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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Zeta: What was your question in regards to frequencies?

Interviewer: To go up and down the frequencies, how does one do that?

Zeta: You do not do that. What takes place is, other guides and beings that work with you implement their own frequency within your scope of abilities. Generally, most humans will maintain a certain scope of frequencies that will allow the beings that work with them to move in and out of their influence over you. To move through the various ranges of frequency means that each of the beings will implement into the structure of the human, the scope, so they are able to move in and out, to communicate and to work with you.

Interviewer: And is it better for the human to try and keep their energy as clear as possible?

Zeta: If you are centred, of course, if that is what you mean by clear.

Interviewer: Yes, I do mean that.

Zeta: If you are tired, your capacity to move beyond a certain level is diminished. If you are refreshed, then of course, you would move quickly to that level of connection and then move beyond it under the guidance or the influence of the entity that works with you. But of course, if you are tired and diminished in your capacity, then you cannot be properly managed to move through the ranges of the frequencies. So tonight the medium, although he has slept, was unable to move through the frequencies until a certain period of time had passed. So that is a good indicator that the medium is not in control. Because if every time a voice spoke within exactly the same timeframe, you may ask yourself is it the medium’s mind speaking. But as there is always a different time span, and this also includes the pre-sitting energy that builds, so often there will be a component of the sitting that is generated prior to you coming into the room. Often yourself and others have felt the energy building around you prior to the sitting process. The sitting does not start when you sit in your chair. The sitting starts much time before the sitting where the energies are gathered and held where they are then coalesced into energies of connection. A discussion is taken place as to what will be beneficial.

Much of the work that is created is not seen by you. All you see as a group is the healing potential, the discussion potential. You do not see what is required to keep the medium in a clear state of mind when no thoughts are taking place. You do not see what is required to move the medium from the conscious process, you do not see what the spirit people do to bring their loved ones through. You must understand that you are also part of the process. If you, two hours prior to the sitting, are engaged in activities that are not beneficial to the energies of the circle, then you are diminishing the potential of the circle. And, of course, you seek to have the best possible experience while you are here.

If your intention as a group is to be clear, as you say, to provide clear energies, to provide a clear mind, to provide a rested body, then of course the potential of the group is incrementally increased because of the good actions of the sitters and the medium. But if all of you are busy or if you overeat, or any other actions which will diminish the capacity to separate the body from the normal physical activities that it has, then of course the sitting will be diminished. And now of course you would all hope that we were able to produce the correct energy for the sitting, to be able to hold the medium so that we may speak. This only takes place in a effort by the group. Of course, the energy is a little diminished because we spoke last night to the medium’s wife. That will always affect the sitting. That was known to us. If we are to speak up to 48 of the hours prior to this sitting, then of course we diminish the capacity of the energy to sustain the sitting.

Interviewer: The scientific community is making another major effort to detect the presence of other races in the galaxy. The are looking for EM signatures to identify other races, whereas my feeling is that these races don’t use that type of EM energy they are looking for.

Zeta: Yes of course, so human technology bleeds into the atmospheric conditions, leaves the planet and populates the energies around the planet. How much of the electrical noise from the planet permeates out from the planet. If we were looking for humans, they would be easy to find, but of course, its because we have understood correctly the wavelengths that your technology distributes itself. Now, of course, much of the races’ technology does not use the basic form of energy that is created on this planet. You use a rudimentary form of energy based on using fossil fuels which then create electrical currents using electromagnetic processes. This then generates and creates strings of electrons which are used to populate and create our actions, such as giving you light, or moving your fan. All of these things create a waveform, the waveform then populates your atmospheric conditions. But of course other races do not use these gross forms of current, these gross forms of discharge.

There are energy potentials that exist around you, the very essence of matter before energy is consciousness, after consciousness is energy. Underneath the matter is the energy. So you may say that your requirements for power for your planet exists all around you. There is no need to use the fuel process to create your electrical discharge. Simply, as a example, when your planet has a storm, that is a movement between the atmospheric conditions, between the hot and cold process which accurately discharges electrons to create lightning. Now of course, none of those processes use the fossil fuel process, or the nuclear process. They are natural acts, and much of the lightning that is created has the potential to be harnessed and utilized. But still, the point is that there are other ways to create the electricity that your planet requires. But your question, yes, was about a signature, and they are seeking to find the noise that is created by our technology. But they are also seeking to find a response to a signal, not understanding that the distance that the signal must travel is across many lightyears.

Interviewer: Is it true that the Zetas, or extraterrestrials, choose certain individuals, or particularly some people who are in positions of leadership or influence, as eyes on the ground so that they understand what our social fabric is like?

Zeta: There are many humans that are used in this function. There are no individuals that are any more important than another.

Interviewer: For some extraterrestrials, is the human race like a staging area for them to work on certain issues and challenges that they have set for themselves?

Zeta: Yes, of course, that is an anthropomorphic viewpoint, as I have stated previously, that a human would believe that a race would require the support of the humans to somehow solve their own problems.

Interviewer: Do we sometimes have encounters with Zetas or extraterrestrials in our dreams?

Zeta: Yes, this is a potential.

Interviewer: Do all missing time occurrences involve arranged abductions?

Zeta: No, not at all.

Interviewer: Can they involve missions or other agreed-upon adventures?

Zeta: Of course.

Interviewer: There is still confusion about physical frequencies, compared to non-physical frequencies. You say that our astral frequencies are physical, and the Zeta frequencies are physical. The frequency of an incarnated spirit must be physical since it exists in a physical container.

The question is, within spirit realm there are threads of consciousness of individuals who have existed in physical form. Does this mean that there are at least some physical frequencies in spirit realm, with the rest being non-physical frequencies?

Zeta: Delineating a process that defines what is physical and non-physical - once again, the analogy of the ocean. There is water in the bottom of the ocean, there is water at the top of the ocean, and there is water all of the way in between. What defines the water from the body, what defines what is water at the top and water down below. Why is not the water all of the same level. The point is that there are no clear delineating features between the ocean, they are one body, but water exists all the way through from the bottom to the top, but it is not the same water. It is a body.

What determines generally the difference between the frequencies is the type of frequency. So for a spirit person to be in the physical form requires a binding of the life force of the consciousness into the physical framework, into the etheric body. But of course, what is the body? The body, if placed under the correct level of scrutiny, actually is space. What is a consciousness that exists with my form? My form also is space. What is the astral realm but a compilation, a collection of all thoughts created by a race. To always seek to define consciousness in separation, to divide, to place into categories, is a concept of illusion. Where does your consciousness reside? Where does my consciousness reside? Or where does the consciousness of a race reside? Often the descriptive terminology that is used in the describing process for the purposes of discussion means that terminology is developed to provide a meaningful conversation, ways to describe. But of course, a consciousness seeks this experience in all of its facets to understand itself.

Interviewer: It’s been said that an interdimensional entity may enter spirit realm because it is not tainted with the information that is produced when a being takes a physical form. So it must be this tainting of the Zeta information that makes the Zeta incompatible with spirit realm.

The question is, what is the nature of this tainting from taking physical form, in terms of the underlying waveform?

Zeta: If a being is to enter into a environment, and the environment specifically is created for the consciousness, and the consciousness holds an understanding of itself as a human form, then of course any other consciousness from another race which moves into that space would have the perception by the original consciousness of being different. So since the other consciousness, the interdimensional consciousness has not existed in a physical form, it brings with it no potential to be understood as a physical form.

Interviewer: Is the tainting a particular complexity added to the waveform, or is it a shift of the waveform to another frequency?

Zeta: There are laws which forbid a consciousness to enter in to other… it is forbidden to become observed, it is forbidden to change, to bring about change unless you are part of the physical system, the human physical system, else the collective consciousness of the human race could be bypassed and the races just enter into the spirit realm. Therefore when the spirit people incarnate into the human form, they would have full knowledge of the races that exist. But where is your freewill? It would have been taken from you.

Interviewer: It’s been said, "Some of you on this planet will take the first steps to leave your body and move into a space which is not in spirit realm. You will be the nucleus for the singularity for the collective consciousness of the race and those entities become the elders of a race." Then you said, "to move to the singularity requires that you do so before the body terminates much like a permanent projection."

The question is, would the physical body need to remain in the comatose state indefinitely for the new singularity to continue? If so, why?

Zeta: No, because once the consciousness is projected, it terminates the link to the physical existence, the consciousness, once it is able to formulate its own space to hold its own cognisance, to understand its separation. A consciousness seeks to seek other consciousness, consciousness does not seek to provide isolation from itself. So a singularity must be populated by consciousness which is able to withstand the desire to link to consciousness which does not relate to the singularity. It is like simply holding your own mind and not allowing another to influence you, and from that nucleus of thought it then creates a living entity of consciousness. They are describing words, as consciousness is the true living entity.

Interviewer: We have a concept of speed which is the distance covered per unit of time, like kilometres per second. We use speed to coordinate our activities in space. Zetas do not use a linear time scale like seconds. This means you would not calculate speed.

Suppose your craft is moving in space somewhere, and another craft is also moving at some other location in space. Would your craft ever want to intercept the other craft in order to meet physically?

Zeta: If the potential existed that there was a requirement for a physical interaction, but generally this is not required because the connection can be achieved through consciousness.

Interviewer: What actions would your craft take to meet the other craft?

Zeta: The individuals on the craft would communicate effectively with each other to determine if the craft would come together.

Interviewer: If the craft makes calculations to do this, what would they be?

Zeta: No, that is a human concept. If we say that magnets or magnetism is consciousness, magnets are drawn to each other. Whether or not they are, or have the desire to be drawn to each other is irrelevant. Their nature is to come together if two magnets are in proximity to each other. Think of consciousness of a race being of the same type of process. The common consciousness is what is the guiding process, the catalyst, for bringing the craft together if required, to turn one’s thought to the other.

I will say once again, we are trying to provide understanding to humans, but what and how we exist is often poorly understood because of our inability to accurately describe in your processes, to bring an understanding to you, like describing to a child a concept which is beyond its ability to understand. You may use many forms that the child may somehow understand. How you go about using the imagery to provide that understanding is different for each being. If it were not so, there would be full disclosure now. There would be relationship with humans and other races, because we would have comparative understanding of each other.

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