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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: I am trying to explain your spirit realm. Of course, the spirit realm is a multidimensional creation. Within it there are threads of consciousness and the threads of consciousness are individuals who have existed in the physical form. The threads are informational fields which combine to create the whole soul process, and so each of them are taking many turns to again perceive the existence of matter of a human entity, or any entity that belongs to this planet. Quite often the threads of consciousness are joined together and become husband and wife and then return back to the informational field once they have finished their journey together. If you wish you can perceive yourself to be of a human construct, the opposite but also, if you do not wish to live in that construct, then you do not. The container that is the spirit realm is a entity of consciousness. The informal fields, the informal structures within the consciousness are seen to be a separate entity. The formal structure of the informational field allows a construct to exist, and the belief structure is then that there is a spirit realm.

Many of the entities in the informal field which are the individual threads may not be able to perceive that they are actually not human, and so this is where the discussion starts about the spirit realm. The spirit realm is then within its own confines, has the belief structure that individuals exist.

Many of the entities in the informational field that is known as spirit realm believe that they are singular entities. Many do live with their partners as consciousness, believing themselves to be the form, and so you see that the informational field has the ability to create any construct, any belief system, any existence that a human soul requires.

And now, how do other races create hybrid souls, because they integrate the consciousness they have with threads from the informal field, and once the informal field is birthed through the natural process, a race may enter into the physical reality of being a human container.

This is very technical information, and it is believed that you will not fully understand what has been said.

It takes you some way in understanding the differences between the human mind's construct of the spirit realm and what actually exists. But if you are inside the spirit realm construct, you will not be able to tell the difference. Just as the humans are unable to understand the construct (the clicking has started) of spirit realm.

This is why so many of the phenomena that are seen such as orbs and lights and other forms of matter, exist only for a short time, because the informal threads of consciousness move in and out of the frequency, the fabric of the human existence, and this is why your friends can come and speak to you, because they move between the frequencies to come and speak to you.

What is the human makeup, what is the construct of humanity? You are but energy, and the energy creates molecular structures, the molecular structures come together as cellular matter, the cellular matter creates a human construct, and so you at your finite level of energy and consciousness. The physical matter of the chair the medium is sitting in does not exist, but what exists is the energy and the consciousness of the shape of the matter to create the chair. And so, if you remember this, then you will understand that the spirit people are able to see what is not.

You only see what is, you see the physical representation, whereas spirit people see the energetic representation, and so when they cross over the threshold and change their frequency, they often see within your physical parameters and by your ocular systems.

And so when you transition, you will move back to the informal field where the thread that you are, the consciousness, becomes intertwined with the formal field. The formal field is of course the oversoul process. All the many threads of consciousness perceive themselves to be singular entities, and now you may become entwined with another thread. The thread may be your partner, and so you can never be separated because the experience that you have had with the partner becomes integral in your existence, the fabric of who you are.

You may want to forget that you have been with that partner, but you cannot. They were part of your journey, they were your teaching. But remember for the consciousness living within the spirit realm container, the perception is that they are not threads.

The perception is that they are entities living within structure. But do you understand that consciousness itself is believing itself to be of the same construct as this room.

JC [a spirit helper] believes that he is living in a construct that is based in a physicality, and so JC will have his cup of tea, and he will shine his boots, and dust his house, but none of it exists.

And so when JC was allowed to move through his frequency to the state of existence that he now holds, he would often transition into the non-structure of spirit realm.

There are many places where the construct of what seems to be three-dimensional does not exist, the light area, and so quite often it is perceived as light by spirit people.

And we do speak to them as  spirit entities even though we know that they are informal fields of consciousness, as you have informal fields of consciousness, but part of a formal field of consciousness.

(Sitter suggests that the light is the same as the Anorians, a non-physical race of beings)

Zeta: All consciousness comes from what is and always will be, but to believe that a race will exist in spirit realm is not possible.

Interviewer: I was referring to the pure consciousness above the spirit realm.

Zeta: Ah no, these are the formal fields which no longer require the formality, and so they no longer hold the desire to exist in a singular entity structure, and so they are seen as light

Interviewer: when the spirit body is no longer a spirit body, but becomes the light, what is their purpose then?

Zeta: to be, to exist in that state of oneness, and to not be confined to a reality based in consciousness, but to be free of that construct, to no longer see that they require the interactions between matter and the non-matter states

Interviewer: so will they then become more creative more powerful in their creation?

Zeta: there is no more, there is no requirement that to create, they no longer hold the desire to create

Interviewer: at that stage, do they desire to reincarnate

Zeta: no, they have moved past that. The informal threads within the formal structure are the only ones that continually incarnate. But much of consciousness does not require itself to be incarnated. And once it has achieved a certain level of awareness, but then the construct of interaction with matter no longer exists.

Interviewer: the number of times one might reincarnate, is that determined by what the higher self wishes to experience?

Zeta: the higher self is the thread, the oversoul is the collective consciousness of the multiple lives of entities. They are also singular in nature and existing infinitely as oversouls. And so to simplify this process, this group of human entities could easily belong to one oversoul. Each thread becomes a formal field. But you will not see this structure when you transition.  You will be in unawareness of this state.

(When you transition) you will move to a different state of existence and what you have learned in matter may fade away. You will be taken over by the oversoul consciousness process, by the formal field.

But your individuality as a thread will always exist as long as you choose for it to, and when it no longer serves your purpose, then you will (transition?).

And this is a similarity between the collective consciousness of the zeta race, that the collective consciousness - I have been asked not to speak about this. The discussion is that there is no point in talking about the collective consciousness of a race when we have to speak in simple terms. How do you describe consciousness? How do you describe the workings of the human mind? It is something best experienced.

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