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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Zeta: And now what is the question process?

Interviewer: What are some of the methods to access higher self? Is meditation the only way?

Zeta: Yes, the higher self can disclose its presence to you fully and continually if it chooses to. All of the methods that are available to you require the higher self to disclose itself so simply ask and wait because you cannot force yourself to disclose to yourself, do you understand.

Interviewer: Yes. I have heard of a couple of people who speak of their experience, is there any one way that maybe better than others to have higher self come forward.

Zeta: I understand your question but each of those individuals would have been lead to that experience xxxxx and so they then state so then the mortality that they tried or the experience that they had and then expose their higher self to them but in fact the higher self chose that method to expose itself. It’s not as though you can catch yourself unaware.

Interviewer: So my friend if the higher self has no intentions of exposing itself to you...

Zeta: Then it never will. So you can use many different types of stimulants by your beta process the journey xxxx psychedelic drugs, many of the different types of processes to peel away the local consciousness but if the higher self is not willing to expose itself to you then nothing can work. You cannot force yourself.

Interviewer: So if we make it very clear through our consciousness that we want that to happen, that’s the only way the higher self would know that we would want that to happen, that doesn’t guarantee that it will happen?

Zeta: No. The higher self uses local consciousness as a means of filtering. The local consciousness is the frontal experience for the higher self. It is the filtering mechanism. If local consciousness reverses or turns around its focus inwardly seeking to know to understand its origins. It is up to the original entity, the higher self process as to whether it will disclose itself. This is simple, it is not a trick. Simply if the higher self chose to show itself to you the local consciousness now it would do so.

Interviewer: So do you think we, as humans in a general sense know that we access higher self would we be aware about being conscious of it, does that make sense.

Zeta: Yes, so let me give you an analogy. Imagine a beacon of water that is one meter high and in the base of it you inject bubbles, and then imagine the bubbles coming from the bottom to the top. Some are going faster than others, some smaller than others, some bigger than others. The bottom is the consciousness; the top is the higher self. All the information filtering through this physical existence is bubbling up to the higher self entities but of course the local consciousness can perceive that it is transmitting information and so in doing so it has a cognitive awareness of another state of existence yes.

Interviewer: One more question on that topic. So you explained about the water and that’s a good way of looking at it but what are some of the things we could look for in our local consciousness as to whether we might have had a peek or look at or experienced higher self.

Zeta: Higher intuition is your intermediary pulsates. It is the voice of the body. It is the voice of the higher self as the intermediary pulsate. It is a part of the triangular existence, local consciousness, intuition and higher self creating perfect harmony at xxxxx. Seek to understand your intuitive process and you will understand parts of the higher self.

Interviewer: I’ve been listening to the things that you have been saying, the way you work and the differences between your species and ours. I understand there are a lot of your species on the earth plane. My understanding is that a lot of them do know who they are because they are here to teach. I heard you talking last week how you have your container, how it is implanted into the embryo?

Zeta: No, the container is the embryo.

Interviewer: So when the humans have this in them they resonate both with the human and the extraterrestrial energies?

Zeta: No. The container is the embryonic conception that has taken process between the sexual act of a male and female. At that point of conception the symbiotic relationship between a extraterrestrial consciousnesses and a spirit person and then exists if the person is a hybrid entity. And if the person is to become a full construct, a full extraterrestrial consciousnesses in the human container no spirit is required.

Interviewer: Ok, so that means you can communicate with that human totally without the spirit.

Zeta: Correct function yes.

Interviewer: OK. I was just wondering then if you can communicate with our medium comfortably, does that make our medium a part of who you are.

Zeta: Of course.

Interviewer: So would you say he is full or is he hybrid.

Zeta: Is full.

Interviewer: [Explains] He is a full state of consciousnesses.

Zeta:  Extraterrestrial races will contact the parentage the generational line when the humans are asleep and speak to the higher self entities. They will in agreement allow the child that is to be conceived to enter into relationship with the race. Now of course if it has been pre-determined that child is to be from spirit realm then a symbiotic relationship will exist. The parentage allows the process. But if it has not been determined yet that there is a constructed cellular existence and extraterrestrial entity may exist in full form but I will possibly now to wait to defer to the elder Zeta.

Zeta: Wait….

Zeta2: What is your questioning process?

Interviewer: At the moment the questioning has been about the Zeta consciousness coming into a human form. We’ve been talking about hybrids and higher self.

Zeta2: But to continue on now. There are not many full incarnations yes.  Generally most entities are the hybrid energy.

Interviewer: So what percentage of full incarnate would there be compared to the hybrids.

Zeta2: Let me give you more information yes. The race that I belong to. Can you do your math. 63 facets by 12.

Sitters are now working it out and came to 756.

Zeta2: That is the general amount of elders that exist to semi govern a population of trillions. Trillions is our population. Now each of the elders belongs to a group and the group is to work with the facets of the race and now many xxx of the elders are not in physical form but exist in the collective mind of the race. Only a few visit upon a planet, possibly 3.

Interviewer: Only 3 on this earth plane.

Zeta2: On this planet yes. And there are many races.

Interviewer: What about races. The part of the race that is not elders, would there be more of those?

Zeta2: Yes millions. Millions of consciousness incarnate in the hybrid process.

Interviewer: So not as full.

Interviewer: And that’s where the 30% of your race comes from, my friend?

Zeta2: No. There are other races. 30% includes other races.

Interviewer: Can I just clarify something before we continue.

As we have heard already, of the human race 30% are from extraterrestrial sources, the consciousness. There’re blended as a hybrid. Of the Zeta race at this particular point of time there are only 3 elders that are currently here with full consciousness with the experience of the human existence. And we have one here and there are two others.

Zeta2: and I know the other two. But you see what is difficult is for the local consciousness to not enact its higher self process.

Interviewer: I have a couple of questions leading around the elders. Can you share your role as an elder? How does one become an elder of the Zeta race? Is it an age thing, experience, a ritual, what defines an elder?

Zeta2: The past.

Interviewer: Could you elaborate on that my friend.

Zeta2: In the past many thousands of generations ago before the race moved into the state of singularity before it became the collective consciousness there were a few entities that transitioned. I think the easiest way to explain it is to speak in your terms yes.  Some of you on this planet will take the first steps to leave your body and move into a space which is not in spirit realm. You will be the nucleolus for the singularity for the collective consciousness of the race and those entities become the elders of a race.

Interviewer: What determines xxxx of that nucleolus?

Zeta2: It is determined by the higher self entity. The frequency of the potency of the collection between the higher self and the local consciousness, the potential of the cellular structure of the container and the will of the human or the entity.

Interviewer: So does it come down to what experience they have had or what knowledge they’ve learnt?

Zeta2: What they are prepared to undergo to become separated while they are alive.

Interviewer: Could you elaborate on that a little bit more.

Zeta2: Your transitional processes require that the body is in termination before you move to a state of energy consciousness but to move to the singularity requires that you do so before the body terminates much like a permanent projection.

Interviewer: So the body would appear unconscious, lifeless.

Zeta2: Yes lifeless but still be there.

Interviewer: So it’s the higher self or the local consciousness that leaves.

Zeta2: The higher self takes with it what it requires and leaves and creates a consensus reality is a term that has been used before. This is required because for a race to move beyond its boundaries there must be made a space for others to transition into. Now do you understand?

Zeta2: So in the inception of the singularity for our race, 700 or so were able to make the transition to the collective mind. Those 700 held in a space of consciousness so others could attract themselves to that yes.

Interviewer: Did that happen over a period of time?

Zeta2: It happened yes but what would be time?

Interviewer: Not really time but the 700 or so elders didn’t in the same moment transition.

Zeta2: Quickly yes because to transition slowly you would fail. Once you are away from your physical container, if you are away from your normal transitional process and you are, let me give you an example. As a spirit person you will transition to the spirit realm. But what if you were to transition and hold your consciousness away from spirit realm what would sustain you. Do you understand?

Interviewer: I think so.

Zeta2: Your consciousness could be consumed by the vastness of the source mind.

Interviewer: So what would sustain you?

Zeta2: Others of the race, others of like mind.

Interviewer: So was it pre-planned.

Zeta2: It was a natural process as it is to be in this xxxx.

Interviewer: So my friend there is something I need to understand. So the 700 odd of these that did this, you actually have a physical container.

Zeta2: Correct function

Interviewer: Do all 700 have ...

Zeta2: They all have genetic material that enables them to move to a physical state but you see if this group of people in this room were able to easily speak to each other any time with no physical container, then the only time they require physical or physicality would be when they were interacting with other races that were physical.

Interviewer: Why would you need a physical container if you weren’t bringing a physical container for that experience.

Zeta2: Because how would I interact with you.

Interviewer: It’s the consciousness that is interacting with us, not the physical container of the Zeta.

Zeta2: But I am utilizing the human form to interact with you as a group.

Interviewer: What I am say is the 700 odd Zeta’s, the elders, you actually have a container that when you are finished with this existence here will go back to continue on with, how many of those 700 odd have got the same.

Zeta2: No need.

Interviewer: So are you the only one?

Zeta2: No, there are others but only those that require physical existence do so.

Interviewer: A physical existence as a Zeta.

Zeta2: Yes.

Interviewer: Is your wife then an elder as well.

Zeta2:  No, but a clone.

Interviewer: So how did you meet?

Zeta2: A pre-arranged process as with all relationships.

Interviewer: I think there are only two people here who would know that story, my friend.

Zeta2: So to create two individuals to be in relationship the genetic structure of the parentage, the generational line in a data base yes is linked, the parents create a child each and the children are linked together to become mates yes. When they are adults yes and they chose to have a child then of course genetic predisposition then requires that the child will have a mate that is genetically similar yes so two more parents are required to produce a genetic manipulation and have the child in symmetry and harmony.

Interviewer: So the children are conceived at the same time.

Zeta2: That is correct.

Interviewer: Does your race interact with the Annunaki?

Zeta2: We know them as a race, we know many races. I know of many races yes.

Interviewer: Do you interact with the Annunaki?

Zeta2: Only when required for discussion, yes. They are very different as are this race. There is not much similarity in regards to social structure between our race and theirs.

Interviewer: Is there a similarity between their race and our race in social structure.

Zeta2: Yes of course, they created you.

Interviewer: I have a question slightly off the hybrid thing.  Is it possible for a snake to incarnate as a human?

Zeta2: No. The only way we have been able to describe this process is to use and make up words yes. So that is my way of explaining it so there are classes of consciousness. All matter has consciousness. The food you eat has consciousness and the animals have consciousness but they do not hold the ability to understand themselves at a level that you do. So when you say a snake or a dog yes or a bird they all have emotions, they all sense and understand their reality but their perception is different. They do not have the physical structures to animate themselves the way that a human body can. It does not mean that the humans are the top of the chain of consciousness.

Interviewer: But if we are all consciousness including the animals you used as an example, the dog, snake, bird. If they are a consciousness, they are not able to move into another form whether it be another race, human, Zeta or whatever.

Zeta2: Those consciousness, now think of this, all energy transmutes. All consciousness continually moves through states of change. The source mind has infinite facets of existence for experiential purposes, not just this planet. Infinite shards of consciousness experiencing their own reality.

Interviewer: Is it correct that humans were put here on this earth as an experiment.

Zeta2: Let us say it is no mistake that you are here. There was decisions made by other races as to what races should exist on this planet. The physical structure of the human body has been carefully designed to exist in this biosphere yes.

Interviewer: There was a minister from Canada that was known to be saying that he knew there was at least three extraterrestrial races that were watching the earth, so I am wondering if you could elaborate on that.

Zeta2: There are more than three. There are six races which are actively working on this planet and that are incarnating as you are moving.

Interviewer: William has been waiting a long time for this. This question has to do with the near earth method of travel. There is in photos a donut shaped pattern usually touching the physical craft. You said the donut shape is part of the craft existing in the etheric realm, that the shape is a distortion in the energetic fabric of the environment. What is the shape of the etheric form of the craft? Is it a four-dimensional cylinder? This would be seen as a donut shape when projected into our 3 dimensional space.

Zeta2: Not understood. Say it again.

Interviewer: Ok, William would like to know that even though he has the photographs with this donut shape attached, he would like to know what the real shape of the etheric form of the craft is.

Zeta2: It is a mirror image of the physical craft. The xxxx process that he describes is the xxxx process that he is providing, classed as a wake before or after the craft.

Interviewer: But it happens simultaneously?

Zeta2: But let me state that to move from this current discussion to this level is a difficult process. There is no imagery associated with the normal process but we will try.

Interviewer: There is only one more question. He goes back to stuff we would all find interesting as well.

Zeta2: I must also say I do not have continual stream of information. Continue.

Interviewer: Alright, he asks why does the physical part of the craft often have the disc or saucer shape. That’s it.

Zeta2: Is the question, why is the craft of the shape and nature that it is.

Interviewer: Yes, why is it that shape?

Zeta2: But let me ask, which craft because there are many shapes.

Interviewer: I think he is thinking of the photographs he has seen of the craft.

Zeta2: But I don’t have those.

Interviewer: Most of the images that humans receive or have seen are like a saucer or a bowl.

Zeta2: When we visited the medium on other occasions the craft is like a bowl yes.

Interviewer: So he is asking why the shape is the same as a saucer as a bowl. Most of them appear to be like that.

Zeta2: Yes. Should we lay down to travel. It is a matter of we like to walk around.

Interviewer: So that cigar shape that forms the shape is for good reason.

Zeta2: You will never see a flat craft.

Interviewer: So we don’t see a square craft.

Zeta2: Well you see, it must be able to negotiate the atmospheric conditions. Once it comes into xxxxx we do not design the craft the same as the human airplanes. You use the, what are they called, wings to provide the lift yes. Our craft are in disharmony with the physical frequency of matter which that the gravity does no longer affect us, but of course we must be able to move on the etheric rail and so the living entity which is the craft is able to negotiate the rails by consciousness.

Interviewer: Travelling in our atmosphere is a different process to the process you described where you walk safe in a cylindrical form and therefore you are able to jump from one point to another on the grid system.

Zeta2: That is the difference between walking and falling. Walking is slow; falling from a height is fast.

Interviewer: So when you have the safe place outside this atmosphere, then it’s ok to fall?

Zeta2: Yes, but you must be aware there are in your atmospheric conditions are many obstacles such as disturbances. There are storms, there are birds flying. We must try to not harm another entity.

Interviewer: And you do that by using consciousness to move the craft?

Zeta2: And there are also many of your own craft flying in the skies yes. But we have the technology to map what is around us. The smaller the biological entity that is in existence, the more difficult it is.

Interviewer: So insects?

Zeta2: Very difficult, yes.

Interviewer: And you still avoid them?

Zeta2: Yes must avoid it, cannot come into contact with any matter.

Interviewer: That’s near impossible.

Zeta2: No it is possible but we are in a state of disassociation from matter and that’s why we travel in dematerialized state, or semi dematerialized state. But must avoid everything, else you would take a life. If matter comes into contact with deconstructed matter the matter is destroyed.

Interviewer: William is also stating that most of the shapes are saucer which relates to being totally round, my friend.

Zeta2: That is not a fact. We have craft as do others that are, hesitate to say the shape because you then indicate. There are flatter craft that are triangular but they are not the craft you think they are. You see the ones with the lights underneath, they are the human craft. They are not our craft.

Interviewer: Could I move onto the simpler questions.

Zeta2: If you wish.

Interviewer: We know the borders of the spirit realm are defined by its frequency. Can there be another realm having exactly the same frequency as the spirit realm.

Zeta2: Yes.

Interviewer: Yes, how would that be?

Zeta2: Because the spirit realm is local to its physical container, so the transitory positions between the physical planet and the spirit realm is a local relationship.

Interviewer: But isn’t everything to do with frequency or vibration, so if something happened in the exact same frequency or vibration wouldn’t they be the same thing?

Zeta2: No because there may be a planet in this universe that has a frequency and a planet in another part of the universe that has much distance that also has frequency of the same nature.

Interviewer: And they would remain apart.

Zeta2: Yes.

Interviewer: And they would interact?

Zeta2: No.

Interviewer: No molecules transferring jumping about from one place to another?

Zeta2: Interesting construct, no molecules.

Interviewer: The next question, is the frequency of the inside if the spirit realm different from the frequency of the border.

Zeta2: Of course.

Interviewer: Why?

Zeta2: Because inside the spirit realm entity is consciousness creating its own construct.

Interviewer: Is the border of the astral realm defined by its frequency? How does that frequency differ from the spirit realm frequency?

Zeta2: You are surrounded by radio waves but you cannot see any of them, but each one of them holds its own channel yes. Do they bump into each other?

Interviewer: Do they?

Zeta2: Sometimes. I would say a matter of technology but generally the frequencies are in separation because of the type of wave that they are, so something can exist inside other things but be in separation.

Interviewer: Ok, I have a couple of questions. Does the Zeta race suffer health problems and if so, what types of problems and how do you get well. Are you able to provide examples?

Zeta2: Yes of course, example, so we come and visit your planet and one of us falls out of the craft and breaks our leg. We have a choice, we can try and use technology to re-create the limb and make it whole, or we can terminate the entity.

Interviewer: What happens when you terminate the entity?

Zeta2: They just move back to the consciousness.

Interviewer: So the consciousness would leave the container and go into another container.

Zeta2: No, so what would take place is this. As we are away from the collective consciousness we cannot interfere with the spirit realm. We have technology that can encapsulate the consciousness. The entity, the Zeta being would leave its container and move to the technology. We would then take the container the body back with us and recycle it. We will then from the data base of genetic information re-create a container for the consciousness and then using the machination process would reintegrate the consciousness back into the body. But of course that is a extreme form of healing, is it not. You do not die because you break your leg and generally your doctors do not ask you to give up your life because your transitional processes are too difficult. So the technologies we have using different types of sound waves and light are able to recreate at a cellular structure the damage, but if the damage is too great then we are unable to repair it. Now that is one extreme. We are unable to become unwell for the simple fact that on our planet, any unwellness is a biological entity that is consumed by a living biologically entity that moves through the planet’s atmospheric condition. It continually cleans the environment. Wait I am accessing the information. So when we come here, your germs’ biological structures are unable to affect us. The biological structures do not understand our genetic code and also, let me state that many of the unwellnesses that you suffer from as a race are psychological and they are based in consciousness and they manifest into the physical because of inadequate understanding of who you are.

Interviewer: We talked earlier about there being trillions of Zetas; from a planet perspective does that overwhelm the planet.

Zeta2: No, because we do not all live on one planet. But of course there is technology. I will explain. You have technology which maps the sub structures of the earth’s crust. You are able to enter what type of liquid is under the surface of the planet and then you use it as a catalyst to create accelerant for your vehicle and that is called oil yes. So you have technology that is able to determine how much oil there is on the planet, do you understand. We have technology which is a little more than that, that can tell us xxxx planet what it can sustain in numbers what I would use as a singular entity per day. By allotment of energy I have a visual indicator as to how much I am allowed to use in one day according to your planet structure.

Interviewer: The other question I have is, are other races guides like you are for this medium. Are there guides that are seen or unseen.

Zeta2: Of course. No one is alone.

Interviewer: So your guides, are they also Zeta.

Zeta2: No. Do you have insects in this room?

Interviewer: Yes, I think there are a few that got in earlier.

Zeta2: What are they?

Interviewer: Flies and moths

Zeta2: Are they dangerous.

Interviewer: Not at all my friend.

Zeta2: Then we will continue.

Interviewer: So are you able to elaborate on your guide maybe.

Zeta2: Ah so this is where we differ. A guide can be a guide to a consciousness. I think that I have been here for an extended amount of time.

Interviewer: I am watching the time. This is the last question except for one small one.

Zeta2: The maximum is 2 hours.

Interviewer: My friend I have been watching the time.

Zeta2: You know God yes. God is your guide, yes. We have the similar process and understand your God but not in the terms that you do. Interdimensional entities of non-physical state that exist in higher frequencies and much closer to source consciousness of course. We aim to emulate that state of existence.

Interviewer: Ok, I promise this is the last one. If you could help to explain how us as humans can be affected by energies and how humans themselves can clear unwanted energies, have them detached. I have in the past have come across people that are unaware. Other people can see it or sense it. Well they say they can and each person has a different way of clearing their energy. How do we as an individual tell? I know we have talked about sitting in stillness but sometimes it’s difficult in our environment to be able to pick that up so are you able to suggest a couple of different ways that we are able to pick up.

Zeta2: Yes, now having existed as a human in my earthly incarnation, I know that what manifests usually manifests from within and has some sociological and emotional capacity but when you are not yourself, when your health is affected, if you have not partaken in an activity which would quiz your strength which would then cause the physical body to move to a state of lower frequency, then you will see the difference. The human mind is able to convince itself of anything and now I will believe the medium has given you a simple exercise in some of the classes where you are sitting in a aspheric process yes. If you understand that when you view that you are actually giving yourself permission to view your framework, your consciousness then you can hear yourself. You hear this because you only exist in consciousness inhabiting a physical form. It is when you forget the simple fact that you believe that you can have an attachment, so if you have forgotten that you are consciousness living in a physical form and there is possibility for energy and consciousness attachment as one frequency interlinked with another one. But you would see the difference when you view yourself and your spherical process.

The medium has often had to correctly diagnose energetic issues with himself. Does he have an attachment? Has he picked up something from someone else doing a healing? Does the feelings that he has, are they his own or are they either a interference from another or are they a new form of understanding oneself. Use your intuitive process to understand the truth of yourself but here is a very quick way to determine if you do have an influence that is not your own. If all of a sudden your mind changes and you feel you are being influenced use your breath and take five breaths and think of a loved one. Think of one of your spirit friends or a guide. If the influence stops, then you are forcing away something that is trying to influence you but if it remains it is internal. And now I must leave.

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