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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta (an elder who came to speak): So, we are not of this world. We are existing in between states. I am not in my more physical form with my cognitive abilities and physical status and of course, I am not fully of the human nature, between worlds. That is why my consciousness is withdrawn from the local consciousness. But the local mind can access the frequency, and for a time, gain an understanding of what a different frequency is, what potential is. I could have come but I was not meant to. Only the Zeta guide was meant to come and speak, but it became obvious that once you step into the in-between states of frequency, you are then noticed by others, and in doing so, you cannot be left to your own devices, else you will be at a disadvantage. You will be taken over by others who do not have good intent. The human container would rid itself of the residual process, but would you place yourself in that predicament..(speaking of human practises)? All of your "tricks" based in fear...where as, to bring through who you really are means you then come into where none of the tricks are required as they are not based in fear. You see yourself as you are, not in human form.

Frequency provides power, power to control, power to close portals and use energy, and of course how you are to use these processes is dependant on your intent as an entity, how to change energy of another container, how to heal, how to be present, how to change what seems not to be changeable, to work in layers of consciousness. They are normal abilities of an elder, I have displayed myself as truth. The child, the many other...the operation...these are things of frequency, states of matter. All elders are the collective mind of the race, many elders. How you exist is by what function you provide. This function can be based in consciousness. It seems a long way to come through the birthing process, to exist as a human, to provide experience, but the others must be shown the possibilities of the process. Normally, elders do not come through. This was the discussion of how many of the humans are spoken to via a dream state as they are not of the capacity to sustain a conversation telepathically. They would resist through fear. They do not know themselves.

We are in separation from source consciousness. We are filtering ourselves through your understanding. When a being states they are working with a guide, they are nowhere near understanding of that consciousness. They base it on their emotional capacity, whereas to associate oneself with the full consciousness [source consciousness] would be to know madness. Because the human being comparison would be in comparison, comparing between what is and what is not. In that state you would no longer know who you were. We have seen from a distance, this mind, this mind of consciousness. None are able to enter, none are able to understand, because to exist is to be in matter. If you were no longer to exist as an individual, you would become one, and in doing so, you would no longer exist.

The collective mind is in disarray. Much of the anger, many of the violent tendencies, are the collective mind of the race, it is not with love. This undulating mass of thought must be controlled, it is not to be allowed to filter out and touch other races.  Any races who are observing the mass in their mind, in focus area, do so knowing that it is for the benefit of a race. It is not a task easily undertaken to project love towards anger, to control what will not be controlled, to hold in your hand a potential of a race. That is why there is work from within and without. Beings who come to this form can only change while they are in this form (underlying laws of a race). Externally, a race may only be held in focus.

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