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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer: Is it possible to travel between one timeline and another?

Zeta: Yes, of course, it is. The current timeline is one of frequency, the other timelines are also the same.

Interviewer: Did the other timeline effect the current timeline of someone’s time?

Zeta: Point of entry is the determining factor.

Interviewer: Could you explain the point of entry?

Zeta: Yes. For you, as you said, you are travelling along a thread, and so the other threads, the other existences that you hold are also travelling in parallel. Now, for you to leave this timeline and to move to another timeline, the point of entry is relevant because when you leave this timeline, you no longer exist. You would only have existed up to the point that you left. So to enter into another timeline, you must enter into what is seen to be a point which would not interfere with the other parallel you.

Interviewer: Is that why people have deja vu?

Zeta: Because the frequency of the parallel existences become similar for a short period.

Interviewer: Is it possible to see into the other timeline?

Zeta: Yes, of course. Amusing questions … through consciousness, of course, through controlling the process to understanding the mechanics of existence.

Interviewer: Can you see the other frequency, the other person or yourself.

Zeta: I only exist on one timeline, the race only exists on one timeline.

Interviewer: Is that because you are not multi-dimensionally faceted as human beings.

Zeta: We discussed this in the last sitting where the humans are facets of consciousness made up of infinite shards or threads. Each can be seen to be individual, whereas we do not incarnate as you do. We are not faceted the way that you are. Looking at the consciousness of a human is like looking at a faceted process, many faces, yes.

<skip some confusion among the sitters>

Zeta: We are held in stillness, you are held in chaos. Stillness provides observation, stillness provides capacity to view from all perspectives, not limited by a singular thought process.

Let me explain. This reality is an illusion. The consciousness of the spirit people is able to exist in many rooms, all believing that they are existing within the same environment. I believe that this is now too complicated to explain. (no no continue) So as with the deja vu explanation, as you change frequency you move closer to the other parallel timeline, the existence  that you as a faceted person have possibly experienced before, and that way you sense reality that you have never encountered before, but it is familiar to you. So that is simplified. Now for us, we exist on one thread, one infinite thread as you do. This does not mean that we cannot study the other threads. We have our own technological processes such as the quantum environments where we are able to take imagery of each of the chosen timelines, and then we can study the probabilities. But we only view probabilities, that is true, yes. I have finished.

Interviewer: Do you ever have the feeling of deja vu?

Zeta: No, you would need to hold a faceted existence on other timelines. You cannot experience a self, mirrored,  if it doesn’t exist. Unless of course, through the human form you understand what it is like to experience a deja vu.

Interviewer: Can the oversoul have multiple existences in one race and another race, as a human and as a different race?

Zeta: wait, a determinate function. Yes, that is possible, explanation required?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: The spirit entity’s existence based in the spirit realm process, a faceted existence, many threads. So, moving outside of that spirit realm process, a faceted existence, one thread, to spirit realm seen to be a human nest, because cannot enter into spirit realm in form. So, hierarchical structure, a thread to spirit realm, thread to race, a thread to race, a thread to race, a combination of oversoul and then is a part of four races.

Interviewer: An oversoul then can be part of other than just a spirit being, it can actually have different races.

Zeta: Yes, of course, because an informal thread is the formal thread for the spirit realm, so the formal thread would be seen to be the oversoul process, which then becomes the informal thread to the hierarchical structure of the oversoul which is the new formal thread. The medium I will give information to and he can pencil it for you.

Interviewer: Does this happen often with oversouls?

Zeta: Does it happen often? A spirit realm entity and not normally, no, because frequency is based in different nature, but if a race wishes to move into the human existence, then the thread becomes informal, and so that is taking place, yes.

Interviewer: So it’s more likely to occur that way then the other way.

Zeta: Correct, yes.

Interviewer: Does the oversoul develop to a point where it goes out into other races?

Zeta: Until [xxx] the oversoul process chooses frequencies. Not understood by you?

Interviewer: No.

Zeta: A consciousness in undulating form, always growing, chooses frequencies which determine a new experience level.

Interviewer: Were the Zetas once a multifaceted race?

Zeta: Not function, no.

Interviewer: Never?

Zeta: Else function would continue on all timelines.

Interviewer: Have you talked about how the zeta race came into being before?

Zeta: A facet of one race existing on many other forms of existence not related to timelines, produce a race to exist on one timeline function.

Interviewer: Could you explain a bit further?

Zeta: And so, interdimensional races are creating matter, creating consciousness to exist in matter on one timeline for the purpose of experience. Information from the race to move back to the interdimensional race called the blue beings, the creators of the race.

Interviewer: Why just one timeline?

Zeta: Wait…

Zeta: That is a gateway question.

Interviewer: What is a gateway question?

Zeta: What was your question?

Interviewer: Why did the blue beings decide to create you on only one timeline?

Zeta: The blue beings must answer that for themselves, that is a gateway question.

Interviewer2: The gateway when it is open allows other races to come through.

Zeta: We tried to initiate the gateway but were unsuccessful, not the correct energy in the room.

<skipped some confusion>

Interviewer: If this timeline was not the best timeline, would you be able to change to another?

Zeta: No, it has been determined by the creator races that this is the best possible timeline. It is the intermediate frequency, the middle frequency. The middle frequency provides the most experience, because from the middle, other frequencies are more widely spaced. I will give you the image through the medium. He may draw for you.

Interviewer: Are you meant to reconnect to the blue beings?

Zeta: They are guides.

Interviewer: I would like to ask if you can share with us some of your own experiences from where you come.

Zeta: Not understood.

Interviewer2: Can you discuss a personal experience?

Zeta: Yes, so, do you know what an elephant is?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Can you see an elephant?

Interviewer: I can imagine one, yes.

Zeta: No, can you see one on your planet.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: What is the elephant thinking?

Interviewer: I am very happy being the biggest animal in the world.

Zeta: Really, I do not think so. You see the problem. Your perception, your belief of what the elephant is experiencing and what it is experiencing are two different things. I can say that I have viewed my planet’s surface, but what that…

Interviewer2: Can you describe how that looks?

Zeta: Yes I can describe how that looks. It is dark but there are colours of blue that are melted into the substructure of planet surface. They are called mountains, yes.

What has the medium been eating?

Interviewer2: Garlic.

Zeta: To metabolize food is difficult, not impossible but difficult. I meant a memory. I have a memory for you. I am in stasis. I am asleep. That is my memory.

Interviewer: Do you dream while you sleep?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Are you just in stillness?

Zeta: I am not in the physical container.

Interviewer2: We all may not know what stasis means?

Zeta: I will explain. My container is in stasis in the hibernation chamber, yes, with many millions of containers. Do you understand?

Interviewer: That’s one big number.

Zeta: Correct function.

Interviewer: What are in the millions of containers?

Zeta: They are humans.

Interviewer: all xxx humans at the moment.

Zeta: Correct function.

Interviewer: So do you go into hibernation when you come and talk through the medium or are you actually in a human…

Zeta: I am in human form.

Interviewer: You are in human form at the moment.

Zeta: Correct, I am the medium’s higher self. To live one race life, 1500 years of earth time, possibility of many lives lived in many different races before termination of container. So average lifespan for human is 80 years, but to say maybe 100, yes. Fifteen lives of a container per Zeta person, so that function would not be appropriate, not to move to many lives during one container period, so most of the Zeta beings would experience two or three different forms of life within the life process for 1500 years.

Interviewer: All in the same container?

Zeta: 1500 years in the same container. So, I am in stasis, the physical container is in stasis, I am existing as a human here, withdrawing to allow the local consciousness to have a personality as a human.

Interviewer: So all the bodies in stasis, they have carers and the bodies are looked after?

Zeta: Ah, automated functioning process.

Interviewer: So you are the medium’s higher self and you are the aspect of the medium that is the Zeta part.

Zeta: I will return to my container when the physical body transitions. No return to spirit realm.

Interviewer: Because the Zeta talks to us here now, then the medium’s local consciousness personality, I thought that was of the Zeta origin as well.

Zeta: A local consciousness is determined by experience. A personality, emotional capacity and function is determined by physiology, emotional capacity and psychological profile that is created for the human, that is based in genetics. Also, the parentage of this human container has a local consciousness based in DNA structure of parents. That provides local consciousness structure.

Interviewer: (trying to compare this process with the human spirit realm process… paraphrased)

Zeta: So let’s explain the human existence transference process. For the human container, that have higher self that is spirit, yes. A same process, higher self is spirit person, container has emotional capacity, psychological structure based in genetic structure from parent

Interviewer: What happens to the local consciousness when the containers depart?

Zeta: The higher self functioning maintains all of the facets of the local consciousness that it requires, and rejects the rest. To take experience, yes. Now, do you need anger in spirit realm? Do you need jealousy and envy? These are functions of local consciousness, so these are stripped away by higher self process

Interviewer: Your personality?

Zeta: Your personality is an interesting process, yes. You have many personalities existing in one container. You are able to shape-shift. So, to shape-shift, you have not one personality. The higher self will determine which of the processes of the personality it will keep.

Interviewer: So I have a male and a female personality.

Zeta: Ah, you are human. Only reason why you are, have male and female is because you have a frequency that is related to both.

Interviewer: So why would that be?

Zeta: Because higher self chose that. A different process, a discussion for my existence is … a container is in stasis, yes, a difference being that you do not have containers to go back to, but you have spirit realm to go back to. That is your container. The spirit realm is a transition point, but there are many transition points between races. So there are for the human spirit realm, there is transitional point in frequency between many realms.

Interviewer2: When the medium is finished his time here and transitions, your higher self will then go back to the container that is in stasis?

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: And will then continue on with his wife…

Zeta: But I am elder so that is different process.

Interviewer: Do you work in conjunction with the medium’s higher self?

Zeta: I am the medium’s higher self.

Interviewer: I was under the impression that your higher self was your spirit.

Zeta: The higher self is consciousness. Explain to me what is difference between consciousness and spirit.

Interviewer: From my perspective, consciousness is what is inside your mind.

Zeta: No, consciousness is existence without matter. I will use your terminology. I am spirit, but from other race. So, you have no way to know if your higher self is truly from spirit realm or from another race.

<skip a bit>

Many beings as humans do not know that they are from another race. There is suppression.
The frequency of the human race is based in a lower frequency and because consciousness exists in different forms and states of frequency, to access memories from a different frequency field, the human is negated from accessing that information.

Interviewer: Is there any way to find out?

Zeta: There are always ways to find out.

Interviewer2: Is it possible for humans to find out if it’s been negated.

Zeta: Yes, correct function.

Interviewer2: Ok, how would you suggest that happens?

Zeta: That is point of origin sitting.

Interviewer: Do many people not find out their point of origin?

Zeta: How does higher self stay in matter, the matter of the container?

Interviewer: By choice, the frequency…

Zeta: Can you see spirit realm now?

Interviewer: No.

Zeta: But you are from spirit real.m

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: How is spirit holding form in matter now, in a container? The higher self is in control of all functions. Sometimes the higher self is able to hold a frequency in a physical form. In doing so, if it is able to hold frequency with a physical form, the local consciousness will never understand that its nature is not from spirit realm - I’m talking about extraterrestrials - but for some, the capacity of the higher self such as myself, to hold frequency with a body of matter was not a perfect match.

Interviewer: What problems did that cause?

Zeta: That many memories of another life came into the local consciousness. The local consciousness had perception of a different lineage, a generational perspective process, the other life. That process can happen for the human container, so it can be that… Let me say that human clothing feels very strange, we do not wear clothing, it is very uncomfortable. There is capacity within the existence of a human to remember past lives, especially if the frequency of the consciousness does not resonate correctly with the physical body. The same problems occur.

Interviewer: And then it’s seen as a problem.

Zeta: Why did you come here?

Interviewer: I don’t know.

Zeta: The higher self incarnates for experience, and to use the local consciousness as the filtering process. It removes itself from the process, so it can fully experience the capacity of being in a human container. Same for us, so to not be successful where the local consciousness recognizes it is not functioning well, means that the experience is not a true experience.

Interviewer: Is that because a part of the self is revealed earlier than wanted to be revealed?

Zeta: Not to be revealed, but has been, yes.

Interviewer: And you would prefer it hadn’t happened.

Zeta: Oh well it’s … a choice of termination or to continue on. But in this case, the termination wasn’t an option, because I have been here before, twice.

Interviewer: So you were familiar enough to be able to maintain that frequency?

Zeta: Through discussion with the local consciousness, agreement exists, yes. And now I will be going.

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