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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


[the context is how a developing medium is dealing with her spirit team]

Zeta: You must learn how to negotiate the energies, you must ask the entities to come in correctly and to leave correctly. You must not be part of the process, do you understand? It is not the same process as your spirit friends. Do not become involved in the process, then there will be no residual issues, initially, of course.

Medium: It will get better?

Zeta: It will get worse, my friend, until you let go. Because they are learning, they are also guided by other races, as are any entities that come to you to speak are also in training. This is why they are in many ways unable to answer much of the questioning process.

Medium: Will that get better?

Zeta: As their knowledge develops, yes, and as they take control of the meeting, but you negate their progress in speaking correctly because your consciousness process is much at the forefront of what they are saying, they struggle to speak.

Medium: How do I get past that?

Zeta: You allow them to come.

Medium: How do you choose which medium to work with?

Zeta: There are many entities that are of the human container, but they are unaware of their higher self nature. They are generally spoken to while  they are in the sleep state. How any human container is chosen is based on the generational line of a family, and so it is often that you will see that the history of a human family contains much contact. Remember that there is the requirement for permission to be asked. I asked permission of the parents of the medium prior to the physical incarnation of the container. If it was to be a spirit entity that was to exist within the option of the container, then the existence will be one of spirit realm, and so many higher self entities from spirit realm allow other experience because they understand that to exist does not necessarily mean to exist only in one form. You are surrounded by many different entities, much of your planet has many species, all having consciousness.

Medium: I as a medium work with what I think are spirits. Is there a possibility that I am working with beings from another planet without realizing it?

Zeta: As your guide, you mean?

Medium: Yes.

Zeta: There is potential, yes my friend, because many guides are hesitant to show their true form, and so they present through your filtering process as being part of the spirit realm. It is a simple matter of what is allowed by a local consciousness such as yourself. You would find that if you were to open your mind that you would see that there are other entities that are supporting you.

They are able to validate their processes as well, the same as a spirit person can. You may ask of them specific questions and they should be able to answer them. But of course, many entities exist in the background and do not come forward.

Medium: You mean as observers?

Zeta: Yes, but also as advisors. Now remember that without matter, consciousness has no reflection, and so all consciousness exists from one source entity, but exists in matter as multiple races. Are spirit realm people much different than other races, each having its own transitional realm? So to say that you have a spiritual guidance, and guides that are spirit would be a common theme across many races, but those races exist within their own spirit realm entity. Of course then you have the races which do not use the transitional realm as there is no need for that option.

Medium: How would I know if I am working with a higher source?

Zeta: You would require your guides to step up, you would require them to perceive the intention that you hold to experience a greater variety or range of experience, but in doing so, of course, you may create an invitation for yourself, because much of your work is perceived in a frequency of much of the spirit realm entities. And as you move through the frequencies experiencing the other entities, there is the possibility that you may become somewhat disconnected from your current set of abilities, but that you also may move into a very strong healing process.

Medium: If I were to move past the spirit world where I normally work and help people who are still in the physical world to understand the continuity of life, would I become isolated in my work?

Zeta: No, not necessarily, this is a matter for your guidance team to understand the ramifications of what is to take place if other guides are to come forward. They are to carefully manage your process. Normally it is the inability of a medium to correctly analyze what is taking place from the guidance they are receiving from the guidance team. If you are able to remain within the frequencies that you currently hold, if you spend the time that is required…

Medium: Just curious to know what happens if I go one step higher…

Zeta: If you go one step higher, you leave the previous perquality(?), but you are able to return at will. But the human party, the consciousness of the human framework, is unable to accurately remember how to get back there. There is memory who can be of varied quality, and so when your intention is set to connect, the activation process allows you to connect. Now, as you move from that frequency to a new state of existence, the memory of how to connect fades away.

Medium: If we move past the frequency of the spirit world where I live, to what advantage is it for me to move forward? How can I continue to help people and spirits in the physical world?

Zeta: Because you are able to transition between the frequencies, if you are guided carefully. That is why I have stated not to move past your frequency, but to move backwards and forwards. But the real benefit is, my friend, that on your transition, your level of knowledge with other guidance may allow you to transition to different places within your spirit realm, because you have provided for yourself the mechanism to increase your frequency while you were in the physical human container.

Medium: It’s all about the change, isn’t it?

Zeta: Yes of course, intention

Medium: The beauty is there is no detriment, repercussions.

Zeta: Repercussions are experience, experience is designed. If you understand that what comes to you is to bring you comparison, then you will welcome all experience.

Medium: Would I be able to go to the next level, past the spirit world, in my sleep, and in my waking hours continue to work with the spirit world?

Zeta: With your permission, yes, it is your freewill.

Medium: Any suggestions to improve healing abilities?

Zeta: Remove your filter systems…  To fully experience what is to come to you, then you must meditate and focus on your current belief structure, you must connect correctly to your guide, you must seek to be clear in energy and frequency, you must set intention for clarity of thought, you must wait in silence for the guides to come and not be taken by the amusements of the physical realm.

Medium: [longer comment about an experience early on that shows where one could end up]

Zeta: I would make a statement to you that what you have been comfortable with, you may move out of your comfort zone and have experiential learning with other guidance through here. Humans like to stay safe.

Zeta: All extraterrestrial races provide healing, but healing of consciousness, healing for races, healing for harmony.

Zeta: If you could sit and focus about yourself and just be and realize that you are greater than your container then you will be part of the process.

Zeta: The human race has been difficult to manage.

Zeta: there are many craft, there are many races, but craft do not actively show themselves to the planet although many are captured by various techniques, and so it is because we do not wish to engage ourselves, we do not wish to be shot down, but there is technology that has been developed.

Interviewer: Sorry for the ignorance of the human race…

Zeta: There is no need to be sorry for your development process, we are very much aware of your level of consciousness.

Interviewer: Why are so many children born now with dis-ease.

Zeta: Much of the frequencies now that permeate the planet are based in technologies. Previously the planet was not encompassed in much of your frequencies, much of the pulses that come from the technologies that you use are permeating the physical entity and now at the cellular level, the cells exist in energy, they are resonating at certain frequencies which combine to form a physical human container, and now much of the frequencies cause a disassociation of harmony within the body, and of course then sometimes the physical entity has the capacity to become dysfunctional.

Interviewer: Why is it that some people in the spirit world do not have contact with you?

Zeta: There are many entities that are not to come to us. We are not to enter into the spirit realm. The container process which is a transitional entity for the human race is not to be changed, so no race may enter and show full form within the spirit realm. It would create too much of a change in consciousness, and so for the changes to be made to the human consciousness, races incarnate into the human form, which then allows them permission to create thought and the thought permeates the collective consciousness of the human race. Then when the entities transition into spirit realm, many spirits then have consciousness for recall of extraterrestrial activity.

Interviewer: Do you think we have the potential as a race to raise consciousness enough to peace.

Zeta: There is a suppression network in place. The physical frequency negates you from understanding who you really are, and so generally humans do not remember where they have come from, their local consciousness is in operation continually. They then act upon the ecoprocess, all of this information is coalescing for them but causing wars and damage. Does the race have the potential within itself to increase its frequency, yes of course, but quite often it is seen that the human race lacks the ability to understand how it utilizes its resources, and so the planet we will not allow it to be damaged. There will come a time when much of the resources will not be available, that experience will cause change. You will be forced to use your technology.

Interviewer: In the past, obviously you have had some influence with some humans.

Zeta: What do you mean?

Interviewer: People like you have come through directly with information, it is a fact.

Zeta: Yes of course, I will explain. You are a race that lives within darkness and without darkness, which is light. When you are asleep, you need darkness, you are in separation from your physical entity. And now, because you are in separation, you are able to exist in different levels of consciousness, and this is where the interaction is allowed, you see, because you are not transitioning into spirit realm. You are allowed to be spoken to because you are still within your physical container, and that is why the consciousness of the human race is increasing. The physical frequency defines what you can remember.

Interviewer: I find you are such a gentle energy.

Zeta: But we can be forceful if required. We are only forceful when our freewill is… when another race forces their intention upon us, and then we will amplify our frequency to negate the process

Interviewer: Would that be from other planets, not necessarily a physical world?

Zeta: Not humans, never humans, other planets, other races, other entities. There are often attacks upon our discussion processes by other entities, but we simply amplify our frequency to negate the process. We intend no harm to them. Their intention is to be intrusive but we will only put up with their intrusion for so long, and then of course, we will ask them to leave. They underestimate, you see, they do not understand what is potential, they act in error, of course.

Interviewer: We have to leave this planet after a limited time, is it the same for you?

Zeta: The discussion is that the physical container that exists on the planet is generally in existence for 1500 of your years, and at the end of the container’s usage, another container is created and the transition process takes place, and so you continue on. I am in my first cycle now, but there are others who have recycled many thousands of times. Would you like to speak to one?

Interviewer: Yes!

Zeta2: You would speak to me?

Interviewer: Hello…

Zeta2: We seek to support the many races.

Interviewer: How many cycles have you had?

Zeta2: That is not known yet, but I can give you a history of the race. The race has existed for many thousands of your generations.

Interviewer: How did it come into existence?

Zeta2: All races are created, some races are created by the source entity, other races are formed by races.

Interviewer: How did your race come to exist, by another race or by source energy?

Zeta2: By another race, a race of inter-dimensional entities of no physical nature.

Interviewer: Have you ever met them?

Zeta2: I have, yes, they are the guidance to the zeta race, you would say they are guides. They are frequency which we seek to attain. Much time is spent out of the container.

Interviewer: How much time can you stay out of your physical container?

Zeta2: All zetas are trained to stay away from the physical entity for at least seven of your days. The physical entity remains in stasis while consciousness abides in the collective mind of the race. The mind of the race resembles your spirit realm entity, but there is no barrier between moving from the collective mind of the race to the physical.

Interviewer: How many of your 3 trillion citizens would be in stasis at one time?

Zeta2: They are in stasis for comparison, they are in stasis for incarnation the purpose of transition that you may be out of your physical container and still continue on with your task. Where does your consciousness reside? Can you not go full function when you are not fully cognizant of your container.

Interviewer: How did you live on this planet?

Zeta2: In a body.

Interviewer: What country were you from?

Zeta2: I was a poor human, I had no of your money, a wonderful experience. There are three incarnations.

Interviewer: One of them is still going.

Zeta2: We do not function the way a human functions. We have capacity to have emotional responses, but we do not seek emotional fulfilment. We seek harmony to the race. No entity works for itself.

Interviewer: I wish it would be like that on this earth.

Zeta2: It will be. It will be forced to come to this.

Interviewer: Will it be in our lifetime?

Zeta2: How old are you (51) - no.

Interviewer: In my children’s lifetime?

Zeta2: Yes, but not of a pure state of harmony. Humans compare, you see, I understand the human mind, humans compare, they believe that happiness is based in much of the physical, but stillness provides clarity.

And now, I will be leaving.

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