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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Zeta: But what has the medium done today? The medium has changed the lighting in the room. The medium has placed the device on the table [a plasma ball]. The device emits streams of electrons into the atmospheric conditions of the room. This is able to dissolve, to reacquaint, to change, to recompile, to recreate the energy in the room. This then neutralizes to some degree the spirit energy that has existed in the room.

Of course, the intention of the medium is also supported by the different mechanisms of contact, which are the lighting process and the device. If you present the consciousness with the same lighted and energetic conditions, such as the red light, the same music that is used for spirit contact and contact for us, then of course the potential is the contact can go in any direction. And so, we believe it is a good idea to set the room up this way before contact with us. It is a different environment. Also you will notice that the medium had different music playing as well prior to the sitting. These things set themselves up as potentials for contact.

If the medium chooses to work with spirit people then he goes to the red lighted conditions and removes the device from the room. This then indicates to the consciousness of the medium that the connection processes that are required are to be towards the spirit people. To provide two definitive potentials for contact, whereas another medium which is working only with spirit would require the same environment continually. We wish to build, and if the medium wishes to build, potentials that are aimed at our race, then of course the different potential is required in the room. The beginning of the sitting is also important, that the correct staging procedure is in place, the residual energies are removed from the room for the spirit contact.

Interviewer: The device in the middle of the room and the blue light, where did the idea about setting a different environment come from? Did the medium think of this himself?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Did you discuss this with him?

Zeta: No, we gave the medium the thought that it would be interesting if he experimented with the room’s conditions, and often in the past the medium would be influenced by us and by spirit people without realizing that the thoughts were not his own.

Interviewer: Why wasn’t something like this put in place earlier?

Zeta: Because we have been seeking a blended potentials which would indicate to us what are the scope of abilities of the medium in regards to the energies that are available to work with. There may be times that we would indicate connection is required at this end of the frequency scale. That may be where there is strong spirit energy as we have observed and discussed with the medium. Our potential for working in these energies is available, but we work with many different forms of frequency.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you. This device is powered by electricity, and until now we’ve always limited the amount of electricity that is being used during the sitting. Why is this device different?

Zeta: From the moment the device is turned on, it emits a stream of electrons from the spherical device. The electrons stimulate the environment, the electrons stimulate the physical body, the etheric body. They provide a stimulated environment for telepathic communication. We do not work like the spirit people. Spirit people work with levels of brainwave frequencies, with consciousness, with energies that exude from the physical body and the consciousness of the mind of the medium. Those potentials allow connection into the physical realm by those spirit peoples’ consciousness. But for us, we abide by a different level of connectivity. This is the entry point for connection, the potential, a breathing potential is activated within the mediumistic processes. Then of course the gateway mechanism by consciousness is then to proceed to another level of connectivity.

Interviewer: I want to have a discussion with you about the concept of time. As humans we measure things by time. Things happened in the past, things are happening in this moment. We know things had existed and we know things have happened because of time. You don’t use the concept of time.

Zeta: Let me explain. The human entity lives within the physical construct on the linear process of time, which means that for you, your perception is that you exist on a line of time. But imagine as in this sphere in front of you [plasma ball], each one of the threads were consciousness, that rather than the consciousness being one beam of light but was many. Then of course you can move into any area of consciousness because you can move the threads of consciousness. What denotes the point of origin for the threads, if you see the device, is the central point of the device. If the being is the central point of the device, then of course all of the threads would emanate from the being’s consciousness. Let it be known… Let me ask you a question. What if all humans ceased to exist, instantly? What would happen to all of the thoughts of the race?

Interviewer: I believe they would go back to their origins.

Zeta: No, not the entities’. Your time, your concept of existence is based on your potential to understand that you are, at this point, living in a physical existence.

Interviewer: So time really only comes with the physical?

Zeta: Of course, consciousness does not envelop the understanding of the time principle. Time is used as a mechanism for humans, and other races, to determine functionality. What function will they provide now? What will they do tomorrow?

Interviewer: So in saying that, your race is also a physical race.

Zeta: Yes

Interviewer: But you don’t use time.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: So how do you function? Is that because your distance is never-ending?

Zeta: Simply, there is no requirement for time if you know that your time is limitless. Why would you watch your time if time was irrelevant to you? If you lived forever, would you care? If you existed forever as a race, knowing that if any of you terminated, that you were to come back to the same place, you would understand that the facilities that are offered to you on this planet, the resources would be cherished by the race, knowing that you are being nurtured to some extent by the planet and its resources. But because there is a finite amount of time that you believe that you exist, your capacity as a race to use resources is great.

Interviewer: If you don’t use time, how do you have a reference back to something that happened when you were younger?

Zeta: Let me use your mind to show you the answer. Imagine if your life existed as a dream, that all of your experiences existed in the dream state, that there was no capacity for you to wake up, that you had no understanding of your physical body, much like when you are asleep. You move from one visualization to the other. There is no time construct within the dream state. That is the closest estimation that we can give you in regards to how we perceive our memories.

Interviewer: We perceive our memories like a dream state as well.

Zeta: Ah but you measure the memory according to your length of years. You mistake that, when you were young, this potential took place, this process took place.

Interviewer: Yes, do you not do that?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Even though those things took place.

Zeta: Ah because, they still exist.

Interviewer: So you are able to go back to that time?

Zeta: Yes, you can go back to that time if you understand that you are not limited to the experiences and consciousness you have had because of your physical body.

Interviewer: I’m able to go back to a time in my mind, but I know that it actually happened along the timeline at a particular point. You are saying that doesn’t happen with you. But that would have happened at a particular point in your life as well.

Zeta: Yes but, let me try to clarify what is taking place. Let me bring an example forward. We have existed in other forms, so a zeta consciousness will exist in another human container along the linear time process. But that potential exists within the physical environment. If we wish, we could also use time as a method of measuring our existence. But when you do not have your physical body, all of your experiences here will be part of your existence away from the physical reality.

Interviewer: Yes I understand that, as memories and experiences are held in consciousness.

Zeta: Your questioning may indicate that you seek to believe that you can move back through your consciousness and change a physical outcome.

Interviewer: Oh, no I was not going there. I actually don’t believe that could happen.

Zeta: The spirit people do not have the concept of time. They have no need for the concept of time. Now, if you were able to separate from your body consciously, your consciousness was to disassociate itself from the physical container, it would recognize within itself it does not have the potential to need time.

Interviewer: Are you talking about human astral travelling?

Zeta: Yes

Interviewer: So when your astral travel you don’t need time?

Zeta: Yes

Interviewer: When you astral travel, can that take you back to a different point of your life?

Zeta: Let me use this sphere, I believe it will be used many times. The sphere in the room, you are the central entity. The threads are your experiences. You move in consciousness, not in a linear fashion, but in a spherical fashion. Understand that you do not exist on a line.

Interviewer: Yes, and all of these are different experiences.

Zeta: Yes, and so the consciousness which is you has the potential to move to any of the threads any “time” it wishes.

Interviewer: So that’s just the consciousness that can do that?

Zeta: That consciousness is all that is. The physical which you hold in great importance is irrelevant. When the physical terminates, you will be the sphere. You already are, but cannot see because of the physical container that you are in and around.

Interviewer: Even though you yourself are in a physical container…

Zeta: But we are often in separation from the container.

Interviewer: Ok, because that’s part of your normal everyday life, isn’t it.

Zeta: Yes, and that is why the facility of time is irrelevant. The physical body for yourself is a mechanism that you step into in the morning to complete physical functions. At night you step out of your physical body, you do not use the time concept at all while you are asleep.

Interviewer: As a zeta you would have functions that you would be required to perform, teaching for example.

Zeta: Yes of course

Interviewer: That’s not regulated by time?

Zeta: No, it is regulated by consciousness. Let me give you an indication, to the best of our ability. There is to be a class, we require the students to attend at the appropriate moment. There is many levels of information. One of the levels of information is indicated to the younger entities. Example, do you really understand what your two children are doing now at school? At this point you do not know what they are doing. That is because the level of information is aimed at the potential that the two exist within their current environment. Of course you trust that they are safe.

So there is layers of information. The layers of information are aimed at providing the information required to younger people that are required to go to the school process. You do not access that level. It is irrelevant in some respects to you, but the children know that they must move in that layer to be within the education process. So, our children are the same. There is a level that they move in. Their understanding is one based in consciousness. They understand that… difficult to say without using the word time… there is a process that they will be alerted they are required to attend a lesson. The strength of the connection will determine how close the lesson is for them to attend. The amplitude of the lesson indicates when the lesson will be held.

Interviewer: What denotes when that is going to happen?

Zeta: The teacher will determine when that will take place.

Interviewer: So when the teacher is ready, it just happens.

Zeta: Yes, of course, and then the lesson may go for a length of time that is required.

Interviewer: Another reason you don’t need time is because of the telepathy between your race, which is the communication.

Zeta: You could say that the amplitude of the telepathy removes the need for time. So quickly to indicate this, the medium must go to an appointment today, yes? While the appointment is many of your hours away, there is no imperative for the medium to go to the appointment. As the appointment becomes closer, the imperative builds according to your time function, that he has limited time to be at the appointment. Change that to a telepathic process. The information is given that you must be somewhere. It is given as a point of reference. It is weak. As the telepathic signal builds its amplitude, when it reaches a certain level, then the students know that they must be at that place. This is how the spirit people operate as well as they do not use time. The potential builds around the situation or medium, and the spirit people are summoned by the amplitude of the experience.

Interviewer: The starting point is then the teacher. I asked how does the teacher know what time to do this, and you said whenever they are ready. But there are other factor…

Zeta: Yes, of course, so I have other functions to perform, as do others in the race. That is why I said there are levels of telepathic communication. Of course the lower levels of communication do not take precedence over the higher levels of communication. That is how it is determined what is of importance. Your time mechanism prioritizes, gives you priority, as to what is important to do.

Interviewer: So as a teacher, you prioritize, things happen, what if there are so many priorities and the teaching just gets put off and put off, even though you know you have to perform certain amount of functions?

Zeta: Ah no, because one of the indicating factors, is that for consciousness to operate synchronously, is that all things are in harmony.


Your fingers are able to operate on your hand at different aspects, they are able to move in directions they wish to as though they are individual entities. But of course, they are connected to the base of the hand. Why does not the hand do whatever it wishes, as it has the potential to do that, because it is part of a whole system. The whole system works together to perform various functions. The body is able to perform millions of functions within one second of your timeframe. Neurons are firing to support thought, the electrical systems pumping the blood around your body, the various organs performing different functions to keep the physical body at a cellular level in the re-creation process. Does the body understand time? The body has within it the mechanism to have within its own capacity, its understanding of what is a time, but it has cellular time.

Interviewer: My question to you is, my physical container has a certain amount of priorities throughout the day that have to happen. If I have no concept of time, for example, yourself, you are teaching, and if the teaching is supposed to take this amount of time, but took twice that amount of time, was longer than it was supposed to, that means that something else in the day either has to be adjusted or not happen in order for all those functions to …

Zeta: You see, you are saying in a day, but if the day does not exist, then you do not have the confines of working within the construct of a day. If you did not sleep and your lighting never changed, there would never be a day.

Interviewer: But you do sleep.

Zeta: Yes, we have physiological processes which require that, within the estimated timeframe of humans, seven of your days, that we are required to move to stasis.

Interviewer: And your body is an indicator of when that has to happen?

Zeta: Yes, it is based on cellular information and, of course, nutritional processes.

Interviewer: If, for example, you were teaching and you just got carried away and it took longer and longer and longer. Something else has to change.

Zeta: If there is something that holds importance, education will continue to the end. The other importance, as you say, will be an indication of another that would be communicated to the other telepathically. I am busy at the moment.

Interviewer: With us here?

Zeta: No, with our own race.

Interviewer: What are you doing at the moment?

Zeta: Just sitting in my environment.

Interviewer: But you said you’re busy at the moment with your wife. Oh, your wife knows you’re busy with us, is that what you mean?

[y assumed k was speaking to his wife above when he said, “I am busy at the moment.” He may have meant that to be an example of a communication with the other, hence “that is interesting” below would refer to the miscommunication]

Zeta: Ah, that is interesting, if I choose to stop what I’m doing and remain in a position where I can speak through the medium to you, that is my choice. I have freewill. Do you talk to your family while you perform other functions?

Interviewer: Yes

Zeta: That is the same.

Interviewer: This is obviously taking a lot of concentration for you.

Zeta: I am seated, yes.

Interviewer: But are you performing another function while talking to us?

Zeta: Not now.

Interviewer: You don’t do any leisure activity, but do you have any down time, or is that the time when your consciousness leaves your body about every seven days? And if everything else in your life is not measured by time, is the down time adjusted?

Zeta: You suppose that there is a requirement to be away from one’s self - down time. Your animals, you have a cat and a dog, do they have down time?

Interviewer: They play.

Zeta: No, they are actions. Do they have the capacity as humans do, to seek separation from their duties? No, because your animals do not understand time. They also do not understand that they are finite creatures. They have no understanding of their length of existence. They sleep when they wish, they do no function that creates, as the whole planet is the same. The humans are the only ones on the planet that use the time function.

Interviewer: So the others only exist and their main purpose is to feed themselves, and have emotions, and to sleep, and exist?

Zeta: They do not know they exist. Your birds and animals, their actions do not have a mirroring effect. They do not see themselves, as a human would, as being temporary. They live in the process of the now.

Interviewer: We probably are not aware and do not have the capacity to understand whether they know they exist.

Zeta: No, you do not know that.

Interviewer: You’re saying they don’t have that awareness.

Zeta: They do not have the awareness to understand that they have a temporary lifespan of a physical nature such as yourself.

Interviewer: Is that because we have evolved?

Zeta: You have a different evolutionary process, a different genetic structure, and a different level of consciousness.

Interviewer: When an animal is dying, surely they would be aware of what was happening. Are you saying that they don’t?

Zeta: They do not.

Interviewer: So they would only have the awareness of the pain.

Zeta: Yes, of course, they do not understand, or have the capacity to understand, that they are transitioning. Now, the medium has seen your past pet. That is because the pet does not know that it has transitioned, it did not see…

Interviewer: But that’s the spirit…

Zeta: No, the spirit people know they have passed over, but the animals see no difference between being in the physical and being out of the physical.

A long conversation, we will now terminate.

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