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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: Can you describe your race?

Zeta: We seek harmony with all beings, we are not unlike ourselves many generations ago, but we were never obviously a genetic pool of the human race. Previously the production of a child was based on the sexual act of the copulation process, but now it is purely a mechanical process. The child is created in what is called the maturation chamber in your tongue, but through the combination of genetic material.

Interviewer: Has that to do with the fact that your people don’t feel emotion - like extremes of anger and happiness?

Zeta: There was a time when we felt the extremes of emotions, yes, but a generatruly, those things were changed. It was a choice of the race to be more productive. Also it was based on what a planet could provide, what physically could the planet provide. This is something that your planet may come across with the use of the natural resources, and so genetic modification processes were put in place and certain functionality was removed, each couple, each entity couple have one child, and only one child.

Interviewer: So if each couple has only one child, the population would decrease.

Zeta: The population decreases due to a limited lifespan. If a human was to live 1500 years, and had one child, then when the child was 80 years old, and the child was paired with another entity, and they then performed the function of joining, would there be a decrease?

Interviewer: When you have two parents and they have only one child then you are replacing only one of the parents.

Zeta: That is correct, but if you lived for 1500 years, how many children will you have?

Interviewer: But every couple just has one child.

Zeta: Yes, those child have children. The question is a functional question - if the lifespan is determined in a numerical value of 70 of your years, what is the greatest possible amount of a generational line that can exist? Four generations are possible. If your lifespan is 1500 years, and you recreate at the process of 80 years, what is the maximum amount of a generational line?

Interviewer: About 23-24?

Zeta: There is the answer to your question. But of course we do not use a spirit realm process.

Interviewer: You move into a different container, and the container only lasts for 1500 years.

Zeta: As you do, if you choose to of course.

Once you have had one child, after the 1500 year process you would then move into a new container and retain your place in the generational structure. You are not born again, yes there is accidental death, there is potential for catastrophic failure of the container, and so a consciousness would move to the collective mind of the race and stay in a symbiotic relationship with the mind of the race until a new container was prepared from the pool of genetic material, and then simply the consciousness reenters the animated state and exists once again in its former role. So, when you transition you will, decision, you will determine, you will consciously enact a level of progression for yourself, whether that exists in your spirit realm entity, whether that exists as a function of the global consciousness of the race, whether you transition to another race, or whether you move back to the physical container of a human entity will be a decision that is made by you and your freewill process. But in regards to a catastrophic failure of a child, if a child was to be harmed in an accident or some process, there is a technology to assist in the extraction of the consciousness from the child, or to capture the consciousness. The child does not have the potential to move into the mind of the race. The consciousness is encapsulated until a functioning container is created for the child.

Interviewer: How is the consciousness preserved then?

Zeta: The consciousness exists around your physical entity, your brain processes perform functions on many levels. I do not have the human words to explain the full potential of keeping the conscious state but to say that a biological entity is utilized in allowing the thought processes to exist where a environment is created for the child, it believes it to be in a state of existence.

Interviewer: Do you know of any race that has no children, they are who they are, and they live endlessly?

Zeta: Yes, there are non-physical states of existence, we have had interaction with them. They exist in what are called states in between states of consciousness. Many levels of civilization do not take the physical form, even the spirit realm container has within it potential for infinite levels of conscious existence.

Interviewer: Explain how your race were given the choice to preserve the race and move to the less emotional state?

Zeta: I will explain. You are all consciousness existing in the form of matter, yes? You are denying yourself access to certain levels of your functional ability of consciousness. This is a act that you perform for yourself. Some of you are able to perform what seem to be extraordinary acts such as telepathic communication, levitation, physical mediumship and all of the other associated processes such as levitation, dematerialization, but our race also was at the same state over the many generations. A global realization took place, and this is something that you as a race are coming towards. The technology enabled all of us to connect to each other. We were able to be in agreement as a race. At one point the decision was made that, to move forward in separation from what had held us back as a race, being physically trapped within a container was made, and so an associated level of consciousness was created that was comparable with the physical construct of existence. We were then able to, as a global entity, able to interact with each other by placing our attention toward the collective mind of the race.

Now you as a group of humans living on a planet are moving towards this as we speak. Your collective mind, in its undulating state, is being prepared for the transition to a telepathic process. You will become more in tune with your innate abilities based on consciousness, and in doing so, you will be able to communicate yourselves much easier. Firstly, you will be offered this on a technological basis. Much of your technology now is aimed at or based on communication with each other, and as this technology  is offered to you, and ultimately you can move into connection with each other, the amplified state of thought that you will exist in, will allow you to bypass the technological states, and so will begin the normalization of the collective consciousness of the human mind. And so, we basically turn our thoughts to the created process of the consciousness of the race, and make those decisions based on what is the overriding factor for the race. For the ones who chose not to enter into the collective mind, they were given freewill to leave, and so generationally, others have left and continue to procreate using the human method.

Interviewer: Members of your race that chose not to make this change, are they still able to exist on your planet or did they get kicked off?

Zeta: There is no kicking off, though that is a very interesting concept. There are many facets to the race. The only facet of the race that is excluded from the collective mind are the abductor race. They are entities that have decided that they will journey on their own path, that they will take upon themselves a new construct, that they do not wish to be part of the collective.

Interviewer: It sounds like your race is a much more advanced race than ours, would you say it aspires to develop further? Do you have spiritual practices that you conduct?

Zeta: All races seek to exist, all races seek to improve themselves, all races seek guidance of higher minds. Is there a religious process, a construct, no. The collective mind has become the ultimate goal of the race, to exist purely in thought, and to not be moving from container to container. We seek to be like our brothers in consciousness. But we are also a part of the physical, we are able to travel within the physical, but as well travel energetically, so there are multiple ways to be in existence.

Interviewer: You said earlier that you are assisting us, are there other groups that you are assisting as well, and are they similar groups to us?

Zeta: You have heard of a council, have you not?

Interviewer: I don’t know much about it.

Zeta: There is a loosely coordinated group that live within the areas of this solar system. They seek to as a collective of races, manage what is taking place. Are there other races, yes. Are they more difficult than humans, yes. You are going quite well, other races, not so.

Interviewer: So there is nothing like us exactly or close to?

Zeta: There are beings which may be similar but they may be taller, larger, live in different states of existence, not purely within your construct of civilization.

Interviewer: And dealing with some of the problems that we have created?

Zeta: All races have similar problems because any race which abides in matter will seek to utilize all of the resources available on the planet they live on, and so there is commonality between all of the races which are of a physical nature.

Interviewer: I’m having a problem with the use of the word race. Normally a race is within a species, like the human species has different races within the same species, and things like orangutangs are a different species from humans, so when you say a race, are we all part of the same species, are humans the same species as your people?

Zeta: No. We are using the words that we have developed using the medium. If we are in error you must point that out to us.

Interviewer: Does your species work with any other species on our planet, like maybe the whales or monkeys or other animals?

Zeta: There are entities within the race that are of a scientific nature that would seek to understand many of the different species that exist on your planet.

Interviewer: Do we as a race perform the same service to other entities in other dimensions?

Zeta: Could you hold the same form in this other place?

Zeta: Let me explain our understanding of consciousness within a certain level. The spirit realm container that relates to the physical existence of humans is connected in frequency to all of the races, but why is it that when you speak to one of your spirit friends that they are not able to enunciate the information of the other races. It is because the construct that they have created allows them to view entities within the spirit realm as a higher organism. There is connection in all things, but the level of connection, the point of access of connection requires a certain level of consciousness. This does not mean that that consciousness is any better than any other consciousness. It means that there is an understanding. It may be that one of your animals chooses to incarnate as a human. It may be that one of your humans choose to incarnate into another race. There must be a way for this function to be performed, and so there is.

Interviewer: How long before we could become a collective?

Zeta: The beginning of the collective mind has already begun, but you are to be assisted by a technology. It is seen the - let me explain - it is possible to take a copy of frequency and to map it into a environment which has been termed the synthetic quantum environment. Within this environment, there can be determined probabilities through observation. The observation has been that within 28 of your years, your technology will assimilate you, will support you, will guide you. You choose whether you accept what is to be offered to you.

Interviewer: Your race has conquered illness and pain and suffering, right? Is that part of the reason why they are here - opted for a different way of procreation?

Zeta: All illness is consciousness, all unwellness is energy. For us, we have shown the medium many times, he may have an unwellness, when we come the unwellness dissipates, the unwellness is based in frequency and consciousness. Once you have understood this fully, the unwellness will drop within your civilization.

Interviewer: The change in procreation, has it improved the health of your race?

Zeta: You are able to modify if appropriate, but that would be a generational goal. You were able to modify genetic reconstruction, and, I hesitate to use the words, get rid of, but to negate any genetic issues.

Interviewer: So the race has become stronger and live longer.

Zeta: Yes, as you will as well. You know this to be true that your technology is seeking to make you stronger, fitter, and healthier. Much work is now taking place in regards to this.

Zeta: We have stated that you are able to defeat, if you say, unwellness through consciousness, but many will choose to take the technological route in regards to all of the evidence. Even the medium would admit that if he is not well that he will take a tablet to make himself feel better, whereas the level of understanding of what causes the unwellness would be a better option.

Interviewer: Does that mean you have no need of healers?

Zeta: That is correct, yes.

Interviewer: Does that mean that emotional shock has no effect, or you don’t have emotional shock?

Zeta: I will give you a scenario. I understand the human mind. I come here in a craft, yes, and fall over and injure myself. My leg is now broken. I will move back into my craft and use technology to recreate the structure. The rest is under my control. Now a decision will be made if the physical container is too damaged as to whether I will eject myself from my container or whether I will stay with it, just as you would make the decision for yourself, but you believe that the decision is made for you.

Interviewer: If you eject yourself from the container, where will you go? Will you go back to the collective consciousness?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: How much focus does your race tend to put on keeping the container healthy and mobile and such?

Zeta: We spend much time in walking and although many people think that we must float around a craft, there is technology to exist, assist a movement but it is common to see many of our race walking. That is a way to move from one place to another.

Interviewer: And what does walking do for your container?

Zeta: It keeps the muscular structure in good condition.

Interviewer: Do you have members of your race that choose not to walk and don’t keep the container muscular …

Zeta: No, because there is a simple underlying fact to the race, that what I do affects you, and so I will do what I can to support you, and if you do what you can to support me, then we require no other assistance because we do everything for each other.

Interviewer: When you look at the human race and how we don’t look after our containers, do you have an opinion?

Zeta: You are interesting, as a race. I have an observation that, only for the medium, I observe that the medium could drink more water. I observe that the medium could spend more time in meditation. I observe that the medium could eat healthy. I do not force these opinions on the medium. They are his construct, if he chooses to live his live the way he wants to, then he can. But where we do have an opinion is in regards to the collective mind of the race, and many of us are supporting you.

Interviewer: How does that affect you, with the other part of your race that abducts people?

Zeta: That is a difficult situation for us and, in all of our sitting processes and discussion, we have faced that question, that we do have a portion of the race that are disassociated from us because they refuse to abide by the non-interference policy, just as you cannot stop a human from performing a function because all entities have freewill. All we can do is exclude them from the collective mind of the race, and then continually seek to undo the damage that has been done. And so, if a human or any being from any race is taken for any purpose, we would then seek to determine how to undo what has been done.

Interviewer: They must have the capacity to create their own conscious collective then.

Zeta: They do, yes, because they are not part of ours.

Interviewer: Who is in the majority?

Zeta: We are the majority, we are…

Interviewer: What sort of food do you eat?

Zeta: We do not eat, we ingest paste through our structure.

Interviewer: A bit like putting lotion on yourself?

Zeta: Yes, that is a commonly asked question.

Interviewer: Do you have celebrations, dancing, music or …

Zeta: No, there are ceremonies, there are times of acknowledgement, but not dancing.

Interviewer: Are there times of great joy where you are very joyous and …

Zeta: Yes, there is joy, there is love, yes, but there is not anger, there is not greed. Those emotions do not serve us.

Interviewer: What fuel do you use?

Zeta: The paste as it is commonly known by the medium. It is applied to the epidermis of the physical container.

Interviewer: What fuel do you use with your technology?

Zeta: That has been discussed in the other writings. It is called a state of matter propulsion system.

Interviewer: Do you need oxygen, or do you need another gas?

Zeta: We need a certain amount of oxygen, yes.

Interviewer: And that’s carried on your craft with you?

Zeta: The entity is able to create its own life supporting system.

Interviewer: Out of the paste? To create the oxygen, you would need to get it from the paste, or…

Zeta: May I clarify? Are you talking about an entity on a craft or …

Interviewer: On a craft when you are traveling.

Zeta: So containers traveling within a craft function, and they are provided with the atmospheric conditions by the craft, yes.

Interviewer: My friend, could you explain to the people what your craft is made of?

Zeta: The craft are non-metallic structures, they are biological entities.

Interviewer: Biological, you mean living organisms.

Zeta: Yes, sentient with consciousness of course.

Interviewer: Do you have gravity in this …

Zeta: There is gravity, yes.

Interviewer: And is it similar to gravity on earth?

Zeta: Yours is heavier than ours.

Interviewer: Are you assisting our spirit world as well?

Zeta: We are not to enter into the spirit realm, because that is to then redefine the parameters of the spirit realm container. But we are to incarnate as human beings and then to project a stabilizing force into the collective mind of the human race. And so because we have manifested through the birthing process, we are allowed to, as we have our own physical human container, we are allowed to support the internal workings of the race. You see how difficult this is.

Interviewer: Are you saying you incarnate as humans who become leaders to guide us as a race?

Zeta: That is a possibility, yes, but what you see as a leader and what we see as a leader are two different things. A leader as defined by us is someone who is able to hold consciousness because the main task of existence as a human function is to provide stability to the human collective mind.

Interviewer: Who is the leader of the collective mind of your race? It must have a direction which must come from somewhere.

Zeta: Yes, of course, a consciousness is defined by elders within the community. The elders do not determine the outcome, the elders put forward prospect and information to all entities within the collective.

Zeta: If we were attacked as a race, as we have a underlying process of to not harm any entity, we would require that the whole collective would decide to defend itself using technology, meaning that we would need to come to an agreement in regards to if we would take another life.

Interviewer: What you call a life is a spirit?

Zeta: I am talking about if another race attacked our race we would - this is for a comparative process - and so if a race decided to attack our race, we would need to have full collective permission to use technology against another race. A life taken is never taken lightly, it must be a collective decision.

Interviewer: If you are attacked straightaway, you are going to lose lives.

Zeta: That is so, yes, so we just transfer to another container.

Interviewer: Ah, I understand that then, in other words, you never die.

Zeta: But you never die either. If you knew that you could transition from your physical container at will, would you be concerned if your body died?

Interviewer: I’ll have to learn that skill.

Zeta: You will, my friend.

Interviewer: Do your physical containers look different?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: They’re all the same

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is there a difference between male and female?

Zeta: No, if we as a species have multiple facets of races, then obviously there are different structures to the races. And so, the abductor race as we call them has a facial structure which is different to ours.

Interviewer: If the all look the same, how do they know each other as individuals?

Zeta: That is easy, my friend, they emit frequencies which is their personality.

Interviewer: They do have personality?

Zeta: Ah, yes, haven’t you worked that out?

Interviewer: I just have difficulty thinking of everyone having the same container being different.

Zeta: Is not consciousness its own personality?

Interviewer: Do you wear clothing?

Zeta: No, there is no clothing, but there is ceremonial robes that can be worn. There are ceremonies such as when a child is born as a human, and so we come and name the child.

Interviewer: How big is the child container? Do they start out little and get bigger?

Zeta: The child is about 3 feet high, from maturation process, yes.

Interviewer: Have you got a son?

Zeta: Yes, there are two. (he thought the question was “have you got a sun”)

Interviewer: Does the individual child automatically pick up the heritage of the past?

Zeta: Yes, it automatically takes on the mantle of the role of the parent.

Interviewer: And they have already picked up the ones before that?

Zeta: When a child is formed, it is given a basic consciousness, it must continue on and go through the teaching process. This is why technology is required for the child if they are injured to be supported outside of the collective mind. A child may not enter into the collective mind of the race.

Interviewer: You said you had 2 sons, but all couples have only one child. Would that mean that you have more than one wife?

(confusion about ‘son’ vs ’sun’)

Zeta: I have one son.

Interviewer: And two suns.

Interviewer: Any moons?

Zeta: No.

y: My friend, could you describe your planet to us?

Zeta: Unfortunately, yes, the planet’s surface is devoid of life. The planet’s surface was destroyed in a war. The surface is dark. The atmosphere, which supported the growth of life on the surface, is corrupted. We live internally to our planet. Many of the beings of our race have moved to different planets. When we view your planet, we see the way that our planet used to be. This is why I believe that so much consciousness is directed towards you as a race, as a species, because if what was to happen to us happened to you, the loss will be a catastrophe in the universe.

Interviewer: Having two suns, I thought that would have given light to your planet.

Zeta: Yes I understand, the rotational aspect of the planet is based on where you are positioned on the planet. Where I view the sky is on a very narrow band of the rotation, and so others who were on other places on the planet of course, would see more of the light from the sun, but myself, I see a dim glow.

Interviewer: Do you have plants and animals?

Zeta: We have collected many, yes of course, we have to replenish the loss of biosphere. We have created an environment. But there are other races of ours which have moved to habitable planets.

Interviewer: The loss of life must have been almost impossible to live with. Is that another reason why the emotions are controlled now?

Zeta: No, that was not the reason, but certainly when talking about it, I have great sadness and great loss in regards to the planet. But we are talking about something which supports an entire species.

Zeta: It could happen… wait for a moment.

Zeta: I’m not sure if you are aware that this sitting never was not going to take place.

Interviewer: In comparison to our earth, what would the size of your planet be?

Zeta: A small planet, but we do not measure in the way that you do.

Interviewer: That’s why the gravity is a little less.

Interviewer: So have some of your animals or creatures actually been saved by putting them on earth or other planets?

Zeta: Yes of course. You are the test tube of the universe. Many races have placed here for safekeeping.

Interviewer: Has the concept of your civilization ever been planted onto this consciousness by stories or movies, for example there was a book about a civilization that lived beneath the surface of the earth. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether those stories have a basis in realty based on, say, your own planet.

Zeta: I cannot answer that, I must know this.

Interviewer: Do you have much communication with the abductors, to the point that you would know what their thinking is, what their rational is.

Zeta: We can undo what has been done.

Interviewer: But not to understand their motivation.

Zeta: We know their motivation.

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