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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: Does the Zeta home planet exist in our 3D physical universe, or is it more like the Anunnaki world which is not a physical planet as we understand it?

Zeta: It is a physical planet in the universe much of the same physical matter as this planet.

Interviewer: Is it in our physical universe?

Zeta: Yes. You have many planets and systems, some are gaseous and others are physical, others are semi-material, semi-physical.

Interviewer: What is the difference between your planet and the Anunnaki planet?

Zeta: The Anunnaki planet is partially dematerialized, a physicality, so the molecular structure of the planet is not as closely bound together as your physical planet.

Interviewer: So it's not solid, is this planet something you can touch?

Zeta: It has matter, its construct is of matter, but there is matter that you cannot touch around, and so their planet is much aligned with the - I'm trying to think of an analogy - your water comes in many states, but it is still the same element is it not? And so the physical planet for the Anunnaki is a substance between a physical element such as water and the gaseous substance such as steam. And so there are many in-between states between the physical and the non-physical.

Interviewer: Does that mean that the Anunnaki themselves are the same?

Zeta: When they are existing on their own planet, they are of the same nature as the planet, and so when they move from their existence to a new planet, they take on some of the physical manifestation of the planet they are visiting.

Interviewer: That is why when they came to earth, they were solid

Zeta: They were seen as solid, yes. Now, I will give you an example. I may come here and be seen as a solid individual, but I have populated my consciousness with fine matter. I have brought to myself that, and so I am seen to be solid.

Interviewer: If we touch you, you would…

Zeta: No, you could not, but if I came in a craft, then of course you could touch me. There are many states of existence. The problem that humans have is that they believe that everyone is much the same as themselves.

s: So if you populated your consciousness and appeared to be solid, would you then appear to be a hologram?

Zeta: That is a good analogy, yes, a holographic entity.

Interviewer: So it would appear normal until you go to touch it, and your hand would go straight through you.

Zeta: But it would look very real.

Interviewer: The zetas say they do not have access to the multiple timelines like spirits do. Is the reason because they do not have the same physical existence that we do?

Zeta: No. The theoretical model of existence states that a human would be a level of consciousness that is partially based in the oversoul process, and so it could exist in infinite realities in the same time, because the oversoul has separated itself into many forms, and thus existing in many physical manifestations you understand, and these are called timelines. But for us, our consciousness is not seen as the oversoul process, so there is no theoretical model required for placing ourselves into the separate timelines I explained.

Interviewer: If you do have the same physical existence that we do…(Zeta: and we do not), do you choose a particular timeline when you incarnate on earth?

Zeta: The problem with the question is that it intimates that time is a relevant function, but as has been stated by us many times, the function of time or timelines is that it exists only for the observer, and so the observer, no matter where they are observing from, sees that point as the now. And so to believe that they are multiple humans on any timeline, that does not accurately describe how humans view themselves in a timeline process.

Interviewer: Every zeta coming here for experience, do you choose what time and place and circumstances you come to?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: So you do choose a particular timeline for a reason?

Zeta: No, we choose a particular time which is now, and so if I wish to incarnate as a human in a thousand years time, that is now.

Interviewer: Why is one particular timeline chosen over all the others?

Zeta: That presupposes that the theoretical model is in operation and that the spirit densities of the human population are existing in infinite manners. We have chosen this timeline, this experience, this existence because it is the one that we are in.

Interviewer: There has to be a purpose or a reason why you chose this planet…

Zeta: …because we exist in this timeline.

Interviewer: Ok, so the next incarnation that a zeta were doing, and you would pick a point…

Zeta: …only on this timeline.

Interviewer: This time line is now.

Zeta: This timeline exists because of this physical universe. If I was to exist in a theoretical different timeline, I would exist in another universe, but the collective mind of the race exists now.

Interviewer: What is behind the decision for the choice of a different universe or the now over the timeline for a zeta to come here?

Zeta: There is never a choice to move to another universe, another existence. That would mean a disassociation of the collective mind. But let me make this statement - I believe that Zotropa would be much better at answering the question, as he has capacity to access the collective consciousness, the will of xxx. These are questions which are very difficult to speak about in the human language.

Interviewer: When it's time for you to have your experience, is it just for the experience or will you be coming here in a particular timeframe for a reason.

Zeta: There is always a reason, but I will not be disclosing that.

Interviewer: So there is a reason for choosing a particular timeline...

Zeta: …a particular point on the timeline. Do not confuse the different existences.

Interviewer: So you would choose this particular point, but you would have a reason for choosing that point.

Zeta: Yes.

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