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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: How far is too far when you want your life to be a certain way. Can you infringe on another person’s free will?

Zeta: Free will is not to be changed, and so there are always specific instances where the timeline may be shifted but, think about this, intention creates change. Do you agree?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: And now, what is the difference between intention and absolute change? Intention is to place a belief structure in thought that something will change, but to make a change without intention, to actually make the change means there has been no external parameters to provide input. So the intention may be that you wish to perform a certain function such as be healthy or make your money. But of course your guide will manage your intention for you to suit their purposes. Now, once you have the ability to make change to your specific thread of time, or once you understand how to make the change, then you have complete responsibility as to the ramifications of the change process. You would need to be able to understand the probabilities that xxxx in the change. It is not an emotional process, it is one of a clinical nature. What provides the most probability? There must be an analogy for this. And so, your intention is to drive your car but you never leave your seat, but to then get in and drive your car requires certain skill, so the difference between intention and action is one of skill. What is the difference between knowing and trying?

Interviewer: Knowing means you already have the skill.

Zeta: That is correct, so you may try and fail, and you will fail because your guide may not allow you to have the potential to change timelines. Certain ramifications exist, probabilities.

Interviewer: Is that the same as saying that your higher consciousness decides you cannot change something?

Zeta: That is correct, but the higher self entity in conjunction with the oversoul process may decide that a change is required. Now, understand that once a change is made, you would not know that a change had been made, because to know that you had made a change would require you to have a consciousness that was external to your physical entity, because the physical entity would be part of the change.

Interviewer: Would it be possible if you develop enough where your higher self is closer to ….

Zeta: That is correct, but then higher self would rarely truly come through and negate its experience through the local consciousness. It is a filtering system, as higher self has diminished its capacity to experience. Higher self would generally withdraw and only come when required.

Interviewer: We believe that when we have learned enough we go back to the source, do all entities come from that one source?

Zeta: You are many higher selfs removed from source consciousness, and so, if all human existences returned to the creator, there would be no spirit people speaking. Their frequencies would be too different from the physical entity. There is an analogy that we have which is that you are an informal thread, the formal thread is the oversoul process, there are many informal threads that are part of your oversoul, that oversoul can be many entities, that oversoul is the informal thread of the oversoul above it, there are many informal threads of oversouls to the oversoul above it, infinitely moving back to source consciousness.

Interviewer: That is what we would refer to as different aspects of ourself

Zeta: Ah, the oversoul only, which is the first formal thread.

Interviewer: It is also the informal thread to the next formal thread.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Are there different levels in spirit world and as you evolve, you go to higher levels?

Zeta: As you went forward you may move into a different level within the formal thread process. Remembering that the spirit realm entity does not really have formal parameters, or physical parameters, these constructs that we give you are ways for the human mind to understand what exists in consciousness.

Interviewer: So is the source still part of the spirit world?

Zeta: There is no separation, all is one.

Interviewer: So your race and our race come from the same source?

Zeta: Yes of course, but we are a formal thread of different frequency, and so your race, your spirit realm could be seen to be a formal thread at its highest level. Our race could be seen to be a formal thread at its highest level. Each race is a formal thread. Each non-physical entity race is a formal thread. Each dimensional entity race is a formal thread, underneath that being possibly infinite formal threads which are also processes.

Interviewer: So we could say then that our spirit world is our oversoul.

Zeta: One facet of the spirit realm is your oversoul, they are like rooms with many entities in each room, each of the rooms creates a dwelling. Your house has many rooms, your house is the spirit realm, each of the rooms has potential to be many entities.

Interviewer: Do you mean the rooms like consensus created realities?

Zeta: Yes they are.

Interviewer: Different states of frequency, or both?

Zeta: Both, how is it possible to have two creators, two source of consciousness, unless they are one consciousness seeing itself in separation?

Interviewer: If our race met your race in physical form, would we be able to have physical contact or would there be a problem with different energies or diseases?

Zeta: Diseases are not transferable, the genetic structure of the race - you have many of your animals sick, many of them do not have the same human illnesses, why is that? Because of the structure of the illnesses at the physical level. Of course, these illness are consciousness.

You cannot touch us, you would be burnt, as you moved closer your skin would become burnt because of frequency. To look into the eyes of the race, you may lose your mind, your construct would disintegrate, and so when we come, we come in many altered states of physicality. But you can be trained to be with us, there are many pretenders as well.

Interviewer: You said when we look into your eyes, we would lose our mind so to speak, so when you take people onto your craft, is there no problem because they are of your race?

Zeta: Those people are in a state of altered consciousness, they are not fully cogniscent of the journey process, they are not fully awake in their normal state of mind. Many humans are contacted in the sleep state because their filtering mechanisms are removed, the dream state allows a multifaceted level of contact. When you are awake, your local consciousness filters what comes to you. It has a construct which supports your ego. When you are asleep, little of the ego exists, you are in a different frame of xxxx, one where you can fly, where you can walk through walls, where you have no limitations. So contact is much easier when you are asleep.

Interviewer: You speak about illusion, where everything is vibration, but you live on a planet underground…

Zeta: One facet of the race, yes.

Interviewer: So are they aware that it is an illusion?

Zeta: Of course, because we are able to be in the physical form and also to be in separation at the same time. And so it would be the same as you journeying from your body and being in two states of consciousness, whereas they are not two states but one. So if you were in your body and out of your body at the same time, that is one state of mind.

Interviewer: When I was sitting with the Anorians and they showed me that everything just disappeared and was just energy, was I then in two states of mind at the same time? But I didn’t feel any different.

Zeta: I was not cogniscent of your journey.

Interviewer: Well the Anorian showed me that the cabinet disappeared, the medium disappeared, the walls disappeared, everything was just really champagne looking colour, just bubbles, and it was oscillating, and I felt I was in the state of mind I am now, I was rubbing my eyes, I was pinching myself, so how could I have seen that if I was in this state?

Zeta: Where does your consciousness reside? Do not be self-limiting. Duality provides limitations. To seek either/or is limitation.

Interviewer: Visualizing anything is duality.

Zeta: Yes of course, but this is why you are now speaking to us.

Interviewer: Can the dream state be achieved through meditation by stripping away some of the limitations that we normally put on ourselves.

Zeta: The construct exists in frequency, or when you move from your sleep state to your awakened state, you are then partaking of your normal state of consciousness. If you were to remain in your sleep state while you were awake, you would not understand your reality. You would be in a mind-altered state not with the ability could you fly, could you be harmed, you would not know. That is why there is separation between the asleep and the awake state.

Interviewer: Can there be separation in the meditation state?

Zeta: All things are possible, but why would you seek this?

Interviewer: Do all diseases come from a blockage of energy flow in the etheric body or do they come from food, or the physical way?

Zeta: What is food?

Interviewer: Energy.

Zeta: What is energy?

Interviewer: Vibration, frequency.

Zeta: And what is that? Consciousness. Where is your consciousness? What you  are conscious of you bring to yourself. A belief structure is that you can be harmed, and so you can be. I will give you an example. Your common cold, you meet someone with this consciousness, you have a short time to either accept or reject the thought. If you accept the thought, the etheric body complies and vibrates the physical body to create the illness. If you choose to disregard the thought, you do not become in xxxx.

Interviewer: But how is that with young children?

Zeta: You do not gauge consciousness on the size of the human entity. What is the consciousness of a child? Who were they before? You believe that, as do most humans, that there is a consciousness, a contract prior to incarnation, and so you then move into a form which is of a baby child. Does the consciousness become the baby child?

Interviewer: Well it enters the form.

Zeta: Yes, the higher self entity, through experience, learns, is that not so?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: You cannot bring something to yourself that you do not want. There are many mechanisms, many levels of thought.

There are many levels of consciousness, not one level. This is a complicated subject but you may desire to bring to you an unwellness because it serves a purpose. You are not in control. You are the end result of, you are experiences that come to you.

Interviewer: so then the xxxx freewill is not really happening?

Zeta: That is an illusion. You have freewill to a certain point. You are a physical mechanism embodied by consciousness, and you will physically transition, and what is left? The consciousness entity is left.

Interviewer:  If the thoughts create, if we were to become more a ware of our thoughts, we could influence it.

Zeta: You have the capacity to allow your consciousness to remove the physical processes.

Interviewer: If we we create with our thoughts, I create the thought that I can eat as much chocolate as I like and not put on weight, does that work?

Zeta: It would depend on the level of creation, if it was a higher self instruction then that would be a truth, but the local consciousness rarely has the control to metabolize a chocolate as you say.

Interviewer: So what would then be our level of freewill?

Zeta: Does your car care where you drive it?

Interviewer: No.

Zeta: It has a certain level of consciousness. It understands its capacity to move. The speed that it is travelling at through the electronic circuitry of the vehicle, but it does not have emotional capacity to make a set of decisions like the driver does. The driver is in control.

Interviewer: I still don’t understand freewill. How far are we just an experience for the chosen self, and how far can we influence it by our thoughts.

Zeta: Your problem is that you seek to define what is not definable. You believe you have freewill.

Interviewer: I was hoping I had some.

Zeta: Yes, now die.

Interviewer: Not now.

Zeta: But you have freewill. If you have freewill, come back. So do you see, there is your freewill?

Interviewer: Are you saying we cannot create anything, it was already here, we just went along with it?

Zeta: That is simplistic, this discussion is based on the higher self entity, and what level of freewill does the local consciousness have. We will give an example. The medium has children, they believe that they have freewill. Now you have children, some have more freewill than others. Why is that?

Interviewer: Because they are older?

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: But I’m pretty old…

Zeta: But you are determining the level of freewill to your children as the higher self does to xxxx.

Interviewer: But when my children get to a certain age, I would not influence them anymore.

Zeta: But you have influenced them by creating them. Just because they are not in your vicinity… you are influencing them.

Interviewer: So the experience they had from when they were little…

Zeta: Yes, you underestimate your influence. You have freewill up to the point that you don’t. Much of all exists continually in what is called the informational field. There is nothing new, only your experience, your capacity to experience.

Interviewer: So going back to miracles like when someone is miraculously healed, where they always going to be healed, or is it a matter of deep belief that they would be healed?

Zeta: It can be a matter of influence, it may be that for experience the physical entity is healed. The consciousness cannot be in unwellness, do you understand? Because the consciousness cannot be in unwellness, it cannot be harmed. If there is a miracle as you say, then there has been influence placed on it, the physical entity, under the permission of the higher self. It may be the oversoul which has provided the change. You see, there is not only your experience, but the experience of the others around you, you are not living in isolation, you are affecting all that is around you.

Interviewer: So looking down the timeline, you are already knowing what is going on…

Zeta: No, there is a probability of what may take place, what is the strongest possibility is based on the personality of the local consciousness. What is the decision making process, will you turn left or right?

Interviewer: So if a psychic makes a prediction, and you choose to do something else…

Zeta: They are reading probabilities only.

Interviewer: And it’s your choice at the end whether you go…

Zeta: Your limited freewill.

Interviewer: Suppose I want to do certain things, but higher self has other ideas.

Zeta: You have capacity to increase the collective consciousness of the human race. Your intentions will ultimately work towards that process, but to manifest abilities that you do not have, unless the higher self gives them to you, will not happen.

Interviewer: So you always have to go with the flow and see what higher self will allow you to do or not to do.

Zeta: You are able to make this energy, you are not completely without influence.

Interviewer: So in general, subconsciously we have an idea why we came, what the purpose is to be.

Zeta: The local consciousness does not have access to this information unless it is divulged by the true self.

Interviewer: So where do all our explorations come from, if it is not something coming with the local consciousness?

Zeta: What is natural, what gives you flow, you are given guidance by what flow, what is natural to you?

Interviewer: So that is part of the local consciousness…

Zeta: Being in sync with the higher self.

Interviewer: So this is like not forcing something to happen…

Zeta: You cannot force.

Interviewer: Someone is born to total poverty say, and has such a drive and belief in their ability that nobody can stop them and they become very successful, so that always was going to be that way?

Zeta: If that is the wish of the higher self, then yes. You are placed in flow, you are a new group, yes?

Interviewer: If you have an obsession, are drawn to do things, is that because of the connection to higher self influencing you?

Zeta: Yes, what can manifest naturally is the fruit of your intention.

Interviewer: Intuition, is that the higher self speaking?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: And how do guides come in then, they are part of us?

Zeta: You have many teachers, the teachers are in conjunction with the higher self entity. It may be that a facet of the self is the guide, but is only accepted as a guide if seen as to be external to the form of consciousness.

Interviewer: But it’s only because the human wants to see it that way.

Zeta: You are only able to see what you can accept.

Interviewer: We talk about the subconscious where all our experiences are stored, yes? Sometimes we react to something and we don’t understand why we act like that. It seems that the subconscious recognizes the situation and it acted in the way it acted before. Is the subconscious connected to the higher self?

Zeta: It is the intermediary function between the local consciousness and the higher self entity. The unstructured connection process, local consciousness being the structured manufactured existence of a human, subconscious being the unfiltered non-ego driven process.

Interviewer: Does the intuition come through the subconscious mind, through the unfiltered process, or is that a separate process?

Zeta: I will say yes to your question, but no to your question, because consciousness does not reside in containers, and that is why both answers are correct.

Interviewer: In the meditation process, is it possible to ask questions of higher self and receive answers?

Zeta: You can ask and then wait for your period of time. The answer will be disclosed to you in a varied form, given to you in your capacity to understand.

Interviewer: If I were very sick, and I would meditate, and say this was the plan for me but I would like to have a longer experience, is that possible?

Zeta: The container demanding of the consciousness, no.

Interviewer: Yes, the local consciousness, it would be not possible? So what is praying then? When people ask a higher frequencies for changes and changes happen, the changes would have happened anyway?

Zeta: Yes, of course. When you speak to source consciousness, it is able to influence the oversoul process, but that is another subject.

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