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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: Can we recognize other hybrids?

Zeta: How is your consciousness different from another individual?

Interviewer: I thought that would be the answer.

Zeta: But there is generally a connectivity process.

Zeta: The medium is generally unable to determine who is spirit and who is of another race, unless there is an indication from us as to what level of manifestation has taken place in regards to the human container that is in existence.

Interviewer: So many of us feel we don’t belong, is that a normal human thing, or do you think that if you were a Zeta you would have more of that?

Zeta: This function of reality is a place where you do not exist comfortably. Many have varying degrees as to what is sensed of their belonging.

Interviewer: That wouldn’t matter for individuals from the spirit realm or Zeta beings, that would be the same?

Zeta: There are varying levels of interactions between the environment and the container. Some distinguish themselves at a difference that is more noticeable.

For your record, yes, that is a saying, we have intervened with [anonymous], so think about that process. He is one of us, as you are, and you are one of us, because your perception is that you are not one of us, that you are human, you work within that structure. You should project yourselves to assess your abilities. What am I saying? To test yourself, to firstly place your mind into the framework that you are of a different race. When you are in that stage, to then simply provide yourself with a manifestation function. The level of success of the manifestation will depend on your focus within the mindset.

Interviewer: If we thought of ourselves as more Zeta would that not make it more difficult to live as a human?

Zeta: You would not be able to maintain that, you would consider that you should bring them together. You little use your natural abilities.

Interviewer: Sometimes I might create something I can’t control.

Zeta: That is certainly a possibility as the medium often finds out.

Interviewer: Earlier, you were asked if our astral memories are copied when humans transition to spirit realm. You said “that environment holds our experiences, and our consciousness holds the same experiences, so there is no separation although there is seen to be separation.”

Would it be correct to say that there is only one construct in consciousness holding our memories, and that memories are read from this one construct from other constructs where they are needed, such as in the astral and spirit realms? Would the Zeta collective have its memories in this same construct?

Zeta: There are other words being used, those other words are trying to describe consciousness, to place into a category. There is definition, the defining characteristics all present themselves and thus determine where the information is then displayed. To describe consciousness as being in separation from itself so that it is unable to understand its opposite process is not a normality so. Infinite consciousness categorizes itself so to experientialize itself. How these experiences are understood by another consciousness is determined by the belief structure of the consciousness. Generally all information comes from one place. But what access a consciousness would have to that is determined by the level of frequency and the level of access to that information.

Interviewer: It was stated earlier that “William could work fastidiously towards changing his frequency, to understanding his energy, to work with his companion. The changes must be made within this physical framework.” Why could a person not learn to make such changes while in spirit realm?

Zeta: Of course there is a level of learning within the spirit realm.

Interviewer: Going back to the other part of the question of changing his frequency and understanding his energy, are they things that can be learned in spirit realm?

Zeta: How aware are you of your frequency?  How aware are you of your consciousness? Only when you observe yourself in clarity can you then through that understanding determine where you are. While you are inside looking out, you are not the observer. When you are outside looking in, you are able to observe.

Interviewer: Understanding of the frequency and the energy will come back to us when we transition?

Zeta: It is a matter of focus. You perceive the world around you internally. If you are able to externalize your consciousness and view your life as another would view you, you would have a different understanding of yourself. Those understandings transition with you into the spirit realm. The perceptions that you hold about yourself remain with you as they are born of experience. That information is only available to you when you return to the faceted whole. While you are understanding yourself to be you, that is the only information you will have.

Interviewer: so when I transition over, do I still only believe myself to be me?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: For how long?

Zeta: Until there is no one left that remembers you.

Interviewer: So we don’t naturally go back to where we came from.

Zeta: There is a perception that you will obtain, we will discuss the john collins. Why is it that john collins still understands himself to be who he was? Because there are others on the planet that remember him. While they remember him, they are sending thoughts about him to him. When those humans no longer exist, the spirit person is free to reintegrate to the higher levels of understanding of themselves.

Interviewer: That could be over a hundred years.

Zeta: Ah, three hundred generally, because the potential for you to be disassociated from your oversoul process within that three hundred year time frame exists because generationally your other attachments exist.

Interviewer: What of famous people, people in history who remain in other people’s thoughts?

Zeta: They are a presentation from the oversoul that the original spirit facet has reintegrated itself. It is a presentation only from the oversoul to this structure, the physical structure, else the person would become trapped in the linkages of consciousness.

Interviewer: So any spirits that come through mediums at the moment throughout the world would have to be less than 300 years old?

Zeta: Yes, unless they are a presentation.

Interviewer: So that’s why most people don’t get spirits coming through them that tell us they are 1000 years old.

Zeta: That is correct, unless they are a presentation of information.

Interviewer: Can you tell me about presentation of information, just explain that a little bit clearer.

Zeta: A facet of consciousness incarnates into the human form and experiences all of the processes related to the existence. Of course they return from where they have come, but if you say that person is famous, there is a potential that the facet would need to remain within its enclosure for many thousands of years. That is detrimental to the level of frequency to the oversoul, so it will present that information as a portal from itself.

Interviewer: Detrimental to the frequency, what would happen if it didn’t go back?

Zeta: Ah no damage, but it would be similar to an incarceration process.

Interviewer: So in order to not cause damage it goes back within 300 years.

Zeta: You cannot damage consciousness but there is a natural progression to this.

Interviewer:  Zetas say that john collins comes to a physical process to interact with the medium. The physical process should be detectable with physical instruments. Could we make an instrument to detect the existence of this physical process? If it can’t be done, why not?

Zeta: Is he suggesting that humans create a device to detect spirit people?

Interviewer: I think so, yes.

Zeta: And what of his plausible deniability? That is our answer.

Interviewer: Can you explain in terms of vibrational states why interdimensional beings do not disrupt spirit realm processes?

Zeta: Because they do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter.

Interviewer: Do interdimensional beings exist at both low and high vibrational states?

Zeta: Generally, they are of a higher nature.

Interviewer: But do they exist at both low and high?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Does an interdimensional being have a “highest possible frequency” that changes with experience?

Zeta: It is determined generally by where the interdimensional entity exists, much as if you are cold because you are in a cold climate

Interviewer: Does an interdimensional being create with intent as we do, using its highest possible frequency?

Zeta: It has no other avenue but to create.

Interviewer: With intent?

Zeta: Everything is intention, yes.

Interviewer: Can beings like humans and Zetas perceive the creations that interdimensional beings make?

Zeta: Only if you are moved beyond the physical.

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