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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


(The Zeta takes the sitters on an unusual journey)

Zeta: You are in a sphere.

(wait 5 min)

Zeta: I am in a biological entity chamber. The descriptive processes are a living organism, that you use your distance measurement, it equates to 4 of your meters across. The actual physical dimensions of the environment is, the roof is approximately 2 meters from my head.

Sitter: Correct

Zeta: no, I am not describing this room. I am describing where I am sitting outside of this room. The biological entity resembles a skeletal sphere surrounded or encompassed by biological matter. The colouring would be consistent with pale yellow and some of your darker greens. There is a membrane which is to my front and right which indicates a entry and exit, which opens and closes with its permission to come and go. Its permission exists in conjunction with the function that is provided by the organism to provide connection and amplification process of the telepathic abilities of myself.

Not that a chair such as this one exists in the entity, but more of a seat without arms and back. In the middle, so I’m sitting in the centre of the entity, and it is amplifying my voice, by amplifying my thought processes in conjunction with the medium. Now this process, if you were to allow your imaginations to be accessed, is replicated many times, so there are many beings within these environments as far as you can see. They are generally in contact with other beings of the race, our race, this race, which is the race, and of course with other races, and with the human race. And now, to put it simply, this is the same as how you all have your phones. So you are in connection with other humans, but of course you use a physical electrical network to access each other. But of course, your phones cannot access other races. Your phones do not have the ability to provide telepathic communication and entry points to other beings’ consciousness. So for your communication processes to adequately perform this function, they will need to move from the current system to a biological entity. Why, and that is because the biological entity will support access to your telepathic abilities whereby you can then amplify your thought processes, and the environment will then connect to who you wish to connect and speak to. And no, they do not require that the receiving entity is in the same type of chamber.

In regards to darkness, it is a dim environment which consists of an illuminating gel which is secreted from the entity. They are grown.

Interviewer: The gel, is that to give light, or does it have a different purpose?

Zeta: It is to give light, that is the function as I understand it.

Interviewer: Is the entity hollow to allow you to be in there?

Zeta: Yes of course, like this room is hollow, and there are many rooms in this house, and there are many rooms in the entity.

Interviewer: These entities, is that their role?

Zeta: That is their role, they are created to perform this function.

Interviewer: And do you create them?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is that a biological stasis chamber as you call it?

Zeta: No, a biological entity telepathic device.

Interviewer: Is there a reason why you are in this device at the moment?

Zeta: Because we are experimenting with this device in the room as to what can be achieved in conjunction with the spirit realm people. This device has allowed for us to bring together the spirit realm consciousness into the room at the same time as we are accessing the medium.

Interviewer: Is this the first time you have actually used this chamber?

Zeta: No, this is the first time that we have been able to allow the medium to see where we are sitting when we are communicating to you through the medium.

Interviewer: Ok, so when we have our sittings on Wednesday night, you are in this chamber.

Zeta: Generally, yes.

Interviewer: When we had the discussion yesterday?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: You were sitting in a chair yesterday.

Zeta: Yes, the reason because there are other sitters in the room now. We are seeking to create a different environment.

Interviewer: Just wondering if it was because yesterday was not scheduled.

Zeta: No, when others access the room, they bring with themselves their potentials. Their potentials change what is  available in the room. We are seeking to create a environment using this device to create a sphere inside the room that you are now sitting in.

Interviewer: The energy tonight has been very different. … I was having trouble staying alert.

Zeta: Because we have shown the medium through our eyes what we see. The medium could see the biological entity itself. To do this required a action which was a third shell, the third shell being the outer sphere of the room, the sphere on the table being the secondary process, and the internal mechanism being the first sphere.

Interviewer: Did you also require more energy from us tonight?

Zeta: No, you are inside our environment. You have been… You believe you are still in the room. You are not in the room. You are in a quantum environment in this room. It allows us to interface, to conjoin, many realities, so you are now in our reality. Of course, this can be terminated at any time.

Interviewer: It took a lot of effort for me to become alert again.

Zeta: A good description that you are able to give to the recording device.

Interviewer: If I close my eyes, I could go right out again.

Zeta: Are other sitters feeling the same or different?

Sitter1: I had tightness to the face which was not experienced before, it stayed for a while and slowly faded … other things different from anything experienced before.

Zeta: Well said, yes, good that you were able to determine the difference.

Sitter2: Yes, tonight it felt like my hip wanted to go to sleep, and that is certainly the first time… (other new sensations … incl. tighter skin on the face, all three sitters feeling the same)

Zeta: We have been preparing this (experiment) since the beginning of the yesterday process. The medium saw us outside of the room. You’ll notice that the sitting started differently. The medium was aware to wait.

Interviewer: I have a feeling that we are being observed, I have a feeling there are many zetas with us at the moment.

Zeta: of course, under the constant attention of other beings. They are observing your behaviour and monitoring your thought process. The entity itself is monitoring you. You are the first humans to be in a quantum environment and to be aware that you are in it. And no, a copy has not been taken.

Interviewer: You feel similar to how you felt many years ago…

Zeta: When I was using the technology which was different. The reason why must be discussed now as to why we have instigated this process. We wish to bring in other races. We have determined that the safest way to do this is to bring their quantum environments into this room. Rather than creating once again a multidimensional gateway process, we will monitor create and blend an environment where others may come and speak to you.

Interviewer: Is that the sole purpose, I believe there was another purpose as well.

Zeta: What do you believe?

Interviewer: I’m not sure. … some of my other senses are heightened, my sense of smell, there’s an odour.

Zeta: What is the odour? sweet or acrid?

Interviewer: No.

Sitter2: I think its’ got that ozone smell.

Zeta: Ah yes, of course, we are utilizing some of the medium’s life force to create the spherical process.

Interviewer: iI that a good thing to do?

Zeta: It is safe, not too much has been used.

Let us try an experiment…


Zeta: Close your eyes, what can you see?

Interviewer: I see a large area with a bullet-shaped container entity.

Zeta: What is above your heads? Look out from your mind. What is above your head? Can you see a large canopy or light? Can you see a space? There must be a descriptive process. We require that you explain. What is the potential. What do you see in your mind? In the upper part of your mind? If you were looking into the top portion of your head? Do not look with your eyes…. What do you feel?

Sitter2: From here it looks like a canopy over the top, it’s not solid black, there’s lots of grey colour.

Zeta: Are the other sitters able to in any way give an indication?

Sitter2: I keep seeing a rise overlooking a valley, not dark. Above me it’s just darkness. There’s a faint glow around the place.

Zeta: Do not try, just look above you in the darkness with your eyes closed. Can you see anything?


Are you warm or are you cold?

(some discussion - nothing major happening)

Zeta: The medium says, please keep your arms and legs inside the ride.

Sitters: haha

Zeta: we do not know what other potentials this environment will provide for you, but the first experiment has been to try to gain, try to improve your telepathic ability. Of course, all that is while you are inside this process, but we will, of course, now remove this process from you. You are not to be in the environment too long.

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