Interviewer: there is an issue that psychologists and philosophers have tried to deal with for a long time now, and that is when one perceives something like a colour, the colour that is perceived is correlated with the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation that hits the eye. They have never been able to explain where this particular experience of the colour comes from. Why do I see the colour red, for example, is there some mechanism deep within my consciousness that somehow gives me the experience of red?

Zeta: If you were taught that red was blue all your life, you would name it blue.

Interviewer: Yes, but again that is just a word that correlates with an experience. What I want to know is, where does redness come from when I perceive that particular colour of red.

Zeta: I don't have a proper understanding of your nuanced physiology, but it would be based on your genetic structure so that each of you is able to perceive certain frequencies, or what word would you use?

Interviewer: The same question applies to taste. We taste something because of a kind of lock and key mechanism in the particular …

Zeta: … to get a reaction.

Interviewer: Yes, but why do we taste something sweet or taste something sour, where do these sensations come from? I'm not looking for correlations with physical variables. What I'd like to understand is where these sensations arise.

Zeta: That is not something that I can answer.

Interviewer: No? ok.

Zeta: Have you not your medical doctors able to …

Interviewer: Some of it, but like I said, human science doesn't understand this.

Zeta: And you do not understand yourself.

Interviewer: Yes, that may well be, and that's why I'm looking for an answer.

Zeta: But we do not dissect you.

Interviewer: No, but the experience of the colour red is just in consciousness somehow.

Zeta: Yes, of course, what if you asked a spirit person, what colour is their clothes. They may answer you and tell you that they are red.

Interviewer: Right, why does their consciousness experience the colour red? Sure, they can tell me what it is, but I would like to know why they experience it. It must have something to do with the nature of consciousness.

Zeta: An interesting question, my friend, something I have not pondered before. But it will be a perception from my point of consciousness that there is a standardized process within consciousness for a trace that allows you to have a perception of what is bound to your physical reality, and so the hologram that you state, is correlated by in making this a bridge allows you to all experience the same thing. If I was to eat, which I do not, something which was, as you say, sweet, I'm sure that my consciousness would perceive it differently than your consciousness. It may taste bland.

Interviewer: Yes, these sensations are very personal, so you are right, what you experience may not be the same as what I experience, to the same stimulus.

Zeta: Has not your science worked on this?

Interviewer: Philosophers mostly have tried to deal with this question. Again, scientists correlate the sensation with physical parameters, but they don't understand where the actual experience comes from. It's left to philosophers to talk about.

Zeta: And so when you die and you no longer exist in your physical body, would you know what red is?

Interviewer: I think I would because people who have returned from death have talked about experiencing colours.

Zeta: Does a spirit know that his boots are black?

Interviewer: That's a good point, because he doesn't experience the same physical stimulus that we do, so he has created the colour. He starts with the sensation and ends with the perception.

Zeta: It is consciousness at work then. There must be some structure with a well defined in the universe that gives understanding to what is within the structure.

Interviewer: That's probably as far as we can go to an understanding, would you say that was true? There is some mechanism within a structure...

Zeta: I would say that I have viewed a portion of the information available and given you that answer.

Interviewer: Yes, all right, that's the end of that. Should I continue with another question?

Zeta: Continue on with the questioning.

Interviewer: There is a question about your ability to visit us in physical form. The medium has said that you do not allow your craft to readily appear to humans because there is an issue of safety that concerns you. I'm wondering if safety is an issue. Is it our safety or the safety of the craft and crew that concerns you, is it ours or your safety?

Zeta: Both. Of course I am concerned about what happens to the occupants of the craft. I am also concerned about the safety of the being which is the craft. I am also concerned with the environment in which the craft lives. I am also concerned with what may happen to a human if they were to approach a craft. Many humans would become instantly unwell, and then suffer the system disorders because the frequency would change their body's ability to understand how to repair itself.

Interviewer: There would be a minimum distance then, I suppose, that humans should approach?

Zeta: Yes, of course, you would never get, unless there was an accident, within 30 meters to 50 meters from the craft. So when we visit the medium, the craft is normally about 30 or more meters in diameter. The physical body is unable to cope with the changes.

Interviewer: hmmm

Zeta: Let me make something quite clear. If you were an alien life form, and your family came to visit you, and you are in a different form, how are we to interact unless we change the environment that you exist in. And now of course your human consciousness would not understand this new environment, and so it is put to sleep until you are aboard.

Now, at that point, no entity is shielded from the frequency of the craft, and the higher self entity which is the one who is having the experience, is brought forth and is speaking to the occupants of the craft. That is the positive communication with self. Then there is the other type of process where some are taken against their will, encased in the craft and have certain procedures performed on them. If I tell you that some of these people that are taken aboard a craft and have, what is the name of the experience, a hybrid form, would you then be able to separate between the hybrids and the non-hybrid humans. We are now entering in the phase of our discussion I think there is enough said. You may need to think deeply about what I have said.

Interviewer: All right, thank you.

Zeta: Put your paper away.

Interviewer: But I have more questions.

Zeta: You always have more questions.

Interviewer: But the next one is an easy one for you.

Zeta: What is your question?

Interviewer: It's this business about the Anunnaki. They seem to be unable to communicate well with the medium because of their increasing distance from us, and it occurred to me that you do not have the same limitation. You are able to communicate from much farther away

Zeta: From anywhere.

Interviewer: I was wondering if you could tell us the difference in the technology used by the Anunnaki to communicate with the medium and what you use.

Zeta: The medium has been trained to receive us. The medium also has other attributes which relate to the race. The medium does not have attributes which relate to the Anunnaki. I'll not go into that in front of other people. That was not a simple question

Interviewer: Well, I didn't know the answer so I guess I didn't really know.

Zeta: Nah, ok that's it.

Interviewer: Thank you

Zeta: i have enjoyed speaking to each of you, as it could be.

Interviewer: Thank you

Zeta: But I perceive that it is time for you to ask your spirit friends to say a question and gauge the answers that you are given. You are given the task of increasing the collective consciousness of the human race, and you are in a situation where you are given access to different types of entities and information. If you are not active in seeking to support others in expanding their consciousness, then you are not a supportive being. A frequency change of the collective mind to be in evidence. Do you understand what I am saying? It is no point in talking to us if you are not talking to others and keeping it all to yourself.

It may be quite safe that you have a task to perform whether it be from spirit people, or for other races. But you are xxxx, that is not the discussion. One which would take up time has been to talk about the collective of the collective mind and what you are creating, who you are to become, why some of you have come from a distant planet, what some of you are from the spirit realm. Why would you be walking to get on this journey, it is an exciting prospect. Why it's of importance to this civilization.

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