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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Interviewer2: I can feel energy in my solar plexus and my heart.

Zeta: Yes, in your heart.

Interviewer2: Really, oddly in my heart.

Zeta: That is correct function, yes.

Interviewer2: Why is that?

Zeta: Because we come in love.

Interviewer2: It’s a lovely feeling.

Zeta: There are many stories about our race, much fear, some founded, mostly not. There are many different beings, same as the humans, but can you trust all? No. What is the saying? Are you in respect, yes.

[discussion with sitter who had a Zeta companion for a while to thwart lower frequency entities. He thought he had an implant. It is explained that the implant is only imagined, the Zeta companion had adjusted the sitter’s frequency by entering his etheric body, and this action was perceived as an implant]

Zeta: There is no implant, there is no requirement for an implant, and if you believe there is one, it is in your mind and nowhere else. We do not use that technology unless required. And also, now because we know humans better, we would ask for permission. That is correct function, yes. In the past, there was implanted technology into the human form for purpose of communication and experimentation, but there is no longer the requirement for this function. Let me explain now, because the perception is that you believe that you do have an implant, yes?

Interviewer2: Maybe not at the moment, but in the last couple of weeks, in my left knee, and my head was the most prominent.

Zeta: Let me explain. The medium has much technology, the medium has many implants as you say, the implants serve as a functioning technology to support the work of the race. He is fully cogniscent of the technology that exists within the etheric framework of the form of the human body. Permission was asked by us to the medium to allow to place the technology in, yes, of course. The medium has been awake when the technology was placed, and has suffered in some respects for the level of pain that was required to implant, but never was concerned about it. So some humans, some containers, are quite comfortable with the technology process, and see it as a necessary function. Also, some humans are comforted by the technology, much as your phone technology gives off signals so that it connects properly to your … what do you call that? - your carrier … so the technology within the framework provides access to the race, so some humans are very comfortable with this process.

Other humans have created their own technology. They create thought forms, and insert them as a working technology into their own etheric body. So, if you believe that you have an implant, this is an example. If you believe you have an implant, then you will have one because you create it. So as with a phobia that a human can suffer, the phobia is based in a belief system that the human has attained, that they have fear based on an object such as your animals or insects. The potential is that you do not understand your potential, that you create much of the things around you.

We have been monitoring you, yes, through the companion and not through any technology, we are able to speak to the companion, the ex-companion, of course, as to what took place around you. We believe that you will go through some unsettling times, but that you will be able to learn from that. But it is important for you to understand that at this point you have no technology within your physical framework from any race. Do not be convinced by any entity that you do. There are no thought forms associated with you. All of the energies, the embedded thought processes that you had with you have been removed by the companion.

But of course, what takes place is doubt, so even the medium went through that process. Can you trust an entity being so close? If they are monitoring you, what are they doing, and so, that is a truth, yes. If a being is modifying your energy, how do you know you can trust them? And that is a truth. You cannot pretend that does not exist. So, why does the medium trust us? Because over many years he has never been harmed. We have only ever come to serve. If a human has been in trouble, and he has asked, we have helped them and asked nothing in return. We have provided a service to you, and now you are on your own.

Interviewer2: I had my heart pulling as well.

Zeta: Your heart is pulling?

Interviewer2: Not now, but earlier when you were coming through, you already explained that was the love…

Zeta: That is correct because we sense that some would require to have a sensation of what is possible. Is it possible for a lower frequency energy to produce love? No, not at all, no. So we come in love. That is an energy that we bring with us if we choose to. We present the energy that best suits the conversation processes.

Interviewer2: It’s very nice, thank you.

Zeta: The spirit people are developing the physical energies that are required for their manifestation within the sitting process. That is and has been difficult for the medium to manoeuvre.

Interviewer2: Do antidepressants lower your frequency?

Zeta: Yes, of course. They are chemical constructs, they alter the ability of the human to function from a temporary process. They may be required to help you normalize, but to modify your function long-term is not a function you should perform. You have innate abilities, all humans do, to control their thought processes, their emotional stability through silence and meditation. Let me explain, when you meditate, you open your mind in stillness. In that space you may bring up to yourself things that concern you. You then observe the problem in a new stream of frequency and consciousness. Meditation is not designed to place you into a space where you are not functioning, but it is designed to give you a clear space to analyze your internal workings. It is a space for healing. And now, sitting is to bring energy and guides through you and others, your ability to become a container is directly managed by the entities. They are two different processes. One is for healing, the other is not.

Interviewer2: The sitting has no…

Zeta: There is no beneficial… it is the opposite, that the sitting process does damage to the physical body. If you are to withdraw certain substances, then it diminishes the capacity for the physical body to remain healthy. So if you are performing physical mediumship, it would diminish the capacity of the internal organs to sustain that process. Spirit people must use many energies to perform their function.

Interviewer2: How are your energies?

Zeta: I am in wellness, yes.

Interviewer2: You were discussing the detrimental effects on a physical medium’s organs. Is there a way to overcome this by taking certain minerals or …

Zeta: No, to eat fruit, yes, and your vegetables, and to drink much of your water, to be the hydrated process, to make sure you have had your sleep, to give your body the opportunity to recuperate.

Interviewer2: And that will overcome the detrimental effects?

Zeta: Yes, because they are temporary, but if you compound the temporary damage with poor eating habits, lack of sleep, no water, the body is in a diminished state, a diminished capacity.

Interviewer2: Thank you, that makes sense.

Interviewer2: Can your craft cloak themselves to look like clouds?

Zeta: Oh yes, they can, but not every cloud is a craft.

Interviewer2: Of course.

Zeta: Would you like to know how this function is performed?

Interviewer2: Yes, please.

Zeta: The craft emits a frequency, the frequency excites the water molecules in the atmosphere, around the craft is created a mist. It envelopes the craft and looks like the cloud process.

Interviewer1: [mentions the move, Close Encounters of the Third Kind]

Zeta: What is the tonal frequency that is supplied within your movie process? What is the sound?

Interviewer2: [sitters hum the CE3 tonal sequence]

Zeta: The tonal frequency is an amusement, yes.

Interviewer2: Did it have meaning?

Zeta: A correct function, yes.

Interviewer2: What was the meaning?

Zeta: It was given to the human as a means of understanding that there can be a frequency which emanates as tones which could be used as a communication process between races.

Interviewer2: The movie got that process down pat.

Zeta: It was given to them.

Interviewer2: They put hand gestures to the music too each time.

Zeta: We have provided this tonal influence to the medium.

Interviewer1: During a sitting?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer2: Do the tones have any significance to your race? Is it just something you know of because he watched the movie?

Zeta: No, they existed prior to the medium seeing the movie.

Interviewer2: The tones existed.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer1: What was the purpose of you sending the tones through another caller(?)

Zeta: To provide a close encounter.

Interviewer1: It had no significance of another sort.

Zeta: No, because it is a comparison between what was placed within the human collective mind and what the medium would recognize.

Interviewer2: Do you use tones for healing purposes?

Zeta: We use many functions for the healing process. Much of that is symbols, yes. Symbols hold frequency. A frequency is then determined, let me explain. A pyramid function, you do not have in the room, ah but you have the crystal in the middle of the table. That crystal provides functioning connection. There are no other crystals like it, all crystals are individuals. What if you could take that crystal and make it into an etheric symbol, and place the symbol into the etheric body? You would have a working representation of the crystal within your own body.

Interviewer2: So how do you make the physical crystal into an etheric symbol, intention, like creation?

Zeta: That is a simplistic answer, but…

Interviewer2: Can we have the non-simplistic answer?

Zeta: The crystal is emanating a set of frequencies. The crystal is used to communicate. It has a comparative frequency within the zeta frequency. It allows for connection process. Now, if the crystal, if its function was to you a perform hearing, then we would provide the frequency as a symbology, a multidimensional symbol process, the symbol would replicate the frequency of the crystal, and the symbol would then be placed into the etheric body to resonate. Because it is a frequency and the etheric body is frequency, it would then modify the frequency of the etheric body.

Interviewer2: How did you create the etheric frequency to start with?

Zeta: The frequency exists.

Interviewer2: It just exists.

Zeta: It exists already for the physical crystal on the table. So, you take … let me think.

Zeta2: I am to speak now, yes, you can hear my words, is that correct?

Interviewer2: Yes.

Zeta2: Where do the words originate?

Interviewer1: Thought.

Zeta2: They are thought, they are then sent through a vocal chamber, they vibrate the molecules within the atmosphere, your eardrums then vibrate, your brain then picks up the signal as a vibration and then converts the sound into words that you understand. So such a process of communication provides that the crystal is able to be converted into frequency. The intermediary, which is the atmospheric conditions in regards to vocal pattern, is a changed pattern.

Interviewer2: Do you mean sound?

Zeta2: A sound, yes.

Interviewer2: Through the crystal?

Zeta2: No, the frequency is not a sound, no, I am using analogies to explain. So would the thoughts of the process via the vocal process, the intermediary between you and me, is the atmospheric conditions. If there was no atmosphere, you would hear no words coming from me because the eardrum of the human would not vibrate. Also, you would be terminated because there would be nothing to breathe. So, with the crystal I hold, frequency, the intermediary function, is the symbol that is created, that then vibrates a frequency. So, can you see your radio frequencies? No, but they provide a function because they are picked up by a physical device, your radio. So, the crystal provides the function of frequency. The frequency is then given a symbol pattern, and the symbol pattern is the intermediary function which is then determined by the etheric body which is the physical device.

Interviewer2: Does it matter what the symbol pattern actually is, or is…

Zeta2: The symbol pattern is determined by the frequency.

Interviewer2: How do we determine the symbol pattern of the frequency?

Zeta2: That is for us to know.

Interviewer2: Is there any point, apart from curiosity, having these conversations then. Is there any way we could apply that information into …

Zeta2: Yes, of course, my friend, you can do that. Here is an example for you. If you held the crystal in your hand but do not turn it a crystal, you could tune your thoughts to the crystal. You could then say to the crystal that you are creating a mirror image of it. You are holding it as consciousness within the framework of your etheric body. You have taken an image of the etheric body of the crystal. You do not understand?

Interviewer2: No, I do.

Zeta2: You do understand, good.

Interviewer2: And then?

Zeta2: It is finished.

Interviewer2: Is it just a place in your own body or can you use it to place in someone else’s body? If you place it someone else, how do you know that what you are doing is correct?

Zeta2: Because if you have to ask that question, you do not know. Let me explain, because the human mind has little capacity. So if I was to view this physical body, that it required technology, we would determine the frequency that would bring about harmony between the physical body, the etheric body, the communication processes, and ourselves. So let me give you an example. How does the medium allow us to speak through him? There is a conjoining of frequencies which is a harmonized state, and a harmonized state allows us to modify this frequency of the etheric body and we then move and speak through him. So how are we to determine if you are in a state of unwellness, because we look at what is classed as the etheric swirls within the physical body which holds the etheric structure, and of course when we can see that there is disharmony, because we are able to see the swirling effect in the etheric body, we then place a frequency within that area to reassimilate the energy swirl back to the normal frequency of the etheric body. This provides the function then of physical wellness.

Interviewer2: For quite some time now, I have placed a crystal within someone’s chakra. Is it possible to get that wrong?

Zeta2: Yes, of course, because you do not fully understand what you are doing. You could create unwellness.

Interviewer2: What I normally have done, when someone feels particularly low, I picture a rose quartz crystal for the heart because it has the energy of love. I would place an image of the rose quartz crystal in the etheric body to help.

Zeta2: That is a correct function.

Interviewer2: And similarly with the other chakras, if you keep the colour coding correct with the crystals, is that a good thing to do?

Zeta2: Of what colour is your heart chakra?

Interviewer2: Green

Zeta2: What colour is the rose quartz?

Interviewer2: Pink.

Zeta2: They are not the same.

Interviewer1: Wouldn’t logic tell you to put a green with a green?

Interviewer2: Well pink is love.

Zeta2: That is amusing, because we do not believe that your etheric body holds chakras, but your etheric body has the capacity to have infinite energy swirls.

Interviewer2: Is it a good thing to do this, or not?

Zeta2: Is it not your guides doing the healing? Is your guide creating the crystalline process, the chakras?

Interviewer2: That’s a good question.

Zeta2: The human mind would not have the capacity to understand what to create, but of course the intention may be that, if you send the highest frequency which is love, then of course you cannot cause harm.

Interviewer2: Excellent.

Zeta2: Do you understand what I am saying? I am saying that you could, as a healer, without any guidance from a guide, create a situation where you have not asked permission to place energy within the body of another. But still…

Interviewer2: Are they not giving permission when they come to you for healing?

Zeta2: You should tell them if you are to place a …

Interviewer2: I generally do.

Zeta2: What did you call the word before? An implant! you are an alien who are implanting technology?

Zeta2: Some symbols have a predetermined function.When designing a craft, some symbols are related to the functions to be performed. Have you seen how sounds can change formations, that is the same. So, other symbol is determined by the frequency of the crystal net. Do you understand?

Interviewer2: When you ask us to wait, do you require us to intake more energy for you?

Zeta2: No, we are creating connection. There is nothing that you could do. The energy of the sitting is created at the beginning of the sitting, and then struggles, yes, for the determination of the sitting for the length of the sitting.

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