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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: I am concerned in regards to some of the energies that have been noted here on the property, and I really would like to know if this is going to get worse, or is it going to be dealt with, or if we have to do something.

Zeta: Tell me your story.

Interviewer: Since some weeks now, I have felt sometimes coming into the seance room or sitting, felt quite sick, and yesterday when I came into the room for the development group I felt sick and I had very strong energy behind me and it took John to come and say, you just have to demand that they leave which they did straight away, then John came. I’m wondering is it something we need to change or clear the space everyday, or is it just learning for me. And the medium I’m concerned about is there something we need to do about that, or will it all sort itself out, I’m just a bit confused.

Zeta: You cannot keep providing unlimited energy to entities which seek out that process.

Interviewer: Does that mean the energy comes from the people?

Zeta: Yes. The entities are seeking to create a manifestation based on the physical energies.

Interviewer: What do they hope to gain from it?

Zeta: Control, manipulation, dominance. But a very interesting experience for you all.

Interviewer: It is interesting, but it doesn’t feel that good. I’m a bit concerned about the people involved, the energies involved, and I’m wondering if we should talk to them or leave it and let it sort itself out?

Zeta: What is an experience?

Interviewer: Anything is an experience.

Zeta: That is correct, what does experience provide?

Interviewer: Learning.

Zeta: What happens if we take away your experience?

Interviewer: We’d miss the learning, but should we interfere, would it damage one of them more than we would like?

Zeta: What opportunity does this provide you?

Interviewer: To learn.

Zeta: And you miss the experience, but what would you like to do? If you had the ability, what would you like to do?

Interviewer: If I had the ability to actually see what’s going on, I probably would just say it and see what happens, but since I don’t, I feel a bit like your medium.

Zeta: How is that relevant?

Interviewer: It comes down to knowing are people safe?

Zeta: You cannot be harmed, you may feel disoriented but you cannot be harmed.

Interviewer: It’s starting to become a bit too much, because it feels we are not dealing with just one entity.

Zeta: No, you are not, there are a few that are causing a problem.

Interviewer: At the moment it is coming from all different angles.

Zeta: Why not simply not sit this week?

Interviewer: Because it is a routine to sit.

Zeta: But you are now asking for control. That cannot be given.

Interviewer: We’re not asking for control, we’re asking advice from you as to which way we should go. We do wish to learn from the experience, we are concerned it will escalate.

Zeta: It will escalate, of course.

Interviewer: Is it possible to know who the entity is?

Zeta: They are the astral entities, yes, the collector beings brought here by others.

Interviewer: By other people who come here?

Zeta: But easily dealt with, they are weak, they are opportunistic, they seek to work with the weak mind.

Interviewer: Did you say they are easy to deal with?

Zeta: Yes, simply do not sit, do not provide the energy.

Interviewer: So by setting the intention to sit but not be affected by the energies, that’s all that is required?

Zeta: They do not abide by your will, they are not interested in your free will, they are interested in energy and what they can gain.

Interviewer: So they are interested in minds that are not as aware of the situation?

Zeta: For the humans that openly offer themselves to them without understanding who they are offering themselves to. It would not be long before the concentrated energy of the property, yes, would come under the attention of other entities. Your spirit people will not do much to fix your problem. They are unable to discern the entities. They are only able to come, their frequency then negates the being’s presence.

Interviewer: We would like to get to a happy place.

Zeta: You would like a happy place?

Interviewer: Yes, we would like the energy to settle down.

Zeta: What is the energy like in this room?

Interviewer: The energy is lovely in this room.

Zeta: Where are the entities in this room? They do not exist in this room. They are not able to exist in this space.

Interviewer: But I was thinking they were not able to exist in the other space either.

Zeta: Why not?

Interviewer: I thought the energy was high enough and strong enough to not give them the opportunity to hang around that long.

Zeta: What energy is being created in the other room?

Interviewer: Physical energy.

Zeta: Yes, of course, exactly what they require.

Interviewer: Physical energy?

Zeta: Yes, connection to the physical realm.

Interviewer: So it is because the spirit teams are so inexperienced?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, but of course this will ultimately settle down.

Interviewer: So you see it settle down for the better?

Zeta: It will, we will control it for you.

Interviewer: So you’re afraid to help with the situation?

Zeta: For the medium is living here, of course, the other entities must not be allowed to take away your free will, but we were giving your spirit friends the opportunity to experience the issue.

Interviewer: Can they experience enough to understand what’s going on?

Zeta: But we cannot take away their free will, we cannot take away their experience, do you understand? It is their potential that they must see within themselves, just as the human, the physical container will experience within itself.

Interviewer: That’s fair enough when they are on their own ground or home, but they are coming here where there are families and children, and they are starting to affect people, that’s why it is becoming very uncomfortable, and that’s not what the place is about.

Zeta: There are two physical entities that instigate the problem, yes. Ask them not to come this week, the rest may continue on.

Interviewer: Is it the spirit team as a group, or is it a personal spirit team that is not experienced.

Zeta: If the spirits were experienced, this situation would not develop, but it is a fairly innocuous situation. No one is being harmed. We will not allow harm. That is why an entity has already been removed.

Interviewer: She can always call on her guide to help the situation for herself?

Zeta: Yes, all mediums can call on their guides. Whether their guides are able to control the situation is up to the guide. Let me explain the situation. Of course we can come and fix your situation, but what would that do? Others would perceive that we had taken over. We cannot be seen to be in that situation. We must wait for your spirit people to experience the difference between the energies. We cannot contact your spirit guides, we are not allowed to influence them. They are in their own frequency. We are not to influence other spirits.

Interviewer: Is that because of their own learning too?

Zeta: They have free will. When you set the intention, you will bring your guide forward quickly. Once your guide is with you in your sitting process, the other energies are disadvantaged, yes, they cannot… When you unleash potential, you must expect the unexpected, so if you are, you must understand that you are releasing energy into portals. Other energies are able to come. Humans who are based in ego also provide the impetus for the energies to come.

Interviewer: They want things to happen so much that it creates that portal?

Zeta: Yes, of course, they also have freewill.

Zeta: Who’s in control with the medium in your cabinet process?

Interviewer: Who’s in control (yes), their guides, I would say, or do you mean sitting outside.

Zeta: If the medium is sitting in the cabinet process, who is in control?

Interviewer: The medium, I guess.

Zeta: So the guide is seeking to use the conduit, now if the intention of the medium is based in ego, then the guide potential also comes in ego. Now, other entities would be seeking to influence the medium in the cabinet to then take control from the guides. This is why when you isolate yourself you are no longer within the potential of the sitting process.

Interviewer: What we are trying to do now is get a strong connection to their guide, us being able to speak to the guides, is it beneficial to not let that happen?

Zeta: Yesterday in the development process, the entity was in the room. The frequency was changed and the entity was disassociated from the frequency of the sitters. Who is in control of the room? We are. If you wish to sit with a medium in a cabinet, you must trust the intentions of the medium. To allow any human to develop who’s intentions are incorrect will bring to you other entities.

Interviewer: It’s an ego thing.

Zeta: Where is the ego based? In self, within the physical range of frequency, within anger, envy. These things, the potentials of the entity.

Interviewer: And they are going forward, the energies are in feedback.

Zeta: Yes, you know this to be a truth, so by supporting those concepts, those intentions, you provide a fertile ground for the beings, yes. Should not the many benefit rather than the few. It will be sorted out.

Interviewer: I believe that if things like that happen to somebody, that they need to be honestly made aware of what is happening and why it happened. Yes, they have freewill, but then if it continues…

Zeta: If they are controlled they cannot be reasoned with. They do not have capacity to understand.

Interviewer: Because then the energy would create thoughts or ideas to…

Zeta: Negate…

Interviewer: Yes, to negate my argument.

Zeta: Of course, a very interesting situation. As you can see, you are experiencing a situation that is outside of your normal parameters, but we are watching to see how your reactions take place.

Interviewer: About a month ago I was told not to sit here.

Zeta: Why would an entity tell you not to sit here? Do you not have freewill?

Interviewer: I have freewill, it just didn’t feel right at the time.

Zeta: What is a controlling factor for a guide to ask you not to sit somewhere?

Interviewer: Not beneficial or …

Zeta: Or beneficial for the guide for you not to be somewhere.

Interviewer: Not to try and do too much…

Zeta: When you are in isolation, you are in error. Listen to me, when you are in isolation, you are in error. Expose your energies to others, experience, guides must be made to be accountable, they are not to withdraw the humans, they will not withdraw their humans from experience. A guide would not tell a human to withdraw from experience, a guide would seek to provide experience for the container in a protected environment. Think about what I have said to you.

Interviewer: Is there a reason why the medium chose Australia to live? There’s not a lot of mediums that do what he does.

Zeta: What is Australia?

Interviewer: The country we live in, the part of the planet.

Zeta: Isolation, isolation before understanding. Before your guide comes forward, you are in much uncontrolled experience. Once the guide comes forward, in communication with the guide there is capacity for much controlled experience. This environment is much based in experience.

There are many containers whose higher self is not related to the spirit realm entity. We seek them out for the purpose of settling them, providing them with support mechanisms, providing companion entities. They have entered into the suppression process, understanding who they were prior to incarnation, but once moving into the physical existence of this planet, not understanding who they are. [xxx a conduit wide] where they have an understanding of the difference between the self and others. But many do not have clarity, and so create a reality that reflects where they have come from, accepting entities that are not truly who they say they are in the hope that they will experience a familiarity with who they were. It takes much work to bring the container to fruition, to provide potential so that one may understand self. This is a basic premise that even the human container that has the higher self entity which is spirit must understand, the difference between what was, what is, and what will be. Are we communicating satisfactorily with you?

Interviewer: Yes, thank you.

Zeta: I have come to support you and protect you.

Interviewer: Thank you very much.

Zeta: You will not be harmed. Would you like to know about the elders of the Zeta race?

Interviewer: That would be lovely.

Zeta: In the timeframe of a human, a hundred thousand generations, we existed undeveloped and no potential to understand what we were to become, a many-transition process, the same as your spirit realm entity, but we as you will, moved past the transitional process, built capacity to exist outside of the unit container and formulated a collective mind of the race, as the humans are currently doing, but you are doing it under guidance from other races. Many of the controlling factors of the collective mind are based in consciousness.

The elder Zetas do not require a physical container to exist as do all other of the race, so often I will stay in a consciousness for many thousands of your years, and only move to a physical form when I desire. Why have I come? Because others are coming, and we seek to support them in their transition. As you move past your current level of consciousness, other elders are here. My task that I have set myself in conjunction with others are the same, is to bring and to find the other elders which are not in full consciousness. They do not yet understand capacity.

The elders do not give direction as a command structure to the Zetas race. It is the collective mind of the race which provides direction, but the elders are the coalescence of the consciousness which provides a dualistic path of communication between the collective mind and the container that the elder exists in. Are you still with me?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Are there any questions?

Interviewer: There is a belief here that there is cell memory, that memories of this consciousness is in the cells.

Zeta: Then why do you dispense with your container?

Interviewer: Because it is not usable anymore.

Zeta: Where does your cellular memory go?

Interviewer: With the consciousness, maybe, or maybe its not true, we just believe that.

Zeta: What are cells? At its base level, it is consciousness. The physical entity, the matter which makes up the holding ground for the consciousness diminishes its capacity to hold the consciousness because of the entropy, the transition, the built-in consciousness, the matter must transition, it must transmute. All matter is based in consciousness. Consciousness is changing, the physical container must transmute, it cannot be held in one place.

Zeta: The consciousness transitions from the physical container that is currently in use to the new container. There is no transitional realm as with the human container

Interviewer: You said the Zeta container is recycled, do they recondition it?

Zeta: That is amusing. In the genetic structure there is a bank of material related to each of the Zetas. If you require a new container, one can be grown for you.

Interviewer: They use the material from the old container.

Zeta: There is no waste, yes.

Interviewer: So what happens if a craft has an accident here, and the consciousness leaves the containers here, where does that consciousness go?

Zeta: To the collective mind of the race. The maturation process creates the physical container.

Interviewer: In the case where it is not accidental, why would there not be a container already prepared for that experience which is going to happen?

Zeta: There is a probability that the experience may take place. But I do not believe that all Zetas have access to the threads of time. Only a certain function within the synthetic quantum environment allows us to view the probabilities of the human race. For our own race, the line of probability is an accurate guess. But there is no need for a backup container because much time is spent either outside of the physical form or in a dualistic process of being in and out of the physical entity. There are many states of consciousness, not just in or out.

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