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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: (a lengthy discussion about dealing with an astral entity)

Zeta: Where is it now, is it with you (no). I do not believe it is, it cannot exist in this frequency, it must stay outside.

Interviewer: Can you tell it to leave me alone please?

Zeta: In regards to your friend, your astral entity, how can the entity exist with a human unless some permission is given, as some weakness is found by xxxx, some niche to enter your energy process? Hold your space, keep clear, do not worry about your portal process. How did it open?

Interviewer: No idea.

Zeta: Why do you believe there is a portal?

Interviewer: Because it’s come back?

Zeta: What has come back?

Interviewer: The astral entity.

Zeta: Why does an astral entity need a portal?

Interviewer: I’m not sure.

Zeta: They do not, they exist within the framework of the human collective mind. They do not need portals to transition from existence to existence, they ride on the thoughts of the humans. Close off your thought process to it. What is it saying to you?

Interviewer: I’ve told it to leave me alone, and it doesn’t disconnect from my energy

Zeta: Because by talking to it you are feeding it. So let me explain. The entity is one of frequency and so are you. Increase your frequency, clear your mind, energy, be in the stillness. When it comes to you and asks for attention, increase your frequency so it may no longer connect to your thought processes. Does it manifest under certain circumstances?

Interviewer: Not sure, I can’t practice channeling with that entity around me because it gives me massive headaches, I’m not my normal self.

Zeta: That is a good experience for you. Let me give a few… I will give you a clue if you wish. You have only a short time when the entity first comes to you to recognize the difference between your own energy and the energy of the entity. Once you partake of interaction with the entity, you must then allow it to resolve itself through your energy process. If you do not know how to recognize your energy in comparison to the entity, then you may confuse what is around you and sink into it. As you sink into it you give it purchase, and then of course it may take three of your days to resolve itself as you try to fight your way out of it. But if, of course, in the beginning within the first of your few minutes you are able to correctly identity the entity was not of your own energy process, you could increase your frequency and negate the connection process.

Interviewer: How does the frequency of the moon affect humans’ body frequency? And has that influence been put there deliberately?

Zeta: All planets hold their own frequency. Some humans are affected by the frequency of the planet. As the moon moves closer to this physical planet, it is not a frequency that is regulated by others to determine frequency for the human race.

Interviewer: Where did the moon originally come from?

Zeta: It is made of matter.

Interviewer: How did it come to be in its orbit?

Zeta: By the gravitational process of all moons around planets, a conglomerate of matter, of different forms of geological structures and substructures coming together held within the speed of the orbiting moon for the planet, that the planet earth, as you say, rotates around the sun process, the same process applies for matter and substructure of geological structure.

Interviewer: Is the moon hollow and are there other races that live within the moon?

Zeta: No planet is hollow, many planets have within them hollow structures. If a race chooses to live within the hollow structure, that is a decision for them.

Interviewer: You haven’t answered the question, though, is there at the present…

Zeta: Yes, many races.

Interviewer: Many races are existing within the moon.

Zeta: Come and go, yes, a very close stopping point to this planet, easily to be within the distance of this planet’s process.

Interviewer: Are these races that use the moon benevolent?

Zeta: Have you been harmed?

Interviewer: Not personally, but that doesn’t answer the question either.

Zeta: Have any of you been harmed?

Interviewer1: I have.

Zeta: You have, by whom?

Interviewer1: Reptilian beings.

Zeta: they do not exist within our space, they do not exist within the cavity process of your moon, they come and go.

Interviewer1: I have had them attack me in the past few years on and off.

Zeta: Have they been with you when you have been with us?

Interviewer1: No.

Zeta: Why?

Interviewer1: I feel very safe and protected here.

Zeta: Yes, but why? Do you understand why you are safe?

Interviewer1: Because you protect the space we’re in?

Zeta: That is correct function, yes, but your increasing frequency will negate their attempts to come to you, as you move up through the ranges process, you will become out of their reach. They thrive on fear, you are not in fear.

Interviewer1: No.

Zeta: But still, they are not part of the many races that use the moon process as a stopping mechanism.

Interviewer: So is it beneficial then for those people who worship the energy of the moon as a goddess, is it then beneficial on a full moon for a crystal to be cleansed, worship the full moon that some people think is good, a good thing to do?

Zeta: Many spirit people and many humans believe that the brightness of the moon, the function of the moon, the frequency of the moon, provide a clearing process for the crystal entities that (lie for?), they also believe that to stand in the light of the reflection process of the moon will aid a human in healing. Some of this is true.

Interviewer: Which part?

Zeta: To stand in the light of the frequency, because when you stand in your daylight process, many of the radiation process is harmful to the human body, so to stand in the reflective process of the moon allows the physical container to store light, the human body to store light and convert it to energy process. Your cellular structure contains light.

Interviewer: Why do hospitals have an increased…

Zeta: Mental capacity function? Because of frequency increases and cause fractures within the stability processes  of the connected processes of the mental structure of a human entity. This then causes them to hallucinate.

Interviewer2: Is that partly what happened to me recently?

Zeta: What happened to you?

Interviewer2: I thought I had an hallucination this week actually.

Zeta: No function, your problem is not of that.

Interviewer: A lot of people are affected by the moon.

Zeta: The medium is also affected by the moon.

Interviewer: Why are some people more affected than others?

Zeta: What is point of origin of the entity that is affected?

Interviewer: That would make a difference?

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: If the point of origin is extraterrestrial and not of the spirit realm, are they affected more?

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: Why?

Zeta: Because integration of consciousness from a point of origin entity into the human container requires a certain level of frequency interaction and symbiotic relationship. When the frequencies that are around your planet are affected by many different processes such as the moon or more of your electronic devices, then you are affected more greatly, only that one would know within oneself.

Interviewer: Does that mean our children are more affected by it because they have so much to do with today’s technology?

Zeta: They are affected, yes, but also for the newer races that are coming, they are affected more greatly.

Interviewer: Is this a good or bad thing?

Zeta: It is experience process.

Interviewer: Does any of this have anything to do with the ozone layer?

Zeta: There are many layers to the shielding effect of the planet, the biosphere is affected greatly, there are many levels of effect.

Interviewer: Give examples?

Zeta: What is from without coming to within, much of the solar radiation process coming to the planet, much of your technology which traverses your substructures in space to rotate around the planet, they are providing much interference to the cellular structure of the humans, so that cause the individual technology that you seem to have, which interacts with this technology is also creating influence.

Interviewer: Would you call that an osmotic effect?

Zeta: You are affected by osmosis, yes. Because you exist, thus you are affected.

Interviewer: So the satellites are creating interference with human processes.

Zeta: There are many interferences, not just one, you are what you are eating, yes, the chemicals which are on your food process, the electronic emissions of your technology, the chemicals that are in your atmospheric condition from your propulsion systems, the external influences, the mind of the human race is also pollution.

Interviewer: Are reptilians incarnated into the human race, like other races?

Zeta: Continue… state that they are.

Interviewer: Some people have the same outstanding traits, and some mediums say that there are reptilians with them. Is that connected?

Zeta: Let me explain now why I said continue. They do not have the same functioning integration process to the human race. They do not come through incarnation, they come through integration. One may be influenced by them. They influence others to think according to their process. To incarnate means you must have permission. You cannot enter into spirit realm process, so how would reptilians get permission? They cannot. They must influence after birth process.

Interviewer: How would they be able to influence humans?

Zeta: By feeding into the consciousness of the human entity information which would control and provide fear processes.

Interviewer: Does higher self allow this to happen?

Zeta: The higher self entity would see it as irrelevant because it only affects a local consciousness of the human.

Interviewer: The higher entity is seeing it as experience?

Zeta: That is true, yes.

Interviewer: Are there certain behaviours that can be connected to people who have that?

Zeta: Yes, also there may be an influencing entity with them, so at times they are more influenced than others.

Interviewer: Would spirit people recognize that?

Zeta: No, else when the spirit people are speaking through different mediums, they would be speaking of attachment entities of the reptilian race process, but only from spirit realm point of view. They are not able to enter into the consciousness of the spirit realm entity.

Interviewer: They only influence the local…

Zeta: Within the physical environment.

Interviewer: Because no higher self would allow that to happen?

Zeta: Because the laws that created the spirit realm function negate any race from moving into the spirit realm consciousness, because the underlying factor would be that, if an extraterrestrial, as you call us, was to move consciousness in full form entity as physical body into the spirit realm, it would change the frequency and negate the ability of the humans to traverse between the realms, and so spirit realm would become unusable.

Interviewer: If the reptilians are interfering with the humans after they have been born, does it only happen with ones that have got spirit realm as their source?

Zeta: They are able to interfere with any entity which allows them to, but they are generally not affecting that many humans.

Interviewer: I read they are affecting the English royal family?

Zeta: Are they humans, yes, then they can be affected.

Interviewer: But are they affected?

Zeta: How would I know? Humans must understand that you are not monitored all of the time. You must also understand that you are affected by what you allow. If you are based in ego or fear then the entities perceive chance to come. This is why the mediumship process is much dangerous because once you open yourself to the process, if you allow your mind, your ego to take over the emotional journey, you can be influenced by many entities.

Interviewer: Would they prefer a simple mind or a mind of ego to use as their prey?

Zeta: What does that mean?

Interviewer: Would they choose someone who thought simply or someone who thought they knew everything?

Zeta: A simple person may be in love.

Interviewer: And love is a higher frequency.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: So it has to do with frequency.

Interviewer1: Would they be more likely to attack someone with a point of origin that does not get on with their race?

Zeta: Let me explain something to you. Before you understand who you are, you are in chaos, you allow many fears to come to you, many have no basis in fact, and so much of what is created around you is made up from your mind.

Interviewer1: I’ve been attacked while in a sleep state, and I feel they put you into some sort of sleep paralysis while they attack you. Why do they do it when you are asleep rather when you are awake.

Zeta: You had been affected while you have been awake?

Interviewer1: I’ve felt their energy around me but I’ve been aware of it, so nothing has happened, and I feel that when you’re asleep maybe you let your guard down or something.

Zeta: You have many entities that exist within the astral realm process, the collective mind of the human race, who present themselves as beings which they are not. You may find that your adversaries are not who they say they are. They may present themselves as something greater than they are in hope that you fear that you have no control. True reptilian entities do not control as many humans as believed. More humans are controlled by the collector race.

Interviewer: Who are the collector race?

Zeta: They are a parasitic race, feed off fear and energy of humans and other races, but you need not fear these entities process.

Interviewer: It’s more curiosity.

Zeta: If you are curious then we will discuss. When the collective mind of the human race was at birth process, because the humans were created and placed on planet, a transitional realm was created by Anunnaki, so once the combined thought process created the collective consciousness of the race, other entities saw the opportunity to move into the intermediary process. Imagine the physical entities the humans living on the planet moving backwards and forwards from spirit realm to this place, but the intermediary process is all of the thoughts that are ever created. To use your words, all of your good thoughts, all of your bad thoughts, every thought combined to create one mind of consciousness for a race, and now within that race is potential, within that intermediary function is also potential, so other races, and one we call the collector process, utilize the astral realm process to interact with you.

Interviewer: Why are they called the collectors?

Zeta: This is a name that they have been given, that is known by other humans.

Interviewer: Do they have a form?

Zeta: Yes, an energetic form.

Interviewer: Can this energetic form be any form that the human mind wants it to be?

Zeta: These energetic forms, they extend themselves into the dream state of the human, and present themselves as reptilian entities, as shadow people, as spirits, as mythical creatures, as demonic entities, as angels, seeking to gain control over the human’s mind.

Interviewer: If we project love in our dream state, if we are able to be conscious…

Zeta: They would not come to you, no. Let me explain how this works so you do not be in fear. They do not stand by you waiting for you to be in fear. They do not wait for you to go to sleep in hope that they may somehow interact with you. They watch your behaviours. If your behaviours allow them to influence you over many of your months, slowly, slowly, they will come. And so, we have noticed with your humans that take your drinking and your drug process, your sexual process, those behavioural processes allow the entities to move into and attach control, they provide stimulation to the humans, and as a response they receive energy, and they have no way to create energy on their own. They have no real technology to support them, so they are harmless unless you have behaviours which support them.

Interviewer: That’s quite sad really, if there’s no other way for them to support themselves.

Zeta: You have compassion for them, yes.

Interviewer: Well, it’s like a homeless dog that has no food.

Zeta: They do not need to be…  they are like parasitic entities.

Interviewer: So they could go elsewhere and survive?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Oh, very good.

Zeta: The reason that they are not stopped by other races or our own race is because you have freewill, you have behavioural freewill, you may think what you wish. But when you are with us they may not enter or come near us.

Interviewer: Is that because you protect us at that time?

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: Thank you.

Zeta: This property where you are now, you’ll notice there is a pulse process. It emits frequencies which keeps all other entities away.

Interviewer: I feel it’s getting stronger, is that the case?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: May I please ask what is the direction that we as humans are taking to make you think that our potential is growing?

Zeta: You are responsive to what is taking place, you perceive your capacity to give, to be compassionate, to abide by the ever increasing frequency of the collective consciousness of your race, to see your own abilities come from within. These are fruitful, and we monitor this planet.

Interviewer: Has your race had anything to do with genetically modifying certain humans in ancient Egyptian times?

Zeta: Anunnaki genetics created the human race. I am not Anunnaki.

Interviewer: In regards to free energy, have you observed where that is going in humanity? Are we moving toward the people in power allowing it to be used, or no?

Zeta: They wish to control you, they will give you a token of free energy. The perception is that there are infinite resources and very little to them, but they are finite. It is up to individual humans to implement free energy into their own lives.

Interviewer: How would I obtain them?

Zeta: Obtain from where? All energy is free.

Interviewer: Is there a way around the problems?

Zeta: You wish to help. Keep your mind clear, because the greatest function that you can provide is clarity of thought.

Interviewer: (sitters talking, zeta stopping for energy, maybe changing to a different Zeta?)

Zeta: When you are in sleep state, alert control, make yourself present in the dream, you will scare the entities. They do not realize that you understand that they are providing illusions. Can you do that?

Interviewer: Can try, good advice, thank you.

Zeta: Good advice, yes. You have all, as humans, much control, but you are yet to learn how to control. You fear you are victims to your circumstances, but you are creator entities, creating what is coming to you.

Interviewer: That brings me back to freewill. You say we are creators, but then everything is determined what we are to experience. I don’t understand.

Zeta: Your higher self entity wishes to experience something, it provides the seed. The local consciousness then, using its freewill process will choose from infinite examples to provide the experience to the higher self. That is why you are a creator.

Interviewer: So to learn something, I would choose an easy experience then choose ones that are harder and harder.

Zeta: Yes, why do you believe that you have freewill?

Interviewer: I just like the idea.

Zeta: Listen to my voice. You are a container, a vehicle for experience for your higher self entity, you place much importance on your existence, but you will transition. What will then be your reality?

Interviewer: But this is now my reality and I would like to make it as good as I can.

Zeta: But I said to you before, clarity of thought, to understand why you perform certain functions. … What is your time function? … Hold your mind in stillness, then you can interact with your eyes on … We are going.

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