This blog accompanies a book co-authored with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled "A primer of the Zeta race". Interviews with the non-terrestrial Zeta beings are discussed, and interested readers are invited to download the book at no cost.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: The more difficult it is for the medium, the better it is. Adversity is a good teacher.

Interviewer: many people state they are spoken to in dreams by your race, can you speak to this?

Zeta: In the first instance, the ones who state they are in contact with us maybe there is another scenario where they wish contact, so in their sleep state they gain access to those images. But there are others who are of our race who will be spoken to by  us when they are in the sleep state. Their filtering negates contact, they are only accessible when asleep.

Interviewer: Is it just the people who’s point of origin is the Zeta race who get contacted by zetas?

Zeta: Yes, there is no point to speaking to a person who is from spirit realm.

Interviewer: Why are people who are mentally unbalanced drawn to information about your races in the informational field?

Zeta: They are able to populate their fantasy because they are in a imbalanced state. Many of the entities are controlled by other beings. For them it is a matter of them believing they are working for a specific race but they aren’t. Their consciousness requires them to believe they have been abducted or are special and unlike all other humans.

Interviewer: Why aren’t more people able to get the contact the medium has?

Zeta: They are able to, but they do not understand how to do this. The process must be learned. Many who make the journey do not do so in isolation, they rely on others for advice and do themselves a disservice as the guides do not teach them. You cannot develop unless your origin is of that race. That would be understood as they went through the development.

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