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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: A communication yes, start the communication now.

Interviewer: Well, I have a number of things I would like to address with you. One thing I would like to follow up on is an aspect of the creation algorithm that we discussed before. The idea then was that a being uses its highest possible frequency in order to create, and I wondered since then whether or not a being could also use lower states of consciousness to create. For example, could an angelic figure be able to create something that a human could experience? It would have to create at a lower level of consciousness.

Zeta:  A potential yes, to do this, of course.

Interviewer: So creation does not require that a being use its highest …

Zeta: No. You create as humans at any level of potential of consciousness. Creation is intrinsic to you and all entities, woven in the fabric of your existence. Creation at any level is possible.

Interviewer: I see, thank you.

Zeta: How have you been?

Interviewer: I have been fine. Was that question directed at any particular aspect?

Zeta: To understand you personally, yes, not to only view you as a human behind the questioning processes, to seek a personal energy, a signature of consciousness.

Interviewer: I’ve, as you know, tried to understand much of what you have told us, and wrote it so that other people could see it as well. In the last little while we seemed to have reached a kind of a… well, it’s unclear where we are going from here, whether I should do more of the same or if there is a change in direction. That’s one thing that I’ve been wondering about, and it would be helpful perhaps if you could give some insight on what would be useful to do.

Zeta: You are one of many.

Interviewer: That are doing what?

Zeta: Connection to races.

Interviewer: Oh.

Zeta: Your personal development requires effort. Humans are difficult, they are lazy and not controlled. They do not control their development process. We’ll be giving you information while you are in this place.

Interviewer: Good.

Zeta: Are there other questions? Other sitters? (none)

Interviewer: Something else that seemed to me to be the case is that you make little distinction between whether someone who has information in the spirit realm or whether someone is information. It is a fine distinction but I suspect that when the information disappears, the being disappears in the spirit realm. Would that be correct? Or does a being exist independent of the information about it?

Zeta: Yes, independent. Nothing is ever nullified.

Interviewer: Just the information about it can be nullified.

Zeta: No, everything you have said exists, always will exist.

Interviewer: Everything is encoded in consciousness.

Zeta: Consciousness, yes, will not… this is good question, yes. Consciousness will maintain all forms of all races, for all entities until consciousness no longer requires experience.

Interviewer: So at one point consciousness did not have this information, and the information was added to consciousness by itself, by its own actions.

Zeta: Consciousness has all information, but how consciousness reveals it to itself is different process, nothing is created.

Interviewer: Ok, I was thinking in terms of time…

Zeta: Time does not exist.

Interviewer: Are you saying that information and the being exist independently.

Zeta: Yes that is correct, if I understand what your flow of information is, yes. Must give good background information, else the answer is incomplete.

Interviewer: Right. One point that I think I misunderstood from what you said before, you said a soul is a class of energy of consciousness. I took that to mean that it was a class different from other classes, and I think I may have misunderstood that. There is only one class of consciousness, is that correct? We are all organized hierarchically.

Zeta: That is illusion, yes, so consciousness is everything.

Interviewer: So the soul is part of the illusion.

Zeta: Everything is the illusion.

Interviewer: Except consciousness itself? It is not an illusion, is it?

Zeta: An interesting question, because it is both, it is and it is not.

Interviewer: Another question I have is where did the illusion start?

Zeta: There is no start.

Interviewer: Well, when we create using our intentions, I can easily see that that would be the illusion because it was created by a being. But there are things in existence before the creation possibility. Are these still illusion? For example, there is supposedly a grid which is a substrate of all creation. Is the grid also an illusion?

Zeta: Well of course now we see that consciousness is creating and manifesting. It is activating certain areas of consciousness, like the human mind has the ability to show highlighted energetic patterns under certain circumstances. Consciousness provides the same ability, so…

Interviewer: So all possible creations are already in existence in the grid. We just activate whatever we wish.

Zeta: Yes, the correct function, yes. As you understand that you are able to create and interact with the consciousness level.

Zeta: I have not been here for some of your time. I must implement my construct properly if we are to provide the healing process that have communication, as some of the human form are susceptible to energy change. But cannot modify a medium’s structure too much because the development process is expensive, so the medium is expanding in energy from one frequency to the next while working with many entities.

Interviewer: The medium is finding that easier now I think.

Zeta: Correct, yes. A medium prefers to have contact with races, but for that to take place, would need no spirit contact.

Interviewer: Contact with spirit interferes?

Zeta: Yes, it is a frequency that is too different.

Interviewer: Would it be preferable for the medium to not have contact with spirit?

Zeta: A medium always prefers all contact. A medium frequency is human process, so much healing takes place.

Interviewer: A middle frequency.

Zeta: The medium frequency, yes.

Interviewer: Which is where in terms of beings?

Zeta: A balance before medium between spirit realm and races. Also many constructs have taken place on this property. The mediums have caused much conversation, and did not give the capacity to place for them the fabric of the pulse, have diminished capacity for connection, so…

Interviewer: The pulse that you have put in place interferes with connection with your race?

Zeta: No, what it took xxx is humans, all of your chaos.

Interviewer: So it reduces the chaos by preventing humans from bringing entities?

Zeta: No, it is a process, and the humans, if they increase their level of chaos, energetic chaos, can diminish the capacity of the pulse.

Interviewer: The capacity of the pulse to do what?

Zeta: To protect the humans from other entities.

Interviewer: So humans tend to interfere with their own protection.

Zeta: Yes, correct function of course, but for us to come, we reinstate a spherical protective mechanism.

Interviewer: Is this the dome?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is that device in place this year as well?

Zeta: In this room only, that’s why when come in, yes, felt energy shifting.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: When you leave here, you go into the other room and see what takes place, do comparison.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: Teach yourself difference.

Interviewer: The energy I felt when I came into the room was your energy.

Zeta: That is correct, yes.

Interviewer: A question I had about newly incarnated humans - a child has a certain level of consciousness and this changes throughout its life, either higher or lower, I understand? I’m just wondering what its level is that it starts with.

Zeta: You have transitioned and are in spirit realm, yes?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: And wish to incarnate into the physical.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: You are generally a clear consciousness that comes through. There should be, yes most of the cases, nothing that comes through, but of course as consciousness increases, the consciousness that you transition into in the physical realm, the consciousness that surrounds the physical human form, that intermediary process is failing.

Interviewer: Failing?

Zeta: So many humans now are able to easily transition between information from before transition into physical and physical existence.

Interviewer: That ability is increasing?

Zeta: Yes, correct of course. That is the purpose.

Interviewer: Would that be part of the ascension process that you have…

Zeta: Correct function, yes

Interviewer: So the child does not really start at a particular level then.

Zeta: Depending on the path of the child, yes. To make statement that all is the same is inaccurate.

[Discussion on hearing pulses]
Interviewer: I already looked at what we recorded before and it appeared to me that the pulses were actually two trains of pulses, one slightly offset from the other, and one could say then that these pulses had a frequency in the terms that we understand frequency. I wondered at the time, if races such as yours are able to generate those pulses, and they don’t use our concept of time as we use it, how can they generate a constant frequency?

Zeta: Hold information.

Interviewer: What holds information?

Zeta: The pulse, of course. A frequency is dependent on cycle, yes, the cycle is dependent on time structure, time structure for humans exists here. We utilize that process.

Interviewer: You utilize the time process?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Oh, so you do.

Zeta: Must, yes, for the clock process, or utilize your construct, not in operation where we are.

Interviewer: Here we have a construct defined by time which is used to interfere with spirit processes or astral processes which presumably does not use time. My understanding is correct?

Zeta: Speak again?

Interviewer: Well, the entities that the pulses are supposed to interfere with, presumably are not based on a time process.

Zeta: A correct function, but for checking, is the word yes, to check what has taken place within the implementation of one pulse to the next, there must be some way to determine a difference. Now that is the first thing. So yes of course, utilization of this pulse process, if not available, if time function does not exist, how can use entities a rhythm of this form, a bodily function process.

Interviewer: And a rhythm is defined by a sequence of what follows what.

Zeta: Yes, so to match up physical frequency of this device with the function of the human container to provide then a capacity to emanate amplitude of frequency, so frequency is also defined by the presence of this human on this property. This human, also, presents opportunity to amplify pulse on property, to reject other entities from within the same frequency capacity, so as the entities come, the human container activates consciousness of Zeta process, which is compartmentalized, and a frequency which has come to the property is nullified.

Interviewer: This human would be the medium?

Zeta: Yes, is correct function. So a little bit complicated, yes, but it works.

Interviewer: It does clarify for me how you might use the frequency process, thank you.

Zeta: Let me continue, not finished. So how do I access this human form? There must be a cyclic activity, so a consciousness… how to explain this function? Ah yes, for you to access information from a spirit, you must change your consciousness. Your consciousness is undulating and continually moving. It must move into other undulating processes to xxx frequency.

Interviewer: Is that related to physical processes in the brain?

Zeta: They are, yes, the brain, a human function. It has the ability through electrical impulses to stimulate cellular activity. Consciousness knows how to interface to the physical mind.

Interviewer: So that is why trance states are correlated with brain activity.

Zeta: Ah yes, correct function, mind is a reduced capacity of physically apart consciousness increases.

Interviewer: So the fewer undulations in consciousness, the more focussed consciousness can be?

Zeta: Yes, if I understand what you believe to be true.

Interviewer: There was one time last year in a discussion where we… I think there might have been a misunderstanding on my part about the class of energies that makes up the soul. I think I may have mentioned this a little earlier, but if there is only one class, you might say, of consciousness, that means that the things like what I call inanimate objects like rocks and tables and things like that, are they all part of the same class of consciousness that we are, just different levels?

Zeta: Now of course, yes, interesting, so matter determines capacity of consciousness to produce intelligence. A construct, a physical construct determines what consciousness will manifest within matter. So it could be said that there are classes of consciousness, that classes are designated by the matter form.

Interviewer: But when the body dies, then the matter form is gone, and what are the implications for consciousness then, for that consciousness?

Zeta: No implications, was always.

Interviewer: Ok, so that consciousness is merely reflected in matter…

Zeta: By the potential of the matter.

Interviewer: In the question I just finished, I was wondering how inanimate objects… if they are of the same class of energy as we are, would you say that was true? The class of energy is the same, just at a different level.

Zeta: Consciousness exists in all things, yes.

Interviewer: Does this apply to the entities like the collectors in the astral realm?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Are these beings on their own path of …

Zeta: Of destruction.

Interviewer: So they are not like other beings that try to improve themselves, raise their level of consciousness? They are not part of the collective…

Zeta: They are, interesting. They are existing in an isolated environment which will disappear.

Interviewer: And they will disappear with it?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So they only exist there?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: So you could say that they are not really the same class of consciousness that we are, or as you were saying, everything is consciousness.

Zeta: Everything is consciousness process.

Interviewer: But the …

Zeta: Intention, but will they exist? What will be left is the information when they no longer exist.

Interviewer: Because they are not true entities?

Zeta: Correct, yes. Even energies of consciousness transmute.

Interviewer: So a being could transmute so that it is no longer recognizable.

Zeta: Correct, yes of course, malleable to change.

Interviewer: So it would not have its information anymore either?

Zeta: It would not require its own information, but information would exist within consciousness.

Interviewer: So it would have information, but not the same kind of information.

Zeta: Not required.

Interviewer: I guess it’s hard for me to understand how something can exist without information.

Zeta: Would have other information, would change to other form.

Interviewer: So it would lose one kind of information…

Zeta: But gain another.

Interviewer: And it would have no recollection of what it used to be.

Zeta: Not once it is complete.

Interviewer: Is this what happened to a race like the Anorians? Were they at one time a different form of consciousness?

Zeta: Interesting entities, yes, a field or plane of consciousness, isolated and of intelligence. But much of what I say to you is very difficult to describe within the human construct. Imagine a thin field, a band, and the band contains the consciousness of the race, does not permeate all things.

Interviewer: Whereas our consciousness does?

Zeta: The human form, interestingly, is all-pervasive, yes. This is why there is much work from races. Let me try to give you imagery, yes? Other races are isolated within spheres, yes. What takes place within those constructs does not permeate into other levels of consciousness, but the humans have their sphere, spherical process is not created yet, so at its infancy. Its consciousness is pervasive. You will need to think on this process.

Interviewer: The intent is to change that, is that correct?

Zeta: Yes, must be within a spherical existence, because all things exist within consciousness, cannot affect other races, must not affect other races.

Interviewer: Can one sphere of consciousness interact with another sphere of consciousness? Two different races?

Zeta: A different question now. Human consciousness is not within spherical unit, so is pervasive. Our race is inside container, is contained as are other races. Not all races are in spheres. So to interact with another race, must gain permission from the other race to come, whereas the humans, your field is open. That is why we are hoping the undulating form in consciousness to stop the pervasive actions of the consciousness of the race.

Interviewer: So it is possible at this point for the human consciousness to interfere with something like the Zeta consciousness?

Zeta: Yes, that is correct, and other races.

Interviewer: You said there are other races that are not contained like the human race.

Zeta: Correct, yes.

Interviewer: So they are all going through the same process.

Zeta: All races, yes, formal process of change. I will be leaving now.

Interviewer: Thank you.

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