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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Zeta:  Let us continue with the questions.

Interviewer: Last week you were telling us about your heart chambers, how you have 3 heart chambers, how the three organs, the spleen, kidneys and the liver are all one organ. I would like to know what your brain function is. Do you have the same function as ours or is it different?

Zeta: Does my brain function, yes. Explain your brain function.

Interviewer: Well it consists of over billions of nerves, which run throughout the body triggering responses in the body. It has 4 sections, there’s cognitive, motor skills, each part of the brain controls a different part of our body. Is that how yours is?

Zeta: It is a device. Our brain is a functional device. It does not contain the self or the higher self. It is a storage unit for information but it is discarded in the container.

Interviewer: In regards to joining the spirit world, we have been told that we create our own reality through our belief structure, so the other day the question came up in regards to the terrorist attack. Now if a terrorist would believe that he would meet 48 virgins because he killed some western people, is that what he creates or the vibrational state would not allow that. I just wondered how far they really do create what they believe because he obviously believes it.

Zeta: They would create what they believe. xxxxxx there should be some penalty for a human that takes some life.

Interviewer: Is it if they believe they kill, they should be rewarded because it is their belief structure or is it different.

Zeta: That is their reality. Remember they do believe that they are right.

Interviewer: And also we hear a lot about disclosure, a lot of stories coming out about politicians declaring they had contact with other races or they have seen craft, they are supporting the movement of contact with other races. Is there in the near future a change coming in regards to this disclosure or is it just all stories?

Zeta: There has been some complications yes. 60 to 70 earth years of physical contact of governmental structures. The realm of consciousness did not assist the races to interact with the humans. The level of consciousness that humans have did not support contact. And years gone by, the consciousness increases. There is a much greater chance of disclosure of other races but not our own because other races look human. If I was to sit next to you xxxxx you cannot get on with your own so why would you assist another.

Interviewer: So you are saying there would be more chance of disclosure if other races looked more human?

Zeta: If you look human, you can be trusted yes? If a craft lands and a humanoid looking entity walks out, the level of fear is low. If I would walk out of a craft, the level of fear would be high. Also, your consciousness would fracture because we operate within an etheric boundary that is much larger than the human so when we come, the human consciousness, the structure that is held by frequency which is the physical entity your container would dissipate yes.

Interviewer: So the other races that are humanoid, will they be adjusting their frequency?
Zeta: Yes, they also abide by the singular spirit realm process.

Interviewer: xxxxxx less than the hybrids.

Zeta: Yes. they are transitional process but are not part of the human spirit realm.

Interviewer: And how do you tell which races are actually friendly?

Zeta: Do you have discernment?  Let me say in regards to disclosure, we will disclose on our terms. May I make a statement without offending you?

Sitters: Yes.

Zeta: You are a simple race.  We do not wish to put you in fear so we must disclose simply.

Interviewer: So do you feel if you look down our timeline then it will still be in our lifetime?

Zeta: Whose lifetime?

Interviewer: Mine.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: You might be in a new container by then.

Interviewer: I’m not sure if you are aware but we do have several individuals across the globe using harm randomly,  but I think it is orchestrated by terrorists. Would that be of human kind or is that races that we don’t know that are here that are not good for our highest group or is it simply that they are just here to create change and that’s their role in life?

Zeta: A complicated mixture of energies. Humans do not need other races to cause destruction.

Sitters: No that is true; we do that, ourselves very well.

Zeta: You have entities which presume to disregard your freedom. They are based in the astral realm.

Interviewer: You have said that there will ultimately be a combined race in our distant future. Is there a plan for the collective consciousness of the Zeta race to merge with the collective consciousness of the human race when it is ready?

Zeta: No. as described previously once the human race moves to a singular consciousness it will be held in its spherical process which does not bleed into the universe.

Interviewer: So will we then be interacting with the other galactic federation?

Zeta: The proactive move.

Interviewer: The hierarchy core, the structures.

Zeta: We do not know those things. So far as to say that there are councils yes, of races and so. Now are you sick? The human container is a temporary process. You are a more permanent within the spirit realm structure. If you as humans no longer exist there would be capacity for you to exist in the spirit realm, so it is not necessarily important that your physical form exists.

Interviewer: So there can be communication between consciousnesses. So once the human species has gained the collective singular consciousness that is in a spherical form within the universe, will the collective consciousness of the human race then be able to communicate and interact with other races?

Zeta: You will be accepted as a individual entity but you will never be allowed to integrate your consciousness with another race.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Zeta: You do not have capacity to move carefully through another race’s consciousness.

Interviewer: Will we at some point in time develop the capacity to be able to do that or would they then xxxx?

Zeta: You would need to then transition to a new level of consciousness. You cannot continue to use your current transitional process from spirit realm to this physical container.

Interviewer: So would it then be possible if consciousness would decide to reach a vibration which would be compatible maybe with another race and then join that race to learn there and base their vibrations xxxx?

Zeta: There is a possibility that individuals are allowed to have relationships with other races but the collective consciousness of another race will never be similar with another race.

Interviewer: So even though the collective consciousness of the human race will be accepted as a singular identity, within that singular identity will still be the individual consciousness of the makeup of the collective consciousness.

Zeta: Yes of course, your structures fault patterns xxxx do not mesh with other races. The human race is much in service to self.

Interviewer: Is the work of the races incarnating as humans part of this plan to merge the collective consciousness of races?

Zeta: Let me state the reason that you have incarnated in this race is to obtain a state of balance.

Interviewer: Why would your race require a race to obtain a state of balance?

Zeta: Because in the future you will move from this planet and travel great distances and it will not want to encounter your technologies. Humans are dangerous and also for all of the races there is a self preservation. Each moment the collective consciousness of the human race is expansive and moving ever outwards into consciousness. It has touched other races. It has been said that what has touched that race was not beneficial.

Interviewer: So now other races will, before your race, may work with disclosure. Do you know or do you discuss with other races in why the world stayed on the xxxxx in regards to the human race in how they intermesh with the human race or how they xxx the human race?

Zeta: We are not a race to talk to in regards to race.

Interviewer: Who is the race?

Zeta: You would need a humanoid race like the Anunnaku. We are a distance service to others.

Interviewer: I read an article this week and it touched on the idea of, they don’t know what they are talking about half the time but they called it the grays, they created in service as a race of …

Zeta: Automatons.

Interviewer: Automatons, no free will?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: And they do the will of the higher race that created them?

Zeta: They do.

Interviewer: Is that relevant in the discussion?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Do you have music like the spirit realm does?

Zeta: We have no spirit realm.

Interviewer: Do you have beautiful music or you don’t have music?

Zeta: There is some is based on what provides balance and not the human form of music.

Interviewer: Like a vibration?

Zeta: It is a flow.

Zeta: You do not know about our, within arrangements xxxxx which of the entities of the race live within a chamber. The chamber holds a frequency. Do you have a room which you like to go to?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: Why is that?

Interviewer: You feel cozy in it and it’s a part of you.

Zeta: Yes, so the same process but there is no sound because it is frequency, a consciousness and quite often a xxx occurs then the higher self entity xxx. You sit in energy in here, yes? Can you hear the energy?

Interviewer: No.

Zeta: That is my point. You walk into consciousness which provides you with balance.

Interviewer: So no sound?

Zeta: There are sounds but not the structure that you make.

Interviewer: Is it too much for us to xxx?

Zeta: I have experienced and xxx what our sounds are.

Interviewer: Frequency?

Zeta: If you could hear what has taken place in this room then you would say that you were sitting in sound.

Interviewer: So the sounds, frequency is too high for us to actually hear your sounds.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: Could I go back to my question about creating your own reality? If it is the case that we create our own reality, everybody creates, so basically all the conflicts we have here are also in the spirit world?

Zeta: No, you are living together yes, in close proximity. What if all of the entities in this room except you are a figment of the consciousness.

Interviewer: Ok, so the belief structures might carry on but because there is no physical form there’s a different spate.

Zeta: Yes, it is a different existence. You would be isolated from those spirit realm friends if you wished to harm them, but you would not know that you were in separation from them because you would have created your own reality.

Interviewer: So all of the others that believe the same would be in the same space anyway.

Zeta: No, they would be in their own space, they have no physical form, and they are of consciousness. They live their own story.

Interviewer: And so the people they bring into their story…

Zeta: Do not exist. Are like the human mind, creates injury but the story isn’t heard, your imagination. So the real spirit people might mean no harm are allowed through a frequency of love to connect to each other.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: And you would not be allowed to harm consciousness as consciousness are not real, also from what we have seen and learnt about the spirit realm, the core frequency xxx not allow the entities consciousness to become part of xxx  belief structure….we used many descriptive words there.

Interviewer: A spirit person told us once that he felt how important it is for raising vibration on this planet due to the fact that it affects those in the spirit world. He said it is not just the damage you do in your world you also affect the spirit world.

Zeta: I do not abide by that statement. By what your thought processes are, relates directly to the collective mind of the race. They are held within a undulated mass of consciousness which is classed as the astral process all of which is based in the physical frequencies. These frequencies do not exist in the spirit realm.

Interviewer: Ok, now I understand it better, thank you.

Zeta: But let me say this. Spirit realm people can affect the physical but you cannot affect the spirit realm.

Interviewer: Ok so …

Zeta: Else there would be no mediums.

Interviewer: I just have a question; I think we have sort of touched on it in the past but not sure if it was fully answered.

Zeta:  One question and I will leave.

Interviewer: The question is that as a race you share the work and you all have your jobs to do.

Zeta: Jobs yes, amusing.

Interviewer: Is there ever a case where people refuse to share the workload.

Zeta: No, because we are genetically predispositioned from your prior parentage process to continue your role to support the race. What you do as a individual is extremely important to the race and no individual no matter what role or function they provide deems themself to be unimportant.

Interviewer: Have you told us before what your role is.

Zeta: Yes, I am a teacher. Would you like to know what I teach?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: So the medium has been to where I teach. It is a large spherical room. There are, you call them seats yes, but they are not seats, continually around xxx.  All of the children come and spend their days until their lesson is finished. A lesson may take 3 days.

Interviewer: And what is it that you teach?

Zeta: I teach portal re-creation and manipulation. I teach how to move from matter.

Interviewer: Does it take long for you to teach these children?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: So how long, roughly?

Zeta: That is up to the genetic makeup of the child as to the ability to functionally understand what they are being shown. They must also grasp how to manipulate the energetic structures by using their minds.

Interviewer: And at what age do they start to come to you as a teacher?

Zeta: From when they are born.

Interviewer: From when they are born, so probably their skin is…

Zeta: Is very hard yes. A child that is created through the tuition is fed to within 3 to 5 days through paste, and then within a very short time, possibly days, they are to start their lesson.

Interviewer: And did the medium, are you talking about the medium sitting in the chair?

Zeta: The medium in the chair. The local consciousness was taken to the landing center and allowed to display its human form to the chamber yes. Twice.

Interviewer: And how many students would you have?

Zeta: Thousands.

Interviewer: Thousands? And is there just one of you in this spherical room?

Zeta: There is no need to have more than one adult, and you control the class by controlling the minds of the children. They exist in my thoughts when I am teaching the osmotic process.

Interviewer: So everyone goes through this process?

Zeta: No, just the children that require cosmology. And now I must be going.

Interviewer: Thank you for coming.

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