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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: Will your people work toward disclosure of your presence even if mankind continues to behave poorly?

Zeta: Mankind has always behaved poorly, we continue to work towards supporting humanity.

Interviewer: Are you concerned that our behaviour could lead to our extinction?
Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: If so, are you doing anything to change this? What?

Zeta: There is work within and without, humans who are incarnated and races who support the collective consciousness of the humanity. They seek to stabilize the undulating mass of the race, whereas the humans collective mind is an unstable entity, a challenge.

Interviewer: What can be done to calm the fears of terrified people who are being taken by insectoid types?

Zeta: There is a underlying thread to the questioning that is based in fear. They are the predominant energies brought to a person. If they are to work with people who believe they are abducted, then the fear will spread, those people are providing the fear mechanism. Is this based in factual information? These things are much of the confabulation of the mind…yes, some are taken, others are taken under permission, others desire contact. Always ask what is happening to a person. For years there have been many years of interaction for well over 60 years, but primarily indigenous cultures were contacted. But with the global structures of the internet, it has permeated through the informational fields, they have become formal threads. How many of you in this room have been abducted? (none in this room) How long have you been speaking to me? Have you been harmed or threats made? (none) Still you are here. Let us ponder this, none here are taken, none are hurt, what does that tell you? Why do some state they are abducted? Some have facts others have fantasy, and some do not understand the contact experience. They have no one to talk to, their fears guide them.

Interviewer: Does any group from the Zeta race work with the insectoid types?

Zeta: (another Zeta comes and states they know the insectoids, but that humans wouldn’t understand why they are interacting with humans (but generally they seem to be ok).

Zeta: Insectoids are a race (The medium is not sure they are known by that name to the Zetas). There are races which will do harm. Are you a creator? What you focus on you create. One is to enter into the informational field and then perceive an abduction. There is potential for contact, but contact with whom? Do not believe naively that because beings do not live on this planet, they do not intend harm. This has become complicated, If you are in fear and believe you have been abducted, you emit a frequency, you send out information that you have been abducted when you haven’t, others notice you, you become noticed….

Interviewer: Can we inherit fear?
Zeta: With each conception there is consciousness and energy, so as the child grows it is much like its parent, a system of consciousness. What is your genetic makeup, how do you perceive yourself, what is your underlying thoughts? You then have a child, they then mimic you, how has this taken place? The genetics of the child is determined by the parent. This provides the chemical, emotional, energetics response for local consciousness.

Interviewer: Can you tell me anything about the insectoid beings?

Zeta: I do not have personal information regarding these beings, and the ones I have met, have not harmed any one (personal information regarding abductions and insectoids)

Interviewer: More and more people feel they are being visited by highly evolved beings. It sounds angelic. Do you know if this is real? Is this the type of being mentioned in the Bible?

Zeta: This is a frequency-based encounter. There are many races supporting your race.

Interviewer: Do you exist in a 3-D realm? Are you inter-dimensional? Of a different density?

Zeta: We are physical entities which are able to be beings of consciousness, such as yourself. Density is a system of duality constructed by humans. Between matter is space. We are physical.

Interviewer: Do you use technology to gain invisibility? If so, what?

Zeta: If technology is perception, then yes.

Interviewer: How many other planets are you visiting?

Zeta : Many.

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