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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: Gravity pertains to matter - depending on the mass will determine the gravity body. The frequency of matter also determines the possibility of attraction, change of frequency negates matter, frequency determines pull, cyclical action of frequency of matter causes other matter to be attracted to it as all matter is in pulse, all matter attracts.

Paul: I see many masses all in resignation. The universe is like water drops in glass all sliding towards each other.

Zeta: Speed determines distance that frequency can be held from other matter. The influence of gravity is diminished by distance. Gravity is frequency...

Paul: That's my very early morning download. The imagery was much more powerful than the words. You know when music is in harmony it blends. When it is not in harmony it is levitation, or not in attraction. Music is like frequency of matter, discordance is the key.

William: Matter in harmony attracts?

Paul: Yes.

Zeta: Frequency is determined by the basic fundamentals of matter's structure. So mass of matter structure determines gravity density and frequency.

Basic frequency is coalescence of harmony of combined matter frequencies. Mass x frequency x structure determines attraction, mass being basic combination of atomic structure of matter. Because distance between molecular structure determines attractions, frequency of mass is constant, determined by all combined matter to form body of matter.

Dematerialised craft move through substrate of universe by ignoring body of matter rules - not ignoring, being different - not in harmonious environment but by being harmonious in different harmony to basic universe of matter. Original matter's ethereal body determines structure, so materialised state compared to dematerialised state is consciousness structure.

Re-materialisation is performed and supported by energy body capacity to hold basic quanta pattern, matter then re-establishes form. Propulsion system of state of matter drive of craft not affected due to etheric body in same state as craft. Occupants also in temporary stasis of motion, stimulate etheric body to reacquaint matter to form. Pulse determines organisation of matter to be reinstated by etheric body, so etheric body holds matter in disassociated state.

To re-assimilate matter, pulse is used to tell frequency to realign. Pulse is from external source, as cannot be inside etheric all body of matter whilst jump process taking place. Technology in place to reanimate craft.

William: Is there a code in etheric template that instructs to assimilate matter?

Zeta: The etheric template holds code, yes.

William: And pulse activates this code?

Zeta: Yes, to assimilate matter, code is information field. Etheric body holds all information, Larger field holds all information. Information within field is informal field to formal field. Formal field collection of all structures of matter within this universe. Field permeates everything.

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