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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: Spirits that are allowed to come here, the ones that we know of, they come, they bring their energy to provide themselves with the fertile ground to come, but they must take their energy away, and they do.

Interviewer1: I don’t want to cause upset here, there is no need for it, there is plenty of space.

Zeta: There is no upset, because we are able to now speak clearly and to continue to build energy if we wish. But let me explain also, I did expected that if your potential is presented to you that you will move into it. So if there is a potential process to do with many entities such as you are working with your spirit friends and your other energy, that you will move into that process. The expectation of us for this video(?) is that regardless of the discomfort of moving outside of the known barriers that it will continue to happen.

Interviewer1: I was more concerned that it would negatively affect your space…

Zeta: Not possible. It takes longer for a spirit people to establish a baseline energy in their own to present a physical residual energy, but for us, we are to encapsulate the medium to speak. The reason we ask you about what is your energy, that is a standard greeting process for a race. “How are you” is a human term, is “what is your energy”, your energy contains all of your consciousness. Your energy contains your perception, your energy contains your vitality. So we ask every time over the many years, what is your energy. And what do you say?

Interviewer1: Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Zeta: and we believe that the sitters have generally misunderstood what the question is.

Interviewer1: Yes.

Zeta: And so if we hear that you have no pulling in your solar plexus, that means nothing to us. It means nothing to us if you say you have pulling in your solar plexus. It means nothing to us if you say I have pressure around my head. Initially, we moved into the thought process where we said, maybe it was beneficial for the sitters to understand.

Interviewer1: Yes it is.

Zeta: That is correct then. Bet we then, amusingly yes, allowed the sitters to continue on with their discussion, I have pressure, I feel this or that.

Interviewer1: What is the standard answer that you would give to another zeta if you were asked “how is your energy”?

Zeta: “I am in energy”, that is what I say. But if you are not, then you are not.

Interviewer1: But are you always in energy?

Zeta: No, you are not, not energy that you can define, because when I would say, “I am in energy”, I would present the energy for the other entity to feel. But I still think that it is beneficial for us to understand where you are feeling, and what you are feeling.

Interviewer1: I mentioned interdimensionals, and I realized I don’t really know what that means.

Zeta: Yes, a frequency process.

Interviewer1: Why is it different from, I would say, extraterrestrials? Why do we use these two words?

Zeta: I will explain this function to you. Extraterrestrials are human words for the human tongue, denote all other races that are not humanoid from this planet but are physical. So, if you say extraterrestrial, then you understand that the race holds a physical form and exists in the frequency of matter. Now, interdimensional entities such as the blue beings and others exist within frequency in a state of non-matter but of consciousness. Their interdimensional aspect is that they exist within the frequency process between matter.

Interviewer2: Is that the void?

Zeta: No, not the void, the void is without all. We understand your radio frequency process, so between each of your radio frequencies is difference, the difference is interdimensional.

Interviewer1: Like the noise in between the stations?

Zeta: Yes, you could say it that way for a very rudimentary explanation. Think about a non-physical entity presenting themselves by using your filtering systems to present themselves in form of matter. If they do not provide a form, if they do not come in a form, your cognitive processes will not understand, so they present themselves as formulated matter.

Interviewer1: Is that the reason that people say they can see the energy I called you on as a person?

Zeta: That is correct function.

Interviewer2: Why is this timeline the best timeline to raise the collective consciousness of the human race?

Zeta: Because our race does not exist in any other timeline. Think about that. But continue…. So, I will ask a question, but expect no answer. Why is it that the human has the capacity to be on many timelines? Why does the human thought function provide the birth of a new timeline?

Interviewer1: Because there are many aspects to it?

Zeta: A correct function.

Interviewer2: Is that to get as much experience as possible?

Zeta: Because the human consciousness when created was made up of infinite facets of consciousness, whereas the zeta race hold consciousness within the collective mind. We are not fractured entities, we exist on one timeline.

Interviewer2: Is the way you exist not an illusion compared to the human race? Is your race in a situation where they know it is not an illusion?

Zeta: Yes, that is correct, but when the human says “it is illusion”, something holds all matter into form. What provides the form of a table? What provides the form of a human body? Why do not your molecules scatter? What holds them together? What holds the illusion together?

Interviewer2: The consciousness of the individual?

Zeta: No, you do not hold your form by your consciousness. What holds a tree function together? Why is it determined to be in that form of matter? There is consciousness outside that is interwoven into all things, that is source consciousness has within it definitive barriers and boundaries for what may exist. There is nothing that can be created that is outside of it, all forms, all shapes, all existence is determined by this process. All matter would disintegrate without this. There would be no planets, there would be no universe, it is held together by consciousness. The very existence of your consciousness is determined by another. You call it “god”, we call it “the great creator”.

Interviewer1: So you say that all our matter was thought of by this source consciousness.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer1: And how can it be that if we change our focus on something, everything is just transparent, is that a frequency change? How can it that happen I saw a whole room disappear, this energy, this bubbling energy?

Zeta: Because you shift from the current frequency to another. That frequency… How will I explain this subject?  Can you read? Can you read words on paper? How far away can you read the words on the paper? So when it is at the correct distance, it is within clarity. As the paper is moved away, the words become less easier for you to see. Now, we will move that analogy to the viewing of existence. As you move away in frequency, the tangible existence of the matter becomes less distinguishable, and so it no longer holds its form.

Interviewer1: I hear more and more that people have sightings of different craft. Is it because they are shifting, or is it that your craft don’t cloak and now be visible for everyone? Is there suddenly many more there? What has changed?

Zeta: We understand your technology. There are times to not be seen and times to be seen. That is the answer.

Interviewer1: It is not true then that suddenly many more craft are visible?

Zeta: Of course the craft have, as they have developed, more craft are seen. As the craft have developed, these technologies are allowing the humans to see more without danger to the occupants. If you have the capability to see craft that have not materialized, then you are shifted into the frequency of the craft.

Interviewer2: So can an individual tune a frequency to see a craft that other people wouldn’t see?

Zeta: That is correct, yes. But we know your story. There is also potential to be shown something that does not hold frequency.

Interviewer2: Only there for the observer.

Zeta: The illusion.

Interviewer1: What do we have to do then, to shift our focus? Would that be possible?

Zeta: You just did. You changed your mind, you asked a question, you shifted your focus from one question to the next. As your mind is creating questions, you are shifting. You are in a state of change continually.

Interviewer2: How would one know what is real?

Zeta: Because others can see it. That is why when we come we make sure there are other humans with the medium, else making statements that you have seen something, a entity yes, in a room, or a craft with no other humans present, holds no value.

Interviewer2: Especially when you have seen it clairvoyantly and no one else has seen it.

Zeta: If you see it clairvoyantly, as you say, that provides you with potential for error, because there is no way to determine if what you have seen was created for you to see. You would need to be in telepathic communication with the other humans to all see the same thing - a great feat for any race.

Interviewer3: I have a question about your collective consciousness compared to ours. When you have a thought, does the collective consciousness of the zeta race have that same thought?

Zeta: Let us compare the human mind with the race. The human mind has the capacity to have infinite random thoughts within one of your day processes. I can hold my mind still and have no thought. I can be in stillness for many of your hours, just existing as I am now. So the difference is that the collective mind of the race is in stillness. There is, to use another word, compartmentalized processes where there is activity, where information is exchanged so that all beings of the race may know what is taking place if they want to ask. But with the human collective consciousness, it is in a birth process. It is growing exponentially, but it is being held in focus of the races. As the human mind develops, it must develop capacity to understand infinite consciousness, to be in that space of consciousness, to understand stillness… a peaceful existence.

Interviewer3: Is that compartmentalization you mentioned so that the complete consciousness will not know everything?

Zeta: No, you have functions within your mind, your consciousness, that your local consciousness will never know about. What makes your heart beat? Why do you breathe? All of these things take place naturally. They are locked away from your mind. The functions within the collective mind of our race, there is no need for them to be present. What if you were able to stop your heart? How could you start it again? Many of your functions that are your bodily functions are automated. Much of the consciousness of our race is automated.

Interviewer1: And the main decision makers are the elders for your race, is that true?

Zeta: The decisions are made by the race. The elders have access to the past history of the race.

Interviewer1: So not everybody has access to how your ways became the way it is now?

Zeta: You have history, yes? Do all of you in this room know every part of the history of your planet?

Interviewer1: No.

Zeta: Why is that? You do not have the capacity to remember all of the history of the planet. By the time you have studied just one country, your life would finish. So only if you have lived a continual existence would you be able to have the capacity to remember continual information. And so a zeta would not burden their own stillness with many pieces of information. There is no point.

Interviewer1: You say the race makes the decisions, so if you have three trillion beings, will they all be asked about any decision, what are the decisions the race makes?

Zeta: What is a decision? A good question. Should we go to war? There is information placed within the collective mind, all of the race which are part of the collective will be alerted to the fact that a decision needs to be made, and of course because the underlying process is that we care for others more than ourselves, the collective mind creates the decision process.

Interviewer1: So its not like everybody would vote either yes or no?

Zeta: No, why are you here in this room? You have children to come, individuals have chosen to come into this room. The collective mind alerts that there is a potential to come into the room, a decision is required. All understand that what is of benefit for others, not for self, is to protect the race. The decision is made.

Interviewer3: Does the collective mind, even though it is attached to all, does it become a separate identity as well?

Zeta: Yes, it is separate but part of, yes, I understand how you need to understand. So the collective mind, let me think about that. Do you see your mind as separate to you?

Interviewer1: No.

Zeta: The functions that are hidden from you, do you see them as separate from you?

Interviewer3: No, because I’m not aware of them.

Zeta: There you go. And so, you may not be in a state of awareness of what is within the collective mind of the race, because you have no function that is related to that. But on a human term, day to day basis, the decision making process is the individual. What will they create today? What is of benefit for the race? What function are they providing the race? Those are not decisions that require the collective mind.

Interviewer1: So it’s like the local mind.

Zeta: Yes, the local mind.

Interviewer3: So there is freewill?

Zeta: Yes, there is freewill, until there isn’t.

Interviewer1: So if the collective mind made the decision to go to war to protect the race, there would not be any that would say, we are not going?

Zeta: There would never be one that would say that they would not abide by the collective will, because you care about others more than yourself, and so of course you would agree.

Interviewer1: Bit of a foreign concept to us, isn’t it.

Interviewer3: The zetas that are disconnected from the collective consciousness, so they can’t hear the collective consciousness?

Zeta: that is correct.

Interviewer3: Do they have their own collective?

Zeta: They do, yes, and the information that they input into the collective mind exists, but they choose not to because they have freewill to not be part of the rules of the race, and so they are in disassociation from the collective mind.

Interviewer3: The zetas who broke away, what is their truth that they believe they are doing the right thing?

Zeta: They are in service to self. They are seeking to change the genetic structure that they hold.

Interviewer3: Into what?

Zeta: That is up to them, but we undo what they do.

Interviewer3: Why would they want to change their genetic structure?

Zeta: They believe that they are diminished in some form, and not all entities like to serve others.

Interviewer3: And how do they feel they are diminished?

Zeta: Because they feel that they have the right to create decisions based on what is good for them and not for others.

Interviewer3: That sounds very much like…

Zeta: The human race.

Interviewer3: Did that separation happen when your race formed the collective consciousness?

Zeta: No, if we were to give time frame, it is difficult because when does a decision actually start? But still, many generations ago when this process took place.

Interviewer3: Did they take material from the humans for their own…

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer3: Genetic material?

Zeta: For experimentation purposes, they are part of the abduction process.

Interviewer3: Let’s talk about something happy?

Zeta: But that is happy, because there is no unhappiness in discussion. There is only observation, experimentation, and information.

Interviewer3: But we as human beings react with emotion.

Zeta: A correct function.

Interviewer3: Have the collective consciousness questioned going to war with the separators?

Zeta: To go to war, is that your question?

Interviewer3: Yes.

Zeta: What would that provide?

Interviewer3: Nothing.

Interviewer2: If they attacked you then you would have to defend yourself.

Zeta: They would not, they know not to. If they were to come near us, they would be reintegrated into the collective mind. They would not be able to assert themselves.

Interviewer3: Could we speak about Israel and Palestine and the middle east where there is great conflict? They say there is a huge portal there as well, that’s where a lot of the interdimensional, extraterrestrial visitations and manipulations first began thousands of years ago.

Zeta: There are many portals, there are infinite gateways. There is no reason why a location on the planet would be more disruptive than any other place. The capacity of humans to argue among each other is well known amongst all races. It does not matter where you land, you could be in trouble. Just because two countries are fighting with each other, we believe that it is to do with the birthing process of your collective consciousness. There is much turmoil within the mind of the race. It is the mind of the race that must be brought into stillness. Once this takes place, humans that incarnate into this physical reality will be in stillness.

Interviewer3: How do we bring the collective consciousness of the human race into stillness?

Zeta: By being in stillness.

Interviewer3: So one by one; in meditation?

Zeta: No, that would be nice, but I’m not sure you have that much time. Other races such as our own are holding the collective mind in focus to bring it into a quieter state of existence, and many thousands of beings are focusing with intention to create quiet. In your meditation process, hold your mind still, let the stillness permeate the collective mind of the human race.

Interviewer3: Is that achieved through intention?

Zeta: It is achieved through silence.

Interviewer3: And by being silent, does that naturally affect…

Zeta: Yes, how much silence do you produce? What does silence do? Silence brings harmony. Silence changes frequency, of course in the right circumstances, but silence brings peace.

Interviewer3: Can I ask if you are in stillness right now?

Zeta: Yes, correct function, how am I thinking?

Interviewer3: Yes.

Zeta: Because I am able to hold my state of stillness but also speak through the medium.

Interviewer3: That is hard to comprehend.

Zeta: Correct function, yes.

Interviewer1: Yes because one would thing that you need to think to answer a question.

Zeta: No, between speaking to you, there is nothing but silence.

Interviewer3: Where does the information come from?

Zeta: From the collective mind of the race. The question is heard by the medium’s body, it is transferred to my consciousness, it automatically assimilates with the collective mind of the race, the answer comes back and out of the medium’s mouth.

Interviewer1: So you are a medium between the collective mind and the medium?

Zeta: That is correct function, yes, a mediator.

Interviewer1: You see that’s the same as when you have a mental medium that can’t be engaged, thinking, they have to listen to…

Zeta: That is correct, that is why the medium was taught mental mediumship for two of your earth years, to learn to hold the mind still, a state of connection but not to enter into the stillness, because the potential of the human mind is to change what is said. The human now has no thoughts, there is darkness, there is stillness, there is no thoughts in the human’s mind, it is stillness. But I exist within the consciousness of the human, so only my thoughts exist.

Interviewer3: Speaking of stillness, there is never actual silence, why is that?

Zeta: You are to remove yourself from what is called the influence of… We will take your clock process, it is ticking, but it is only ticking when I observe the clock. I cannot hear it ticking when I do not observe it. Does it exist when you are not observing it, no. Observation brings something into reality, your reality.

Interviewer3: So how many rooms are we sitting in at the moment then. There are five of us apart from the medium and yourself in this room.

Zeta: What makes you think you are in a room?

Interviewer3: Exactly.

Zeta: That is why I said, “what room”. You are within our frequency. You are in a space defined by consciousness, and that determines that you are within physical parameters of a room. I am here speaking to you, but I am not within your room. And that is how we connect to the medium because his consciousness is not in a room as well. There is no… what is word function? … there is no defined parameters that tell us to be within this room. There is no reason to exist within this room. You exist as consciousness, but you prefer to observe from within this point within the universe.

Interviewer3: Is this point in the universe the same point in the universe for the others in the room? Is it a separate room they are in?

Zeta: There is no room.

Interviewer3: There is no room?

Zeta: The room does not exist. You are points of consciousness that have come to observe another consciousness speak to you. Let me see if I can help you. Close your eyes. Do not open your eyes. Let me say that your body no longer exists. It is calm, you have no body. You just exist in stillness as an observer. And now, considering you have no body, do you need to be in a room?

Interviewer3: No.

Zeta: There you go. There you are, and there you go.

Interviewer3: So are there six different creations of the illusion of a room that doesn’t exist?

Zeta: There is perception that the local consciousness has created to believe that you are all within a room. You agree you have a consensus reality.

Interviewer3: How do we decide on a consensus?

Zeta: Let me explain. I do not agree with your concept of reality, so I do not see the room. I agree with your observation, I agree with your discussion, I agree with your frequency, I agree to communicate, but nothing else. I do not hold your illusion.

Interviewer3: You are aware of it, though.

Zeta: I am not aware of where you are. I am aware of your voices speaking to me. I am aware that behind that voice is consciousness only, but if I change my frequency, if I choose to change my frequency I can move into your consensus reality, and experience your physical room.

Interviewer3: Is that what happens when you bring craft in?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer1: So when we have craft to be seen and not to be seen, it’s not depending on us here, it’s depending on you changing the frequency, and then it’s out of our frequency to be seen. Is that so?

Zeta: The capacity of the human to see many different frequencies in the light spectrum is limited. We change the frequency of the light.

Interviewer1: So there is not a cloaking device, not some technology.

Zeta: That is technology, yes.

Interviewer3: How do you change the frequency of light?

Zeta: By changing its frequency. Other craft have communicative function, the craft has perception of self. The craft is a biological entity, sentient. It is able to change its frequency. You have animals on your planet with many tentacles. It changes its skin colour to blend in with its environment. Have you seen it?

Interviewer3: I have, but I don’t know how it changes.

Zeta: So we are able to camouflage, yes, by allowing the craft to change the way that it thinks about itself, and in doing so, it changes the patterns of light that are emitted from the craft, to be seen or not seen by the human eye.

Interviewer3: Are the craft organic?

Zeta: Yes, my friend, they are grown, genetically created within a skeletal framework.

Interviewer3: Are the craft part of the collective consciousness?

Zeta: A correct function, yes, of course they have freewill.

Interviewer3: The craft have freewill?

Zeta: Correct, yes.

Zeta: Now I will be leaving, interesting conversation. You are limited by your capacity to think outside of your reality. I have given you many things to think about so you can take the next step, to observe, to understand that you are an observer process, a point within the universe.

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