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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: After the realignment needed to join the zeta collective, you said the human construct “would no longer be connected to any of their previous oversoul processes.” Well, the higher self connects to an oversoul process...

So is it the higher self that would join the zeta collective, or just a single spirit or facet of the higher self?

Zeta: The facet, which is the individual consciousness which is known to be the form of consciousness in the physical plane.

Interviewer: The spirit realm consciousness would lose all memories of previous experiences. What could the consciousness gain from joining the zeta collective that would compensate for this loss?

Zeta: If you ask for compensation, there is no comparison. You are either experiencing a different race, as a permanent process or not. If you move from the spirit realm to another race, you will never be able to reintegrate back into the spirit realm process because the oversoul would not recognize you. You would have lost the ability to resonate with the oversoul. You would not be able to enter the spirit realm because you would then be deemed to be extraterrestrial or interdimensional, and thus you would have lost your ability to move into the spirit realm because you are not meant to be in there. If you were to return to the spirit realm in your newly incarnated form, then of course the laws that are stated in regards to not entering the spirit realm would have to be broken.

Interviewer: Would the oversoul know those conditions before it decided to move into a zeta consciousness?

Zeta: The oversoul does not move into the zeta consciousness, it is the facet.

Interviewer: Would the facet of the consciousness know?

Zeta: If there had been an agreement with the race that the facet was to move to the race.

Interviewer: So it would have knowledge that it could not come back.

Zeta: Remembering that we are giving words to processes for which no words exist.

Interviewer: Would the consciousness be aware of those conditions?

Zeta: Yes, it would be made aware. Let us be succinct in the answer. Normally, the container contains the hybrid process and upon termination of the symbiotic relationship, the two entities released from each other, spirit goes back to the spirit realm and the consciousness of the race moves back to the race. For a situation to occur where a spirit entity, who remained controlled if not related to the consciousness of the race, and returned with that consciousness to the race, would not necessitate a correct return. There must be a separation and then there must be a singular entry into the race of the consciousness, the facet.

Interviewer: So a facet of the consciousness, with the understanding that it could never return, transitioned into the zeta collective for the experience and would go into a container. My understanding is that the Zeta consciousness never transitions, the container would transition every 1500 yrs, but that consciousness would always remain alive because the entity would have an existence, therefore would not need to come back to spirit realm. Is that correct?

Zeta: There would be no returning to the spirit realm, it is a one-way journey.

Interviewer: Earlier, it was asked if our astral memories are copied when humans transition to spirit realm. You said “that environment holds our experiences, and our consciousness holds the same experiences, so there is no separation although there is seen to be separation.”

Would it be correct to say that our memories are represented once in source consciousness, and that parts of it are exposed, not copied, where they are needed, such as in the astral realm?

Zeta: The question requires clarification - what is source? Is he intimating the source is the source of the consciousness of the entity?

Interviewer: Are the dimensions of consciousness that store memories, what many people on earth call the Akasha or Akashic Records? [Definition: The Akasha is the library of all events and responses concerning consciousness in all realities.]

Zeta: Spirit realm people have the ability to access information within their own realm. There are the informational fields that exist within the multiverse process that contains information. They are seen to be separate, but are not known by those names.

Interviewer: Will William be able to communicate with the medium after they both transition?

Zeta: The William would need to move to the transitional processes such as john collins [the spirit control].

Interviewer: Is that one transitioning and the medium still existing here?

Zeta: No, if that was the process and William became spirit and then of course that could be discussed, to be spoken to.

Interviewer: The question asked if they could communicate after they both transitioned.

Zeta: Only if the William moved to the processes such as the john collins. The guides to the medium that are spirit-based are able to move out of spirit realm and partially come into the physical processes so that they can speak to him, yes. They are not sitting in the spirit realm process while they are communicating with him. This means that we are able to communicate with them because they have moved their frequency out of alignment with the spirit realm process, remembering that we are not to enter into spirit realm.

Interviewer: If the medium had transitioned back to form, and William had transitioned and he is spirit, he has to come as john collins does, but john collins comes through a medium.

Zeta: Ah but john collins also exists within the physical framework and is often seen around the medium before he accesses the medium, so at that point the spirit person is able to be spoken to.

Interviewer: Would they have to be doing this with a different medium?

Zeta: Why would there be a medium? Let us clarify. This consciousness transitions back to its physical form. For some reason William requires that there is discussion between myself and himself. If he was practiced at moving into different frequencies outside of the spirit realm process, then there could be discussions.

Interviewer: Is there anything William and the medium could do now to make such communication easier later?

Zeta: William could work fastidiously towards changing his frequency, to understanding his energy, to work with his companion. There are no shortcuts, no easy way for the changes to be made. The changes must be made within this physical framework.

Interviewer:  Is communication among races common, and how is this done?

Zeta: The communication processes, there are ambassadors, entities, where races will speak to each other at an introductory process once discussions have taken place, whether that be physically by speaking the language or through telepathic means. Then of course if it is seen that there is to be relationship between races, then of course other parts of the race will discuss with the other beings, and that is where relationships start. But generally, many of the races keep to themselves. Such is the work that is taking place.

d: Are all races aware of each other?

Zeta: Of course not, no. There are races which are not as advanced as, and there are races that are more advanced than the humans. On some level, all consciousness understand itself to not be alone. You understand that you are not the only one that exists, even if you have no proof.

Interviewer: William thinks that knowing more about his point of origin could help with the questioning process.
Is he a spirit realm being, or is he from another race?

Zeta: You must understand that when discussing a entity’s point of origin that generally only the final facet of the entity’s consciousness is given disclosure in regards to where it has progressed from. Understand that when we say that an entity comes from the spirit realm process, that of course no entity exists in isolation. Of course the higher self are linked back to the oversoul process. Those oversouls compared to the higher self are the formal threads, once of course we have discussed this, the higher self being the informal thread to the formal thread, understanding that all threads lead back to source consciousness. That is where no race exists. That is where there is no delineating factor that would define an entity. Once again, we hold the conversation in a limited form. Yes, the William is from the spirit realm process, but of course what is behind that is unknown at this point. The reason it took so long was we had to change the energy to read his consciousness, to read his energy signature.

Interviewer: The next question is irrelevant.

Zeta: What is the question?

Interviewer: If his point of origin is another race, 1) is it known to us, 2) is it physical or interdimensional, 3) what is the general appearance of the beings?

Zeta: I would say that is a relevant question. I would say that from what we have seen, one of the facets of the William is an interdimensional consciousness. That is why we were ‘taking our time’ in discovering his processes. Many of the interdimensional consciousnesses do not hold names and are unknown by many races, but are only identified as a thread of consciousness.

Interviewer: Is it known to you?

Zeta: It is known that that thread is an interdimensional race, but not known the name, and not known any other information unless we were to progress past the consciousness of the William and move back through the oversoul process. But for us to do so would require an extraordinary effort to do so. Now of course the question is, how can an interdimensional consciousness exist within the spirit realm process, considering that races are not to enter into spirit realm? This is because only a non-physical consciousness, non-physical incarnated races may become threads to oversouls within spirit realm. This is information we have not given before. You will never see a race that is a physical race which moves into spirit realm. This is where we believe that much of the higher frequencies exist within the spirit realms. If you look behind what the spirit realm actually is, it is infinite threads of consciousness weaving its way back through to source. Each end of the thread is a perception that the existence is of many facets of consciousness, each of those entities then describe themselves as individuated consciousness or higher self entities. But you do not understand…

Interviewer: Actually I understand that more than some other things. [Zeta: well done] An interdimensional, non-physical form you’re saying can come into the spirit realm.

Zeta: They exist behind the spirit realm, feeding into, and from.

Interviewer: Do beings in the spirit realm or beings from other races collaborate with you in your experiments? If so, can you give an example?

Zeta: No, what experiments? Often, if there is to be experimentation that is to take place, the spirit people will step aside because they are not able to exist within the frequency.

Interviewer: What type of experiments are you mentioning at the moment?

Zeta: No, I will not be drawn into that conversation. An example is the development of the consciousness, the training. Everything is an experiment. Why do something unless you are learning?

d: The medium mentioned you would be giving information about addresses for stargates? I was wondering if there was any concern that someone could get through and do damage?

Zeta: No, because for a human to access those addresses you must be in the level of consciousness that allows you to enter into them. You would never be able to activate the process if your consciousness was incorrect.

Interviewer: If we are thinking evil thoughts, not going to be in the right…

Zeta: If you use that as an example, yes. It would be the opposite, it would come back on you.

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