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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: What about someone who chooses to do harm to themselves or others, is there such a thing as a karmic debt? Is there a cost to them further on their journey?

Zeta: May I speak to you from many different ways? When my point of transition becomes available to me, I will be moving from one container to the next. I will self-terminate and move to my next container as we do not have your spirit realm process. Now, that is an act of consciousness that I am able to go from one state and one container to the next container. A human being would choose to self-terminate and there is no karma associated with that. It may be that the human under some form of duress, may have self-terminated, but they would have understood once they were in their spirit realm process that the physical body was the illusion, and that the existence, the energetic existence and consciousness was the process. Humans are good at providing guilt, they try to hold onto the physical reality of life, but the truth is that all of you will transition, and some will transition at their own hand. If you are to terminate then higher self in some respects would be part of the agreement process, and so what is seen by a human as being the act of self-termination is actually a point that the human has come to where they are in agreement with themselves that they will terminate, else higher self would not allow the local physical entity to terminate.

Interviewer: Could it be an accident?

Zeta: There are no accidents. This is the illusion that you believe. If you were to be struck by something, one of your vehicles, you would state that it was an accident, but you must have some form of transition process that disconnects the higher self from the physical entity. It is higher self who chooses what process is available. Would it be a malfunction of the physical body or an accident as you call it, higher self is never affected, only the physical body, and the entities left behind. You see, my friend, higher self is in much control of its own timeline, its own existence, and so when these accidents occur, higher self is never caught unaware of what is to take place. I would say to you that some higher selves even take with them portions of their local consciousness, and remain attached to the physical entity and still experience much of what is available to you in the physical. Some have called them earthbound entities. Higher self is able to have infinite experience and does not fit the belief structure of the human race.

Interviewer: Higher self applies to all races?

Zeta: No physical entities that exist as life forms are their own higher self entity. The reason you see that you have a higher self is because you see yourself in separation via the physical container. Now I will venture another question.

Interviewer: (tells a story about an abduction experience as a child - including flashes of a zeta face)

Zeta: Have you ever heard a short tone that lasts for around ten of your seconds, that is rather loud? Have you ever had any interaction with any entity as an adult?

Interviewer: Where does your race originate from?

Zeta: We are a race that has originated from many places.

Interviewer: How many star systems does your group live in?

Zeta: Many, my friend, I will give you an example. Where did the human race originate?

Interviewer: I believe it was from other races.

Zeta: Absolutely, how many races have seeded the planet, that is not known is it? How many species exist on the planet? Countless species. Were all species originating from a place on this planet, no. Are humans only existing on this planet, no. You ask a question that does not have a definite answer.

Interviewer: Your recorded history?

Zeta: According to whom? Who created the history, who documented it? So, you would like me to speak about the collective?

Interviewer: Also your society, how it operates.

Zeta: There are elders associated with many of the faceted race process. The elders do not, like the human race, have a hierarchical structure process, whereby they determine what is to take place to another. All entities have free will, and so, we are a rather large race and have many entities. Each one of us is part of a process and has a function to perform. We have children as well, and we operate as a society that cares and nurtures each other. We have had these questions before, and quite often we ask the human to explain their society to us. They then start to understand how difficult to truly explain the human society to another. It would take you many months to do so, and the intricacies of the society. But sufficient to say that we have children that we create ourselves, we have elders which are able to provide the collective consciousness with information. The human race itself has the collective consciousness of the human race. Every thought that is created by you is placed into the total consciousness of the race, and so with our own race, we have the same process. But, as you are unable to access much of the information that exists, that is coming from the human thought forms, we also limit the amount of information that comes through the collective mind to each one of us. I do not need to know about every single entity in the race. I need to know what function I am to perform, and that is my talent.

Interviewer: (statement about greed and power on the planet, difficult to do much about it.) Did this happen to your society in similar stages.

Zeta: I would say yes, in every society there has been a history through development where there would have been struggle, my friend. No race ever moves to, and a basic premise is that all physical races require nutrients and sustenance, and so any race that is based in the physical will also require to have access to sustenance. If you are in the physical, it does not matter what race you are from, you are a developing race, you will struggle to survive. The human race is struggling to survive. It is utilizing the resources that it has. It is seeking to exist.

Interviewer: Do you die in the physical?

Zeta: When my parents created me as a child, i was created by genetic material from my parents. My wife, as you would say, was also created at the same time. When we were old enough, we became one in energy, my friend. Now we do not have any sexual organs as you use in the reproductive process, and so, as our life span is about 1500 of your earth years, what we would is to take genetic material and create a new container, as my time, as you say, is coming to an end. I would transfer my consciousness into the new container and continue on. Each parents only have one child. We are not much different than the process that humans use, except for the fact that you do not have a pre-prepared container to move into, and so humans transition into your spirit realm process, and then you would determine whether you would reincarnate into a new physical form.

Interviewer: Do you ever choose not to come back into the physical but to evolve to a more spiritual level?

Zeta: The elders remain in the collective consciousness and only come back into the physical form when required, so it is a decision based on the need to have an elder present as to whether or not they need to be in the physical.

Interviewer: What is your spirit realm like? Is it similar to ours?

Zeta: Your spirit realm as you call it, was a container created by another race. As it was seen that the consciousness which had existed here, once it transitioned, needed a place to understand itself. We do not have the same process as the spirit realm because the collective consciousness of the race and the physical existence of being part of the race, are one. I will give you an example. All of you have thoughts, all of your thoughts are becoming one. As they become one, you have created a collective consciousness entity. Now, you are all in the physical, what stops you from accessing each other's thoughts? The fact that you have filtering systems within your physical body and your consciousness which stop you from hearing the thoughts of another. But if you were to remove those processes, you would hear all of the voices and be able to access the collective consciousness of the human race.

No one is seeking to harm you. You may have had many experiences with races, but you are still sitting here and unharmed.

Interviewer: Humans are a hybrid race, they are often cruel. Is this a consequence of the race developing or is it a consequence of the missions of hybrid beings?

Zeta: Initially, when the humans were created, there were other races that had created other bipedal forms, and some of them are called many different names according to your historical structures, and this is why you seem to have so many different generations of humans that have been developed on the planet. Other races came and created civilizations which gave you the rudimentary process to live and function, but no race will create clones of itself in their form, so if you are created as a human form, you are given the freewill to have self-determination, my friend. Now, each human being has its own freewill, and that freewill and consciousness allows it to create decisions based on its own thinking. The local consciousness that was given to the human race from its creator, as you would say, did not have the intention that it would harm each other, but as the race that created the humans withdrew itself from the human race, humans exerted their own freewill against each other. And of course, this is how all races start. It is seen as a very functional process that a race would develop its own structures. No race will come and take ownership of you and take responsibility for your actions, just as we will be held accountable for our actions as a race. All races are held accountable to consciousness. You cannot blame your parents for your behaviour.

Interviewer: Do you experience sleep states as humans do where you can experience alternate realities?

Zeta: If I were to sleep, I would sleep every seven of your cycles, every seven days. I do not require to cease functioning as a physical entity to move into the sleep state. I am able to partition my, or segment my consciousness and physical processes so that part of my mind is  in a quietened state of existence. Sleep is seen as being not required. But my  friend, you have asked about the other processes. If you were to leave your body and come on a journey with me, I could take you to many dimensions, many races, many realities, many places, because there are no boundaries, and consciousness is playing a game of illusion with itself. You believe that you exist here as a physical entity, but at your most base level you are created of matter that between it has much space, and consciousness is existing in that form, believing itself to be in an existence as a human. Built within the container that you call the human body is a process of termination, you then continue to proceed on your journey and then become another entity, and so this is consciousness understanding its own existence through becoming many forms. So you are only limited by what you perceive yourself to be.

Interviewer: How in your community do you choose to do different jobs? Do you choose yourself or is it chosen for you?

Zeta: It is chosen for you. It is determined on your genetic functional structure. The best possible entity performs the task. Is it not the same within your own community? Are not the best trained people who perform the function? Do you perform surgery? (No) Why not? (I don't wish to, I don't know how) And why is that? (Because I never studied) You are not the best possible person to perform that process. You may be genetically predisposed to be a good surgeon, and so if you are pre-dispositioned to be naturally inclined to perform that function, that is how our race are chosen. You would be trained in that process and it would be a natural ability for you, such as the entities that create the craft. All craft are living entities, they need to be grown. They are living consciousness.

Interviewer: How did you find the medium?

Zeta: I have known the medium before he was here. He has not been found, he was never lost.

Interviewer: How do you choose who gets to communicate with ET entities?

Zeta: I would say your point of origin entity has much information about who you are. The point of origin entity, the consciousness of the spirit entity if you are from the human container process, has much information about who you are as well. If human being believes they are in contact with another race, and they do not make the race verify who they are, then they are an illusion. If you are to delude yourself about what is taking place, then that is your freewill as a human. Do you understand what I have said? If you are told that you are working with an extraterrestrial race, make them prove it to you. When the medium saw us in a craft many years ago, we showed ourselves to him, but did not speak to him, so that when I showed myself to the medium many years later, he knew who I was. It is easy to be in connection with any entity, but to suggest that you are from that race may be an untruth.

I believe from what I have seen and what others have seen, that humans will allow themselves to speak to any entity without asking for verification of who the entity is. Now we have spent many years working with this medium and proving ourselves as being the entities that we say we are, and performing functions within his life structure the matrix of consciousness which has proved to him that we are able to perform functions because we are also within the physical framework of this human. Is it not better to examine the entity that works with you and ask them for the truth so you can understand who you really work with rather than believing and feeling on the xxxx for yourself. We challenge all of you to do this so that you may find the truth about yourself as everything that you are is locked within you. Before you came here as a physical entity, you made a decision based on the consciousness that you have, to seek out that information about yourself is more important than any other process.

Interviewer: When you make contact with people on earth, is it always based on previous contact?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, so what does that tell you?

Interviewer: Some have multiple contacts while others have none.

Zeta: So what must you do? Seek out your past, do not fear what is to come to you, and to face yourself. A very unknown truth is that about 30 percent of humanity does not come from the spirit realm process. Sometimes humans are visited by their point of origin race and the interaction is seen as unkind and unwarranted, because if you are to believe that you are human, then of course another race is seen as unwelcome. A high percentage of contact between humans and the point of origin race, the human is never harmed but may be psychologically uncomfortable with what has taken place. But there are races that do harm humans. If you are ever fully harmed in an interaction, then you know that they are not your point of origin race.

Interviewer: What sort of harm may races do, physical harm?

Zeta: They will take genetic samples from a female and other information from the male of the species, seeking to understand what is your biological nature. If you were to come to this planet, and you have never been here before, and you had three heads, who would you speak to first? Most of your planet is covered in water, would you speak to these creatures, or would you go to the humans. Would you go to many other species? How would you know, how would you learn, knowing that the species would not want to speak to you? So many of the races that are able to reach this planet now seek information about who you are, and some may unfortunately harm some of the species that are here, seeking to understand how to communicate. But others also have an agenda where they seek to harm you, but this planet is protected by many races, and this is why you have not been harmed as a civilization, and as much as the conversation is that you are controlled and manipulated by other races through your government processes, you all have the freewill to sit here and speak to me. You have the freewill to speak to your higher self, the freewill to meditate.

Interviewer: Are humans masquerading as ETs to further their own aims? Is some of the contact that has been blamed on other races been, in fact, been with our own?

Zeta: This is actually a complicated question because many of the humans which perform that function are manipulating the humans to believe that they are being attacked by other races. But you also have, as I have stated before, you have built a level of collective mind about this planet which is fed continually by every thought that you have. Many of the thoughts, much of the energy associated with your astral realm process also means that other entities would wish to exist within those thought areas, and so those entities can also create the illusion that they are friendly as well. And then you have the spirit entities which also pretend to be extraterrestrial entities, or higher level entities, or interdimensional beings who need not prove themselves to anyone.

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