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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: Does an interdimensional being create with intent like we do using its highest possible frequency?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Can beings like humans and Zetas perceive the creations that interdimensional beings make?

Zeta: Only if the entity, the matter that it is, is in a position to see or understand what has been created.

Interviewer: Did an interdimensional being create the etheric templates supporting the matter in our physical universe? If not them, then who?

Zeta: It could be said that source consciousness is an interdimensional entity.

Interviewer: So the answer is source consciousness?

Zeta: The answer is yes.

Interviewer: Is there a range of vibrational states dedicated to each race process?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: As a hypothetical example using the frequency analogy, the human process could be centered at 8 Hz with a range from 7-9 Hz, and the Zeta process could be centered on 16 Hz with a range from 14 to 18. Would the frequencies between these ranges, 10 to 13, be available for interdimensional beings to use?

Zeta: Hypothetically, yes.

Interviewer: Do interdimensional beings participate in forming hybrid humans, and do they use the same process as the Zetas?

Zeta: Yes and no.

Interviewer: If they don’t use the same process that you do, do you know what process they use?

Zeta: I would require to seek them out… wait.

Whereas we, when we are in agreement with a human, a parent and parentage in regards to incarnation of consciousness, multidimensional or interdimensional entities would be in agreement on levels that are related to the frequencies of the oversoul process in the spirit realm. This means that of course those consciousness are able to, with agreement, move to some semblance of a human form.

Interviewer: In an previous sitting, you were asked how to create a physical device to detect spirit people. The answer was “what of his plausible deniability?” This refers to William’s hypothesis on managed plausible deniability that concerns energetic phenomena like materializations of craft, apports and ectoplasm.

The hypothesis proposes that beings from extraterrestrial races and spirit realm manage human reactions to such phenomena. The purpose is to control the general perception of proof regarding such phenomena so that there is a desired level of uncertainty in the population. The degree of plausible deniability is managed by encouraging alternative explanations by debunkers of evidence.

The objective of Managed Plausible Deniability is to create conditions that help raise the state of the human collective consciousness. 1) Deniability impedes the buildup of fear which must be avoided.  2) Uncertainty about the evidence encourages each individual human to work out for themselves the nature of reality suggested by the mysterious events. Under these conditions, humans are more likely to recognize the dimension of love as the foundation of existence.

Interviewer: Is it true that the Zeta beings, other races, and spirit realm beings, all work to manage the collective human belief in the non-physical realms for the reason proposed?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Most earth governments refuse to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial races. Was this official position of governments arranged by Zetas and other races in order to allow plausible deniability in the population?

Zeta: There is agreement.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate?

Zeta: Because many of the changes that are being made are made slowly. Once the level of understanding has reached a level where participation in those levels of consciousness is sought by humans, then of course plausible deniability will no longer need to exist. But prior to that, the only way to move through the various stages of levels of filtering of consciousness that is a perception of the human mind, is to continually question what is currently presented to the human race. And so yes, there is agreement between the races and some levels of the government in regards to what should be presented, because if the governments were to make a statement that the races exist, there would be an automated jump for the consciousness of the human race, but in which direction? Would that be one of fear? Would the human mind entertain the thought of fear? It is healthy to question, healthy for the human psyche to question, to perceive, and to question again, as slowly coming to maturity and understanding, because what is to be presented to a race may not be what has been considered before, but may be something that is completely different.

Interviewer: Will this management strategy lead to more proof of the existence of energetic realms as the state of the human collective consciousness continues to rise? That is, will greater contact with craft and more conclusive evidence for physical mediumship phenomena be indications that people are becoming more loving?

Zeta: Before loving, is understanding. There are levels to be achieved in consciousness. All of the signs that are given through various aspects of consciousness are guideposts.

Interviewer:  On the other hand, if the hypothesis of Managed Plausible Deniability is false, may we ask again how to create a physical device to detect spirit people?

Zeta: That question has been answered, (yes) but the device exists in the mind.

Interviewer: So it would be different for different people?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: What can be done to get people to understand other people, given all the bombings, etc going on?

Zeta: You have but a small observational viewpoint in regards to the development of this race. Your time here is very limited as a human being, but if you were to view the development of the race over many generations, you would see that the function that is being provided by the tumultuous consciousness that exists is to make uncomfortable what humans would seek to be comfortable in. What takes place questions your reality. Many do not sit well with change. They seek to implement their own belief systems onto others. Expectation from us is that this agitation will only increase. As consciousness increases, many will become uncomfortable in this physical environment, and rather than seeking love and understanding, they will seek destruction and fear.

Interviewer: I find it difficult to not buy in to that energy.

Zeta: Remembering that anything of matter is temporary, consciousness manipulating matter in forms of hominoid species to present experience to itself so that it may understand itself better. The races, the physical races, are but an endpoint for that experience, a incubation of mind and thought to be reproduced into consciousness when the physical body ceases to exist. And so, when the race terminates, another race takes its place, so the consciousness process continues on.

Interviewer: When the other races take the place of this existing race, maybe then this planet will see a more harmonious, peaceful existence, because there seems to have been wars right from the start.

Zeta: No, the history of your race… but the prior races lived in more chaotic consciousness. You are but a stepping stone as a race. The race is a transitory process.

Interviewer: Can beings like humans and Zetas perceive the creations of interdimensional beings if the creations were made at a low enough frequency? That is, is the act of perception the same for all of us?

Zeta: Interdimensional entities do not create underneath their existing frequencies, but the separation of consciousness through the oversoul process is given to incarnation to the form in the physical body, to provide comparison only.

Interviewer: Physical races like humans and zetas are composed of individuals. We have separate physical bodies and we are distinguishable by slight variations in frequency. Is one interdimensional being distinguishable from another interdimensional being also by unique variations in its waveform?

Zeta: Yes of course, like a brain wave pattern.

Interviewer:  Zetas say that interdimensional beings do not disrupt the spirit realm because "they do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter". How does a zeta's frequency differ from an interdimensional being's frequency so that one disrupts the spirit realm and the other does not? Both are different from spirit realm frequencies.

Zeta: As has been explained previously, interdimensional consciousness enter into the spirit realm process at a oversoul level. The oversoul consciousness perceives the interdimensional entity, which is a non-physical entity, as being akin to a telepathic communication. There is no tainting of the information that is produced when a being takes a physical form.

Interviewer: How does Zeta colour vision differ from human colour vision?

Zeta: We know that the human sitting in this chair sees colours. We have seen those colours through the physical makeup of the body. When we view any object in the light spectrum, the closest that we can approximate the imagery would be in the infrared spectrum, so that the presentation of imagery is seen as different types of heat.

Interviewer: Ok, I understand, so you don’t actually see colour?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: You see objects as heat. Do you see the same shapes that we would see, or depending on the source of heat?

Zeta: Where you would see a sharp corner, we do not, but we understand through other senses that it is a sharp corner.

Interviewer: What other senses?

Zeta: Touch.

Interviewer: Unless you touched it, you wouldn’t know that it was a sharp corner?

Zeta: Yes, you would know. How do you know what is a sharp corner?

Interviewer: We can see it.

Zeta: But if you were a child, you may see it but you would not understand.

Interviewer: Correct.

Zeta: It is only because you have comparison that you are able to gauge if it is a sharp corner. Once touched, we have comparison.

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