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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: How does Zeta colour vision differ from human colour vision?

Zeta: A perceptual process based in the neurological firings of the processes of the eyes. Perception is gained from different types of acknowledgement of colour process so, a human’s perception based in quanta in regards to colour processes is generally able to determine the same standard colour processes for each individual item. We abide by that quanta process but of course the structure of the eye that exists within the cavity of the cranial structure means that the way that the perceptive processes that exist for us are standardized for our race. To ask us what is the difference between your red colour, yes, and what we would see, there is no standardized process.

Interviewer: When a Zeta being is in separation, can it see different, perhaps more impressive colours than when it is in its physical body using its physical eyes? This seems to happen for humans.

Zeta: You are self-limited by the process of the physical structure of the body. No matter what physical structure you exist within, you are limited by the performing factors of the cellular structure of the body. So, the perception of consciousness is that they are infinite colours, infinite ranges of colours. Consciousness is not determined when separate from the physical body.

Interviewer: We were told that when a human looks into the eyes of a physical Zeta, the container of the human’s local consciousness may disintegrate and the person may lose their mind.

Is this effect caused by looking into the eyes, or is the nearness to the Zeta body sufficient to cause this?

Zeta: The nearness to the body because of the frequency that encompasses the physical container. Also, the consciousness which permeates from all living organisms is a different state of existence. We are describing many things that are not able to be accurately given over by the words that the human has. To accurately describe these processes requires a level of consciousness, telepathic communication.

Interviewer: Is there a way to physically block this effect and protect the human container?

Zeta: We do not allow the humans to look into our eyes. You may see an imagery of us, it is a projection.

Interviewer: A Zeta described the spirit realm and its inhabitants as a hierarchy of information threads. He chose to use the words “informal threads” to refer to the bottom layer of any sub-hierarchy of information threads, and “formal threads” to refer to all layers above that.

Why were the words “informal” and “formal” chosen. Can you explain why the Zeta thought the meaning of these words were suitable?

Zeta: Because they are seen to be a subservient structure, not subservient to be in submission, but to be in understanding and right relationship with the next level. The previous levels then become the informal thread with the next possible level being the formal thread.

Interviewer: A Zeta said when discussing termination of the physical body, “Some higher selves even take with them portions of their local consciousness, and remain attached to the physical entity and still experience much of what is available to you in the physical. Some have called them earthbound entities.”

Interviewer: Is an earthbound entity always a spirit combined with its higher self, or can it be without its higher self?

Zeta: It is its higher self in separation from its oversoul process, but quite often the oversoul process is still connected in many ways to the separated entity. There is no separation.

Interviewer: Some earthbound spirits are not very loving. Does this reflect the state of the higher self?

Zeta: That is a reflection of an inability to, one, understand the new existence, secondly, to not have released much of the experiential processes that have existed in the physical structure of the body, they are much related to the existence of the human concerns.

Interviewer:  Does spirit realm contain all possible states of consciousness, including higher selves with very little love?

Zeta: Spirit realm is infinite in regards to its possibilities. These levels of consciousness that exist are illusitory processes so, just because you are within the physical confines of a physical body does not mean that you are not in some way connected to your point of origin. These parameters, these finite identifications that are requested always seek to place within the structure boundaries, that there may be some way to differentiate between this stage or that stage, but obviously, all is one. If consciousness is experiencing itself, there is a reason for that process. The illusion is the physical life, but others seek to define the physical life as being the real reality, which it is not.

Interviewer: Is an incarnated spirit always at the same state of consciousness as its higher self, or is it lower?

Zeta: For the conversational purposes once again, it is impossible to not be who it is - always seeking definition where it does not exist.

Interviewer: Is an incarnated spirit always at a higher state of consciousness than its physical container?

Zeta: A consciousness exists in a different state than what the perception of a cellular existence is. Matter continually transmutes, changes form and recreates itself within this illusitory process. Consciousness abides by the rules of that process, enabling itself to perceive itself to be incarnated into a form where it may experience a different aspect of itself.

Interviewer: A Zeta said recently that our thought processes “are held within a undulated mass of consciousness which is classed as the astral realm process all of which is based in the physical frequencies. These frequencies do not exist in the spirit realm.”

Q7. What is meant by “physical frequencies”? Are they etheric realm frequencies higher than the frequencies of matter?

Zeta: Yes, a simplification, but yes.

Q8. How does the human physical frequency compare to the spirit realm frequencies?

Zeta: But the physical body is driven by the emotional processes, biological and chemical. These catalysts within the physical form drive the decision making process within this environment. This does not exist outside of the physical container.

Q9. How does the Zeta physical frequency compare to the human spirit realm frequencies?

Zeta: I will have an amusing retort, how can you compare a car to a craft? That is not amusing? Each one is a vehicle, each one has a purpose, each one is able to transport individuals and others to destinations. So on some level there is comparative process. What speeds do your vehicles reach, and even your technologies that fly can move quite fast. What is faster than that, a projectile from your militarized processes. Still quite slow. Difficult to provide comparison for that question, but based in observation, observational processes.

Interviewer: Is it the difference in frequency, or some other property of consciousness, why a Zeta in separation would disrupt the spirit realm?

Zeta: What does that mean? What is a Zeta in separation, and how is there disruption to the spirit realm. Can he give us information where the zeta race has disrupted the spirit realm. That is against our laws.

Interviewer: Can interdimensional beings exist within the physical frequencies? Can they enter the astral realm, for example? Can they affect our perceptions while in the astral realm?

Zeta: They may do what they wish according to the structures that they abide by. How they would enter into a lower frequency form is to shield themselves within a cocoon process of consciousness, to present themselves as being of the same level of consciousness and frequency as the surrounding entity.

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