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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: The point of origin is based on the last transitional process. Obviously, there are two paths. If a race has a transitional process, based on consciousness moving from the physical to the spirit realm or etheric realms, then the consciousness is based on the previous life lived. If the race and consciousness transfer consciousness via a process of conscious transfer, then the point of origin relates to the parental pairing or sharing of the initial consciousness, so a point of origin would be related to the beings initial birth process.

Interviewer: I'm a little confused. A zeta who has gone through the human birth process, is it's point of origin still the zeta race?

Zeta: Yes, because on transition the consciousness returns to the container of the zeta.

Interviewer: What process would change the zeta's point of origin?

Zeta: If a consciousness moved from one race to another, which then did not require the consciousness to be in a  physical form.

Interviewer: So the point of origin is only relevant to beings who have a physical form?

Zeta: A consciousness may be non-physical, and then move to a physical form, although this would be considered a step backwards, but the point of origin in that instance would be able to move back to its original level/state of existence.

Interviewer: Why would adopting a physical form be considered a step backward?

Zeta: There are other forms of experience that are not related to being in a physical form. Many conscious senses exist outside of the physical form. Remember, there are also many forms of the physical which are not related to the earth form.

Interviewer: Yet beings choose to take on a physical form, so would it not be more accurate to say it is a different step rather than a backward step?

Zeta: If you are in a physical form and understand that you would spend time outside of that form
which is a higher state of existence then, if it were of more benefit to stay in the physical, apart from the experiences the physical can bring, the consciousness desires to be free from the physical.

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