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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Zeta: When the spirit people are with the medium, the expansive state, the state of expansion, the spirit person sits within that expansive state. It is as though the medium no longer exists in this room, but is able to see through the spirit peoples’ eyes as to what they are seeing. Each of the spirit people sits within their spheres as spheres of influence, trying to draw the medium closer to their sphere of influence. But we do not operate in that way. We operate within blackness to provide as little stimulation to the centers in the mind of the medium. The spirit people offer a rich environment of colour, many things for the medium to see. They work differently.

Different functions are performed within different frequencies of energy. To perform that function we needed to be in a different state of consciousness. You would have noticed that my personality was much different, to diminish the physical influence on my consciousness, to present a greater strength of frequency and energy, so that we could try to accomplish the separation of the energetic bodies.

Interviewer: Talking about hybrids, could the spirit part have had other lives in extraterrestrial realms?

Zeta: The spiritual aspect of the consciousness always resides within the capacity of the spirit realm. Spirit consciousness does not transition from one race to another. The makeup of the consciousness is unable to make the transitional process correctly.

Interviewer: So if we feel like we have had lives on other planets, we are just imagining it?

Zeta: No, I did not say that. There are many races which are linked to symbiotic relationships with spirit realm people. So the possibility of the Zeta aspect not being the same as other races is of course possible. The other race would join to the consciousness and exist for experience.

Interviewer: Still confused - separate aspect altogether or part of the Zeta consciousness?

Zeta: Imagine that you are spirit person and Zeta which is the hybrid process. Imagine that in another life the spiritual component to the life is a symbiotic relationship with a different race.

Interviewer: It says in the book, what makes a being human is the human container. When a human transitions, what distinguishes a spirit that was human from the spirit from another race?

Zeta: The consciousness from the other race would return to its own container, its own realms of existence. When a spirit person moves back to the spirit realm process, the residual effects of the existence as a human creates the reality of the human, the spirit human. Once that is transitioned, then the consciousness moves to different states of understanding of itself.

Interviewer: So why could it not join with another race?

Zeta: It can if it goes to the connected points, the transitional realms between the spheres of consciousness. But of  course the consciousness would need to be in a state where it was able to move into the transitional process.

Interviewer: Why must a spirit that came from the spirit world return to the spirit world?

Zeta: Like a returned process, there must be the equal and opposite reaction, to come and to go.

Interviewer: Is it different in the vibrational state?

Zeta: That question requires a greater, an expanded question.

Interviewer: Is it accumulated experience?

Zeta: The thread of the questioning has been lost because of the compacted questioning process.

Interviewer: Why are all spirits not equal?

Zeta: That is a self-deception. Spirit are consciousness, but what a consciousness understands of itself determines the state of consciousness.

Interviewer: Why could a non-hybrid human spirit not go to the Zeta collective after it transitioned, for example?

Zeta: It is not impossible, we understand what he is asking. It is possible in some circumstances. But there would be a realignment of consciousness required, a spirit person would need to understand that their makeup would need to change. That is an important question for him.

Interviewer: Could the collective not treat it like a Zeta child who has lost its physical body and create a physical body for it. Would they choose not to do that?

Zeta: No, because the consciousness is taken from this spirit realm reality and placed into a container which was of not a human form. Two things would happen. The consciousness would not be able to acclimate itself to the physical form that it had been placed in and 2) it would try to bring forth its prior understanding of existence. Now when the child in some circumstances has been removed from its container due to damage, it is replaced back in to the same container of genetic makeup. You could not put a Zeta child’s consciousness into a human form, not within the race, the Zeta race. Ah, but that is a good question, yes.

Interviewer: You could not put a Zeta child’s consciousness into a human container, is that correct?  (yes)  So is it just the adult…

Zeta: Yes, a Zeta consciousness must be trained to partially exist or fully exist in a different state and with a physical form. If I was to take your consciousness and to place it in a different physical container that did not resemble the human form, you would be in separation from yourself, your consciousness would fragment quite quickly.

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