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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: You said that it is possible under some circumstances for a human spirit consciousness to go to the zeta collective instead of spirit realm after transition. But, you also said there would need to be a realignment of consciousness, and the makeup of the spirit’s consciousness would change.

Does the realignment of consciousness and introduction to the zeta collective happen automatically when certain conditions are met?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: What circumstances make the realignment of consciousness possible?

Zeta: There must be agreement between the race and the consciousness.

Interviewer: How would the realignment change the consciousness?

Zeta: The human construct, the consciousness of the human would no longer remember their past, would no longer be connected to any of their previous oversoul processes. There would need to be a complete disassociation from the spirit realm process.

Interviewer: Is that not the same process as when we come from the spirit realm into the human container, because we don’t come with any memories either.

Zeta: Not that you are aware of, but it is not the same process.

Interviewer: Would the realigned individual Zeta consciousness still be aware of all its previous experiences as a human?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Does a realignment of consciousness also happen when moving to another spirit realm race, or only when moving to a collective like the Zeta?

Interviewer: Realignment to the other race, yes, because the consciousness cannot exist in its normalized form within the race’s structure of consciousness if it is to be seen to be based in the spirit construct.

Interviewer: A different subject - The astral realm is where our thoughts and memories are formed as part of the human collective consciousness. Do thoughts and memories exist in the collective consciousness that belong to people who are no longer alive on earth?

Zeta: Yes, all thoughts that have ever been, exist.

Interviewer: When a human transitions and passes through the intermediary (astral) realms on the way to spirit realm, does he or she take their memories with them to spirit realm, or just a copy?

Zeta: You have your memories, yes, those memories have been constructed by you within your environment. That environment holds your experiences, as well as your consciousness holds the same xxx experiences, so there is no separation although there is seen to be separation. Always seeking duality, finite differences within structures does not work. It is not always this or that, it can be all.

Interviewer: So not a copy?

Zeta: No, not a copy in your understanding of a copy. It exists because it exists.

Interviewer: When the non-human part of a hybrid human transitions to its own race, it takes its memories of earth back with it. Are these copies of the memories, so that the memories remain part of the human collective consciousness?

Zeta: In this circumstance, yes. We cannot interfere, so when we withdraw we do not remain connected. There is a disassociation of the consciousness from the collective mind of the human race.

Interviewer: I want to get this clear. So when a hybrid passes or transitions, the memories of what has taken place go to the spirit realm, but also memories go to the race.

Zeta: They are separate consciousness, yes.

Interviewer: So actually there would be a copy, there would be two identical memories, not a memory split in half and shared.

Zeta: You may use those words but they are not accurate. There is no way to make it simpler for you.

Interviewer: Are the memories of the extraterrestrial part of a hybrid human exactly the same as the memories of the spirit part that returns to the spirit realm?

Zeta: No, the memories of the spirit person are disassociated with the understanding of the relationship that it has been in, so a highly complicated subject. Quite often the hybrid mind is not full-forward in the capacity of the local consciousness. The spirit person, the higher self spirit person, controls the physical form through the local consciousness. The extraterrestrial mind is more of a observer in the process, seeking to observe the experiences that the spirit person’s higher self has through the local consciousness. So on termination the spirit person transitions back to their point of origin, the spirit realm, with little understanding of what has taken place. But when the mind of the race entity returns to its former origins, it has observed carefully what has taken place.

Interviewer: Does the context of its past life and its agenda affect what it remembers of its experiences?

Zeta: There is no singular agenda for the hybrid mind. For the mind, once it is in separation from the spirit person, then that information is one that is provided to the collective mind of the race in clarity.

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