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Monday, 28 September 2015


Zeta: We showed the medium how to block us from coming. Why do you think that was?

Interviewer: So that he would still have free will.

Zeta: Yes, to give him the chance to choose. Would not any guide teach you that?

Interviewer: Yes. Do guides change?

Zeta: I would say to you that your perception of your guide changed, and as you are able to accept and understand, then you perceive your guide in a different form. Of course, some guides do leave, but they are not the predominant guide. It is unusual for a guide who is the main entity to leave his person.

Interviewer: And of course, the guide in all instances is separate and different from the higher self, is that right?

Zeta: Higher self is able to be a multifaceted being, and in this process is able to externalize all the facets of self to make the entity believe that it is being guided by an external entity.

Interviewer: So in some instances your higher self can also be one and the same as the guide?

Zeta: Yes, of course, and other times the guide is part of the soul process.

Interviewer: And some time the guide can be totally separate?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, of course. I consider myself to be the medium's guide.

Interviewer: So do you get to choose who you get to be a guide for? Do guides choose who they're going to go with?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is that because of some relationship somewhere?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Is that the soul group you are talking about?

Zeta: It may be a friendship that you have developed before you were in the physical.

Interviewer: So while we have guides, does the same apply to other ET races, do they have guides too, or not?

Zeta: There are beings that offer advice to races. We have stated many years ago that the inter-dimensional entities know as blue beings are often seen as a source of information.

Interviewer: So as us humans have got our higher self as guides, and a lot of people have guides from the spirit realm, you as a Zeta know your higher self, but wouldn't class what you've got a guide?

Zeta: I know my higher self as I am my consciousness.

Interviewer: But you don't also have a guide?

Zeta: The collective mind is the guide, but there are many other entities, and they are states which one would wish to move to. But to say that we would depend on a guide is not a function that we would accommodate, my friend.

Interviewer: So as humans we have guides, is that because we're not that evolved and a long, long time from now, as we do evolve, we wouldn't need guides?

Zeta: Do you need a guide? What function does it serve? It would depend on the work you are to do.

Interviewer: Is the answer 'yes'?

Zeta: Well, what work are you to do?

Interviewer: I'm talking as a race, if we were to evolve and become an non-corporeal being, we probably wouldn't need a guide at that stage.

Zeta: But many of us do not know their guides anyway.

Interviewer: But that's because we're not developed enough.

Zeta: Then what are all the guides doing?

Interviewer: Pulling their hair out [more guesses]

Zeta: They are working in the macro-processes, seeking to advise you of what is the right decision process, but you are here for experience, and so no guide takes away your free will. The creation of one's own guide, as you stated before, is a function of the higher self entity, a powerful being indeed, if sought out correctly.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Zeta: What exists in illusion is manifested into the physical. You are not of your true selves as you are in the physical bodies. The higher self nature seeks to understand itself via many avenues, and so has also given itself guidance in many forms. Is someone's consciousness a singular entity?

Interviewer: [energy seems to be changing - arrival of a different Zeta?]

Zeta: Do you think a guide needs a guide?

Interviewer: Does a guide have a higher self?

Zeta: The guide has the facet of a consciousness, as there is no separation of any consciousness, only the illusion of separation.

Interviewer: So therefore, they don't need a guide?

Zeta: If a guide is seeking guidance, they will seek information from within, they then will be in some circles, a many-faceted entity. If you have no corporeal form, then your consciousness has no boundaries except the ones defined by your frequency.

Interviewer: Consciousness is like a certain frequency of energy? Where does consciousness exist?

Zeta: Everywhere.

Interviewer: Can you see it?

Zeta: You cannot see consciousness. Consciousness can only understand itself in separation.

Interviewer: When saying separation, are you saying that the facets of the consciousness are separating into the physical realm, to be separate from itself?

Zeta: Choose to.

Interviewer: They will be able to see the consciousness from a different…

Zeta: Perspective.

Interviewer: And does consciousness choose how many facets it's going to have?

Zeta: There are many facets to this question, and so consciousness of a source nature is existing in an unlimited process and, of course, many higher self entities are also existing in a faceted existence, all as consciousness. The collective mind of the race is the collective consciousness of the race, but even that existence has its boundaries, and the collective mind seeks experience.

Interviewer: We've talked about the grid in the past, is that the collective consciousness of humanity?

Zeta: The grid process is much aligned with the nature of all things being connected. Your scientists are now understanding the relationship between the subatomic particles, and that the state is determined by its relationship to other particles, but they do not understand that it is the consciousness that creates the state, and it is consciousness that has created the illusion of matter.

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