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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: Yes, water, all mediums are drained of water in ectoplasm displays, and oxygen.

Interviewer: I would like to pursue further what happens to the oxygen.

Zeta: Breathing provides the catalyst to create energy, water provides the molecular structure for ectoplasm - no water, very little transmuted water is available for ectoplasm.

Interviewer: But it has to change its atomic structure to make apports, and probably ectoplasm.

Zeta: Yes, but I'm considering if a word even exists to accurately describe in a chemical sense what the ectoplasm is, as if the word does not even exist in the human language to determine its proper structure.

Interviewer: Ok, then lets talk about apports. We know what it ends up as.

Zeta: The chemists determine the proper molecular structure for the apport sequence. The zeta race determines if the physical body of the medium can create the required elements for the apport.

Interviewer: I doubt that, Kai (Muegge) would not have had enough copper in his body to make that brass apport.

Zeta: As stated, transmuted molecules are used to provide basic templates, and then other fine matter is used to fill in the gaps. Its completely possible to use other matter apart from the medium, except the medium is the conduit for the apport, so some matter is required to support the conduit of the materialization of the apport through the medium.

Interviewer: We’ve been told that all the material comes from the medium's body.

Zeta: Yes, but as in all things, there is flexibility. If one factor is not enough, others are then brought into play. The medium may not be able to produce the required chemical compounds, so an apport will still be constructed using other means.

Interviewer: So some apports are made of material not from the medium?

Zeta: Yes, but as stated before, some small amount of material is required to support the materialization process, so even a few molecules will be used to support the transition.

Interviewer: You mean as a seed.

Zeta: If the medium's capacity to provide material is sufficient then it is taken. Yes, a seed is comparable.
As ectoplasm is primarily water based, it is used by spirits to manifest through the life force, or to put it another way, as the water has been taken from the medium's structure, the etheric portions of the water structure are used to create the ectoplasmic structure combined with the matter from the medium.

Interviewer: So why the emphasis on oxygen?

Zeta: So it is seen that ectoplasm is primarily two substances energy and water, it's a primary function of oxygen to create the stimulated environment to allow much increased energy to be created  ... this energy is then withdrawn from the body of the medium and combined with matter to form ectoplasm, and as stated, the chemists, as they are called, will aid in the formulation of the structure of matter.

Interviewer: Combined with which matter?

Zeta: Water.

Interviewer: That means ectoplasm is made from oxygen and hydrogen from the water, combined with energy from oxygen.

Zeta: Yes, but there is a certain consciousness to the ectoplasm as well. Its not simply a matter of a construct based in matter. The consciousness is required to determine the proper usage of the ectoplasm so the consciousness of a "spirit" is utilized to allow the usage of the ectoplasm, else there would be no structures. So this is why and how materialization is produced in a sitting.

Interviewer: The spirit makes something like an etheric body, this would be a kind of template?

Zeta: yes, template.

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