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Monday, 28 September 2015


Interviewer: If I imagine something out there, am I creating it? If the latter, does it become real?

Zeta: You are a creator. If it exists, it exists for you.

Interviewer: So I can pull it into existence and with practice make it work?

Zeta: In all things, yes. Did you hear what I said - in all things, yes.

Interviewer: Have to be aware of what one creates -  is it good or bad, or beneficial or not?

Zeta: Good and bad is a construct, I like the fact that you said beneficial. Quite often the best lessons are the ones you did not like.

Interviewer: (question about consensus realities)

Zeta: Where you are to transition to is a blank process, and the moment that you enter the fabric of the consciousness, it becomes your reality, and so that reality is linked in to many other existences. You may find that the container you have placed yourself in is able to be continually changing, much like the fact that you are a shape shifter as a human being, because emotionally you are changing from second to your second, and the reality that is created around you is based on your perception of the process that you are currently in. And so I would say to you that, be the observer in your life and observe yourself and what you say. As you are speaking, watch the words that come out of your mouth and understand the reality that you are creating around you, because your words once spoken cannot be taken back.

Interviewer: How to find the key to unlock abilities, what is the process?

Zeta: When you came into existence as a physical entity, you provided yourself many clues to who you are. Now, higher self is able to construct in the physical realm and create and materialize and produce many of the functions that are not seen to be possible within the physical realm. Now, quite often the first, we will call them symbols, the first symbol that you have transported with your incarnation is one of communication, because you seek to open your communication process back to your point of origin entity, or to your guide. Once that process has been opened, the higher self then opens the next ability for you, and so much like that you can either partake of an ability and experience it, or you can move fully into the experience. It is a decision process that you choose, and so you are working your way back to your higher self through discovering the abilities that higher self has left for you to find.

Interviewer: Are you understanding the words we are saying or the intent of the question?

Zeta: I understand the energy of the question, and see that the answer that is often required is not the question that has been asked.

Interviewer: (you seemed not to understand yesterday's answer to a question)

Zeta: I wanted to give information that your higher self blocked you from receiving, and so you were only able to receive the information that your higher self would allow me to give to you, and so I have my hands tied, by you.

Interviewer: Astrology to explain character traits, etc. Was this developed by humans or obtained from other beings.

Zeta: Sometimes the only way to communicate with you is through your imagination. If I was to put you on a craft and take you many light years away, you'd no longer see the same constellations as you are able to see now. Do they actually exist before a human had perceived them to be, or are they structures of the imagination? As they are externalized processes, because they are above you out in the night sky, they are seen to hold much information as guided by others to them. The way to find your way out of the construct is to go inside, as inside is limitless. There is more infinity internally than there is externally. You are, as consciousness, expanded as the universe.

(asks for a ticking clock to be put on the table)
I will tell you why we use a clock - it is the only way that we can keep track of what is taking place in this room. Time is elastic, my friend, but moving to this space to speak to you is a malleable process, and so we use the construct of time to create a permanent connection telepathically to the medium back to ourselves, and so each interval of second is used as a pulse from this room to where we are, and that is why I have to tap.

Interviewer: can you talk about timelines and the relationship with deja vu?

Zeta: Let us start with the basic premise because this is a complicated conversation, that all time lines are infinite, and that there are infinite "you"s on all time lines. Now, all of the "you"s that exist are non-sequence xxx, so from the point of your consciousness and the creational process, you exist instantaneously in all of the timelines, because you are born, my friend. Now, each of the timelines is in a state of non-synchronous comparison or relationship, and so quite often as the timelines are moving at their own pace depending on the frequency and consciousness that you are able to achieve in each of those existences, you will quite often come into relationship with your self on another timeline. And that entity may have been a few seconds ahead of you, and so you have caught up to yourself, and suddenly feel that you have experienced something before.

Interviewer: The consciousness is in everyone of those timelines?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Where am I where I am experiencing consciousness now? On another timeline, is there another I experiencing that same consciousness on that timeline?

Zeta: There would be a dis?ty illusion of consciousness existing in the personality of you who is separate from you and also joined to you.

Interviewer: So this personality exists here, but there is another personality elsewhere and sometimes they cross lines?

Zeta: Yes, in many states, and the further away the timeline, the greater the difference.

Interviewer: So when two lines meet, they unite?

Zeta: No my friend, they come in two frequencies, and become harmony, and they become disharmonious after the events.

Interviewer: (says she can predict what's going to happen 2-5 minutes before the event)

Zeta: Have you seen a boat on the ocean. What is the water doing in front of the boat as the boat is moving forward? As the boat is moving forward, is there not a separation of the water as it moves around the front of the boat. There is a wave in front of the boat. Now, imagine that you as a consciousness is surrounded by energy and experience, and as you move forward into your experience, you are creating the wave. Quite often, the frequency of consciousness is increased, and you are able to read the process from the future of the timeline. So you may sense that you are somehow always understanding what is to take place.

Interviewer: Is she then reading the environment rather than experiencing deja vu?

Zeta: She is reading the energy of the consciousness.

Interviewer: Can human consciousness connect across all of the time frames to become one, or does it always remain differently located?

Zeta: This is to do with the termination process. If you were to join to all entities and one was to terminate, you may terminate on both timelines. It may be an unconscious act that takes place because you no longer exist, and so you no longer exist anywhere. We have only worked out the probabilities of this process by creating a quantum image of the timeline, placing them into the synthetic quantum environment, and studying the timeline process.

Interviewer: And are these experiences only to be seen on the earth plane, or can they take place in other dimensions at the same time?

Zeta: Does consciousness exist in all realms - in all places my friend. This is a very small planet in a very distant place from nowhere, and so what the inhabitants of this planet believe and understand is based upon the process they have xxxx existence.

Interviewer: What is the difference between mental illness and objective reality?

Zeta: My comment has been to the medium that quite often an illness of mentality is based on the fact of uncontrolled mediumship. So the human being believes that they are experiencing something and cannot align it with their current existence, so they are seen to be, to have a disorder, my friend.

Interviewer: On this timeline, this experience is most real to me, on another timeline the personality there would be saying the same thing?

Zeta: No, it is non-synchronous, they may not be saying the same thing.

Interviewer: They would feel the same thing?

Zeta: There is a personality that is making statements that are associated with what you are saying, but in a non-synchronous timeline process, the probability is that the further away the timeline from this timeline, the less they will be saying in regards to it.

Interviewer: Right, so the point I'm leading to is we talked about termination of all timelines. If I was to now make the decision to terminate this personality in this timeline, do I have the ability to terminate all the others.

Zeta: No, you do not.

Interviewer: So how does that process come about when they all terminate together?

Zeta: They do not terminate together. I said there is a possibility that if you were able to link to all existences and one terminated, that the possibility exists that all terminate. I said that it was a probability that that would take place, because this is a theoretical discussion based on information gained from working with timelines in the quantum environment.

Interviewer: I understand that your race has access to technologies that are different to ours. Is that right?

Zeta: Absolutely.

Interviewer: Has your race given some of those technologies to some of our governments?

Zeta: Your governments have some of our technologies, yes.

Interviewer: It seems to be that those technologies are not being released for our benefit.

Zeta: Are you surprised?

Interviewer: No, so in relation to technologies called time, transport, health, energy, can we have those technologies independent of our government?

Zeta: Did you hear how I answered your question? I said that your governments had some of our technologies. I never said that they were given them.

Interviewer: So answer my question, can we have them?

Zeta: No, my friend, because technology in the hands of someone who does not understand the ramifications of technology…

Interviewer: Ok, give us the understanding.

Zeta: Give yourself the understanding by growing into developing your own technology. As it is now, you have technology to destroy each other, but continually other races are asked to stop you from killing each other by disabling your weaponry. How much more technology do you need?  There are some technologies that are being disseminated in consciousness to the correct people on your planet, and that consciousness and that technology is manifesting into the physical process under the correct guidelines, and not being just handed to you. You cannot demand consciousness, and you cannot demand experience. You must experience before you will understand.

There are many technologies that you are developing that are based around the natural abilities that you already own, and I will take telepathy as one of those processes. You are able to develop telepathic communications, but you are developing technology to aid the human race to have the ability. Why do you believe that this is so? The easy way out, but who is able to monitor your process if you are able to read each other's minds through technology? Any race, anyone who is in control.

Interviewer: But they still don't want us to be fully in control of our own processes.

Zeta: They want you to be free so they can manipulate you.

Interviewer: Exactly, and hence my freewill and the continued suppression.

Zeta: That is why I have stated that you have freewill up to a certain point, and then freewill no longer exists. Let me give you a situation to think about. Let us say that right now I handed you a device. Where would you put it if it was a physical device?

Interviewer: I would keep it so safe.

Zeta: And why is that?

Interviewer: Because then I would know without a doubt that it was going to get to the places go to the sources of where it is required.

Zeta: Do you think that someone would try to take it from you?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: And so a device has been handed to you, and the human becomes in fear of it being taken from them, because there are humans that would try. Now, if you are to understand your abilities are technology, and that if you are to develop your abilities, there is no need to hide because they cannot take them from you. This is why we continually say to humans, develop your abilities to heal, to understand, to connect and communicate, because those abilities can be shared freely, and no one can take them from you.

Interviewer: Are the older skills such as yoga, etc still relevant or are there new energies coming through.

Zeta: All the techniques revolve around the breath. If you find a new technique, you have only found out how to breathe better.

Interviewer: Are there any breathing techniques you can share?

Zeta: Ask your guide to teach you to breathe, but if you do not know how to, listen to your guide or hear your guide speak, then sit and listen to your breath, and as you listen to your breath, play with it and understand the energy that is available through the breathing process. Set the intent of understanding your capacity to travel by your breathing process. Ask for the consciousness that exists universally to take you on many journeys and experiences.And they are your new technologies because they are your imagination.

Interviewer: Is the use of vibration, sound, and breath appropriate, or focus just on breath?

Zeta: What is breathing but frequency. What is breath but life?

Interviewer: Can I ask a question on star gates and jump rooms? Are there any functioning in Australia?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Are they being used beneficially.

Zeta: They are used for experimental processes, but they are monitored by other races, but the humans do not know. I will only answer what you ask.

Interviewer: I understand your race does not have sexual organs, is that right?

Zeta: Some of the facets of the race do not have the genitals.

Interviewer: In relation to those who don't, you still have male and female, is that correct?

Zeta: What is male and what is female - only in the physical, my friend. Once you transition to your previous point of origin, you do not take your genitals with you.

Interviewer: No, but I’m referring to your race. In the physical, do those who don't have genitals, are some of those still referred to as male and female?

Zeta: Of course, my friend.

Interviewer: Is that to do with the energy of each entity.

Zeta: That is to do with the frequency, but we also are able to swap bodies, my friend, and so I may stay with my child, while my wife, using your human word, is doing her work process. But she may require a different physical structure to perform her function, so if she is careful, she is allowed to use my body.

Interviewer: When you say it has to do with frequency, there is a different frequency for each body?

Zeta: Yes, of course, my friend, because frequency determines consciousness.

Interviewer: (more questions about how frequency and gender are related)

Zeta: What is mood but consciousness. A mood is a point of observation that you have of a situation.

Interviewer: Underground ET bases in Australia, is this true?

Zeta: Yes, they are here with the knowledge of some others.

Interviewer: When we were placed here, did we have all our abilities, did we lose them?

Zeta: You have lost nothing, my friend.

Interviewer: No, not lost, forgotten?

Zeta: If you were to incarnate with full understanding of higher self, it would be pointless to incarnate.

Interviewer: Not that, more abilities like telepathy, were the abilities always latent, and did we agree to move backward, so to speak?

Zeta: I now understand. You have more abilities when you have less technology, and that is the answer to the question.

Interviewer: Are you able to tell us how the process of apportation works?

Zeta: I can my friend, but it is written in one of the books. It is available for free.

When a medium develops the ability to apport or materialize processes, they are understanding that the spirit realm people are in relationship with other entities. Some would say they are called in. Now, the spirit people take an image of the energetic body of the process, and of course the image contains all of the physical structure for the basis of the apport process. The new apport, the etheric body of the apport, is brought to the physical location where the apport is to manifest, and it is populated in carbon. Now, of course, the apport is not carbon, my friend, but has its basis in many molecules, in many bases of molecular structure, and so the spirit people change the molecular structure to replicate exactly the etheric body process, so that it physically materializes as being a mirror image of the physical that has been copied. And there you have it.

Interviewer: Does this take much energy on behalf of the people giving it?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, there is an energy exchange in everything that you do, and mediums are required to book capacity so that they are able to perform.

Interviewer: It sounds very complex, the restructuring of molecules on a grand scale.

Zeta: How else would you materialize? It is the spirit team that created the apport.

Interviewer: They use molecules from the body of the medium?

Zeta: Some of the molecules are. Many physical molecules are not in association with any matter.

Interviewer: So molecules that are missing come from energy?

Zeta: Yes, but what is the basis of matter but energy, and underneath energy but consciousness, and consciousness created matter to exist as the multi-faceted experience of soul.

Interviewer: Ectoplasm, how does it come from the body and what is it composed of?

Zeta: I would say that many of the words required to discuss ectoplasm do not exist, but I will give you a general understanding based on the words we have available to us. As the medium breathes in, he is breathing in much energy because your breath contains life. Now, once consciousness and intent have been put in action, substances are drawn from the physical body which can be guided by consciousness, the consciousness of the spirit entity to perform a a function. That is all I can say in regards to that process.

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