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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: You have a container in your house.

Interviewer: A fridge.

Zeta: What is the purpose?

Interviewer: It keeps the food cold and fresh so that it doesn’t spoil.

Zeta: Why?

Interviewer: Because some food won’t last long if it is kept outside of the refrigerator.

Zeta: Then why do you heat up your food?

Interviewer: Because most foods taste better when heated or cooked, the food that goes into the fridge is usually in its natural state, and then we prepare it in different ways.

Zeta: It is a logistical process for you, yes, of keeping a certain amount of nourishment come into your physical contact.

Interviewer: Otherwise we would have to purchase our nourishment on a daily basis, our fridge lets us buy more than we can eat in one day.

Zeta: Why do you not create an extract from your substances and drink it.

Interviewer: Some people do.

Zeta: That would negate the need for a square box, yes?

Interviewer: We don’t need a fridge here as much as in warmer places.

Zeta: What is the other journey of the food here before it comes to you?

Interviewer: Most of the food is harvested, taken to a warehouse, then it is distributed by truck.

Zeta: What is a warehouse?

Interviewer: A big storage facility.

Zeta: Where is it harvested from?

Interviewer: From farms.

Zeta: What is a farm?

Interviewer: Where they grow things in the ground.

Zeta: Why do not grow in water?

Interviewer: Hydroponics?

Interviewer: Some food is grown in water but not as much can be grown in water as on land.

Zeta: What is the sustainability of the food production process from the land?

Interviewer: Not very good at the moment, the sprays they spray on the plants actually depletes the land.

Zeta: What is spray?

Interviewer: Chemicals they use to keep bugs from eating.

Zeta: What are bugs?

Interviewer: Insects.

Zeta: Insects, what are they?

Interviewer: Little animals.

Zeta: Why do animals eat your food?

Interviewer: Because they like it, it’s the natural thing that they do.

Zeta: Why do you give them access to your food?

Interviewer: They take it.

Zeta: Why do you grow it in the ground?

Interviewer: That’s the most suitable place to grow it.

Zeta: So you grow your food in the ground and the bugs take your food, you are fighting with your bugs.

Interviewer: Big companies control the seeds in the world and they create the fertilizer for the ground.

Zeta: What is fertilizer?

Interviewer: Fertilizers are natural substances that we used to use like cow manure.

Zeta: You place cow excretions on your food?

Interviewer: Yes they used to, now it’s produced synthetically.

Zeta: That holds many microbiotics.

Interviewer: The cow manure isn’t put on the food, it is put into the ground to give the earth nourishment to produce the food.

Zeta: How can you feed a planet using this process?

Interviewer: Sustainably, you can’t.

Zeta: All the nutrients in your soil will diminish, the capacity for your planet to provide food to the human population will diminish.

Interviewer: Yes, but the greater powers that be, from my understanding, is that they would like to see the population diminish to a more sustainable level.

Interviewer: Are you saying that growing our food in water is a better alternative?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Most of the earth is actually dry.

Zeta: You have ocean process.

Interviewer: Yes, but that is salt water.

Zeta: But you can desalinate.

Interviewer: Yes, but what do we do with all that salt?

Zeta: Transmutation of the chemical structure into other forms of chemical supplements.

Interviewer: What other supplements could that create, what could it be used for?

Zeta: It could be used for propulsion processes for your craft.

Interviewer: Unless the large companies can make lots of money out of it, they’re not interested.

Zeta: You are currently using the petroleum process to power your vehicles, but of course the hydrogen process will also allow your vehicles to be propelled in any direction.

Interviewer: But again it comes down to the power of the big oil companies and the power of the governments, do you have a solution to that?

(perhaps they do not deal with issues involving the power structure)

Zeta: Are you worried about emotional capacity?

Interviewer: When we see a tree or a flower, we feel upliftment, what do you feel?

Zeta: I see the form, the energy structure, a myriad of colours as well.

Interviewer: And do you see that as a form of beauty?

Zeta: I consider it as a form of oneness.

Interviewer: So you have emotional responses?

Zeta: That is correct process.

Interviewer: So you experience joy?

Zeta: What is joy?

Interviewer: Upliftment.

Zeta: That is a different word.

Interviewer: It is a state of wellbeing.

Zeta: A state of oneness.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: But you wish to place a symbolic word to it, the state of oneness is a process.

Interviewer: Do you have any states that are experienced as not a state of oneness?

Zeta: I am in separation, I am not in oneness at the moment.

Interviewer: And does separation have an emotional feeling that comes with it?

Zeta: No, why must there be an emotional response to every situation?

Interviewer: It allows us to experience…

Zeta: Look at the floor, is there an emotional response? Look at the floor, there is no emotional response.

Interviewer: There could be though, if someone’s grandmother had carpet exactly the same as you, it might bring someone a feeling of happiness.

Zeta: It only means something to you as a race, you see, you have placed a value on your emotional responses that provides you with a mechanism for comparison, but if you do not have that process because you do not need it, then everything just is, you are in acceptance.

Interviewer: That’s what makes us human, our emotions.

Zeta: That is correct process, yes. Do you expect other races to be like you?

Interviewer: No, but in order to understand other races, we tend to compare.

Zeta: The real question is, why do you perceive the necessity for us to interact at the same emotional scale as you do?

Interviewer: It’s not a necessity, it’s a curiosity.

Interviewer: We are all we have to compare with anybody else, and we don’t know how everybody else works.

Zeta: We will not tell you that there is comparison when there is none. We are a different race, we are our own, we do not try to be another race, but we understand that you have emotional capacity that places a value system on all that you do.

Interviewer: Did your race have an emotional capacity and then transcend it.

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Was that a positive?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Can you explain the shift please?

Zeta: Yes, the collective consciousness of the race that necessitated the shift to changing the genetic structure saw the emotional capacity was in a diminished state, because to move to a collective consciousness, to step into the process of understanding oneself in comparison to a race means that you must minimize the destructive behaviours of a race of an individual, and so many of the lower frequency emotional processes have been removed from the race.

Interviewer: And the higher frequency emotional processes, did they remain?

Zeta: Of course, there is compassion, there is oneness, but these are constructs that you understand. There are other emotions you do not know.

Interviewer: Such as colours that we do not know, yes?

Zeta: Beyond that. When you are in complete harmony with other beings, you are in a symbiotic level of consciousness with the entity, and there is no words to state and no emotional capacity to understand the silence, the peace. We come from a place of quiet, the collective consciousness of the race is quiet, and there is stillness.

Interviewer: Do you have forms of music and that sort of thing?

Zeta: … But there is harmony. There is no need to create external noise.

Interviewer: Do you use frequency for healing and that sort of thing?

Zeta: Everything is frequency, but yes, I understand your process. Just to let you know, I am the elder Zeta, I am not the guide entity. I understand the human construct.

Interviewer: Does the guide entity not understand?

Zeta: He has not had the human transformation process, it is his turn next. He is looking forward to it, yes.

Interviewer: Do you have senses of humour amongst you?

Zeta: Senses of humour, what is that?

Interviewer: A sense of something that makes one laugh, it’s uplifting.

Zeta: I understand the process of humour, but I do not instigate it.

Interviewer: Is there a reason for not instigating it?

Zeta: There is no function that it provides, when you are in stillness, there is no requirement for it. Do you meditate and move toward a stillness process?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: And then start laughing?

Interviewer: No, but there are times…

Zeta: When you need it, it provides you with a balance as a chemical entity. You need to find the difference between the states, but if the state is one of harmony and stillness, there is no requirement to bring in these other emotional frequencies. This is the point that you are missing, that you are understanding our race from the perception of a human entity, but the perception of the race is that when you are in stillness there is no requirement for any other emotive state process.

Interviewer: What if there was a situation where a loved one was lost, a child?

Zeta: There is no losing our loved ones, that is a non-functional process. If a child is to transition, it is taken through a technology and placed in a stasis process. The consciousness is held away from the collective mind of the race, the physical container is recreated and the child is reinstated in its place. You do not lose a loved one.

Interviewer: How, if you have reached a place of stillness, can you continue to develop and expand?

Zeta: Because in stillness you experience knowledge, you bring a clarity to yourself as the observer, you are able to view a situation and experience from many points to gain the most valuable experience possible, knowledge that it brings.

Interviewer: Are we as humans able to reach that?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Through meditation?

Zeta: Yes, if you are able to bring your mind to stillness process, then you are able to observe the function of the observer.

Interviewer: The observer observing the observer?

Zeta: They are words upon words upon words… You do not observe yourself in stillness, you are the stillness.

Interviewer: If you are observing yourself in the stillness, you are actually not still.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: With regard to implants, I feel a procedure has been carried out on my foot, can you explain?

Zeta: It was not our race, if the function of your procedure process was performed. I would only say that there are other races that are aware of what you are doing with us. You are not sitting speaking to a human in dreaming, we exist as a race. Others will see that you are in this room within the sphere of influence of a race, of the zeta race. They will understand that they are under scrutiny by us. You are protected, my friend. Why would your race place a device, what is the purpose, why would they seek this functionality? You will find that any human that comes here which has technology embedded in them will normally have it removed by the race once they become aware of the sphere of influence of the zeta race process.

Interviewer: Could you explain the implant process?

Zeta: The question is about implantation of energetic processes. Each of the individual containers that you are hold frequency. Each of the frequencies that you are has within it the substructures of other frequencies. Those frequencies are determined by the emotional structure of the body. They are also determined by the level of consciousness that you hold. And now, another entity may interfere with your frequency and place within that a discordant frequency process. The discordant frequency process will then become a beacon for interaction between yourself as a human entity and another race, and of course then the frequency then becomes one where you can be tracked.

Interviewer: Only tracked or…

Zeta: You can be manipulated, but do you want to know the truth or do you want to know what you want to know?

Interviewer: The truth, always.

Zeta: Humans do not like to know the truth, they like their own physical constructs because that provides them with a level of safety, you are in comfort within your illusion.

Interviewer: How do we change the world, etc

Zeta: Let me explain something to you. When a human becomes angry, they are allowing another entity to place a frequency within their etheric body process. You then become emotionally upset, a destabilized process. That is an implant process. When you are shown love, the frequency you are provided stimulates the etheric body process, you are given an implant of love. Any time you allow another to change you, you are given an energetic implant process, but many of these are in the frequency capacity of the human race. Of course, other races have seen that there is a strong possibility to influence a human permanently, and so the technology exists that they can control easily the human container.

Interviewer: So what is the best way to help us identify the implants in other people..

Zeta: To be in the stillness within yourselves. Do not worry about others if you cannot help yourself.

Interviewer: Is there a way we can help others to not receive an anger implant?

Zeta: From humans? You cannot stop yourself from receiving this, how can you help others? Others, you have no control over them, they have freewill process, you would negate their freewill process. You seek to save others when you cannot control yourselves. Be in control of yourself. You cannot help anyone unless you are in a stillness process.

Interviewer: The way to help in a whirlwind situation is to stay still and settle down the emotions in others, would you agree that that is possible?

Zeta: Yes, when you are in stillness, but that is your own process.

Interviewer: Could you tell us about energetic implants that have been put into individuals with their higher consciousness consent?

Zeta: That is a communication process and so the race that they are from would have changed the energetic barriers around the framework of consciousness. This has allowed the connection process to take place, and so they are able to connect back to their race process.

(Segue to explain some et/spirit/human relationships)

Zeta: Let me explain the structure before I leave. The [spirit] control is John Collins process, the physical attachment to the table. He is the stepping stone from the physical mind of the medium to spirit realm. The secondary process is the TwoCrows [spirit] entity which is able to bring through the healing processes that we will also implement if required. That is then the second stage. The third stage then is the Zeta guide entity which is a frequency based in another race, and then I [the Zeta elder] am a cross to transverse all of those frequencies. I can instigate change within the physical if I wish, I can manipulate the time process, I can heal others of course.

Interviewer: What do you mean by manipulating the time process?

Zeta: And so when a human container whose higher self is functioning as an entity, has capacity and knowledge of its existence, and you are able to perform functions from a distance, so an example would be that your oversoul process wishing to implement a physical change to you as a human container, or to another, would through you implement change by a frequency processes. And then of course I manage the gateway process which then allows other races to come. There must be structure else it will fail. There are many entities, but they are not at the speaking process. Now I will be terminating.

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