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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: For discussion there are 10 timeline processes, and they are all not in the same frequency because then there would be no separation. The furthest life which is the 10th life is a different frequency which is further away from the original. There is perception of xxx this timeline xxxx.

Interviewer: Are you saying that the timeline we are sitting in presently is more productive than other timelines?

Zeta: The other entities that are you do not have us to speak to.

Interviewer: So the other entity that is me who is also in 2014…

Zeta: Has a different medium.

Interviewer: It isn’t a zeta.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: Because a zeta is staying in this other probable timeline. Different lifetimes or different periods, you call them… different lives that a human has are different periods, say 2000 BC, 500 BC, 600 AD…

Zeta: They are threads, they are informal thread processes.

Interviewer: Is there this human sitting on another timeline, that is a medium sitting in that chair…

Zeta: A different human, they are talking to spirit, and not to know what is taking place, they are not in discussion about what is taking place on this timeline.

Interviewer: And so the medium himself only exists on this timeline.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: So how does the medium’s wife then have her probable existences.

Zeta: Because the medium’s wife has her own identity.

Interviewer: So she doesn’t have the probable realities either?

Zeta: Yes she does, because time identities are xxxx. The medium’s wife has infinite capacity on timelines through the spirit process, but of course, the extraterrestrial process consciousness is related to this timeline.

Wife: So I just can’t have a relationship with the medium on other timelines.

Zeta: That is correct. It is not known on other timelines what takes place on this timeline.

Interviewer: There’s no bleed-over…

Zeta: No, not between this and others.

Interviewer: But there normally is…

Zeta: Correct, there will be bleed-over, yes, for the…

Interviewer: I know that the spirit energy doesn’t coincide with the Zeta energy, but people’s higher self, can they exist in frequency of the Zeta energy?

Zeta: No, if the higher-self entity is spirit, then no.

Interviewer: Can they learn how to do this?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: When I came to the medium for healing, I was put on the bed, the Zeta guide said to put me on the bed, and the medium said he saw my higher self above me at one point with my guide… So how was my higher self there? The Zeta energy wasn’t present at the time?

Zeta: Because you were encapsulated, that is an easy process. We are able to have multiple frequencies in a room, to place you in one corner and have your spirit people come and speak to us while we sit here, in separation of the frequencies.

Interviewer: So how do they communicate with you being a different frequency?

Zeta: Because the medium is human, a human body and its frequency is within the realms of matter. You are realizing that there is much more going on in the healing processes and for communication.

Interviewer: What is the connection between the Anunnaki and the Egyptians during the time when the pyramids were created, because a lot of people thought the original pharaohs were gods, and there are images of the pharaohs that had the big heads.

Zeta: Some of the worshipped entities such as Ra were Anunnaki.

Interviewer: What was the connection with Atlantis?

Zeta: the Atlantis process was a highly experimental place where many races came together, but the humans were mistreated, then the city, the facility was destroyed.

Interviewer: Atlantis was mainly created by extraterrestrials?

Zeta: Yes, of course, and of course now all of the energies are never to be put in the same place again… too dangerous.

Interviewer: The Lemurians, were they human?

Zeta: They were extraterrestrial as well.

Interviewer: And was Mu a spacecraft?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Could I ask what you were doing with the medium’s hand?

Zeta: Looking at the technology. Why?

Interviewer: Because it looked like you were doing something interesting.

Zeta: Would you like to know?

Interviewer: Yes, please.

Zeta: First person to ever ask, others do not notice. The technology is up to elbow process, yes. It is symbolic in nature, matrix of symbols able to control environment, this environment, other entities, yes. Activation of symbology, yes, to create frequency, removal of entities.

Interviewer: You were doing that through the medium, or the medium does that?

Zeta: We do that through the medium and the technology of the medium. So yes, there was possession on the last weekend, yes. We removed an entity with that technology. The sitter was aware, yes, was possessed for many years.

Interviewer: Was that a spirit possession?

Zeta: No, was through the usage of drugs that provide the portal process, allowing other entities to come into the human form. Once the potency of the energy of the potential of the drug had ceased to exist, the entity became trapped in the human form.

Interviewer: So the entity was trapped!

Zeta: Yes, not able to return up to the portal.

Interviewer: And through the technology on the medium, which are symbols, you use the symbols…

Zeta: To point at the entity to release by frequency, to create portal by pointing, yes, release function, then to place back in a xxxx

Interviewer: So how does pointing a finger …

Zeta: Conjestness, activation … telepathic, symbols to combine, to create frequency through xxx, come from technology to release.

Interviewer: But the medium is not actually activating, you are.

Zeta: Correct, the medium understands the limited capacity of technology, and knows how to activate it only, not how to use it, else too dangerous. But knows the technology is there over time, can touch and not feel technology xxx. There is other technology on the medium as well, on the head.

Interviewer: Were there warnings to containers with this technology?

Zeta: No, of course not, must move into an understanding who it is, then ask permission by others which is accepted, once accepted then technology is given.

Interviewer: You can use this technology to open portals.

Zeta: Open and close portals to release entities, to heal people, to place symbology into etheric body of humans, to make better.

Interviewer: We have the Reiki that is based on symbology. Would this have been passed down from an extraterrestrial origin?

Zeta: Ah, from races yes.

Interviewer: Need to learn more about symbology.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: That would help us to heal…

Zeta: Understanding why, yes, and how, but the human consciousness does not have capacity to control technology. I must hold my xxx and not to provide any other focus to technology, must control the mind. So the medium is controlled, yes. Not all process, I look at the technology, activate the symbols, create multidimensional process xxx, to project, if required of course. But always check the technology xxx

Interviewer: We have noticed you check the xxx before.

Zeta: We always check technology when we are here. Public sitting process, we’ll check technology in case they didn’t come and not activate technology for protection of the meeting.

Interviewer: Is the medium always between you …

Zeta: I am alive, I have my own body, my body is in stasis.

Interviewer: Can you do healing without the technology on the medium.

Zeta: Yes I can - act of consciousness. You are powerful entities, you do not understand your abilities, so you walk around in limited capacity of consciousness.

Interviewer: One thing theorizing, another thing actually knowing…

Zeta: To do. If you know to do, then it is a function.

Interviewer: But it’s the how, things come back to …

Zeta: Experience, yes.

Interviewer: Not stillness?

Zeta: All of those things, yes.

Interviewer: Is there a pressure point on the human body that will enable one to remain alert? As in not fall asleep driving home.

Zeta: We will try to help you. We will come and look at your etheric body and see if we can energize it.

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